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  1. @John Paul why would it discourage people with children. The way I see it, families with children are more encouraged than ever to keep their children safe from violence.
  2. @aurum I don’t think so. Googles decision to immediately ban an innocent from all their photos, emails, files, and phone number without evidence is not correct like you suggest. Even if they bring the accounts back, the damage was already done, and it can be more damaging then you might of thought to a persons life. Sending innocent photos to a doctor should not warrant an aggressive ban in the first place. Patient doctor confidentially matters, what happens when a lawyer asks his client to send photos that might be illegal, the lawyer will not report to the police, but Googles ability to intercept those photos goes against the idea of confidentiality, especially when Google does not know the context of the photo. Privacy matters. Child porn is serious, but child nudity is different. It should be taken seriously regardless, but a innocent who was following doctors orders should not have led to ban on his accounts including his emails and phone number. I can foresee worse examples happening in the future if google is not careful.
  3. @aurum Why is privacy not important? And I am bringing this up now because I was curious for some answers and the time when the article was made does not interest me. @Danioover9000 High profile case as in court case? there was no case because the victim deemed it not worth spending thousands trying to sue Google. Although I do believe he has a legitimate case. If the government can’t ban a person for no good reason, then a tech giant should follow the same principles seriously.
  4. To put it simply, a man took photos of his sons genitalia to send to a doctor online and was false-flagged by google, which auto-backs up his photo to the photo cloud service. The Police determined him innocent after a child abuse investigation, but google still asserts the power and authority to permanently shut down all his accounts, including his active phone number service (Google Fi). Google’s reasoning is that they personally looked at all his photos and found a video he took of his wife sleeping naked in bed with his sleeping son in the morning. So they continue to keep his account banned. here’s a link to the article. Google’s ability to defy Police Judgment is scary, and their position to snoop through auto-backed up photos of people even after innocent cases like this one gives them too much power in my opinion. What do you think? Some people make their money from using google products, so a permanent ban on accounts can be very damaging and disruptive to a persons lively hood, especially when Google is this big and prevalent in people’s lives.
  5. This channel is great. Good commentary.
  6. Basically Youtube is allowing RT (Russia Today), a Russian state media to bypass YouTube policy after they threatened to ban YouTube in Russia, which would apparently be billions of dollars in losses for Google. RT has stolen copyrighted property for years and faced account termination for all 39 RT channels in accordance to YouTube policy that it is suppose to enforce on all channels equally. Instead YouTube stepped in and was caught helping Russia to avoid termination, and changed their policy to allow certain channels, like RT, to have 35 copyright violations before termination per year, while other channels can only have 3. The power of money is real, RT has used YouTube to damage the United States such as spreading misinformation on Covid to kill as many Americans as possible, but because YouTube allows RT on its partnership program, They both profit tremendously from ad revenue. This video shows just how sneaky and deceptive large corporations can be to protect their interest. I would like to here your guys thoughts on this, do you think Youtube is correct or should they be held accountable. Thanks
  7. @Leo Gura This actually has happened to me for the first time a few days ago. I had a strange dream where Obama emailed key and peele a funny joke, made me laugh when I woke up. ha ha Great Coincidence!
  8. They make references to psychedelic toads and Fire Nation = Fascism, as well as they can point out or predict many things in this show that would fly over other people's heads.
  9. ashitaka, the man, is red. he comes from a purple tribe, he’s pragmatic, tough, and assertive. he has a curse on his arm that flares up when he’s angry.
  10. Adventures in awarness daily evolver
  11. He is even teaching about breaking away from all authority, and become your own authority to find freedom, then he connects this with Alan watts. At 1:01:50.
  12. Here is a church that teaches and embraces meditation, wisdom, philosophy, understanding, and love. At 26:32 , Danny talks about how wisdom comes from within and is connected to your heart, and has nothing to do with logic, and has nothing to do with knowledge. He goes on saying that true education is love and understanding, not knowledge. Danny has spoken about Socrates, and the ancient Greeks, as well as the Sufi mystic Rumi, and Ekhart tolle. He has spoken about loving other religions and has invited an Islamic scholar as a guest speaker.
  13. Being balanced and whole is better than being niche for the most part in every area of life. Although niche-ing creates success quicker.
  14. With that said, I consider Nier automata to be a metaphysical work of art.