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  1. he is good just trust a dummy
  2. @StarStruck @mr_engineer if free speech existed, people wouldn't shit post because it would be deemed not important and often ignored, as it's not 'edgy' anymore read my post above. it's a power game definitions need clear cut divisions defining what it is, laws and governance needs principles to run by with strict boundaries to what those boundaries are and mean, with the governance and principles having the ability to be changed as deemed necessary by the people. Imagine if hate speech became a crime. almost everything would be a crime. free speech hurts. but we need the power to think, feel and make changes with our voice.
  3. Racism is an attack to a culture based on how your culture is. this is completely ok because some cultures can be deemed offensive and immoral to one's own. It's NOT okay in today's world, because there is a specific minority group who doesn't like being treated that way, who even are racist themselves! If you stand for something, you embody it completely, not hide behind a lie. to attack someone based on race alone, thus attack someone based soley on racism is the most disingenuous and dirty thing you can do to someone when you care about the arguments at stake. if you only care about annihilating a position, then sure. The bigger question: what is sexuality? If you think it's something and you reject certain parts of it, you may have a preference, but this undermines everybody elses preferences, and this can be easily seen with various people doing crazy things, and people watching it online who actively enjoy it. a good question to ask: how many people would do something, or try it out if it was made okay? sexuality is a movement of energy between two polar opposites, who unite within the movement. rape is not ok to be clear, but seeking for dominance, authority (which is built out of lots of development and knowledge, thus is why they have that position) is what masculine people do. in which in sexuality men are looking for the polar opposite: surrender to that authority, respect. also, women naturally operate within this standpoint because they have to ask themselves, and is a serious thought for them of who is good enough to be able to have that authority! They have to ask this because women hold the power to carry the babies, if shit hits the fan, or if we follow natural biology, the man would not end up with the responsibility of the baby because it takes too long to develop, there is no waiting around for life without a safety net. Do men *function best* in homes? or within combat, the Aquisition of more (can be territory, knowledge, there's a bias here)? Safety nets are why women have requirements for men. they like play fights because they test this authority, a man who avoids fight is a man not capable of raising a child, or giving prosperity to a country and families. a woman is NOT naturally combative, her true nature lies within surrender of power, this happens via a man, via kids. this is why we protect women. her mind is vulnerable, because her heart is seeking to be opened by guiding principles and positions of power, simply understanding this you can understand why this mindset is inherently dangerous. sexuality is just taking these energies, and dancing within them in a sexy manner. as a relationship progresses and natures natural challenge is completed, the relationship grows to become more rooted in family and raising the youth, inspiring more growth and wisdom to sprout for the mother and father. for men, this is wisdom of time, history, change, and letting go of the physical as death soon arises. for women, when she has kids, she steps into her true feminine nature as a mother and love giver, as she ages, it's love for her whole family and community. And what makes a person well developed and put together? This is simply rooted in your sexuality, which is only limited to masculine/feminine. Why would we close off from certain ideologies and thought tunnels when we're in the quest for truth? If we close off from a question, it should be well thought of, developed, then explained why it shouldn't be followed (guiding principles) so the need to ask that questions simply fades away. there is no fight here. anything reasonable to be thrown out and not thought of this way will be discarded naturally by it's own investigation from humans natural desire to inquire and figure things out. censoring is a tactic of the devil because the devil hides in the shadows and ignorance to purport it's own delusion about what it deems to be true, even when to find truth all questions must be asked and answered. Such an easy way to shut down an argument. freedom of speech is the wanting for Aquisition of truth and the highest forms of human possibility, this is why we put it in government and why humans should have the say to do so within government, within social media that fuels culture and governance, and within their own lives. People in positions of power are there simply because they have something most people don't. If the latter isn't true, it'll naturally break down by the people who give them that power, and that person won't be valued. You're putting him in a box of a billionaire, which immediately means it's not true to who he is as an individual, and this is evident because he isn't following what most billionaires are doing: putting his reputation and success on the line. Saying something is not important, in fact, everything about importance isn't important, isn't an argument, because you're giving importance to the ideology that importance isn't important. There's simply too many information and ideas out there, and people naturally cling, you're going to have to fight for what is right for what is right for all humans, which is always gonna be the best ideas. You have to fight for importance to be heard, or it'll die off. This is a fight for it's survival, since rememberence is a function of survival. A light shines the brightest when there are other lights shining with the light, so for something to live and exist, we have to live for it to exist beside us, or keep it's light alive through remembering it's existence. @Leo Gura
  4. @Leo Gura death is highly mischaracterizing what god and awakening truly is, which is actually a deep root and realization of life itself. saying it's death can lead to people heading in the wrong path. It isn't bad - in that we shouldn't feel remorse, we all eventually go to the light, but saying awakening is death itself is the wrong path. maybe death of the ego - with an explanation of what the ego is "closed minded, culturally dependent, physical reliant reciever and defender of information" would be nice when referring to the ego, but often when referred to as just the sense of self leads go the wrong path. we could say, a mind not dependent on the physical, able to retrieve information and work outside of the limitations of the mind can lead to greater truth, should be strived for When referring to psychedelics - completely letting go of the ego, yes that's true. and it can feel like physical death, but it isn't. as long as your physical self is still existing, a part of your consciousness is attached to it, although awareness of this can be out of sight. just like most people don't focus on being aware their physical self is existing, we can say it just is, and that awareness of this fades when our mind trails. ego death IS awakening, not death itself. like with Buddhism, your mind, associations, etc can all "die", or be let go of to create a state of no mind, but really you yourself didn't die, just the attachments of the mind did. Unless you're referring to something else, a complete lack of sense of self, a state of emptiness with no associations. but in my opinion, this lacks an earth bound awakening where lower energies are integrated. Death doesn't have to be feared simply because your true self doesn't die, and when it does, it becomes the wholeness of existence. We don't necessarily die, because we unify with something else
  5. No, they can't understand psychology because it's formless and can operate in many different ways than just the norm in society. If you're looking for a job in psychology, you'll be limited by your studies and administrators, unless you want to make breakthroughs in the field.
  6. It's still worth doing, you can't draw what's on your mind via robots. even though their art may be better.
  7. this sounds so disrespectful, i know what 'kill the buddha' means though, and what you're saying.
  8. same. It caused me to have a masculine awakening. awaken the fire within your soul 🔥🔥🔥
  9. a protest is small, never is the cause of change. It can lead you to it though.
  10. It's a software, it won't get mega expensive, unless it's coupled with hardware that requires physical materials. It won't become obsolete
  11. yeah, that's true. Plus, none of that voids innovation in the future by others.
  12. I disagree. People creating a company 100% in control of the idea, even smaller, are way more powerful than running under the guise of a large company. But yes, adobe would have more money to do whatever it wants.
  13. It's the culture around it, lots degrade men. In many ways, you control media and you control the people. Also, women have all the same rights, we don't need a movement anymore we have the same rights you can bring it to court and one person can solve it. Then don't, but this is a power game too. Knowledge forms opinions, which forms ideology people subscribe to, which ultimately forms a power circuit in society. People want to expand the idea, convert people, and put down people who oppose. I've figured it out btw. Rape, and other things can be hard to prove in court, so maybe they stopped that and turned towards changing masculine culture and people in general.