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  1. This was shared by a friend @HMD its in my mother tongue urdu but has subtitles It hints at nonduality.... https://youtu.be/Ef4gGOX1F4o?si=O2IDlz-8OK6H6Y1N
  2. @LfcCharlie4 that's true. Especially with someone like me who still has a lot of work to do on basic psychological levels even I think it's best to take things slow and not be caught up in this. I do most of the times forget to enjoy life, i really miss my grounded state
  3. @LfcCharlie4 thanks a bunch for dedicating the time to write this. I appreciate it
  4. @Davino you're so on point here. Recently it was bought to my attention and I also noticed that I was very off balance and I need to really fo everything that basically you mentioned including grounding myself especially. I was going into a dangerous territory of psychosis so now I'm mostly focusing on integrating all precious stages if we see it from the context of spiral dynamics...i was way off balance and not ready for this
  5. @Yimpa Damn...this is deep...thats literally what most of the time awakening after effects feel like its very important to ground yourself.
  6. @Inliytened1 yeah 100% but a very hard reality to accept
  7. @Ishanga yes we have to be very careful that it doesn't become a gateway for the ego to gain a false sense of inflation.
  8. I've had an awakening while meditation it lasted for a few minutes and that was the only thing closest to solipsism I experienced. I couldn't retain that and of course I don't expect myself to be in those states either. Thete is a lot to integrate especially from the basics. However, despite my awakening experiences I still question that how can there be no other? How is it possible that I am the only point of consciousness in existence? Are there other origins of consciousness in other people? We all are "souls" Am I imagining that we all are souls and points of consciousness? Am I doing this for the survival of my ego? How do I experience the full blown awakening? Am I really the only point of consciousness
  9. There's been multiple ones recently. I haven't even been meditating just praying my basic prayers but skipping on those also. These days I'm very go with the flow and more in my head and I've been trying to ground myself. 1. Hearing voices...not very frequently but rarely I do hear whispers or my name. It never scares me. 2. Detachment from my body...deperesonalization type of experience which lasted for a day. 3. Non threatening presence of entities. Mostly in half asleep or sleep states. 4. I see repeating number a lot even though I refrain fro. Believing those repeating number thingies. 5. Dejavus ...they have become more intense and more frequent. They often happen with a certain person who is close to me on commendable levels and the connection is more than that. They feel too real sometimes it's freaky. 6. The feeling of being separated from my body and third dimension. This has happened twice as well...its like a feeling of being pulled in and out and expanding and contracting within. This often happens when I talk about spirituality or contemplate my nihilism and death with people or even alone. 7. Similar experiences...that manifest the other like a butterfly effect. 8. Ringing in ears...I've always had this but sometimes before sleeping its almost like the ringing of a bell and once it felt like something exploded in my third eye area and I heard the bell striking sound. 9. Dreams have become more existential in nature. Dreams show me how it's like to be formless and infinite...its very scary sometimes. Had a dream about being sucked into different timelines past and present...and when I woke up on eye could see future and the other was seeing the past. I freaked out until the reality 3D appeared in front of my eyes. It was still forming...like glitches and pixels.. I think that sums up most of it. Enjoy while you read, lol. I'd love to hear insights
  10. @Princess Arabia ah I agree with you on this one
  11. @Schizophonia we do actually consume a lot of rice here and our dishes are loaded with oil fat and salt. So I decided to change it up a bit
  12. What is it about embracing death that ends all suffering while you live? Life =suffering But... Once you know that this is temporary and relative it somewhat becomes less painful I've seen people who have lost limbs and are still the happiest Have they truly embraced their real nature as God or spirit? What is it about oneself that makes him so strong and indestructible in the face of adversity ? How does the human psychology work when this happens? What exactly changes ?