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  1. Actually, as someone who frequents art galleries; These paintings do appear rather soul less and without emotion or essence.
  2. JP keeps demonizing Trudeau, and keeps appearing on Ben Shapiro, Fox News, and Prager U, so yeah... P.S. In Canada there's a wonderful progressive Jagmeet Singh, who's too progressive to ever win a race.
  3. Actually these people might be RED/blue. After all the Black Panther Party (according to the authors themselves) were also RED/blue, and this group does share a strong resemblance with them.
  4. Reference to the recent video: Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammed portrayed with halos
  5. Correction: These guys are not Marxists, they're just racists against white people.
  6. Actually the two both get along, as both groups seek a homeland for ''their people''. The KKK and various black and even Jewish separatist movements have a history of collaboration.
  7. This is a bizarre story, I'm getting some real Rajneeshpuram/Jonestown vibes from this. So apparently there is this radical militant Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organization called 'Black Hammer'. These guys (and gals because they're all about that woman liberation) are not only radical in their political positions, having dipped their toes many times into anti-Semitism, but they're also armed to the teeth. They bought 200 acres of land for a city they're going to build. The city is for ''colonized people only ( colonized people a.k.a. = racial minorities) ''. I tried to do some research and snooping to find where this is located, it's going to be located in Colorado, and the city itself is going to be called ''Hammer City''. Here's some videos and tweets to prove to you all that none of this is made up: Here's some tweets to show you what they're all about: Their website:
  8. @Eren Eeager No it doesn't, just one episode in I can spot so many lies. This is just more baseless Western smears.
  9. China uncensored is racist propaganda, they're also funded by the Falun Gong cult.
  10. @Leo Gura You're absolutely correct about a lot of these newer progressively minded people missing out on a BLUE/ORANGE foundation, and thus they are suffering. The tragedy of BLUE is that we should have all learned it while growing up in our youths, but because so many of our institutions are failing us (family, friends, civil society, etc...) these values were forgotten. At the same time, there is much more to BLUE than just work ethic and discipline, which is something you don't talk about. There is also living virtuously and righteously, in order to achieve a sort of life's purpose (according to one BLUE philosopher who's name I've forgot), in order to reach a state of eudemonia. But to do that, you have to have a lot of character and integrity. P.S. Even though you're not a Socialist, I love your ability to understand how they think
  11. N-N-Nani core wa?!?!?!?! M-Masaka!
  12. Ah great, the triggered Vegans have arrived...
  13. Stoicism is a Fascist myth, no human is naturally emotionless unless there is serious emotional issues and blockage. It's sad how many people admire the emotionless archetype.
  14. @Leo Gura When is your Capitalism Socialism video coming?