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  1. demonic entities do exist. its not a waste of money, its just that they tend to reattach unless you adapt to newer states of consciousness fast. they attach to your chakras when you're going through things in your life and feed on your energy. they exist in auric levels of consciousness and can be seen through the third eye.
  2. @Leo Gura it is. But also, each chakra is a universe onto itself and corresponds with different areas of life. each chakra and area of the mind IS a different dimension of life and therefore can be explored and cherished and loved for infinity. Youre in one right now. beyond enlightenment is exploration of different dimensions of consciousness and putting oneself in them to learn and grow. Dancing is a different dimension of consciousness than studying, and is a spiritual path onto itself. A spiritual path is whatever furthers the expansion of consciousness of an individual. So, incarnating into 10 bodies to learn 10 different abilities IS a spiritual path. If you combine that with spirituality (relative to human terms) that just adds to the fun. this also explains why soul and spirit is in everything, because its all spirit!
  3. @Leo Gura Leo, id have to agree, but to me awakening is different for everyone because of different consciousness structures. For example, yours is a masculine, mind oriented awakening, so yours will be way different and will have different abilities/attributes based on the way your consciousness works already. In a sense, were all gifted, just in different dimensions of consciousness. For some people spirituality could be a very sexual, creative and tantric act, and that could be their focus throughout their lifetime, or one could be very grounded, earthly, and thats their focus. if we look at spirituality instead of attaining enlightenment and put the focus on awakening our multidimensional nature, this could be recognized more. Im sure you've noticed this within your very logical and conceptual oriented mind. Also I wouldn't put the better/worse labels on it.
  4. Meditate on death and feel into the feeling of you dying.
  5. @lmfao well all throughout my life I've had an affinity to stars and sci fi. I have always loved shoes like dr who, steven universe, X-Files, inception, limitless. But yes, during my initial awakening I would just be naturally attracted to the idea and I just felt like it was me. And then I got validation from others who are intuitive. More recently I've remembered angelic lifetimes, lifetimes on other planets, and even fears and such as even being on this planet because, when the fear came up my inner child said "humans are monsters" 😂 as I connected to starseed heritage. Also as I've been integrating more of the starseed, the energy and energy body of the starseed is being integrated more and more in my body throughout my awakening. work I've done in past lives is being integrated for example. As I awaken more I can feel the higher consciousness integrate more and more. souls exist in different areas ohe body. Mine exist in the third eye, as it relates to the starseed, crown, as it relates to the angelic, and obviously human which is just the connection to earth. You naturally connect to a frequency by spending a lot of time into it, which then it integrates into yourself. So its not that I'm special, this is just the frequency that is most home and familiar to me. also starseed souls are extremely psychic. Especially for me. like im able to telepathically communicate with people's subconscious mind, channel energy, etc etc. but human souls generally are just here to have an experience, be a character, live a story, awaken to the truth and then embody it. Starseed souls are more selfless and generally are here to serve humanity. Selfishness isn't bad, its an experience to be had and is beauty in form.
  6. Starseeds are real. I have energetic direct experience of it and THAT living in my body. also I have had intense intuitions before knowing and from the very beginning of my awakening (which was involuntary). So, maybe your brain is hurting because its not open enough. Souls live in different chakras of the body. Also people live in different octaves of consciousness. Humans aren't all the same. A starseed is basically an energetic imprint of the alien soul living in a human body. like you playing vr and you become the character, except this time you actually go in the body and experience it for yourself. You can do this with psychic abilities. idk how all the starseed process works and im not interested in it, but it is real and possible and there are many many starseed souls here and I am grateful to have met the few that I have.
  7. get grounded. Eat grounding foods. go outside. connect with your emotional body.
  8. Its obvious that putting your full self and creative expression in the world is fundamental for happiness. do it man. all the spirituality stuff you read on here should tell you to follow yourself no matter what, because everything else is just distraction.
  9. do what you want. you only have one life. thoughts are weak, conscious thought and action always has more power over them. you can do this. get up and create the life you want. ❤
  10. Yep. ^^ unfortunately a lot of the old spiritual path is becoming null and outdated. It misses a LOT. Phil good is a starseed and an indigo and anchors a lot of third chakra energy. Not sure if you can tell soul vs ego yet, but he is definitely anchored in his soul.
  11. Well, you exist in very dense states of consciousness. Which is not bad. Prominent themes of that are issues related to love and of speaking. You likely have that because we are attracted to the frequencies we hold in our bodies/souls. This is the type of music I'd listen to when im angry. Like you're breaking out of jail, like youre ready to let go of everything that's holding you back. The visual i get from this song is that the person making this has demons (thought forms) floating around him and he's ready to be done with it.