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  1. Converted the trip report to an audio file: iv-realized-We-are-God-and-life.mp3 The text is read by Alloy of OpenAi TTS Api for those of you who find listening to spoken word easier than reading words on screen
  2. For the setup described above in my guide for Geekvape Aegis Solo sub ohm vaping, you're using the "plug and play" coils (e.g., Z0.15, Z0.2, etc.). You will only use POWER mode. You won't need other settings (TI, SS, NI, TCR, VPC, BYPASS) that the mod comes with. To switch the mode of operation for Geekvape Aegis Solo: 1) Press the Fire button 3 times in quick succession to enter the setting mode. 2) Highlight the working mode with the cursor then press the "+" or "-" button to toggle between working modes. It's not always obvious how to turn the device on or off: Press the Fire button 5 times in quick succession within 2s In the Power working mode, press the "+" or "-" button to adjust the power (we want 33W). The mod will not turn off automatically. Instead, it will go into the stand-by mode draining the battery a little bit over time. You can charge the device using a cable that the mod comes with. Cheap Zeus tanks, Z0.15 coils and beautifully crafted drip tips are available on AliExpress. Here's the mod parts diagram from the owner manual: Note that the 510 connector shown above is for the tank when you screw it on on top of the mod. You will screw the drip tip on top of the tank. For the Zeus tank, the connector for the drip tip is 810. Also, on the diagram above the airflow control is located at the bottom of the tank. However, Zeus tanks have airflow opening at the top of the tank, which is a better design because that the juice can’t leak out as the hole is high above. Here's some guidance from the manual describing loading your liquid vehicle into the tank (Zeus has the capacity of 5ml): N.B. The user manual states that the mod comes with two 0.4 resistance coils (and we want either 0.15 or 0.2). However, the tank also comes with a coil (preinstalled inside the tank). In the case of Zeus, it’s probably 0.2.
  3. So guys, I really loved the ideas above where we mix everything and try different routes of administration. so to build a little on the previous idea: 1) take mdma orally (wait till hits) 2) plug 5-meo-dmt 3) spray 5-meo-malt 4) vape malt or dmt (once you need to redose) There was some interest in how to vape 5-meo. Check out these Vaping route of administration guides: Vape pen Sub ohm tank vaping
  4. I was actually looking for some advice in terms what practices could help my psychedelic trips . There are many channels on YouTube and videos in general but it’s hard to know where to begin. I tried reading a book about yoga but as you would imagine it’s hard to learn yoga from a book. if there’s something else you do that you think is helpful , please share
  5. I've tried MDMA + 5-MEO-DMT and MDMA + 5-MEO-MALT combos and never had any adverse effect from the combo. I'm one of those people who are on the fence about mdma. Mainly, because I get handovers from it. I vape both 5-MEO-DMT and 5-MEO-MALT and I'm less afraid of them than of MDMA for some reason. But that's because with vaping you can control the intensity. When people say that they have scary experiences on 5-MEO-DMT and 5-MEO-MALT, they probably mean when they go higher doses. But it's NOT necessary to go higher doses if you are not ready or don't want to. The mysterious breakthrough shouldn't be your aim on the first or fifth try. But after you've incorporated psychedelics into your life somehow, you'll get progress in the long-term. So maybe see it as a lifestyle choice. There's a learning curve and with experience you'll understand more of what you're trying to achieve in the first place. But that's my perspective. Certainly there are many people more experienced than myself on these forums.
