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  1. I've been on another music-listening / internet break for the most part. The weather has still been very strange this week, unexpected lightning storms! I found my ipad charger yesterday and was doodling on it. I had a dream right before I woke up that I looked in the mirror and those yellow swirls were painted all over a part of my face
  2. ✦ ✦ ✦
  3. You know what I feel? I feel... ...BORED! Oh my god I feel so bored today! I haven't felt this bored since I was 11.
  4. Today was a 'feel like my senses are dulled' type of day. No fun listening to music, not getting much done, restless yet tired, ready for tomorrow. Highlight of day: Pouring rain! Last nights dream: Emotions working through the far back of my mind abstractly, I could feel it. Also, dream about neglecting a cat, not a nice feeling Re listened to songs, and I have the April Shower song stuck in my head right now
  5. Repeat song: I do love listening to new music but at least half the time I listen to the same ones over and over again, or whatever I'm super into that day/that week. Here's a repeat one . . . Okay so...I watched this again because I was looking for the (online shop) for these fractal object, felt greatly tempted to buy a couple more to go along with the one I had in my purse today that I had lost. But no- - I will NOT buy unnecessary things - I will not! Sometimes I get the urge to buy unnecessary pretty shit and so I go looking outdoors for something free and interesting and pretty looking, or make something myself. I found these personality type videos today and enjoyed watched a couple of them. rewatched
  6. A place to track daily media consumption; mainly youtube videos, music, perhaps animal drawing practice if I start that up again, the occasional misc thought. (What I don't like about youtube is that I can like all of these videos, but have a hard time finding specific videos again because of needing to scroll down)
  7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  8. I get similar reactions when I'm sick with fever-like symptoms, where emotions come up (and also is like little bits of me are dying but feel good at the same time) I hope you feel better soon!
  9. Misc dreams from past few days; -I saw David Bowie. That was my dream intention like, what...a year ago? Only he wasn't young but old, and I didn't get to hear any of his music, he was listening to Abba -Was in a beautiful astronomy-type observatory on the ground but it was all metallic gears and interesting interconnected circular shapes, silvery and gold and bronze -Unhappy letters scrawled in messy handwriting, trapped -I watched a pixar movie and artistic movie in a theater. The screen felt very immersive, the shapes were all black silhouettes and stick figures and the sky, trees, blackground was van gogh-like colors, I felt the wind/textures/atmosphere -driving in a car and a flood comes. i turn around, it gets to me and turns car over, i manage to get out and swim -i move to a dark apartment with three bedrooms
  10. Walked into a vegan cafe early in the morning, I then noticed the cafe was very strange and unusual. All of the window shades were down except for one so it was very dim and dark. There was a crowded line going into the door, a large group of people had come into town for a great big horse race. (I think this correlated with a new donut place opening where I live and there being an hour long line of cars waiting to get free donuts? (I heard there are vegan donuts there too!)) Anyway, I managed to find a spot in a crowded/squeezed corner of the room. The lowest two feet walls surrounding the place was a glowing deep blue, it was...underwater! I looked at the ocean creatures swimming near my feet.
  11. My dream was vaguely sci-fi-ish and movie-like. I felt only half like myself, the other half of my was a character I remember being escorted around by a man I somewhat knew on this dark planet that had no sun or plants. The architecture was all windy, angular, circular and grey, but maybe that was because there was no sun, so what would be the point of color? ((Side thought: If there was a planet with no sunlight, wouldn't it make sense to make things more vibrantly colored as a combat, so things would glow colorfully in what light there was?)) All of the housing were sealed tight, doors hidden. We climbed a latter onto a roof and the person I was with knocked on a square on the ground and it opened, and we lifted ourselves in. There was nobody inside though, so I wondered how the door opened. Everything was grey-white in here, like a small waiting room, and on the wall in front was a glass wall looking down into a more regular living room space. I saw a pair of binoculars and I looked through them, seeing that the small black dot I saw on the window below was a little black cat. It was playing a dangling piece of clothing. Eventually someone came but I forgot what happened (these dreams were hours ago and I didn't try remembering them) I was in a spaceship that was sitting on a planet but I wasn't supposed to be there. I was with two other women, both blonde, one who was my age and another who was older. We were in a dorm-like small rectangular/cylinder room. I knew them somehow, maybe I was related to them or maybe they were just friends. We were all holding gun-like devices and watching out for attackers. I felt trapped, the door that was open was about to closed and I wasn't sure whether to go in or out of it, since danger was on either side. The door later did close, and I stuck my hand out to try and keep it open but it closed down pretty hard on my finger. It began closing again and I quickly took off my shoe to stick it in between the door and I, but it closed and sealed off right before I could do that. We started arguing whether or not to pry it open and if we had missed our chance. It was upsetting because (in this dream) we hadn't been outdoors in many years. Then the place started to shake and so we all ran to our take-off chairs, quickly buckling ourselves in. I wasn't able to buck myself properly in time, so I held on to whatever was securing me as tight as I could. I remember something going wrong, I don't know what, but I remember looking to the left and seeing the girl/woman I was with had died somehow, (she had gotten injured before takeoff and the pressure was too much for her?) and her hand was a cold skin color. ...I forgot the rest!
  12. In my dream I came out of a secret hidden passageway and exited a secret tunnel door out into the middle of a theme park. I 'felt/remembered' being in this theme park a couple of times in the past. (Not looking the same, but the general feeling and layout there) I walked across long flat escalators with my luggage in hand. I reached a street and placed my luggage on the ground and took out my phone to call my older sister, who in the dream lived only 5 minutes away. It was a large looking city, but it was so early in the morning that nobody was out and the sun had not risen yet. I had difficulty calling my sister, the phone wasn't working...and then the sun came up. As soon as the sun came up, people were walking everywhere and cars filled the streets. I was walking around with my phone in my hand, trying to call her, when I saw a group of loud boys/men in a black car had pulled over and were near my stuff. I quickly walked over...and saw they had taken half of my stuff! I pleaded with them to give it back, and held on to the stuff I had tightly in my arms, thinking I'd rather risk death than loose these belongings. But they pried it from my arms and left, laughing at what I was saying. I was FURIOUS, and I saw that hey there was one bag that they missed, I still had some things. I looked inside and saw that it was stuff I didn't want I gave it away to these random kids on the street who were happy to take it. . . . It does kinda relate to my mood today and the past few days though: Why do I have so much STUFF and why am I so attached to STUFF and thinking about stuff, and listening to music might as well be stuff in my head, noise and fluff in my head, the want for acquired things and gaining more things - do I want it or not?! **Angry cleaning in silence today**
  13. I've been experiencing neck pain headaches for the past 4 months (due to stress? unknown?) and they aren't anything really bad but are very distracting and frequent and causes brain fog when I have them. I'd guess I have felt them 1/6th of the time and they are strongest in the mornings. They've slowly become less frequent and I'm just waiting for them to subside but I wonder if there is any specific reason that could be causing them still? Along with wondering if there are any tips out there to lessen the chance of me getting them. It starts on a point on the right side of the lowest base of my (right side) skull, and goes down to my neck and wraps all the way to the right side of my forehead. (and no sharp pain or restricted movements) I've been doing things like sleeping without pillows/flat pillows, heating up a rice bag to put on my neck, taking muscle relaxing pills (which helped but I'm out of now/the effects supposed to wear off anyway). I went to the chiropractor twice but that didn't do anything at all