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  1. You mean to weigh the bag to see how much you got in total, or just for each use, to get it out of a plastic bag and to measure your doses? If you asking how to properly store it and use it, buy small and dark glass jar and dump the DMT in the jar (see attached pic). If you got some left in the plastic bag, cut it open with scissors and put a glove on and gently with you finger/small toothpick pull the remaining spice in to the jar. Store in a cool and dark place. I recommend buying mg scoops. Unless you buy an expensive mg scale. And just scoop out the desired dose in to your glass pipe or vaporizer, and smoke away.
  2. Sure does 👌🏼✨ Lucky you 😎
  3. You’re welcome 🙏🏻 Indeed, precisely so 👌🏼✨
  4. 2CB is something that falls in the same category, it’s actually insane what you can realize on it. The pure levels of No Self, Emptiness and Formlessness. But coming back, I get extreme hangovers. And I have gone to those states on LSD before. Not as immensely as the first time I took 2CB and completely broke out of the Dream state, but in other ways. I really think it’s important to respect your body, when it gives you hints on how you feel after a substance. Do try new things, but if you notice feeling really bad after; listen to that and find substances that are more suitable for your system 🙏🏻
  5. @amanen It’s a beautiful substance. But it’s not that great for the body. I have done it twice, once just MDMA and meditation, which helped me awaken to higher levels of Love. And second time I took it together with LSD, and that was extremely beautiful in a sense that I felt Love and Consciousness merging within me. The minus is that I was extremely tired, after two days, up to 2 weeks after the trip. It created huge dips, and it didn’t really feel as healthy as other psychedelics, like mushrooms, DMT, 5 and LSD. Almost a year later, working with DMT, I manage to get deeper realizations of Love and Consciousness on DMT, that I would on MDMA. And after using DMT, I feel so energized, uplifted and intense afterglows. I don’t like to speak bad about something that has helped me, and I do appreciate the two trips I spent with Molly. She is really beautiful, a great teacher. But for me, there are healthier ways of reaching profound levels of awakening in to the nature of Love, Consciousness and Reality.
  6. Beautiful 🙏🏻🦋
  7. @puporing Stay hydrated during the trip. Eat carb heavy meal in the morning or prior to your trip. I usually eat oatmeal, bowl of rice, or oven baked potatoes 4hrs before the trip. So I have enough energy and fuel for the trip. Also take good care of nutrition the day after your trips. Good supplementation of Omegas, Minerals and Vitamins. Also recommend eating walnuts the day after, like a handful. Really does the trick for me. You probably know these things, just reminding. 🙏🏻✨
  8. When we sleep, we put our mind and awareness to “rest”, or you could say that we pause the awareness of the dream avatar, and our other aspects start to work on programming and constructing our next happening in the very next day, week, month or year. Your physical body rests, and your system cleans itself/repairs itself from the activities you had during your day. But when you deny yourself of sleep, or get very tired and stressful; you put yourself in a state where you are more prone to see your other aspects, doing their work on you, on the fly. Because you are not “sleeping”, your reality is being updated while you are aware/awake. But that’s a bit heavy for our bodies, and the programming is there to make you more and more tired as you keep yourself awake for longer. That’s why people start to hallucinate deeply when they have deprived themselves of sleep, for long periods of time. Hallucinating more than usual as in more than “normal” life. And we get these glimpses of Dejavu, or we see things that might happen in the future and so on. There are many more reasons if this, I'm sure, but here was a short explanation of what I have gathered so far.
  9. That’s for you to figure out, and to learn from. Once you align yourself and give in to yourself completely, you can start to understand why the things in your life is happening to you. Not to control it, but to release resistance and to align yourself to the training you are putting yourself through, to transform yourself in ways that you didn’t know you wanted more than anything. But this will require you to be fearless, and start to inquire deeply in to yourself. And not stopping until you have unraveled your life and your self-structure so completely, that you get really intimate with Yourself. Until there is no separation between any of your “seperated aspects”. Then life will start to get really interesting. Your dream will become more lucid and joyful.
  10. You remember creating the scenario, before you fell asleep to experience it. The more aware you get, the more you realize that you created every situation for yourself to experience. But these separate aspects are cut off from seeing “each other”, otherwise you couldn’t be in this dream. You use them to construct and to create for yourself. Your higher Self. And there are exceptions for when you catch yourself creating the dream for yourself. And situations and causations for this to occur. You become more prone to see how this happens when you are tired/stressed. So you remember creating the experience you just had, and you realize that it did happen before, as you constructed it. But when you do, the creator is way ahead of you, creating the next 10 experiences, already.