  6. There is an episode titled “Updated : DMT Vaping With The Zeus Sub Ohm” from Minty Love. It's about how to make non-rebuildable atomiser tank vaping (“sub ohm”) work for you. That episode is the one from which I learnt most of the stuff that I will talk below. I compiled a short how-to guide to vaping to complement the Minty’s video. It’s for those people who tried snorting or plugging 5-meo-dmt (or 5-meo-malt) but want to try a different ROA (route of administration). I get a feeling from talking to others that vaping is a superior psychedelic delivery method that most people will find their way to in the end. But there are some supplies you need to buy first and a bit of learning curve to this. Another reason why vaping appeals to me is that once you’ve figured out how to do it, it’s available at a moment’s whim any time any place. So, you can make it a permanent lifestyle fixture (i.e., work it into your routine somehow). Shree pointed out to me that with his emesh rda, vaping smoke smelt like burnt rubber and I never had that problem with sub ohm, which inspired me to write this very guide. In general, I would describe the 5-meo smell more pleasant than unpleasant. I also have some experience smoking n,n-dmt in the GVG Vapour Genie pipe. I fumbled a lot with it and made mistakes. Nothing wrong with the pipe if you know what you’re doing. But the trips were very difficult on me because I used a lot of substance. Vaping allows you more control over the dosing. In this way, you won’t blast yourself to the smithereens by accident. So if you mostly use a pipe and the going is hard, this could be a reason for you to try ejuice vaping. Supplies you’ll need to buy: 0) Psychedelic (e.g., 5-meo-dmt or 5-meo-malt). Since the freebase version of 5-meo-dmt is as available as the HCL version, you can go with the freebase version. But what about 5-meo-malt? I haven’t heard from anyone about the freebase version being available anywhere. There’s a way to convert HCL to freebase as discussed here. However, recently What Am I highlighted that if you dissolve your 5-meo in a liquid vehicle, then you can just use the HCL version. No conversion is (arguably) required. If you’ve gone emesh rda, you’re not affected by the above discussion and you still need to convert. So, this might be another reason for you to try sub ohm. It’s even possible to smoke the HCL version of any chemical by applying direct heat (i.e., no liquid carrier involved) the same way you would the freebase version but it’s been reported that the results are poor. 1) Mod. I guess any mod will do but if you don’t already have one, go with Geekvape Aegis Solo 100W TC. There are two versions of Solo: V2 and the original V1. Minty argues that V1 is of higher quality than V2 (“temperature control issues”) but only some stores still stock V1 and you will need to be able to tell V2 and V1 apart to get the original. However, there's nothing wrong with V2 either if you aren't too picky. I’ve got version 1 and I’m happy with it. An example of Version 1 can be found here. 2) Battery. The Solo mod uses a 18650 battery. Brand of battery doesn't matter (for intents and purposes of this guide) as long as the size is right (any vape shop will carry these). The available sizes for different mods are: 18650, 20700, 21700 3) Tank. I’ve got Geekvape Z Sub Ohm (Zeus) Tank. I had Cerberus tank and it would leak as it had the “hatch” (airflow control) at the bottom as opposed to at the top like Zeus tank does. So learn from my mistakes. 4) Coils. I’ve got Geekvape Z Series Coils (Pack of 5). Make sure the coils are for Zeus tank (as per the Minty's guide). Coils also come in sizes. Minty recommends (listed in the order of preference) Z0.15, followed by Z0.15XM and, lastly, Z0.2 coils. I’ve got Z0.2 and I’m happy with them. The tank will come with one coil installed inside it. Mostly probably it’s Z0.2. So, these are spares. 5) Vegetable Glycerin (VG). It’s a thickener, i.e., prevents leaking, and it also prevents dry hits. A dry hit is an unpleasant experience in which, when you take a hit from your vaping device, you are left with a bad taste in your mouth and a vapourless hit. This is often the result of there not being enough e-liquid on the wick (in this guide, our wick being coil), which leads to a dry, cotton-like taste in your mouth after inhaling. 