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  1. Healing always occurs within a loving space. you can create this yourself. Take it slow, breathe, and sit with yourself. You don't have to uncover things from your past like looking for a leech with a magnifying glass, all you have to do is sit with yourself and give yourself the love you deserve while going through the healing process with that particular trauma. trauma is a wound, so it should be treated with care and respect. like opening a box full of valuables, trauma is the body's way of defending itself and protecting itself, so care and respect is needed when uncovering those traumas. Once you have an activated Kundalini, you can turn towards the earth and universe, experience Christ consciousness and bask in the love of the universe. Trauma isn't healed by jumping into a pool of darkness. it's healed by turning towards the light and bringing all of your traumas to the light with you.
  2. @Leo Gura i think you should create a healing subforum on this website. healing is a fundamental part of spirituality, at least for me, I've had to do a lot of healing during my spiritual practice, so much so. And I know a lot of others have a lot of trauma and I really think this would be an excellent addition to it. Btw, I have healing siddhis. I have healing hands that connect from my 7th chakra to the center of my palms. also, I have a light weapon that is in the 7th chakra too. I'm a starseed soul, which means my soul is used to spiritual work on this planet and others and why I have those. Not every starseed soul is like that, but in this case I do and I have direct experiences of having these abilities. Tldr healing is an essential part of the spiritual path and I think you should add a subforum of healing and shadow work. have a great day Leo
  3. It is Kundalini. It's a good thing, go deeper.
  4. So I saw a glimpse of omniscience in an insight that I had. It went like this: I was just contemplating love, when boom, I had the sudden understanding of all human and nonhuman behavior for a second and then it was gone. Basically the realization was knowing everyone's behavior based on the expression from their heart. It was like I almost touched it and yet it was just a hair away from me. I can see how this realization of love can go deeper into complete understanding of the universe. Any insights? Comments? I'd love to hear them.
  5. @Shin That's where I'm talking from, not the current state of humanity.
  6. I'm preaching love and light. and judgments are? I haven't seen you make any points here.
  7. no you're not. for example, an expression of searching for power is a darker, denser expression of consciousness which lies dormant in the darkness. no, we just have different POV's coming from different angles of consciousness.
  8. @Leo Gura none of the ET races or any of the higher dimensional fields have police systems. simple. in the light there is no need to have police systems.
  9. @Depersonilized sorry, but the light refers to love. prisons and cops are byproducts of darkness. at one state of consciousness, they exist and at another they completely vanish.
  10. Start now! Bring more love to the table. The world is in desperate need of healing, love and enlightened selfless people.
  11. @Fran11 the thing is all darkness is is the absence of light. For example, I know a story of a person who felt trapped in a relationship for years before killing their wife. Is he to blame or the darkness that led him to that decision? If he was open, more light, and space was allowed for him to come out and express himself, that would've never happened. As stated above, darkness is just the absence of light.
  12. @Leo Gura that isn't true. love is inclusiveness, forgiveness, and companionship. An awakened society would not have jail systems. that's darkness, not light.
  13. hybrid beings exist in the universe, like cross breeding animals, and I am that except between being an earth angel and other star systems. You are a human for sure, but your soul could have ET relations that you don't even know of because of the veil of forgetfulness on this planet.
  14. I don't think it's based on genetics as much as it's based on soul history. for example, I'm a earth angel and starseed hybrid being and I'm only 19, but my third eye chakra and crown chakra are so activated it's insane. I'm also hyper intuitive as frijoles. Kundalini awakening started at the crown chakra two years ago. I've been able to anchor so much light it's insane. Soul requires developmental periods and it takes a long time. Nothing is taken for granted or handed out for free.