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  1. @John Iverson No chance. Consept said it: you will need to study more to become effective in your niche. I don't know what exact number of books will be enough, but you will discover it once it becomes obvious that spending your time reading them is producing diminishing returns for your business. When that happens, you will not only have studied enough, but more than enough, which is a good place to be.
  2. @Leo Gura, you read this bit: Last night I noticed that everything is placebo in that things only exist as seperate things (aka at all) bc i believe them into existence, however this led me to conclude I am only enlightened bc I believe that I am enlightened & that the 'depth' of my awakening was precisely as deep as the strength/certainty of this belief. Upon coming to believe this last part (deciding it was truth), i felt myself to be in the presence of what i would describe as 'an infinite black hole' made of metaphysics, which became the first time that I have ever felt the need to use the word 'God' in my whole spiritual journey in order to accurately describe something. But that's the kicker - I became limitless power via the EXACT SAME mechanism that I use to impose limits on myself - belief aka faith aka desire for a thing to be true aka acceptance of it as true aka my own free choice aka loving it into existing. Whilst it doesn't feel like I am fooling myself, it also seems to be the case that this is only precisely because I believe it into being that I am a person who is certain that he is not fooling himself, and thus, can just as easily, in the next moment, recreate the doubt that I found the answer which (duh) makes it stop being the answer, so I lose the answer. Is this what ur talking about when you speak of becoming God & 'forgetting' that you're God? Tips going forward? P.S. I will literally fly to LA to suck ur dick if u post ur entire commonplace book with all ur raw form journalling sessions on this kinda shit, but i bet ur orgasm won't be shit compared to what i felt when i turned myself into a black hole of infinite power thru the sheer faith that i already was one. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For everyone else - quick rundown on the chain of logic that got me to Godhood - most of u can skip this bc it's just the classic non-dual newbie stuff: - nothing exists unless YOU believe that it does - this is pretty much the only thing you need to believe to realize that ur god - so keep in mind that all that the whole rest of this logical chain is supposed to do is convince/trick you into taking this belief to be the absolute truth. - to believe something into existence, you draw a distinction between that which is it & that which is not it - so we can say that that very distinction is the objects, i guess like, thingness as a thing - but now notice that also means that there is no distinction between them unless YOU are drawing it i.e. believe that there is - therefore you control the existence of anything by willing it into existing - notice that this includes the distinction between objective truth capitol T & believed truth lowercase t - so now notice that the only thing stopping you from being enlightened is the belief that you aren't already, now just take back your responsibilty as God and will yourself into perfect peace & happiness - you'll know it when you get there, bc when you get THERE will be precisely when you become absolutely certain that ur there. - TA DA!! - "It's a perfect tautology, so circular it just is." -Leo Gura on the nature of goodness - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Additional information: no psychedelics used
  3. @Leo Gura breath bleath beleath b-b-beLIEVE!! 1st law of survival: believe
  4. @Eternity @Eternity thank you, this really made me feel good about myself & at ease with this process. I find it can get very easy for me, in this work, to get impatient with my ego & it's comforting to hear that it will still be gradually dying. encouraging words!
  5. @Kalo Hey man, how's it been since the trip? Is some of the direct insight still with you?
  6. @kray woop woop! wish i had some, but acid will do :<
  7. @Kalo feel the same way lately bro. my dream is to become completely catatonic that i get fed thru a straw and never have to think again. part of me still wants to self-actualize, but it just feels like spinning my wheels and staying in place. i think this could be a fun end-game.
  8. @Godishere Thanks for reply. It's certainly made me more chilled about the whole thing. But also so apathetic that I just want to become catatonic & do nothing all day haha.
  9. After an awakening on psychedelics, I don't know how to motivate myself anymore. I just gave up everything, how am i supposed to motivate myself to pick it all back up again? How am i supposed to motivate myself for anything else but more awakenings & more surrendering? I don’t know how to juggle psychedelic surrender & sober self-actualisation. I'm neurotic as it is & already have a hard time with paradox, but surrendering absolutely everything in one moment & then grinding my ass off for the very goals i just had to give up in the next? I don’t know, tricky stuff man, tricky stuff. It feels like too much to juggle. I don’t know how this lil mind, this lil self, this lil controller guy can handle that. Surrender to physical death forever in one moment…then just back to busting my ass as normal the next? With no time for an in-between period to feel like a hollowed-out shell of a person whilst motivation regroups & rearranges itself in such a way as to be usable again? I don’t get it. I guess what I’m asking is: more surrender, or more reliance on cleaning up my act with faith-based discipline first? More surrender feels like a good choice, it feels like the right time for it, but only because of years of failing to clean up my act & being fed up with it, not to mention the simple allure of more experiences of mystical union. I think my intuition is telling me that it’s time to surrender, but I don't trust my "intuition" as far as i can throw it & i'm not great at distinguishing it from other motivations yet. How do you guys deal with the temptation to ego-backlash after an awakening on psychedelics? it's very difficult for me to care about anything at all after giving it all up & accepting my own death & the death of everything I loved. In fact, the only thing I want to do, is awaken again so that I can remember again, in part due to the hope that if i awaken enough times, it will gradually filter through into becoming my baseline state of being. Thanks!