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  1. It depends if we are speaking on a subjective level or an objective level. From a subjective perspective, or a relative point of view, if you have not fully awakened and merged Everything. Then there exist others who are not awake, to reflect back to you, what it is that you are missing. From an objective and Absolute level, as you said, all the dualities have collapsed, Everything is One. And there is no separation between self and other. There is only what Is, neither asleep or awakened. Nothing to compare, because Everything is the same. Perspective vanishes, no world.
  2. The Paradox of Reality is that Everything that could be, already Is. That means that whatever time was “created” for, already is accomplished at the same “time”. Meaning that Awakening is something we already have done. But we go through how it is to “not” be. Why some are and some aren’t? Because if One is, the other isn’t. If some are, some are not. Duality doing its thing.
  3. You don’t get it. It’s you who are doing both.
  4. You are just trying to convince yourself. Open your eyes.
  5. I love how some people post about psychedelics and go on such a big rant and all that… and you ask them and they say they never tried it. Okay, your ego is afraid to Awaken and you want to continue with your human games and Kriya yoga, listen to Sadghuru or other teachers. That’s fine, but don’t sit on a forum trying to convince others not to take psychedelics, because you are afraid of it.
  6. Exactly this. What people fail to see is that he is working on a relative level, serving the function as a bridge. He’s helping a large following, and therefore he cannot say these things. He has to cater to the multitude of personalities that are following him. If you are searching for direct answers about Awakening on an Absolute level with substances and plant medicine, go talk to a shaman or someone experienced in that domain, that doesn’t have to cookie cut his/her answers.
  7. @puporing I don’t doubt your nature as Consciousness, nor am I denying your revelations, awakenings or realizations. I’m merely pointing you to the identity you are holding, the ego of the character you believe that you are. At the end of the day, you have got to have an ego to even experience other people, beings or life itself. Nothing wrong with having an ego, but all finite identities have their own set of consequences.
  8. @puporing I remember you being obsessed with Leo and his obsession with being “the most woke”. You and me had discussions and calls, talking. I was trying to point you to yourself and for you to let go of Leo and your desire to compare yourself to “others”, (trying to be better than, or above) which is extremely per dominantly ego driven, more so female psychology, the comparison game, game of value taken in to spirituality. Observe your beliefs and be careful with ego games. We have all had epiphanies and moments we get messiah complex tendencies. Observe them and move on. As they say, “observe it, don’t absorb it” Also I could be completely wrong, and delusional for all you care, but if something triggers you from reading this, then observe that.
  9. Observe your post, read it as if you are reading it from a feminine perspective (receptive.) Best be it an observation from your part. And not an explanation from me, yet more masculine thinking. I'm doing good, thanks for asking. Hope you are doing good yourself.
  10. @Galyna You are only convincing yourself. Once you let go of your masculine thinking and observations that you think your “cracking” some Ice, that’s when you are convinced, prior to the need to convince others.
  11. My mother shared this with me. I actually don’t know where she found it. But, there is a video of Bentinho Massaro, explaining just this. But Bentinho got this from one of Osho’s books. Think it’s The Book of Secrets.
  12. Because I am doing it right now (knowing). And there is Awareness surrounding this whole thing.