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  1. I get acne from post puberty. It's not just that probably from somewhere where I'm not eating healthy enough. This thoughts on dairy is huge as most people think milk is so super healthy when it shows wrong.
  2. Believe it or not every time you go to sleep you are debunking the existence of the universe.
  3. @electroBeam You talk yourself up like your doing amazing things for mankind? But what are you really doing to make things better for the world.
  4. UKI think the biggest problem we have in the world today is a lack of love. Capitalism puts material crap over human life. Its asscrap. I have to work 3 days a week at the stupid grocery store working 12 bucks an hour to go through college. To get my project management degree. The whole system is a stab in the back. I say we pass a law that forces companies that take in over a billion dollars an 80 percent tax on them to help everyone on the lower half pay their Bill's. All the capitalists who moan about it can suck my dick because theirs people starving out here and they need help.
  5. I am too mentally exhausted to do this math. So what is the bit that you are trying to say?
  6. @Preety_India your very hippie though. Guessing that was a sarcastic statement.
  7. Haha lol. I'll do the dmt psychedelic test, but I ain't takin some vaccine that ain't been proven yet. Would you? Prolly ironic as could be how my mind is setup compared all your guys and girls minds. I'm like backwards. And everyone else is on the other side in the mirror universe. Its nuts.
  8. @Leo Gura I accept the challenge
  9. She might be really upset if you leave her its prolly better to stay till the relationship decays naturally. It's never good to be that fuckboy who's ditches his girl to fuck other girls.
  10. I'll take being a relationship over being single for sure. Hanging around friends nonstop gets dull but being with someone just melts you into the waters of love.
  11. This is nuts! This thread has gone into "(chimp-mode)". Chimpmode instantiated.
  12. @Preety_India As soon as those dudes hit you or treat you harm fully in any way you gotta haul ass outta there and break it up with them. That way it will save you from horsecrap and they will learn their lessons. Oh hey maybe the reason she left was because I treated her like crap. Most young guys like teens and 20ers are some ignorant rough people. It's just the nature.
  13. Lol everyones trippin their balls off in this thread.
  14. Fax dude. Why cant America just take it easy?