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  1. @PurpleTree It does happen occasionally. And like @Knowledge Hoarder said. And that she is probably attracted to your feminine side. Masculinity and Femininity actually have nothing to do with gender. We have just been shaped like this from our evolution and collective mind. But that is rapidly changing. A lot men aren’t balanced in their Masculine side, because they have been shaped by their upbringing, society, their looks, anxieties etc. So what ends up happening, is that they explore their Feminine side more. And that can be seen in guys who are extra nice / too nice to girls. Stemming from this, we have hurt feminine men and incels, cult-like red pill movements and MGTOW. Bitterness towards women and often vey bad worldview/victim mentality. The other half of guys are so in touch with their Masculine side, that they become too matcho, they are too rational, no intuitiveness, always square and they don’t exactly know how to treat women, often these guys turn out to be abusive, controlling, manipulative, resentment towards women and they attract women without self respect and low self esteem. On the opposite spectrum we have women shaped by their upbringing, society, their looks, anxieties, media, sex-advertisement etc. So what ends up happening, is that they explore their Masculine side, they let go of their Feminine side and this is shown with women that are to straightforward, they have to “man” up and do everything by themselves. They attract boys instead of men and they build this mindset that guys are weak, with no backbone, and women can do it all (rightfully so, in some sense). But this side gets shown in their controlling manner, bossy attitudes and bitterness. Here is also where some women become toxic and cultlike feminists. And then we have the other half of women, that only rely and explore their Feminine side. Here we have women drawn to independent men that are only there as providers, but with no with no fun, and often work to much, resulting in women feeling trapped in their relationships, and often very bored. This makes a lot of bad breakups and a lot of cheating and monkey branching between men. Historical society with men hunter and masculine mentality and women stay home and take care of kids mentality had to be torn apart. And what we are experiencing right now is that change, but its not finished or complete until Men and Women realize that they have both Masculine And Feminine sides inside of them, and work together or with themselves to Balance their polarities. And ideally for society or rather human beings waking up to the fact that gender is a duality and an imaginary aspect of reality.
  2. Wow thank you so much, I must have totally missed these 😅🙏🏻✨🌟👌🏼
  3. Transmutation of Sex, Eating and Sleeping. Its Not What You Think When we are experiencing or dreaming that we are having sex, either with ourselves or "others" which is still ourselves, we can closely and consciously observe whatever is happening, and especially how we feel and what we are seeing, emphasis on what we are >Seeing< and Seeing with. Now lets investigate the Seer and what the Seer is Seeing with. The Imaginary Eye. Examining The Eye, without being scientific about it, just from direct experience and and personal observations. How does The Eye actually work? What is its purpose? and can we for the sake of self-recognition, and self-understanding, investigate The Eye? When you Love someone, or look in the eyes of someone you love, they say that the pupil gets diluted, and the iris becomes thinner. What is the pupils function and what is the iris's function really? (in the dream) In the movie Samadhi (See Link 31:56 to 35:12), they use the Eye as a metaphor for Somethingness and Nothingness. And compare it to a Black Hole. The content around a Black Hole could be seen as the content around the pupil, which is in these two metaphors, the iris and the content/matter revolving around a Black Hole. What is that center (Pupil / Black Hole) ? It is the center of Everything. A singularity holding all content around it. So in your life, your eyes, the pupil is the nothingness of you, and the iris is "your" life or what you think is "you". And the center is everything and nothing at the same time, because its holding the content (your life) together. As a living organism in this dream that you/we have dreamed up, you want to experience Infinite aspects of yourself. We go through different characters that we define ourselves with. And when we define ourselves with our bodies, we forget that we are Infinite Nothingness appearing as a self. And from that duality/split we get the need for Sex, or shall I say reaching the state of Orgasm (Unity), which is a remembrance and a reminder of who we truly are, as Infinite Nothingness appearing as a finite self, experiencing Itself. To understand where I am going with this, I am going to explain and remind you of the different stages of definition of yourself experiencing the Orgasmic State and what you associated with Sex. (mind you that this is within one or many lifetimes) but what I am referring to is the expereince itself.) 1: You are deeply asleep and define yourself as the character in the dream, your awareness and experience with sex/orgasm, is a pleasurable experience and you see this like and equal to anything else in your life (eating, sleeping, socializing with friends and so on.) (reality will loop back here later on, but from a higher level, 3D Spiral Example) (Stage Beige) 1.5: You play a game with yourself, and get lost in the pleasures of the action and you still dont grasp the potential and understanding what this might entail. A part of you wants to understand why you are lost in the pleasures and why you are doing it in the manner that you are. But for the sake of exploration and experience, you sleep around and explore what pleasure is. (Status Quo) 2: You choose a new path where you are in lack of the pleasure. You experience grief as you define yourself with character and get lost in self-limiting beliefs, where you judge yourself: of not being worthy, not having the appearance you want. And you experience that manifesting in your reality, because