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  1. Well said, mate. I struggled with this for several months until I admitted to myself that my life purpose is unrelated to Leo's work. Although it would be good for my ego, I can't do what he does. Nonetheless, I am really good at other things and enjoy doing them. Now, I absorb his content for fun and because I enjoy it, not because I want to become him.
  2. Is relying on a pH test to determine the toxicity of a substance effective? Can we really rely solely on a pH test to ensure that we don't inhale toxic fumes when vaping HCl in e-liquid?
  3. I was also wondering the same thing about using 4-AcO fumarate in e-liquid. Does anyone know if it's safe? Specifically, is it toxic when inhaled?
  4. In my first 15 5MeO trips, I lost awareness and only felt huge energy but couldn't remember anything. It took many tries and testing doses from 2 to 25 mg (vaped) to find what works. Now, 2 mg lets me breakthrough easily. If I were advising, I'd suggest trying several 2 mg doses over two hours to see how it feels. Another option could be a single dose of 5-MeO MALT.
  5. Losing awareness during a 5-MeO-DMT trip, including feeling non-existent, is part of the process. If you're scared, it shows what you need to face. Welcome this fear; it's key to growth. Getting 'knocked out' or forgetting parts of the trip is also normal.
  6. @Leo Gura I've been searching for a course like yours for months without any luck. It was purely by chance that I stumbled upon it. In my opinion, it's worth its weight in gold—a true masterpiece. However, I'm disappointed that despite months of searching with the right keywords, I only found your course by chance. I strongly believe this course deserves extensive marketing. It's a gem that more people need to know about.
  7. I'm not aware of any autoimmune diseases in my case. Regarding inflammation, I'm curious about how one might identify it. I abstain from alcohol and moderate my habits, including masturbation. However, I've noticed excessive screen time tends to deplete my energy, acknowledging it's an area for improvement on my part. Regarding vitamin deficiency, that's an interesting point—perhaps it's something worth exploring further. Yes, I'm also struggling to understand how some people function with such detrimental lifestyle habits. I always make sure to sleep before my night shifts to prepare, and as soon as I get home, I make my room pitch black to maximize sleep quality. Nonetheless, even with these precautions, I find myself less functional upon waking, which is understandable given the circumstances. Yes, juggling all these responsibilities can be incredibly exhausting, and I've felt my exhaustion reaching extreme levels. My blood pressure did spike during my period on the keto diet, but it's normalizing now. Thank you for pointing that out. My body weight has been pretty stable for many years.
  8. -Yeah, my diet could be slightly adjusted to be more balanced, but it is relatively good. I don't eat processed food nor sugars/soft drinks almost at all. -I don't work out at the moment because everything got super exhausting. 3 years ago, I was able to do high amounts of sport, feeling unstoppable energy even though my diet was terrible compared to what I eat now. -Stressors: Two small kids, working shifts, having a wife, lol. I don't feel particularly stressed, other than the stress that I often got from the lack of energy to do anything meaningful.
  9. -I just measured my blood pressure myself. It doesn't seem great. It was always normal, but as I see it, it is pretty high at the moment: 129/90 with a pulse of 67. Maybe because I measured it early in the morning? -I find it funny that Vitamin D is not listed in my bloodwork since I live in Germany. Good point, I will buy a self-test and then post it here. -My stomach is inflamed when I eat milk products like cheese and yogurt. Could that be something? -I feel almost always tired after eating; is this not supposed to be relatively normal? -Coffee gives me a slight boost, not even worth mentioning. But I will observe my energy levels in the future after drinking coffee and post here if I see anything relevant. I just know that caffeine makes me super aggressive when I do too much of it.
  10. I already started implementing some principles from the Thyroid book on your reading list. But yes, this problem could have 100 causes.
  11. Hi @Jason Actualization Thanks for your insight! I've created a new topic more relevant to my health issues.
  12. Hello everyone, Despite maintaining a generally healthy lifestyle and ensuring a good night's sleep, I find myself constantly battling with a lack of energy and weak legs. This persistent fatigue affects my daily activities, and I can't seem to shake it off, even after resting well. I've recently had a comprehensive set of blood tests done, covering thyroid function, diabetes, kidney health, iron metabolism, liver function, and more. The results came back largely within normal ranges, which, while reassuring, leaves me without a clear path forward in addressing my symptoms. Despite these generally normal results, my energy levels are far from normal, and the weakness in my legs is concerning. I've considered potential factors such as diet, lifestyle, and even the possibility of an underlying condition not evident in the bloodwork. Additionally, during my quest to understand the root cause of my symptoms, I underwent an ultrasound examination of my entire abdominal area. The results were largely reassuring, with no significant issues detected. The doctor noted that while my pancreas could appear "slightly better," there was nothing in the findings that should directly contribute to the level of fatigue and leg weakness I'm experiencing. Has anyone here experienced something similar? Could there be something I'm overlooking, or a specific aspect of my health that requires a deeper investigation? I'm open to any suggestions, advice, or recommendations for further steps I might