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  1. It's so fantastically arrogant of humans to believe that they can understand how reality works. All understanding is only a limited view of something infinite. How can we not see this?
  2. What happens if you let the fear be as it is and continue "being aware of thoughts" despite the fear?
  3. Have you contemplated this question? What's real and what is unreal/imagination? That realization might come one day. For now maybe it's best to lay down that question. What's real and what's imagination? That question is a distraction from reality. Reality IS truth how can you be 1000 miles from truth? It seems to me like you're looking for some realization that will make everything crystal clear (which you are imagining) to you but the searching for it is distracting you from truth/reality which is already here. The journey is a going deeper and deeper into reality/truth and a dropping of all of what you are imagining. Reality/truth might seem boring and ordinary in contrast to what we are imagining so there might be resistance (negative feelings and thought) to doing it.
  4. @Vido I like his model alot. Not for using it as a map for enlightenment but more as a map for the feelings themselves and how they interact with each other. The problems one might face when these feelings are let go of and how to untie those problem knots make that map a valuable spiritual tool to have. Based on my own life the map seems pretty accurate but as with all maps they are not to be confused to being the truth itself. 😁
  5. @Alysssa If art is what you want to do then do art. To do what we want to do gives us intrinsic happiness. 🙂 Desire is a feeling of wanting something we don't have. And believing it causes division in that not having it NOW is unhappiness and getting it later leads to happiness. That is an illusion. Seeing through the illusion of desire is good. Happiness is here and now already. Yoga and meditation is also practiced NOW and may or may not lead to enlightenment. Who knows? But if those practices are benefitting you why not continue with them. This post was more for me than you. 🙃💖 Thank you for sharing your realization!
  6. Have you seen this page? https://spiraldynamicsintegral.nl/en/red/#6470d0b630086ae91 From my own experience with stage red I'd say that personal integrity is key. Establish clear personal boundaries. Any perceived "weakness" tends to get exploited. Be honest - If you don't agree then say so. If say that you are going to do something then you'd better deliver on that promise. In a workplace they value speed and efficency above all else.
  7. Yes, that seems to resonate with me. These energies effect us whether we are conscious of it or not and especially if you are vibrating on a slightly higher state than that person. If you are vibrating on a much higher level then it won't effect you much. You can raise your vibration by letting go of negative feelings and be in environments with a higher vibration.
  8. @Vynce The best teacher is probably the one you resonate with the most. That teacher probably has the tools to elevate you further and when you don't resonate with the teacher anymore you know it's time to move on.
  9. @Mu_ It's funny how the mind goes blank when one tries to point to that. 🤣
  10. These thoughts and feelings come up so we can fully heal them. I have gone through something similiar. Alot of fear and anger over quite some time. When we sit with those feelings they start to dissolve and start to lessen in intensity. It's all part of the purification process.
  11. Everything we say is just a limited perspective. No matter how well we express it or whether we think it's a personal opinion or the truth. Realizing the absolute is not enlightenment but it's a start.
  12. Meet the hopelessness and boredom. Let it arise and stop running from it. Then you'll notice that these feelings can't hurt you.
  13. To me the 10th picture represents seeing everythings enlightened nature. Love, compassion, humbleness and ordinariness. Not about being more enlightened or better or "external looks".
  14. @James12345 The 8th oxherding picture And the 10th oxherding picture
  15. Yes, one could say that any rigid stance is self and fluidity is no self. So even holding on to no self is self. No single point of reference is the whole truth so what is there but to be total fluidness. That's a nut for the self to crack... but it might be the self that cracks. 🤣 🙏💖
  16. Ant then the fascination of that fades away because what has changed. What is there to say about that. Life goes on as usual yet it's magical and ordinary at the same time.
  17. This resonates, the video does not. It seems like many get stuck in that perspective or rather holding on to it. There is a point where all teachings need to be dropped and get back to planet earth. 😁
  18. The thinker is a thought and after realizing the absolute the belief that one is the thinker falls away. Thought begin to recontextualize when realization happens wouldn't you say?
  19. I'm just using the words you are using. 😁 Thinking implies that there is a thinker which is a duality. But words are just words. I know what you meant by the word "thinking".
  20. What feelings come up when you don't try to alleviate this brokenness? Try sitting with those feelings instead of distracting yourself and see what happens.
  21. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. And what's holding onto nothing?
  22. @Godishere Nice. Hope you continue to practice.