6) Propylene Glycol (PG). As per Girzo, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is responsible for clouding. You don't want big clouds. You want as little smoke as possible. Ideally, you would want propylene glycol (PG) only, but it's impossible. The mix would be too runny and seep in between the gaps of the device. But if you like lots of smoke feel free to use the 50/50 mix. Usually, your choice is between 70/30 and 80/20. You will need to see for yourself if 20% or 30% VG makes more sense to you (or if you can even feel a difference) 7) Drip Tip for the tank. Size 810 for the Zeus tank. Don’t get size 510 by accident. I've got one of these in 810: 8) Syringe. A small syringe preferably (e.g., 1ml, 5ml, 10ml, etc.) with a needle if possible. From your pharmacy or off the internet. They are optional but useful. So, the tank has a narrow hole (“fill port”) through which you will need to deliver your liquid ejuice. As you would imagine, a needle is very narrow. The syringe could also help you measure out 3 ml of PG and 1 ml of VG if you decide to go 75PG/25VG (see below). Mixing: Mixing 5-meo-dmt (or maybe 5-meo-malt) ejuice for sub ohm: 1) PG/VG mix ratio: Minty mentions 80PG/20VG and I use that too So, if you decided to mix 4ml of carrier, then 80% PG means 3.2ml of PG and 20% VG means 0.8ml of VG. 2) Substance to carrier ratio: I go 1:4, meaning 1 gram of 5-meo to 4 ml of PG/VG mix. An important side note here is that Minty mentions the ratio for n,n-dmt. But 5-meo packs more punch than n,n-dmt per mg. 1:4 works for me but if you find that the vaping experience is too intense, then you can dilute the liquid vehicle with more PG/VG mix. 3) Mod wattage: Minty mentions 30W-35W. I set 33W 4) Toke length (holding the substance smoke in your lungs): Minty mentions 6-10 seconds. I would start by holding in the smoke for brief 5 seconds to understand if you didn't take too much. For example, 1 gram of malt, 3 ml of PG, 1 ml of VG will give you 75/25 1:4. When loading liquid remember to be quick (as Girzo and Minty conveniently pointed out). Otherwise, the liquid will seep through the bottom and you will need to collect it with a syringe and repeat the procedure. This one won't be obvious before you see it for yourself. Basically, at some point your will need to take off the top of your tank and load the liquid carrier (with your syringe, probably). Then you will need to replace the top quickly as to avoid the problem described above. P.S. Word on the street is that 5-meo-malt from Canada 🇨🇦 is higher quality than the Dutch 🇳🇱 malt. I believe that too. So, if you’re buying malt, get it from Canada. P.P.S. There’s an alternative of getting a vape pen and then loading your eliquid into a cartridge. People swear by it but I’ve never tried it. So do your own research if that’s the road you want to take.
  7. There's an old post on dmt-nexus that talks about the things that Shree talks about. Maybe it could help clarify any questions that you still might have after reading the above.
  8. Hi fellas So I discovered that my post about volumetric dosing using nasal spray has broken pictures (the one directly above). Since I can't edit the original post because I guess it has been too long since I created it, I decided to repost it here with pictures working. Also, this thread needs a bump. Some time ago Gerhard Fourie recorded a video about volumetric dosing using a nasal spray. I can't seem to find this video any longer. I assume Youtube has deleted it. I created a nasal solution following the steps as laid out by Gerhard. I like it more than snorting because the experience feels much more potent with the spray given the same amount of chemical. The results are much more consistent as well. With snorting you get clumps of material not dissolving, putting your straw not deep enough into your nostril, etc. Maybe you can master the sniffing technique. I didn't. So I'm seeing snorting as a good way to start so that you can acclimate yourself to the chemical but ultimately you'll need to give it up for something better. When I plugged either 5-Meo-Malt or 5-Meo-Dmt, I'd always get a ego backlash. I can't say why that is. Maybe it's because plugging is more potent than nasal. Maybe it's because I needed to clear out some negative energy. If you don't know what "ego backlash" is, watch the corresponding video on Leo's Youtube channel. But if you have ever had drug comedowns, that's basically what it means. Anyways, I'm revisiting plugging later. I only have had positive experiences with the nasal spray. Burning has never been an issue for me, even with sniffing, but spray can help with that problem too. I also haven't had an issue with feeling sick when using spray on a full stomach. But then I've only plugged on an empty stomach. So I don't know if I get that particular problem in the first place. I created a step-by-step guide replicating the Gerhard's deleted video on Youtube and shared it with some on these forums. Posting it again for manuel bon's benefit. First you need to determine how much solution each spray delivers in one spray. Maybe you can figure this out by reading the description on the spray bottle, but I couldn’t, even after having spent some time at my local pharmacy looking at different brands. Here’s a simple trick Gerhard mentioned: 1) Weigh your solution first. 