  11. Certainly can You have to set a proper intention before the trip. Mine was to merge and to unify both my masculine and feminine aspects, and to realize that the thing I was searching in an "other" was always inside me, just that I was searching "outwardly" instead of being still and realizing it within. And so, of course, when you want to open yourself to such Truths, you would have to lay aside all your beliefs on the outside and all the programmings of your culture, life, society etc. [ And you would have to let yourself go so much, as if this trip was about to possess you (in other words, you let the LSD or the substance of your choice) act as your opposite/catalyst for the "new" information you want to install in to your system, or to remind yourself that you already have. ] So I let aside all the things I knew about my feminine and masculine aspects, and I did enter a state of consciousness, where I realized that I had taken shape/form in a female body, but she was me, and I was her, inside her at the same time. As if I was inside a female body, being aware of how it is to be a male and to observe her and what it feels to be "her". And so I let myself aside and just observed it from her POV, and then of course, I saw a male energy entering the space, but I noticed: Holy shit, that masculine energy is me, the male energy is myself and I noticed exactly how these two got very intimate, both on a physical and metaphysical level. And since I was a bit more conscious due to the substance, I observed both of them, being both them, simultaneously, and also being a third kind of person/creature/observer in between. Or call it the awareness in this space. I was seeing PROFOUND metaphysical happenings when these two "seemingly" opposite poles of the same, were being intimate. And as this was happening within me. My physical body was undergoing something I thought was completely brand new. I was having a female and a male orgasm at the same time (of course without there being any touching of the private parts) and I wasn't only feeling it in local private parts, it was happening in all the places. I felt it from my toes to my hair tips. I was sitting on my meditation cushion and my body started shaking, especially my legs. I had to readjust my sitting and stretch my legs to be able to let the energies flow better. I was probably shaking for about a good 1-2 hours before I decided that I couldn't handle it anymore, sitting up. So I decided to go lie on the floor and let the process just unfold. As it was getting more and more intense. The trip was inviting me to deeper Truths about how it is to have the feminine POV of Reality, and not only that, but the what the feminine aspects are of the entire Universe/Gods feminine side. I was being handed extreme Truths, and of course these aren't the easiest to accept. Because it showed me how blind I have been as a man (as the masculine pov only) during my entire life, and how I have missed the obvious feminine aspects of reality. And so I entered a state so extreme, that I realized there is no going back, there is no resisting it. So as I was accepting these deep truths, I was going through a process where the orgasm was getting ever-so intense, and it would fuel for what was being shown next, the horrors of what God has to love, through being the feminine, the extreme pains she has to go through and to put up with, for us to even exist. (Here I realized that the masculine aspects of reality is creator energy, and the feminine being creation energy. So everything in creation, that is "form", Everything that has feelings or sensations, i.e our bodies are the feminine. Not only humans, but animals, objects and so on. So when we go and get mad and unleash our pains on some object, that is felt through the feminine, both by our bodies and the object. Because the mind (masculine aspect) is throwing a tantrum or want to "release", and so the feminine has to take that. All the fears and turbulence of the planet and the "physical" universe is being felt by every feminine part or aspect of the entire universe. And especially females. And of course realized that every time I eat something, I am eating the feminine. When I peel or cut in to a fruit or a vegetable. I am cutting in to her. But I'm so fucking blind and so deeply dreaming that I am not noticing what I am doing to her. But to realize that she is giving herself up so completely through Everything, that is her way of being intimate with me (You). Question is, am I (You) aware of this all the time? As I (You) are going through this life and interacting with everything, from food, objects, animals and other people. Anyhow, so the orgasm is getting more and more intense, now God invites you to more Truths as you are going through the best time of your existence. You get to experience all the pains, fears and feelings the entire structure of reality has to undergo. Because all of it is made out of the feminine energies. And I realised that she, in us all has to andmust feel safe in order to let her energies flow through all of us and all beings. But it's the hardest on her, because she is the one who has to take all the hurt, sensations, feelings and pressure to be wake up. She is the one that is slumbering. She is the one that is going through this Dream. I realized that one of our biggest missions in life is to use our masculine aspects to uplift our feminine aspects, and of course vice versa, to use the teachings of the feminine to wake up the masculine doings that are leading to chaos and despair, out of ignorance. To wake up the masculine's unconscious creations. And for the masculine (which is just the feminine masked as the something other than herself) to act as a helping hand, in order for her to wake herself up. Creator (masculine, consciousness) is waking up Creation (feminine, love, and form) and vice versa. Dance between the polarities. Love and Consciousness. Mission of our masculine aspects are to realize that it is made out of the feminine (Logos), yes, even the female bodies included, you are not immune to this <3 And use/harness that awake masculinity to be able to seal, secure and to act as complementary half to the feminine, and to realize her sacrifice she is always intimately undergoing, so she can be seen and witnessed/felt, to be created/creative and to thrive in herself. (Notice this is something you can use in your intimate relationships. Let the girl be sexual, and boost her in that, and let her thrive and to be in control. And notice the magic that happens) But don't forget that you have the feminine inside you as well, as a man, so FEEL what she is feeling, and die to that sensation. I promise you will have the best time of your life.) Of course this is not locked only for male and female interactions, as this is not only tied with your gender, but with your polarities. So it is up to us to realize and to harness that for our growth and understanding, and to realize that we have this untapped potential. To work with both of our polarities. And when we tap in to that completely, we can through meditation/psychedelics or ideally just through aware/conscious Being, just let this flow through us, and to let ourselves feel it. Because it is always there, as untapped potential. Ready for every being to realize and to access/use. A little about the trip, now when we have the context, we can start to see how we can work with a theme like this, and also how to handle it, or rather learning to be handled by it You have to set a good intention as previously mentioned. Think this through. What have you been missing in your life? What has been bugging you regarding something you have yet to explore further? You have to accept whatever is coming your way about the trip, and to not resist it, during the come up, especially with LSD since it's not that fast acting. So you have to be willing to even accept the thoughts and invitations going in to the trip: Let say you get a picture in your head about a girl you really liked/loved/was interested in, but ended up in a bad way or never went the way you really wanted. Or a bad breakup: You have to be willing to accept going in to that and to investigate that during the come up, because that is what is blocking you from going deeper. And so you get these snip-its and moments from your life, that come out of nowhere, and you have work through those. (And of course you later realize that those "moments of your life, was precisely planned for this realization you are about to have ) You have to be accepting of uncomfortable sides of you that you have suppressed, and to be extremely self-honest, because honesty leads to peace, joy, freedom, healing and acceptance. So if you get challenged about something really deep that you hate about yourself or another person, you kinda have to deal with that in the way the trip want you to go through with it. Imagine the trip is dancing with you, and so when the trip is showing you something and leading the dance, you have to know when and where to let yourself be led. And when the time comes, the intensity of the trip will pause for a brief period of time, and invite you to lead about another situation that you can come up with and to be radically honest about and be willing to face, no matter how hard it can be for your ego. You will get better and better at this dance, I promise You have to be ready to tackle your fears and the things you really resist in your daily life, because if you want to open yourself up to deeper truths, you have to be able to let your control go. Whatever pains arise during the trip that are hard to accept and handle for your ego, you have to just let it flow through you. Sedona method is a blessing here. Just feel everything that flows through you during the trip, and invite your pains in to it. But notice that the pains that you let in are not necessarily there to hurt you, but to heal you. And since we get really attached with our control and projections/deflections of our ego structure: When we are about to get healed, we imagine and perceive the healing as the worst possible thing that could happen to us. The ego structure will always think it is about to die when these Truths are being revealed or accepted in to you. It will make you think that you have died. But in actuality, you are not dying, the ego structure and its control/hold on you, is dying off, or being ripped apart. Here it is key to just watch the process and not to identify yourself with whatever is going on. Just observe it with your higher mind and just let your masculine and feminine aspects merge and to be able to work together, within you, to tackle the issue at hand. And remember what Leo said: "In your hardest and most fearful moments, remember that Love always conquers fear." Also you can learn to go deep within your psyche and to heal and reprogram all the things that no longer serve you in life. You can remove and dispute your beliefs and concepts that you are unconsciously carrying around, in your life. This requires being very innovative and playful/creative, to just change it in the best ways you would be able to, as a creator. And to realize that whatever you are "removing" is something you programmed yourself in to, before you fell asleep But this time, you create something that will serve you better going forward with your dream. Consciously. There are many more ways you can learn to work with longer lasting substances. (A normal DMT trip will blast you with whatever you need to realize something about yourself. So if you need a hit to the face, go with that) But for the longer lasting ones, like LSD / Mushrooms / 2CB / Mescaline / San Pedro can be really helpful to go through these types of experiences/realizations. Personally I haven't tried 5MEO-MALT, but I can imagine it being very beautiful. And 5MEO-DMT for me has been like being thrown in to Infinity. Haven't been able to work well enough with that one. Sorry for wall of text, but I noticed that I needed to formulate this for myself, as well