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  1. @Leo Gura I can relate to the woman. I don't know if I think differently from the "average woman" but at least for me, it goes both ways. I have rejected a good man in my past based on the fact that I just didn't feel attracted to him. He was charming, handsome for a lot of people, and was a whole package. For some reason I just didn't feel the chemistry. On the other hand I have also been with good looking men, I'm talking 8 or 7 over 10. I was charmed purely by their looks, they proved to have no charm or character traits that I admired. Depends on the person. And after some amount of self development its true, I can usually see through men who are trying to charm me or get me in a mood even if they are very skilled with women. Although it takes time to see through that but it goes hand in hand with becoming a good judge of character. I just question the shit out of him until he gets tired. Coming to my next point, this also depends on the individual but I personally admire and cherish men who love having logical discussions with me it shows that they really value truth which is one of my top priority too. I find it repulsive and immediately unattractive when a man tells me he doesn't have the mind to hear me out or he doesn't understand basic simple concepts. I value intellect in a man. He doesn't have to be charming or skilled with me
  2. @vladorion yes exactly what I said. It's better to work on a spiritual and psychological level first then you can go ahead doing psychedelics when you feel like you are at a certain level of development
  3. @Ninja_pig I would suggest you heal yourself before doing a trip again. For most people this feeling might be liberating but for someone like I also think I would feel the same. Maybe consider your past and try to feel into yourself, feel into how you felt if or when you were either abandoned as a child, or in your teens even in your whole life experience. Try to actively heal yourself and bring the two aspect together who are in opposition inside your being. Look up parts work or shadow integration and work hard towards that. Once you feel a shift in your being, then try this again to see if it feels different
  4. @Gesundheit2 yes definitely
  5. @Gesundheit2 ou are 100 percent correct. Every day I go to university with the fear of being judged, harassed or even Physically harmed. Our culture uses the teachings of Islam to justify honor killings, when Islam prohibits and punishes such acts. Yes I am one of those privileged ones that live in a city, yes I wear jeans shirts instead of the traditional shitty burqa, yes my home feels a safer place as compared to the horseshit outside world but trust me...I still face a lot that I'd so hard for me to mentally handle. I'm still strong, I still stand up for myself whenever I have to. Today some university personel called me out on my dressing, she scolded me and threatened me even though I was wearing modest dressing and my parents never restrict me. I couldn't believe myself when I stood up for myself and insulted her back, I called her a bitch as well. Much to my surprise she was a member of the disciplinary committee and now I am being called there...lol. I can handle that as well but trust me sometimes I break....I take things to heart and living in this country is very stressful. My parents did take me to another city to give a test for a top university here. I didn't pass though. I have no relative there and they trust me enough to be alone on my own so yes I do have some advantages and opportunities as compared to other women.
  6. @zurew trust me, the sexism and hyper critical views on my dressing especially that I face from even women of this country are more than psycholpsycholy torturous. Our cultural bs and societies toxicity is so strong that if a foreign woman came here to live she would commit sui****.
  7. @Gesundheit2 I love this
  8. @Bad_anarchist thanks for the perspective
  9. @Lila9 I think I might have used the term wrongly I just googled. What I meant was that according to my experience and perspective which is still limited I see some western women as damaged and they are highly unaware of themselves lacking introspection
  10. @Lila9 oh wow I have always demonized Feminists as well and I never thought there were some very good ones. I'd personally love to meet some.
  11. As a woman I used to be that girl who agreed with him. This is only a few months back when I actually started waking up. I used to have a boyfriend who also started listening to him and we both started agreeing on what he taught, primarily about women. Much to my own surprise after breaking out of control and manipulation from my ex (when I broke up with him) I got to realise what true misogyny meant. The reason he would resonate so much with Andrew was because my ex had severe mommy issues and severe cultural indoctrination (also since we live in a 3rd world country). I do agree with Andrew on a few points that women from the West are mostly fundamentally flawed and that men are becoming too feminine. However I did not realise the depths of manipulation and trauma such men have been through until I got out of my relationship: 1. These men have severe trauma from abandonment issues in the past 2. It is primarily a spiral dynamics blue stage 3. In their minds, they consider all women to be the same as they have never actually experienced an actualized woman who can be a mother, "boss b***", and a wife all at once 4. They attract low value women into their lifes because they vibrate on the same frequency as them and they use those experiences to justify their misogynistic claims 5. In their minds controlling a woman is the only way to maintain peace in society which is a stage blue dominant theme 6. I was manipulated as well...to think that hyper Masculine men are the only ones who can keep you safe (until I actually came across a well balanced man, a man on my mental level who was an exquisite balance of fem and masc)...that actually opened my eyes 7. They have grown up seeing their fathers treating their mothers a certain way to hold control in the household so they adopt that as well and refrain from doing any self development work to question their beliefs of mainstream media and culture 8. I believe that women who fall into the traps of such men (or agree with them) are primarily driven by daddy issues. ( I was one too, until I broke free from the trauma). They are weaker women, and in my eyes such women do anything they can to justify such men. I have such women in my society who walk around in burqas and willing accept that they are a distraction and disgrace to society, they are okay with being housewives, being cheated on, being forcefully pursued to have 10 children while dying slowly, being even beaten by their Husbands is justifiable to them. They justify it by saying that it increases their good deeds in the eyes of God 9. Women like these are a primary driving force to the power of such men like Andrew tate. They do no believe that they can meet the mental level of a man, so they believe that they are only good as housewives. Then what am I?...haven't I gotten so far after doing self actualization?....why is it that I hold skills like coding, science, introspection, and business while most women in my society are scared of doing such things? Why have women become so victim minded? I'm not a feminist, most men would perceive me as intellectual even the sd stage blue dominant ones. I am not bragging but simply put, I have done a lot of work to get where I am and I still respect gender differences between a man and a woman and I embrace my femininity more than my masculinity. Why can't other woman do this too? 10. Andrew says women are nothing but a sex object, they just boost your ego and they are there just to look pretty besides you. Again an example of low value women Here are some things that I agree with Andrew on: 1. Men are more logical by nature while women are emotionally driven. I am a logical woman as well...because I did a lot of work on myself but I can say that my logic and emotional sides are balanced. Of course there can be exceptions 2. Men have to pay on dates more than women do. Of course! I would love if the man takes the leading role as a provider despite the fact if I earn myself. I would like to stay in my feminine energy around him and make him feel Empowered 3. Most western women are fundamentally flawed. They swing the pendulum to the extreme left. The onlyfans, lashes, make up, feminist type of bs 4. Society has made men feminine. Again an example of swinging the pendulum to the extreme. There's much more...but this is all I can write here. Again, I do not know any better than anyone else. I'm just an average girl. There is still so much I have to learn and i know nothing. Offer your perspective as it would make me more aware and conscious. Peace ✌️