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  1. @Dodo The first post isn't sarcasm, I do genuinely care to know what Leo's baseline state is, and yes I will 100% donate the $10 (and I'll post proof in this thread) if Leo replies. But I know it's a bit obsessive and silly , which is why I kinda took the piss out of myself in my next post (see quoted bellow): Glad you got a laugh from it though, if you did!! :))) Much love & thanks for bumping the thread, I really hope Leo replies or puts it in the AMA (it would make a great like final question imho)! Peace!
  2. @Dodo I want to believe!! I just need him to verify it so that I don't have to undergo the emotional labour of letting go of my attachment to him as an authority figure and just reclaim my fucking infinite power, you know what I mean?
  3. @Leo Gura Please tell us what is your default baseline like? Are you saving it for the 1 million subs AMA? Like I'm almost losing sleep over this, I look up to you. Theravada 4 Paths? Ramaji's LOC/1000? Other models u prefer or you made up urself? I will donate $10 to ur paypal if u answer, so you have a financial insentive too . And don't say you've already answered it in the past, I've read them, those threads were from years and years ago. I'm sorry for cluttering the forum and I won't post about this again in future, so you have only your love to give and nothing to fear, it's just that you're one of my big idols in spirituality, and I really look up to you and want to have motivation that your methods work to produce permanent progress. Much love, Leo! Enjoyed last weeks episode btw!
  4. @BipolarGrowth Hi Brandon, I'm having some trouble distinguishing between experiences of 'insight' and the real deal. For example, distinguishing between the various formless jhanas, such as the fifth and eighth. Is fifth still insight? Is there a spectrum of low to high insight? Or is insight something else entirely. I've also heard more than one teacher say that it's independant of any phenomena, but if that's the case, how then do we know when we've got it, or are getting anywhere with it, or are getting closer to it (and is that all we're looking at before big E)? Thanks for the great thread, really cleared things up for me, man!
  5. @Hulia You can, Luciferianism can be used to change anything abt ur egoic identity -follow Brandon's patreon, he taught me everything I know on it. Love & best wishes, sister <3
  6. legend has it he will be the zyzz of consciousness...
  7. @Sempiternity Thank you so much for this reply and for being so honest and open about your personal history. I have also been rushed to the ER in an ambulance while tripping hard and calling my family to tell them I loved them, only to find out it was just a really severe panic attack, it was super embarassing. But I also woke up once I let go of the panic. My thoughts are similar, thanks for the confirmation and good luck on your travels :).
  8. @The0Self I fucking love this reply lmfao
  9. @Tim R Thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspectives on the subject. I really like what you're saying here, and I hope you don't mind my asking you to elaborate more (just in general I guess - i don't want to sound silly asking a specifc question haha)? Thanks!
  10. If you have a bigass panic attack and you surrender all the way to it to the point where u don't care if u live or die - can this produce Enlightenment? If so, let's extrapolate this out - can just never caring all the time if u live or die (i.e. being that detached from survival) be permanent Enlightenment? @BipolarGrowth I am especially interested to hear your thoughts on this topic, as someone who's tasted the fruit of many an awakening, including cessation, and also mania/suicidal depression too! I love your YouTube vids btw #hitlercointothemoonbaby!! Did this ever happen to you on this path, because I always bump into this same problem every time I try to surrender where it becomes like flicking a switch between perfect contentment and suicidal depression living hell - if i surrender all the way: bam i win, but the closer i get without going over the threshhold, the more miserable I become! Am I doing real spirituality or trying to find shortcuts in vain & wasting my energy? ^Has anyone else experienced this??!?! Thank you to all readers and all those who spread their divine light on this little old topic, may you travel safely on your journey through the cosmos!
  11. @Leo Gura So... you gonna answer Bipolar's question? We just wanna know Leo, you gotta let this cat out the bag some day xD.
  12. @BipolarGrowth Ayyy! Congrats on getting Path bro!!! Leaving Leo in the dust, haha!
  13. @Anahata Thank you for such a clear answer! <3
  14. @Anahata whats the difference between knowing "for a fact" that your god & "just a new belief" other than the certainty/totality of that belief?