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  1. Even better idea, you can tell people to go read the book. Lol i Iiterally have it in my hand right now. Here I'll prove it to yuh. Also, can you go more in depth on memes for lamen. Because it's kinda confusing reading this super professory type text. I get the stages, but the memes dynamics are confusing, like the thing about OAC which depends on whether you will advance the spiral or not. Also, the onioning effects stage memes have on eachother doesnt make much sense, how does it work? On page 63 in the book.
  2. Love is God Fear is Devil
  3. Now that there breaks my heart.💔 But Yeah, I feel like a lot of joe Rogans audience would be like "bro! Who is this guy, hes on that other shit!" Its like, how is the world going to improve with people having that kind of attitude. That's why your ideas might be best suited for the education system. To reach the unborn before they turn into morons. But, changing the education system is a whole fucking colossal of a task. The government decides on what to teach, so how do you even begin to rework that system? It's really like punching a brick wall.
  4. I mean everyone is getting lost in the context of the thing. What is the purpose of the podcast: 1. To better science 2. Promote the discovery of the universe through psychedelics 3. And market that stuff to mainstream human culture
  5. Yeah Leo. It was fun watching you talk to Charlie! Good fun indeed. Can't wait to see what other podcasts you'll be on! I loved how Leo was literally lecturing to Charlie the whole time.
  6. Very interesting. On the dream level its brain chemistry, but on the ultimate big picture, its all a manifestation of infinite love in form. It's all consciousness loving itself at the end of the day.
  7. 6 years. I first started having sexual urges for guys when I was 13. I never really accepted it till about 19. I slept with a few dudes in that time, but I thought the whole time growing up that I was straight and it was just some one off thing, like my homosexual desires will go away when I get older and fuck a few dudes. But no, they only have gotten stronger as I've gotten older. But I love it, it's great. Hbu, have you ever had any attraction to women?
  8. Its perfectly normal to have homosexual desires. The only problem is when you deny or suppress them. Go have sex with a guy and see if this is for real. If you dont like it, then stick with women. If you do like it, then you found another way to enjoy life.
  9. And California is 90 liberal. AINT no one voting for that crap.
  10. You're right, you're right. Time for me to get to work. I like your raunchy, arrogance, it's comforting.
  11. Yeah, Leo definitely isn't afraid to piss people off that's for sure. He's fucking nuts. He's definitely a hardass. He's one of those hardass types.
  12. Honestly this natalism is just boring as hell. This thread puts me to sleep.
  13. Ok, that's some really good advice right there mate. Be authentically you, and take care of yourself pretty much.
  14. Anyways, Isn't sex about becoming more whole? Ok, so you're 2 different people to start, and then once you go inside each other, the 2 people become 1 and there you are more whole. You merge into more of yourself. This is why being an achiever-ego is a critical part of awakening. Sex: Merging with another person to become more whole.
  15. Honestly, you really have to re-watch Leo's videos multiple times in order to get what he's saying. Because a lot of what he talks about is not straight-forward. Especially now I realize, that reality is this twisted systematic web, it's not so cut and dry like I thought. But, it's hard to get, I have to re-watch certain parts over and over to really get it. It's kind of like going into calculus class, if you stop paying attention for 20 seconds, you get lost. I mean gender is a label we give ourselves. But, your vagina is my vagina, and your penis is my penis. If you identify with the whole universe, I suppose it comes all the way back around to identifying with the thing that creates everything, which is nothing. It's that infinity = 0 concept. I mean even in logarimithic Mayan math they say infinity= 0. Because if you are either 5 or 6. Those are both limited. 5(conservative) and 6(liberal) will endlessly debate themselves, while if you are 0 or ∞ you are all of it. And that means to die, is to become everything. That's why it's so hard for me to identify with the whole world, because my ego has to die. BTW: This may not make much sense, and that is because my thoughts come in random blocks about every 5-10 seconds.