take to understand and hopefully resolve these persistent symptoms. Thank you all in advance for your time and any guidance you can offer. Here's a overview of my bloodwork: Parameter Normal Value 27.03.2024 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thyroid - TSH basal (LIA) [mIU/l] 0.30-3.6 mIU/l 2.4 - FT4 (free T4) 0.89-1.76 ng/dl 1.19 - FT3 (free T3) [pmol/l] 3.50-6.50 pmol/l 5.59 Diabetes / Kidney - HbA1c (FCC) [mmol/mol] 29.0-41.0 mmol/mol 34.0 - Creatinine [mg/dl] 0.70-1.30 mg/dl 0.88 - eGFR (MDRD for 1.73 m^2 surface area) [ml/min] 90-140 ml/min 106 Iron Metabolism - Iron [μmol/l] 11.6-31.3 μmol/l 13.1 - Ferritin [μg/l] 22-322 μg/l 75 Hematology - Hematocrit [%] 40-53 % 45 - Hemoglobin [g/dl] 13.5-17.8 g/dl 15.3 - Red Blood Cells [T/l] 4.40-5.90 T/l 5.24 - Platelets [G/l] 146-328 G/l 200 - MCV [fl] 80-96 fl 86 - MCH [pg] 28-33 pg 29 - MCHC [g/dl] 33-36 g/dl 34 - Neutrophils (Segmented) [%] 40.0-75.0 % 44.2 - Lymphocytes [%] 17.0-47.0 % 42.6 Ions - Sodium [mmol/l] 136-145 mmol/l 140 - Potassium [mmol/l] 3.5-5.1 mmol/l 4.3 - ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) [mm/h] <15 mm/h 2 Liver - γ-GT [U/l] - 51 - GOT (AST) [U/l] - 22 - GPT (ALT) [U/l] - [+] 84 - Alkaline Phosphatase [U/l] 46-116 U/l 94 - Bilirubin (total) [mg/dl] 0.3-1.2 mg/dl 0.5 Pancreas - Lipase [U/l] 12-53 U/l 28 Other - Neutrophils, absolute [G/l] 1.80-6.20 G/l 2.33 - Lymphocytes, absolute [G/l] 1.10-3.20 G/l 2.25 - Monocytes, absolute [G/l] 0.25-0.85 G/l 0.43 - Eosinophils, absolute [G/l] 0.03-0.44 G/l 0.24 - Basophils, absolute [G/l] 0.01-0.08 G/l 0.03 - PTT (Partial Thromboplastin Time) [Seconds] 22.0-34.0 Seconds 32.5
  13. Hey @Michael569 Your post is super helpful, thanks! Two years ago, I was at the peak of my physical condition. I could manage deadlifts at 6 sets of 6 reps with 120+kg, engage in full-body training in a fasted state right after night shifts, embark on long-distance cycling, and train in MMA. My energy levels were high, and I felt strong and capable. However, over the last two years, I've experienced a drastic decline in my energy levels. The thought of engaging in the sports and activities I once loved now seems unimaginable. Despite getting a good 8 hours of sleep, I wake up exhausted and struggle to find the energy for my day. I understand the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, but given my sudden change in energy and strength, I'm starting to think that diet alone might not be the solution. I visited my family doctor today and had blood work done for a comprehensive overview; additionally, my thyroid will be checked. However, this is a separate issue. I'll start a new topic so we don't stray too far off-topic.
  14. @Leo Gura: Keeping radical Christians off the forum guest list since 2013.
  15. Hi guys, sorry for a super late response, I wanted to share my journey with the ketogenic diet over the past three weeks, the challenges I've faced, and seek any advice or insights you might have. I started keto with the hope of improving my energy levels and overall well-being. My diet has been focused on high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carbohydrate foods, aiming to induce nutritional ketosis for its well-documented benefits. Challenges Encountered: Energy Levels: Despite strictly following the diet, my energy levels have been disappointingly low. I've struggled with feeling weak and lethargic throughout the day, which was surprising and contrary to the increased energy many report. Digestive Discomfort: After incorporating MCT oil into my routine, specifically a large spoonful in my bulletproof coffee, I experienced significant digestive discomfort and NO noticeable improvement in energy or cognitive function. Fora 6 Data: I've been monitoring my ketone levels using the Fora 6 device. Initially, my readings were below the nutritional ketosis range (0.3 mmol/L), and after some adjustments, they've hovered around 0.4 mmol/L. Despite these low readings indicating that I'm not fully in ketosis, adjusting my diet hasn't seemed to help. MCT Oil: Surprisingly, taking MCT oil hasn't provided the energy boost or cognitive clarity many report. I'm questioning whether my metabolic response or perhaps an underlying issue is affecting its efficacy for me. Dietary Adjustments: I've made efforts to balance electrolytes and stay hydrated, as I understand these are crucial on keto. I've also experimented with the timing and amount of food and MCT oil intake to see if there were any positive changes, to no avail. Thoughts and Reflections: Given the persistent low energy and lack of expected benefits, I'm contemplating whether the ketogenic diet is suitable for me. I'm considering if underlying health issues, possibly related to thyroid health as suggested by Anthony William in his books, might be influencing my experience. I'm eating almost opposite to his recommendations, focusing on foods I should avoid according to his guidance. I'm wondering if I should try different dietary approach that might address potential thyroid issues or other underlying health concerns more directly. Has anyone experienced similar challenges during their keto diet, and if so, how did you address them? Could the lack of response to MCT oil and low ketone readings despite a strict keto diet indicate an underlying issue I should investigate? Would it be wise to explore dietary changes more in line with Anthony William's recommendations for thyroid health, or should I give my body more time to adapt to keto? I'm open to any insights, personal experiences, or advice you might have. Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey and for any guidance you can provide. I have an appointment with my family doctor in 20 minutes and plan to request a check on my thyroid due to my persistent issues with energy levels, mood, and other related symptoms. I will not mention anything about my attempt with the keto diet, since I stopped it yesterday. I'll report back here afterwards with any updates or insights gained from the discussion.