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  1. @MisterNobody i can tell you that i am aware right now writing these words... Dont you think so?
  2. Leo has already said It to you. Watch yourself confusing relative vs absolut truths.
  3. @Leo Gura yes, so how come oneself know what is true? Isnt always one deceived in some way?
  4. I just want to kill my anxiety anda depression, basically to feel what you described haha
  5. How to prevent the mania and dark side efectos?
  6. Lot of thanks every answer
  7. I feel like I have very strong burried emotions on my body, I always have been running from them but now I knocking 24 and I feel like I cannot live life like this anymore. Even talking to people produces me anxiety, especially girls, but this only happens when I relax into my body and emotions came up, so much tension, so much sadness. I was looking forward yo start to heal through psichedelics because I feel I can't other way, I always end up with distractions. Any opinions on what are the BEST psychedelics for this? Any video source that explains how yo heal through them?
  8. @t1mb0b i Will be gettin HCI soon, but 5-meo-malt. Do you have any sugestions on how to consume It?
  9. @Ulax im not the topic startera but i relate yo what he said, and myself im not able to Connect to people in that way. What can I do?
  10. Nice. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know the expire date of this substance? I'm very interested in taking this psychedelic but I can see its potential dangers, so I'm planning not to take it before some years of basic personal development. My plan was to get it and, if it were possible, keep it for some years. Reason for that is I'm scared it could be banned in near future.
  12. @Leo Gura Could you please explain for the last time why it is a miracle to be healthy each day, in relation to everything being infinite and one thing. Seems like saying ''Each day you are healthy is a miracle'' is a statement that negates the infinite. Like, is it a miracle because is the only time this life is going to happen? Of course I have very little fundation on these topics. Thanks.
  13. where can I learn how to be calibrated socially? any source?
  14. @Leo Gura why is the opposite direction if outside and inside is One? I cant understand this. Thanks