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  1. I found these songs today The video snippets in this one is so beautiful!! I also love videos of street lights passing by at night. I love this one, I think I heard it before but then forgot about it. It was hard to find on youtube though because the Spotify name was completely different/no words at all, just symbols. I don't think spotify lets you copy and paste words.
  2. Ooh I found this in the shed today, in a black portfolio, I had completely forgotten about these collage things. The tape is falling off on the black one and needs to be fixed.
  3. As I was sitting at my desk waiting for my nail polish to try, I stared at my black burning candle for around 10 minutes and it was the most beautiful thing ever. The melting wax made pathways like rivers, streaming down, slowly growing into upside down columns, in it's own predictably unpredictable patterns. Like it was alive!! -- What I thought was an annoying screeching bird living outside my window today turns out to be just an overgrown tree branch, screeching against the window in the wind.
  4. @Gianna Yeah you can PM me any time in the future if you'd like recipes Have fun with your meal planning thing!! And thank you @PurpleTree Does anyone look good in orange? Haha. But no, I guess a few rare folk who can pull off wearing pastel colors can look good in pale or bright orange. And rusty orange-brown can look good on brown haired people imo. And thanks, I'll keep the pics coming.
  5. I was depressed for much of early 20s, never before that so I had in mind the contrast in feeling of 'my life should be better than this.' I'm not sure what the experience of being depressed throughout your childhood would be like. I also don't know anything about chemical imbalance. For me and what others said: Slowly finding ways to live more authentically/in tune with my day to day needs and taking off the pressure of what others thought of me, not avoiding emotions, and most of all not being ashamed of negative emotions and screwing up in life. The worst part was the hopelessness and uncertainty/fear of the future. I imagined that I would make my life better, I told myself I would, but my brain didn't believe it and so there was a disconnect there, as if I was lying to myself each day. I told myself things would get better because it made sense and I listened to a lot of other peoples perspectives too ('it will get better!'), but despite that I really didn't feel or could fully believe it. I hated how little control I had over myself, if I bought a package of cookies for example I just knew with a dread feeling that I would eat the entire thing. Some little small things started to change for me and go uphill from there: I watched a random youtube video, a really simple boring video about a guy talking about his time management routine...and I thought 'hey I could do that.' I believed that I could do that!! Wow. Then I went on a couple of small trips and hikes with friends, and felt a glimpse of carefree happiness once or twice. I moved places. I read. I frowned at people instead of fake smiled at people. I napped and slept a lot and procrastinated at things and was an absolute mess. I ate unhealthily still. I can't remember how I stopped feeling depressed, there wasn't much I could do, but eventually I did bit by bit and once I did I started to gain a little momentum and knowledge in knowing how to be more in tune with my emotions. After that my brain was able to know and learn how to not fall back into that darker place. For me it was sort of like climbing a mountain. If your able to get past the tangled repeated thought-patterns of your mind (the kind of thoughts that stick to your brain on a daily basis and shout at you redundantly 'you can't too this! be scared of this! Don't think this!' etc, also if you journal those thoughts privately out they tend to look really dull and frustrating and 'ground hogs day like' - yep thats them!) and gain movement day by day, once you walk high enough you realize how far you've come. There are ups and downs and falls down cliff sides, but overall you can grow stronger from the falls. And the journey is so long that you have some amnesia towards the difficult and painful pasts your journey took, and your more focused on where your at now and where the future lies in a more positive sense.
  6. @Gianna I saw on your recent journal that you're trying out cooking vegan recipes. I'm no cook but if you want me to gather some of my favorite simple vegan recipes just let me know. (Do you have favorite types of foods?) My roommate from a couple years ago used to do a 'cook it yourself' sent-to-your-door food package type of deal, it was more expensive than grocery shopping but she said really liked it because of how convenient and quick it was. I tried this earlier this week and it was the first time I liked green beans! (No idea how expensive coconut is though, I wasn't the one who bought it)
  7. I have many questions looking at this one. Human eating snake tails?
  8. This looks both aesthetically pleasing and not. I think the 'not' comes from my brain registering this as a burn of some kind at first glance...but it fits, yeah? Hmm...
  9. My eyes didn't expect to see this! How do I feel about it...?
  10. Classy. Nice, haha. When I was really little, my grandparents had this extra fancy soft cushioned toilet in the color of dark green. I was always hesitant/confused to sit on it, especially if I knew my brothers were at my grandparents house. I was very afraid for that toilet.
  11. When I'm too busy to draw I draw what I like. I'm soo behind but I'm a-ok. Today's drawing Stars = Too much? It somehow looks childish, I think I'll hide them again and change the colors of the fire-wind-stuff so that it doesn't look like candy corn. The dark ship drawing will be turned into a watercolor painting. I've been sort of recycling this patterns a few times and morphing them, not stepping out of my comfort zone too much in drawing. Nobody translate this language, ok?