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  1. @Applegarden8 Yup! Hi I'm doing alright thanks
  2. I've never heard this song up until today, I think? It sounds vaguely familiar. I like it
  3. @MuadDib Thanks...I like all of the options and how the settings can be changed (: @modmyth Thanks 2 weeks later and the hair color is still going strong/hasn't faded yet. Hmm maybe?? I've been wearing a lot of choker necklaces in the past couple of years, this year in particular I've loved wearing gold colored things. And yeah I'm 5 foot 11. I'm actually the short one in my family! I used to be self conscious about being tall but now I really like my height but at the same time am glad that I'm not taller
  4. @mememe i think the etiquette is: constructive critique is free range in the rest of the forum sections, but in the journaling section it’s no-critique when the user doesn't wish for that
  5. When I was little my cousin told me the classic joke of 'What do you do if your head hurts? Hit your arm hard enough and you'll forget your headache!' Even though exposing myself to things that I fear/putting myself out there is important, I think it's important to do so in a manageable way instead of cloaking my fear with more fears in hopes that I'll forget my other fears.
  6. I dyed my hair again a few days ago. I'm really happy with how the color turned out, an inky dark blue, next month I'm going to try and go for the same shade of blue but just a couple shades lighter. I used dark blue-purple dye to counter balance the blue-green. When the light shines through it the choppiness of the colors/shades does show through, but not too badly Twas a snuggly day *suspicious eye*
  7. The good news is that I got my car back/fixed after weeks of it being at a car store, it was ready a week ago but their call back was missed. The bad news is I lost my credit card a few days ago. The mediocre news is that I will probably make it into this school semester in time, but I'll be a week behind
  8. @MuadDib I like the 'god only knows' song, I've never actually heard it directly before! I just vaguely remember that song from some time in my childhood @Loba I clicked the Kali Mula Mantra for it's interesting art, and the music sounded equally as interesting too @modmyth I listen to this song sometimes, now I want to check out the rest of the album I also took a listen to a few of the cave of forgotten dreams songs, I liked the part in the 'carbon date solo cello' song half way through where the sounds get all echoy and distant, like someone is walking through a cave. The songs have an earthy/old/messy raw sound to them
  9. Brazil song: I heard this song today and instantly it reminded me of two other songs The beginning instrumental sounds sound very similar to this newer song's background music (after second 40) only raised up And then for the main chorus of the original song, I thought...this sounds soo familiar... I've heard this in another song before! After thinking for a while, I suddenly remembered this song that I listened to back in 2017, only I had deleted it from my spotify playlist after a while because the beginning animal sounds had gotten annoying on around the 10th time listening to it. I just typed in 'brazil' on spotify and scrolled down at all the songs until I recognized the album cover
  10. @modmyth Gotta love making fun of his acting I did like his character when I watched the first few episodes, and then it slowly went to 'I do like him when I'm not annoyed with his character but I like making fun of him more for being flirty and dramatic' I forgot and then remembered and then forgot again to comment on this, I've seen the picture before in the past but not to clearly. I did a quick google on it, I didn't know that he was the first friend for every myspace user ha. I read that he was the cofounder of myspace. He does have the right face for it too, he looks like a very generic friendly 30 year old man!
  11. @modmyth Haha *everyone in life*
  12. 'By the time she was 2, Matilda had learned what most people learn in their early 30s, how to take care of herself'
  13. @Preety_India Thanks for the reminder, and yeah upon further reflection of my life right now I 100% could benefit from being more mindful, slower paced living, contemplative, with grounding techniques. I hope you can pick up with meditation/centering techniques as well!