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  1. @Leo Gura your cult won't last forever. mark my words
  2. @PurpleTree I feel like you're anticipating that they will make fun of you. The thing is nothing is actually going to happen. If they do make fun of you, then you can tell them how you feel, and that they are being very rude and make you feel uncomfortable. But, usually they're really sweet about it.
  3. tbh, I think it's just his personality that makes him seem like that. He really loves people.
  4. Because I got big business plans I want to fulfill.
  5. No human interaction yet today, at least I'm not arguing with the voices in my head yet. I'm still trying to get my blood goin today. I feel like I'm gonna get a lot of stuff done today, which should be fun.
  6. Or you could say: "My friends are at my house, do you want to go meet them?" That's how you can bypass the whole sensory process. Then you could be like, "how do you feel about going there and getting a few drinks, then watching your favorite show?" Then you can say: "Imagine how much fun that would be! I know you feel excited! Let's go have some fun!" @Illusory Self All that dialogue can potentially bypass the whole process.
  7. The only that makes me feel happy is helping the suicidal people, I can't handle the overthinking of normal people. I must help the suicidals from the end, I can feel it in my blood, it's scarier than the blood, I must be the sunshine for the people who struggle, or else if they do it, I have failed them. My boyfriend was once suicidal, then he met me, and now he's normal again. I must turn the suicidals into normals.
  8. @Mjolnir That's deep men, maybe because what you talk about is what society values in you, not what makes you feel happy. I would say, go back to when you were a child, and think about what made you happy as a child. Then go back to those things that made you happy as a child. If that don't work, then you might have a chemical imbalance in your cerebral(brain).
  9. My mind is going and going with some new crazy weird fucking concepts. The concepts fucking nuts. It feels like shit, the world is like a big shit of shit, it stinks.
  10. 11/16/21 I feel garbage, I feel like shit, I feel like I'm some going insane, I wish I could be happy again. I wish my thoughts didn't go apeshit. I wish I could talk to people with screaming and losing my fucking mind. It feels hopeless. But oh well, tommorrows another day of shit. I feel like people who think too much are insolent morons who need to be locked up. Oh well, that's how high I feel. bye
  11. @Leo Gura Oh yeah, you act like you're so loving, but I can see through your lies. All you did was do drugs and brainwash people into giving you money with. I call your bluff, and deep down you know I'm right. I saw the way you treated Charlie on that podcast, you treated him like shit, you don't know squirts of piss about what love really is.
  12. People say a lot about stuff, but don't do nothing.
  13. That's a lot to read
  14. Really interesting interpretations