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  1. @Cosmin Visan So I'm reading this very unique and interesting paper, just a quick first read. I found myself stuck at this point: [So, let’s start from Nothing. Initially, all that there ever “was”, “was” Nothing, or better put, no-thing. Initially there was no thing. Whatever that was, it could not be spoken of. But that no-thing looked-back-at-itself. By looking-back-at-itself, that no-thing saw itself. By seeing itself, that no-thing became some-thing. The first object was brought into existence: “I am!”. The first object that Nothing experienced was itself, was the object “I am”. This object, even though it is an object, it appeared because no-object looked-back-at-itself.] How can a no-thing look back at itself? How can you justifie that property of looking back at itself? How? If you start with self-reference I buy that, but how starting with no-thing?
  2. @Leo Gura You mean all subjective suffering from direct experience of ''mine'' or all suffering from the ''universe''
  3. @Yimpa dosage of each session?
  4. I really relate to this post, I'm 25 and had an unwanted awakening when 18... Since then I've been lost in life because somehow a thought that life is about awakening installed in my mind, but I didn't really know what is awakening. It wasn't full awakening, just huge kundalini emotional realase.
  5. Is nice to have brought here the 3 users beside Leo that I read the most. My intuition gravitates towards you, I don't really know why... I haven't had many awakenings, just a huge and unwanted one when I was 18 years old, out of the blue. I take advantage of that to ask you guys if you could offer some advice on this post that I wrote some months ago: https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/94829-blockage-in-the-heart-area/ @Bazooka Jesus @Yimpa @Razard86
  6. Just wanted to know Leo's opinion on Razard86 way of communicating things. I'm very early in my spiritual path but I really resonate with Razard86 communication of things, and I think he is very straight forward. I'm sure you Leo have read a lot of his posts since he is a very proliferous user. The question being, do you Leo validate his vision of Conciousness? Would you consider him awake?
  7. @Yimpa that has been pretty much my life. Maybe I have a difficult time giving love to other because of this? (Sorry for changing the theme of the topic but I had to ask)
  8. Just one question, @Leo Gura I was right now watching your episode with Curt in his channel TOE, and you just literally said you have one rule for you and everyone that gets into this work: "dont hurt your body, not even just dont hurt your body but take care of it, recognizing its innate beauty" Do you have changed your thoughts on this matter since you said you stopped brushing your teeth? Thanks for your time and all that you have done for humanity
  9. @Leo Gura i really dont understand the correlation between: "everything is perfect, there is no death, reality is Infinity so It is exploring all of its possibilities...etc" And "There is so much danger going down that path, maybe you never reach the end, some people have paid the costs and never awakened..."
  10. @Buck Edwards ok thanks mate
  11. I can say no relationships at all. I have felt love but just one night standard (so thats no love... But i been with some Girls that i could go deeper but I just run away) But yes, no relationships or love Life ever
  12. Thanks for your time. Yes Im introverted, but I have some Sort of double personality where I can be somehow extroverted when Im on party mood, or for example I have many people i can consider my friends. But yes, i like to be alone and thats my main character. *Have you suffered trauma in your childhood? I have suffered growing in a family environment of yelling at each other, neglected emotions, bad relationship between my parents, father always yelling... Pretty bad environment growing up but they are good persons, toxic people but not bad people. All that trauma was realeased when i had the kundalini awakening, which lead to new trauma. My mind couldnt handle thinking Im the new Jesus when i was just 18 years old *Have you been bullied before? No *How is your diet-exercise-sleep regimen? Pretty bad right now as in Spain we are on summer and Im always out, been drinking for the past week and no exercise. *Have you been diagnosed with any standard mental illnesses or disorders so far? No, and I could think i havent any (any mainstream disorder) *Have you ever been to therapy or ever assigned for therapy? Yes but didnt work for me... Just few days and was to expensive *What sort of spiritual practices have you been engaged in? I was in meditation when i had the awakening, then i havent done any consistent práctice in about 3-4 years. I went to low conciousness mode. *on the degree of general productivity, how would you rate yourself? 0, i only being productive in my 9-5 recent job. (Pretty nice job and, if i want to, It is for the rest of my Life. I mean i have no job problems aside from getting to one that i feel to be authentic to myself) Also i do not know anyone that can be considered productive in my circle.
  13. Yes they are but i have been in this back and Ford since 2017-18. That awakening thing that was conection with everything turned into total aloneness (feeling alone?). I contracted so much into my head that now one of the things that perpetuate depresión and anxiety is not feeling conectes with the people of my age. I have no problem making friends but inside of me i dont trust anyone and crave intimacy and true friendship
  14. Im just so lost, Life is brutal. I want to make something out of It but i run from my feelings like a child. At the same time im the most mature persona i know in my circle