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  1. Joe Rogan follows Leo on Twitter, if that is anything Maybe he doesn't want to divide his audience.
  2. lmao i had that recommended, so funny
  3. Yeah Vsauce is great, glad to see he's still making cool videos. I remember seeing his video on "What is consciousness" back when I had a materialistic paradigm and being so intrigued.
  4. I've been in a similar situation before, trying to transcend the pain by observing and contemplating it. It's tough. Good luck.
  5. lol how does that even end up on snap
  6. Lmao 7 more hours. Someone in the comment section made a joke about how this podcast would reach 10 hours since you guys both make such long videos, and it's even surpassed 10 hours now.
  7. lol I don't think he's actually banning people
  8. At least I'm not alone
  9. uh oh
  10. You might be oversleeping, or some habit may be causing you to oversleep. Or maybe, your sleep is low quality and it is being disturbed, so you wake up feeling groggy. Eating a big meal close to bed time could interfere with sleep. Try to improve the quality of your sleep, if there is room for that, by keeping your room cool and dark. White noise also helps. By the way, the blue light from outside that appears in the morning is a good natural mechanism for waking you up. It will make it easier to wake up, so maybe keep the curtains open. However, this advice is not helpful if you sleep so late that the sun comes up, as the blue light will prevent you from falling asleep, so take it with some nuance. Dark = increased melatonin, light = decreased melatonin.
  11. You can access some multiverses pretty easily, if your criteria for a multiverse is radically different physics or laws. For example: dreaming, astral projection, psychedelics, etc.
  12. How I interpret it: Sinning = being selfish or being a devil Being selfish prevents you from being selfless or godlike, and so it is phrased that they fell from God's grace.
  13. lmao someone in the comments made a joke about how it would be 10 hours long since they both make such long videos
  14. I only get blue balls if I purposefully edge myself for a really long time, I'm not sure if it is normal to get it so easily. Are you currently doing no-fap? Have you ever done it? Maybe you over-exerted yourself, maybe masturbating could help tbh. Or maybe its because your stomach is too full or something. Try to eliminate factors and pay attention to how you feel.