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  1. Will try that! Cheers
  2. Yeah, will stick to vaping then. Trying to plug 150mg+ is waste of substance. When I can vape 25-30mg and breakthrough.
  3. Thanks for sharing!
  4. I want to try plugging NN-DMT. I have both smoked/vaped NN-DMT and 5MEO-DMT. Right now I’m working with plugged 5MEO-DMT freebase, and it works wonders. Now, if you can dilute 5MEO-DMT(freebase) with vinegar. Surely you can dilute NN-DMT (freebase) with vinegar and plug it? Please, let me know if you have tried it!
  5. Everything is Up and Down. Notice this theme throughout everything in Reality.In the lowest of lows, God forgets Itself. In the highest of highs, God remembers itself. God remembering and forgetting enough times, leads to God being in a state where God is noticing the "Switch" of up and down, enough times, and God awakens. The process of "Up" and "Down" is the very mechanism for God Awakening to Itself. For God to forget itself and become the Imagined being, it has to "stop" being God, to fully buy in to the Imagined Reality it is imagining. God is facilitating its finite dream, the essence of Everything the finite being is seeing, perceiving and experiencing. So God in the "finite" being never stops being God, because its Experience is God Itself. God is walking in an Infinite room full of mirrors, each mirror is an "object" in the "finite" beings reality. God is overlooking itself as God. Because God thinks there is an "other" and something outside of Itself. God can never stop being God. Even if he/she tells himself/herself that it is not God. It is a deception, a fabricated Lie. You can never run away from Yourself. You existing, is God. God can never, never stop Existing. Only when it tells itself that it has stopped existing, or when it tells itself it is not God.
  6. I attended a similar retreat, day one Ayahuasca in the evening, Bufo day two at 2pm, San pedro day tree in the morning and Ayahuasca in the evening. Completely fine. Although I redosed San pedro 3 hours before Ayahuasca and they were both active at the same time. It was such a profound experience. Felt like the two combined created a deeper Bufo experience. But that isn’t what you asked for Just drink a lot of water in between and flush your system and you will be fine. Focus on eating raw fruits and veggies when you are allowed food.
  7. "Dont overlook all your blessings and all the love that is in your life. You are too focused on what you can't love to realize all the love around you." I just watched the video. It hit me harder than when I read your report.
  8. You are too sweet 🙂 Oh yes, 5MEO was my first ever Psychedelic, unless I count the microdose Ayahuasca I had the night before. But 5 changed everything. It has really been the most direct one so far. Such a blessing 🙏🏻 Take your time, do it when you feel ready. You are always searching for yourself ✨
  9. Such a beautiful trip. Reminded my about my journey and experience with DMT. Such a beautiful substance. I love DMT and 5MEO so much. They are really for me, the best tools in life. Thanks for sharing and go enjoy yourself ❤️
  10. The moment you stop telling stories to yourself, that you are a finite being and that God is controlling the strings on you. Better yet, realize that only you are pulling the strings, unconsciously. And creating this painful existence that you are tired of. You are tired of telling this lie to yourself, not tired of existence itself. When you do, you will still be here. Because there is nowhere to go. This is the canvas you are painting on, and it’s only here that you can paint, and experience your paintings. Much Love ❤️
  11. The moment you realize that I am “God, you are not” is the egos game. Thats why I didn’t buy in to it. I knew it was just a bigger ego game. @Breakingthewall Well said. ✨♾️
  12. For me NN-DMT and 5MEO-DMT produce the same sensations, realizations and experiences that MDMA does, minus the side effects.
  13. You as the author of the story/reality you are experiencing, give the characters you dream of; life and make them real. But only when you as the author are asleep as your character, and your consciousness is localized. When you take psychedelics in the story/movie/reality, you become less asleep, less localized. And that makes your character and other characters in the story, more “unreal”. So it is like you are killing them, because you are less bought in, on that they are real, or that they exist. And that worries “them”, but best thing is: They are you, but reflections of you. So ask yourself, are you afraid of not being real?
  14. Becoming ridiculously conscious on LSD, to the point of learning the ability to stop my own heart. Attempting Mahasamadhi a few times, edging death over and over again. Up until the point where I got some heart issues for a few months. Oh, I have also taken 5g shrooms and got lost in the woods, during a beautiful summer day. Found my way out after a while though