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  1. Continued to work on my fantasy novel. First I started with This video. And took notes. What a ghoul. But Wow 190 books. Impressive. I had the urge to finally find names for my characters. Went on fantasy name Generator. Then seeing Witcher name generator, that motivated me to learn and write on polish mythology. Listened to polish folk music on YouTube. I learned that pre-Christian polish folk practiced paganism. And they had celebrations of farming their corn. this was great.
  2. In Andreas Carlungs YouTube channel, he evaluates Leo as an Urbunum, meaning he is a personality of social mastery, extraversion,entertainers, etc. Urbanum reminds me a lot of Extraverted personalities like ENFP or ESFP on the Myers Briggs. I feel like Leo Gura is more of a Fiduciam type, which seems a lot like INTP INFP from the Myers-Briggs test. Also, I thought it was cool that he typed Leo as Level 2 consciousness. After watching Leo for 3 years, one video of Timeless education immediately made me rethink how developed Leo is. This stuff goes deep. Also, C.S.Joseph also mistyped Leo Gura as an ENFP. This was probably due to looking at his videos and seeing him as extroverted, without seeing Leo’s private life.
  3. I understand Martin’s description of his pain perfectly. I have experienced those “waves of death” he says, from habitual Weed use w/ meditation. I’ve never taken 5meo though. When I stop the weed, then I don’t have these problems ever. But it’s amazing how Martin perfectly describe some past struggles I had.
  4. @Garuda He won't go down that path. He knows what he said. But could he have found a better example? ...he could have
  5. The blog post was concerning. I'm happy for your accomplishments, but do you not care anymore about how your words can badly effect people. Was the nuclear bomb example nessasary, someone will take that literally one day. Please Leo, at least this was on your blog. -Peace!!🥑
  6. Video for elevating the consciousness of the U.S. Military, how it works, the psychology aspect, and connections to Stage Blue Spiral Dynamics. Go over their daily lifestyle, Military Politics, and how politicians view their understanding of the Military. Wrap it up with talking about examples of military actions of the past.
  7. Frost. IOS App Store -Turquoise Everything. STEAM store -Turquoise
  8. Also about breaking the girls heart. Be upfront and tell the girl from the beginning that you do not want to be with her forever. Be honest. And You'll get rejected more but you need to do this so whoever you find she will be on board with you so you don't hurt anyone.
  9. Winter, to solve your problem You say you have a romantic addiction, are you making Love a bad thing. Do you idolize old mystics that need no women. What you should do is just watch your emotions and your behavior when feeling these feelings about women. Find a woman and enjoy the amazing Love you deserve, but also be as aware as humanly possible.... especially your emotions followed by mind thoughts. This this is a better, wholistic way of dealing with this problem, not trying to mechanically shut it off from your life.
  10. Try Making an Instagram and finding friends there. Also, try observing people more from afar, Just quietly looking at them and what they are doing will give you huge amounts of insights, ideas, Understanding, Relief, and ultimately love for them. Seeing yourself in their eyes helps to love yourself. Therefore, If you love yourself more, then your more relaxed and not clingy to needing the new people your meeting, counter-intuitively making you a stronger friend with them.
  11. The middle east is deeply blue. Dubai is an example of a city going really orange.