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  1. @actualizing25 that's called welfare
  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣this is too funny. Only because it's the truth.lol
  3. @Brandon L I wouldnt believe a word any Christian says. Christianity is the spawn of the devil. I know that sounds kind of harsh, but it's not too far off.
  4. @Preety_India @flowboy @Hulia looks like we got more gender wars here. The thing is folks, a little respect and compassion can go a long way.
  5. Let's go guys and gals, team Bernie! TEAM LIBERAL FTW!
  6. Can you send me a link to your channel?
  7. If repubs win we will call that a dark day. And I got a bad feeling that would be the beginning of the end for america. We just gotta wait for all the conservative boomers holding power spots to die off.
  8. @Yarco for me spirituality is way more grindy than my real passions. I like art and I like inventing, it feels like playing compared to the spiritual techniques. It's like "let's get this spiritual stuff done so I can get to work". Leos Lpc is the greatest gift to mankind that there is.
  9. Dont worry your not alone, my soul is on fire.
  10. @seeking_brilliance I'm halfway through the course. I have a good feeling of what it is, but I still need to articulate it. I'm an artist at heart too. Lol Leo is a philosopher.
  11. Whippets can give you brain damage.
  12. @seeking_brilliance what is your life purpose?
  13. @Khr Yeah that's so important in a relationship do to things together, instead of just talking for hours on end. Sometimes when you're talking it just really gets that energy going and then next thing you know hours have flown by. Its important like you said to do activities together, like go out on dates, go hiking, cooking, play saxophone together, etc. Then yeah for introverts, they're more likely to visit one or twice a week and call it good. Whereas extroverts, once they got off work or finish their client meetings, boom! They're with eachother all day everyday. Yeah intjs can be dicks, but intps are kinda the same but more chill and loving. My older brother is intj, and hes always like " I dont want to talk! I'm designing an electric motor fuck you!" So yeah it always seems the intjs are kinda arrogant and they wont play by the rules, they plan out how to make new ones.
  14. From my experience if you have social anxiety the best people to be around are enfp's because they are the most free-spirited exuberant type people on the earth. They are the types who say "who cares, people will learn to love you, you just gotta open up to them", that's really their attitude in essence. The Enfj mentality in essence is like this "Let's all get together make shit happen". This is true with people like Obama and Abraham Maslow. Its weird, people always tell me I sound like Obama, but the funny thing is I dont even know how he behaves! Then the infp mentality is "Think about how amazing it would be if I did this". The intp mentality is "Focus on your work and ignote the petty horseshit". That's a wise one.
  15. @Emerald yeah thats why you got to devote your life to a kind of work, not to one person.