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  1. @LastThursday I'm pretty fine/alright I'm scrambling to get things done lately. How are you? Nonsense as well as meaningful nonsense is always nice to write and read about! Yeah, I can't imagine the stress and trauma that would come with a continuous background threat of war mind
  2. Hey it's nice to see you here, I always liked reading your other journal! (Yes Dali would be proud, and all artists should have mustaches like him to show just this) Those ruins look fascinating and it's a shame how war has torn down a lot of them
  3. It's really great to read about your progress and I'm happy for you while reading this. and passive rest is such a helpful concept
  4. I get similar reactions when I'm sick with fever-like symptoms, where emotions come up (and also is like little bits of me are dying but feel good at the same time) I hope you feel better soon!
  5. Misc
  6. @modmyth Lol! I'm imagining it. The image that popped into my head right after the banana lizard monster was this avocado frog. Wow, I didn't know wolves lived there. ...I oftentimes hear coyotes at night, I've probably written that before, but I hear them quite often. I like that river otter picture! Thinking about city otters and beavers reminds me of the art book 'Tales from the inner city.' It's one of my favorites I read last year, I'll take pictures of some of the pages sometime
  7. Chocolate frogs . . . . . . Woke up from a dream that I fell down a deep, deep dark well and landed to the bottom in a cave, then played cards with an old isolated man who was banished away down there . . .
  8. Starry night lantern flying ship: Adding in stairs/library/portal/stained glass/misc to the keywords: Becomes flat/mostly the same because of all the keywords, the same things but mixed up
  9. AI Art I saw this thread a few hours ago And began clicking around on that website. Before I knew it, three hours seeped away - it was highly addictive and I didn't stop clicking until I had a headache. Click, click, magic, tossing around words and seeing how they mix together. I made a game out of it of choosing an art picture, and trying to choose the best keywords and finding a picture that most closely resembled it. (creepy) I like this one (a lot of creepy skin-like 'food art' looking ones that appeared for this one) The girl/humanish figure kept on getting mixed as a monkey! And they aren't monkeys at all in the picture - I didn't look closely and that's just what my head filled that up to be. Maybe because I was drawing flying monkeys a few months ago. This one was very hard. It seemed impossible for it to have a black background tbc
  10. Hold up...everything about these two songs are the same, but different! Is the second song a fan-made song? I've been going back and forth between the two, trying to figure out the similarities and differences Played at the same time and timed right, especially during the singing/chanting parts, they actually go well together in CHAOS!! (now my head hurts) I think the 'windows' song pretty much copied the other song. --- music rabbit hole: The Daniel Lopatin guy also goes by Oneohtrix Point and so I went over to that youtube channel and was listening to this song (A bat and a satanic creature, ok) And I thought it sounded soo familiar, and then I realized that Caroline Polacheck was singing in it and I was listening to some of her newer music last month
  11. And then another time when I reallly wanted to hold a wild bird. I tried to get up close to birds and hope that they could read my mind 'I'm no danger, I promise!!' There was only one time that a bird let me get up close to it while eating on a bird feeder, which was pretty thrilling. Now I'm not sure if that bird was either very dumb or very focused on its food.
  12. Wow! I read that they are dangerous (venomous, bite really hurts, rarely causes death). When I think 'gila monster' I think of these scene in the book Holes that I read a few times as a kid, where someone was digging for treasure in a hole and suddenly became covered in a dozen killer lizards and had to freeze. But now that I looked it up, they aren't gila monsters at all but are just these fictional 'yellow spotted' lizards that had killer I went throughout my childhood thinking that gila monsters were REALLY dangerous There was another book I read as a kid where the character made lizard-soup, and I tried to go out 'hunting' for lizards after that in my back yard. I had no intention of actually harming one, but I reallly wanted to see if I could capture one. (I didn't). But the lizards loved to hang out on the yard concrete walls, they were chubby and massive, soaking in the sun and doing their lizard-pushups, or sleeping underneath the crack of open space beneath a wooden shed. I remember I used to see a lot of these toys too, the texture of it reminded me I think I had one of these at some point I've seen snakes a few times outside before but not too often. Do you have amphibians of any kind where you live? Or mostly just squirrels, birds for small animals?