2) Spray the nasal spray 5 times. 3) Weigh it again. 4) Subtract the difference and divide it by 5. (40.721 - 39.976) / 5 = 0.150ml So I get 0.150ml per spray for my nasal spray. Next, take the nozzle off the bottle using a Philips screwdriver So a little bit of maths. I know my bottle will fit 10ml of water. 10ml / 0.15ml per spray = 67 sprays. I know that a red 10mg scoop fits around 7mgs of 5-meo-dmt and I want one spray to deliver one 10mg red scoop. So 7mgs * 67 sprays = 467mgs of 5-meo-dmt I put a rollie paper under the chemical to make the job of delivering the powder into the nasal spray bottle easier. Roll the paper into a tube and upend it into the bottle. Or alternatively use the plastic tray may have been supplied with the scales. Now measure 10ml of water And off you go blasting into the infinite I vape these days and plugging is probably superior anyway, but it's always best to try all the options and understand what works best for you. Like, Gerhard said that he uses his nasal spray while out on public for microdosing (concerts and such). I remember Girzo mentioning he goes around puffing n,n-dmt smoke from his vape. I used the spray while hiking, keeping the dose low enough to still be able to walk. The hike was very colourful and amazing. I think this could be a good solution for someone for tried plugging but feels the experience was too intense. P.S. You can try the following way of activating different "chakras": you plug, spray and vape all in one session. An entirely unexpected angle of attack. P.P.S. I've found that children nasal sprays will nebulise less chemical than regular sprays (first suggested to me by Shree). So we are talking around of 0.070ml of chemical. I'd go with these smaller sprays.
  9. I was smoking the converted 5-meo-malt today. Each toke would mean around a 5-10 minute trip. As I felt the trip started to subside, I would take another toke. must have taken 10-15 hits from the vape during my sesh. Hard to say now. i don’t go terribly deep. I will go deeper next time. however, I was shown what things I have been doing wrong lately great way to reset
  10. Hello fellas So I tried the method that Shree has outlined above and as far as I can tell it worked. I started with this malt salt: Added sodium carbonate and a couple of drops of water and put flame to the spoon. The malt didn't as much boil as it fumed: malt sodium carbonate fuming.mp4 Final product: If you don't want sodium carbonate leftovers after your conversion, then your candle heating technique better be good. It's something you can get good at, I suppose. It's not a deciding factor for me if the resultant chemical is actually pure. It FELT pure while smoking, thought, in the sense that I didn't feel any unpleasant feelings in my throat. The liquid is dark brown. The chemical was not dissolving in the mix easy. I had to use a hard object to ground the clamps to make it dissolve into the PG/VG mix I would say the conversion went fine. I had a good session. I didn't go terribly deep as I was initially terrified. But maybe 30 minutes in, you realise there's nothing to worry about. The key is upping the dose slowly each time you toke from the vape But the experience DID feel smooth and I have no burnt taste in my throat and the smoking didn't feel different in any way than when I smoked freebase 5-meo-dmt before. I wanted to point out that my final product didn't end up being moist. Shree wrote that you need to just use a couple of drops of water but I have a theory maybe you need to use more depending on the amount of substance you convert. I converted like 350mgs of malt. I mean, the conversion worked but I don't know if I did everything correctly. I didn't have much in the way of boiling. More the substance was giving of the fumes like you can see in the video. Shree did say that I was keeping the soup spoon too close to the flame. Next time I will keep it higher and will use more water. I don't know if adding more water can do much harm. It will boil away. I don't know if it would interfere with the underlying chemical reaction that we want to produce. Shree, is there video that demonstrates what the chemical reaction is supposed to look like?
