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  1. @Roy @Gianna im 99% sure other people are real if you imagine them to be. Truth is unfalsifiable
  2. I deleted it and I should have NOT said that. I got sick and felt like shit. Like nothing feels real anymore. Like its just you as this bubble talking to yourself. Feeling derealized and dissociated. It feels like there is no way in fuck other people are real
  3. Lmao I have Chi tatted on me and I am still waiting on the powers
  4. Solipsism by vishudda das. Love in chinese is what he is pointing. Same style as the ones in my room also. Same Tapestry ofc Should I be terrified or excited. Maybe both? @Nahm @Inliytened1
  5. @CultivateLove I mean no disrespect just playing. I personally have seen the best results with total retention so. Impure? No. Jack off all you want OP asked how to raise libido and it's undeniable semen retention is an efficient way. Always do what suits you, Either retention for life, cycling every month or week, or whenever bro. I'm not the masturbation police lol