that is what you are defining yourself with. (A bit of a victim mentality is associated with this stage) (Stage Blue) 2.5: You start to notice that this gift of sex/orgasm that you have been given is not only for pleasure, but to reproduce yourself with, and continue your bloodline and pass on your genes. (Stage Purple) 3: You use this pleasure to be "better" than others and to build a stronger identity and even to dominate "others". Here is also the trap of abusing sex and using it as exploitation of others (yourself). Here is also where comparing yourself with others in terms of appearance and power happens. (Stage Red) & (Stage Orange) 4: You choose a life within the dream where you aren't going to reproduce, and you choose to explore what it is to not reproduce and start seeking and start questioning your previous beliefs and the norm of reproduction within in society and the world. (Stage Green) 4.5: You live a life where you are "done" with the pleasure aspects and want to start questioning what Sex and Orgasm is. This is the lifetime where you also adopt spiritual habits, with this comes restrictions in the form of beliefs and dogmas, where you are still lost in definitions and labels. You continue living on, you might still want to fall back asleep and go back to the "lower" stages. Here you might get stuck a few lifetimes. (Stage Green) 5: You start questioning what Sex and Orgasm is. You consciously go back to re-experience the pleasure of Sex and Orgasm, Consciously. Here is where you start shedding your previous beliefs about Sex and Orgasm being a bad thing, because when you consciously experience it, you start noticing that it is not what you thought it was. It never will be. You realize that: You thought you knew something about reality. And it just happened to be the complete opposite of what you thought you knew about it, and all the hard feelings and anxiety that you brought on yourself by adopting that thought as a belief, Now changes your approach to everything in reality and life, and you start seeing it for what it is without labeling or defining it. (Stage Yellow and Up) (Here is also where you must be very cautious not to fall back in to beliefs and also not to abuse this to fall back in to the first stages) Its like a 3D spiral, everytime it takes a new lap around itself, it still passes the previous starting point, but from a higher level. The trap and the hard thing is to not fall back, but to transform and to keep building ontop of the previous levels.) (There are many many more stages and iterations to this, because its something beyond the human experience, its just one facet of how Infinity is experiencing Itself. Its the creative force using its manifesting powers to express itself and to experience itself.) Back to the Eye, Sex, Orgasm and the Insights I have been given. Most human beings including myself, have been using Sex and Orgasm unconsciously. (Likewise with eating food, we are not consciously eating, we are mostly eating and doing other stuff like watching tv, youtube or whatever. So we are not paying attention to how much and what we are eating. We end up eating to much or to little, because we are so busy with other stuff.) And when you are having Sex you are to busy with your emotions and thoughts. You are not paying attention to what is happening. You are not in the moment. You are caught up with how beautiful he or she is, or what you are getting out of this, i.e the pleasure. Ofcourse its beautiful, but do you really understand and observe what is happening? Are you seeing how creation is gently sharings its Consciousness with you? Are you being conscious in those moments, that your ego is slowly being stripped away? Are you conscious that this is the death of whatever you think yourself to be? And before you know it, you reach your climax and you just take it as a pleasurable experience: Oh that was nice, you tell yourself and you go on your merry way. But if you consciously observed everything up to the point of your climax, the moment of Orgasm, you would be completely stripped of whatever you thought yourself to be. In those seconds, as it is happening to you, you are dying to Love, you are dying to Infinity. But you are not paying attention, you are looking at the bodies and your definitions, labels and distinctions. You are seeing it from a dualistic point of view. You are not paying attention to him or her nor the process. What I am saying is, look in her or his eyes, look at the pupils, look at the color of their eyes, look and see how that person is a part of you by the color and shape of their Iris. Look around the edges of where the the Iris's circle is meeting their pupils. See how the Pupil of Nothingness is breathing in between the edges of the Iris, see how you are exchanging and Unifying aspects of yourselves, to eachother. Realise you are seing your own Infinite Nothingness getting expanded/diluted in to yourself. Realise that you can see another part of Yourself and Infinity in that being. How they are, how they carry themselves, how they are living their life, how they are seeing and being a part of Reality through You. Be observant of the merging of both of your fractals, realise that you are loosing the sense of who you are, dont resist it, you and her/him are no longer (in that moment) yourselves. You are creating something new for Eachother, as One Unity. And pay attention to the moment you and her/him are reaching The Orgasmic State, or preferably when both of you are. And if you dare, continue looking in the other persons eyes, as you are dying, if you dare. You will be shocked and shattered to pieces. And your being will be completely reawakened to itself. If you dont have a significant other, that is not a problem. If you can drop all your beliefs and self-judgments, fear of being judged and your own imagined self worth. You go infront of the mirror, and you do it to yourself (no matter male or female). Look yourself in the eyes while doing it, and realise that you have always been doing it with yourself, even when you "imagined" that there was an "other". Allow yourself to completely loose yourself, to Yourself. Infinately in that moment. And dont you dare looking the other way in