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  1. Contact me if you have a question or need help with the technique.
  2. Who is this thinker who thinks himself separate from silence? Ask within, now, and see.
  3. Who is this thinker who thinks himself separate from silence? Ask within, now, and see.
  4. @Leo Gura What I am teaching is making your 10 worst memories happy then next session is direct experince of the non dual and Oneness. The technic is beyond turquise. Devoloped of 30 years of work and 2 000 sessions by my teacher. All my certificates are just to trick the lower stages to even try my sessions because it will trigger them if i say what I do out loud and they think I lie and its impossible.
  5. Any Actualized.org followers in Sweden? I'm living in Örebro atm 2h from Stocckholm if anyone wanna meet or talk on messenger?
  6. @Leo Gura I don't ask this only for my own development, I want to develop the people in the most yellow cities. I was born in a smal village where the people are at stage blue/orange. I have been developing myself for 6 years and I am green/yellow/turquise, I'm certified in Coaching with Oneness, transpersonal hypnotheraphy, NLP, Yoga and Meditation. It's hard to help people that is not atleast centered at stage yellow. That's why I am searching for a place where the things I teach are going to be receptive and understod the most.
  7. @Leo Gura Would you recommend Vancouver? Can you bring up the most evolved cities in consciousness politics 4 or in a new video? Can you make a chart of where cities are on the spiral dynamic chart instead of countries?
  8. Which cities are the top 5 according to you then Leo? Can you make a video on where on earth people can move to live, evolve and grow the most up the spiral the fastest? If a city is yellow or closest to yellow, I would like to move there and make it yellow.
  9. If you were to guess which place/city or country would first come in to stage yellow, which would you say?
  10. According to leo are these cities in USA are at stage green: California, San Francisco All cities in Oregon Austin Mass Sedona AZ NY Seattle Hawaii
  11. Which cities are at the top 5 according to spiral dynamics? I think Vancouver is at the top. My top 5 are Vancouver, Torronto, Montreal, Amsterdam and Ottowa. What is the top 5? Im asking this because I want to live in the most conscious/enlightened citiy in the world.