  11. In my post I meant that I want to mix dmt with a carrier and malt with a carrier. I didn’t really intend to mix malt and dmt together. I just need to know chem to liquid proportion however, IT IS something that I did in the past with my nasal sprays, I.e. I would spray some dmt and then I would spray malt all at the same time. The idea is that malt has a kind feel to it and dmt takes you to infinity easier. I often polish all of this off with a healthy dose of mdma. But I don’t like that it gives me comedowns later. So I decided to halve the dose of mdma and maybe give it up completely if I still get comedowns. I did reach out to a certain shop that you too know about asking if they could freebase malt for me. Waiting for a reply. i like your idea of going two routes at the same time - malt in spray and dmt in vape. An unexpected angle of attack Jaguar (5-MeO-DMT) Vape Pen states that 1:4 5-meo-dmt mix with a 5 second toke gives you 1.7 mg of chemical for vape pens. But they are 10w. And I plan to run my mod at 30w. So that means I should get more chemical per toke
  12. I had a question about mixing 5-meo-dmt (and maybe 5-meo-malt later) ejuice for non-rebuildable atomiser tank vaping (sub ohm as Minty Love calls it). Minty Love mentions that good mixes for n,n-DMT are 1:3 (1 gram of substance to 3 millilitres of PG/PG mix) and 1:4 . He also mentions that in general good chem/liquid ratios lie in the range between 1:2 to 1:6. Girzo suggested 1:1 before. However, it's common knowledge that the 5-meo-dmt carries more punch than n,n-dmt for the same dose. Hence why are my questions. 1) What substance to liquid (PG/VG) mix you'd go for with 5-meo-dmt (5-meo-malt) (e.g. 1:6, 1:12, etc.)? 2) What PG/VG mix you’d go for (Minty mentions 80PG/20VG. Girzo mentions 70PG/30VG). 3) What wattage would you go for (Minty mentions 30W-35W)? 4) What toke you'd go for (Minty mentions 6-10 seconds)? I’m still waiting for my supplies to arrive. I’m sure most of these questions could be answered with some experimentation but the substance to liquid carrier mix I’d better get right in the beginning. Otherwise, I’ll blast myself too intense.
  13. @OBEler consider also buying a liquid without a flavour. these tastes can make you feel sick and have a sickly feel to them. Especially when mixed with something else. I would buy both and compare but my intuition is on flavourless. reminds when I smoked changa and the changa had a particular smell and it would later disgust me p.s. pg vg mix is discussed as a liquid carrier for vaping. Couldn’t you use the same mix for cartridges?
  14. You should probably mention that it's a freebase version of 5-meo-malt. Not many people know that it's available in the first place. So it's super cool how your found it.
  15. @shree That was a beautiful description of why I or anyone shouldn't buy GeekVape Solo 2 ever. Couldn't I harden the liquid by applying a little bit of heat? I've seen Minty do that with achem in one of his youtube videos. I ended up buying the following (a lot of things that Shree referenced on Amazon DE aren't available to be shipped to Australia) for my emesh vape: Geekvape Aegis Solo 100W TC Kit with Cerberus Tank This V1 that has a good review from Minty's. Vandy Vape Mesh Wire SS316L This is hard to find anywhere Mesh Pro RDA Tank 24mm Adjustable 316ss Mesh Shree pointed out that this one is the best one of the ones he’s tried. Drip Tip 510 810 Long Glass Mouthpiece Minty says you've got to get one SAMSUNG INR18650-25RM Apparently regular AA batteries won't do. I also found this cool 200 stainless mesh wire alternative: Mesh Stainles Steel Filtration Wire Cloth Screen