shame. Because You are Looking at God. It brings you to tears, because you realize that you are seeing yourself for the first time. And you will be amazed at the fact that it is possible for you to see your own face. And that it is so beautiful that you can be able to Love Yourself. (for a full experience of this, try it on a Psychedelic, LSD/5MEO. Does wonders) When we are doing things consciously, we are given so much more than when we are doing out of a need or a necessity. And just like when we are eating, we can be in the moment, observe, savor and understand what it is we are doing. So we end up being full and feeling satisfied with less and seeing how less Is actually more. We see and understand the reason we are given the ability to eat. (Not just to fill our stomachs in a dissrespectful way. And go lay on the couch with a stomachache). We see and understand why we are given the ability to have Sex/Orgasm. (not to use and abuse eachother for our selfish gains and expanding our body-counts) We see and understand why we are given the ability to sleep and know what resting is. (not just to go to sleep because we are bored or have nothing else to do) When you do this in every aspect of your life, Especially with Sex/Orgasm, Eating and Sleeping. Our lives become transformed and the depth of our Consciousness expands. We grow in to a new and activated state of One-ness with ourselves (God). Remove the Mundane aspect to reality from your Mind. That is the cause of your need for things to be different. Whenever you are outside, standing somewhere and you look up at the night sky and bask in the beauty of space. You need a ground to stand on. Because without it, you would be falling and having no possibility of seeing or watching anything. Likewise your life is the ground you stand on, to be able to experience and explore Yourself. Reality is groundless. So you as God created a ground for yourself to Experience and Explore Yourself. But your ground needs good foundation to be able to hold What You Are. (Your ego must be worked on, for it to be a stable ground for your union with God.) Its all just a prep-work for the big party ahead. The Orgasmic state is when you are One with Everything, it is everything you Ever longed for, it is when You are complete. So build on top of whatever you have in the Now, transmute it and use it to expand yourself. Transform yourself. Transmuting what you have been given is a complete state of Bliss. You Thank Yourself, and that Thankfulness Grows. You say I Love you, and the Lovelyness Grows. Its not about living a life where you are "done" with sex and you feel like its wrong, or you are living a "spiritual" life with spiritual standards. What do you think Living Life Consciously is? But an unfolding in to what you Truly are. Where do you think you are going to go? Out there? What is out there but here where you exactly are? Wherever you go, it will always be experienced right where you are. When you are living in the future, you are trying to escape yourself. You are seperating yourself. You are forming an identity. And once again, you are lost... For the past 9 months as I have been going through the process of awakening, been blasted with insights and understandings from my own experience regarding this topic. I know words are symbols and pointings, and they cant really express what direct experience feels like, but I can feel and intuit that for those of you who relate and understand what im trying to point to, there wont be the need for words, because I am you, and you are me, like lovely Leo says in his videos Also I would Love to hear your thoughts and experiences regarding this. I am open to expand my view with the rest of you (myself) (Also pardon my grammar or spelling mistakes, if there are any)
  4. @Khr Focus on your breath, its hard because it’s easy to forget. Meditate at least 20 mins a day. Listening to soothing meditation music helps me staying in the present. A few nootropics do help as well, lions mane capsules, L-Theanine, Ashwagandha capsules and many more. A clean diet helps a lot, low sugar no caffeine. And drinking a lot of water. And exercising keeps mind calm.
  5. Ask yourself, who is it that feels lost?
  6. Thank you for sharing ❤️🌺🌹 Try doing something you love and something that grounds you. I really appreciate the forest and the woods. Find something that your existence yearns for, a passion. 🌟
  7. @BipolarGrowth Linked a video the other day. It touches on The Seven Rays Of God. Video is a bit long, but explains it pretty well. Worth the time. Video
  8. I agree with this, however in my experience, best teacher is yourself, the True Self. And a lot of the work for me, has been establishing a connection to source/soul, meanwhile listening to different teachers. Isn’t “there”, here? There is a beautiful quote by a sage, cant remember the name, it goes: “In the beginning is you, in the middle is you and in the end is you” It is always here and always with, you.
  9. Had a sleep paralysis happening to me the other night, this time I woke up and moved my hand, and realized its hollow and see-through. It was such a beautiful experience, It felt like I saw my actual hand for the first time. And I felt like I was nothing… just empty space, experiencing itself through imagination.
  10. @Fearless_Bum Once again, Thank you for sharing what You Are. Enjoyed the good read, and can relate to a few of the sensations and experiences. Problem is, when it happens to you, you don't really know what to do with it, and of course you realize that you cant do anything, other than to be a witness. You defined and phrased the experiences in a very expanding and inviting way. It was very humbling to read and a sense of content with whatever is arose within me.
  11. Presence expressing, is making a Self. Through that process arises Existence. And through this process, Consciousness arises as the Sense of Existence. Adyashanti
  12. If you do new things, change the “I” you think you are. Become someone new everyday. You slowly start seeing that none of the characters you play, are real. And then the true experience of life can be expressed.
  13. Absolutely mindblowing, Thank you so much for sharing this precious gift