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  1. They make references to psychedelic toads and Fire Nation = Fascism, as well as they can point out or predict many things in this show that would fly over other people's heads.
  2. ashitaka, the man, is red. he comes from a purple tribe, he’s pragmatic, tough, and assertive. he has a curse on his arm that flares up when he’s angry.
  3. Adventures in awarness daily evolver
  4. He is even teaching about breaking away from all authority, and become your own authority to find freedom, then he connects this with Alan watts. At 1:01:50.
  5. Here is a church that teaches and embraces meditation, wisdom, philosophy, understanding, and love. At 26:32 , Danny talks about how wisdom comes from within and is connected to your heart, and has nothing to do with logic, and has nothing to do with knowledge. He goes on saying that true education is love and understanding, not knowledge. Danny has spoken about Socrates, and the ancient Greeks, as well as the Sufi mystic Rumi, and Ekhart tolle. He has spoken about loving other religions and has invited an Islamic scholar as a guest speaker.
  6. Being balanced and whole is better than being niche for the most part in every area of life. Although niche-ing creates success quicker.
  7. With that said, I consider Nier automata to be a metaphysical work of art.
  8. It’s also about how you use games. High conscious Variety gamers like CohhCarnage patiently play a game in full, offer there thoughts, design ideas, and move on to the next game when they are done. Low conscious gamers would be like DrDisrespect where they are addicted to dominating other players and play the same violent competitive games over and over and have anger issues. In fact, It’s not really the question of what are high conscious games but more of are YOU a high conscious gamer.
  9. To increase intelligence you need to be alert, aware, and rooted in reality and not fantasy, or ego-mind delusions. Meditation will quiet the useless overthinking your mind will do, and true insights will come to you when needed.
  10. Only and ego will try to deconstruct the ego, which can work but not all the way, at a certain point, the snake eating its own tail has to completely disappear, seems impossible right?
  11. Being is a better way of explaining what YOU are as eternal nothingness, better than saying consciousness as people may misinterpret that as what is being conscious of.
  12. @Sempiternity Mother has negative view on the Bible, it takes “drinking the blood” literally and turning into a horror. The movie is a fantasy and doesn’t reflect truth, so I disagree with the premise.
  13. Dream Beyond dreams Beyond life You will find Your Song Before sound To be found Close your eyes And Rise Higher still Endless thrill To the land Of Love Beyond love Come alive Angel eye Forever watching you and I You are the night You are the ocean You are the light behind the cloud You are the end and the beginning A world where time is not allowed There's no such thing as competition To find our way we lose control Remember love's our only mission This is a journey of the soul The perfect song is framed with silence It speaks of places never seen Your home's a promise long forgotten It is the birthplace of your dreams
  14. One of the greats, because this movie shows you the beauty of “mentally ill” people that most people would just label them crazy, especially at that time. The most spiritual horror movie I know of, it deals with mental illness, psychology, and Vietnam. Consciousness can get very twisted and hellish very fast.
  15. Addiction to weed is a problem, especially if you get “awakenings” from it. I had to make a painful return back to reality when I realized that all that weed would do is make my ego mind more imaginative and fantastical, which is a false spirituality and not truth.