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  1. To begin, I've never had tinnitus day to day life. When I'm out with friends, doing school work, hanging out with family or work I never experience tinnitus. However, when I put on noise reduction headphones and I'm in complete silence, I have loud ringing and screeching in my ears that is hard to ignore. I think this has happened just due to loud headphones and loud music playing. I'm not really sure what to do about it. I have this theory that if I stay in complete silence, my ears will become accustomed to the silence and the ringing will stop. Any tips? Solutions? It's not that severe, but with meditation I'd like to find a solution.
  2. It has recently only become a bad thing worldwide, within the last ~500 years.
  3. My mom was a great nurse, strong single mother from the time I was age 3, and yet it burdened my childhood and made my growing up super difficult. Women need to be humbled by men, and need to know when to stay quiet because their expertise isn't in socializing, it's mostly motherhood. If my mom was a stay at home mom, with a more rigid father, my growing up situation would've been 10x better. Agreed There's this one girl I work with, she's my manager, and she is your typical bxtch. It is such a tough and annoying time to be working with her because she talks and is always up everyone's a$$. I'd tolerate a male dxck over a female anyday.
  4. you can't create conscious AI unless you have awareness of meditation, philosophy, etc. So unless a person creating it has an understanding of that, it won't be created or there will be many halts until it's created. If we do create something conscious out of machines, then yes, it should have rights. But as of right now, it's not living or conscious, therefore it shouldn't have rights.
  5. paranormal entities are just products of your own consciousness. So there are demons or devils, as such, no need to be scared. they only appear that way when your own perceptions are geared to think that way. If there are any damages to someone, it can be healed through a deep investigative journey through consciousness in the waking state
  6. I don't think we should slow progress, only come at it with more maturity and wisdom. More time, same issue being brought up.
  7. groupthink and conformity, also so we can feel sensitivity and love within coldness and closeness
  8. you're not a machine, you can't fix or reprogram yourself. it might be better to try to evolve out of your family rather than trying to fix problems within your family.
  9. Crazy, but can you give us a taste of training? because I am consuming crazy alone time with my soul.