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  1. The "no" votes were Reps. >Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. >Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. >Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass. >Cori Bush, D-Mo. >André Carson, D-Ind. >Marie Newman, D-Ill. >Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz. >Chuy Garcia, D-Ill. >Thomas Massie, R-Ky
  2. SPD (Social Democratic Party) has narrowly beat CDU (Christian Democratic Union) by a less than 2% margin. German election results: It seems like Germany is inching its way slowly to SDi GREEN, which is nice. Still would have voted Die Linke…
  3. P.S. CDU is Merkel’s Party, so I guess she’s going out.
  4. Long version: Shortened version: What do you think of his 'meritocracy' (Government of those with merit) solution?
  5. But to be serious, whilst spiritually awakened people are not perusing power, there are examples of incredibly compassionate people running for office such as Bernie Sanders and progressive Democrats, many people in the U.K. Labour Party such as Jeremy Corbyn, Die Linke in Germany, etc...
  6. You're only proving my point that Israel is illegitimate. It serves the function of function of being an American proxy military base, which is the only reason America keeps it around. Why not just take away a piece of Europe and give to away to some other non white group? The white people have the rest of Europe to settle in. They're not 'giving' the land to Jews, the Jews forced evicted thousand s of people who were their for centuries and did not want to be evicted n'or did they want this new state. I don't want an emotional appeal. Israel was founded by the forced eviction of people from their homes, the holocaust is no justification for this.
  7. I actually do empathize with Hamas. Hamas are not terrorists as much as they are simply the Palestinian version of the IDF, in the sense that they serve the same function as the IDF, that being self defense. Funding the Iron done is a big deal as supporting a country’s defense is implicitly supporting their offense, and why is funding their security our responsibility? The reason why Israel has the latest F-35 fighter jets is because it essentially serves the function of being an American proxy and military base.
  8. Right click image to save onto your computer, read books one by one. Godspeed anon.
  9. What do you think of his ‘meritocracy’ idea? Which being Government by those with merit. But doesn’t that contradict your conscious politics series where you advocate for awake people to participate in Government?
  10. The international proletariat knows no borders.
  11. Hopefully China overtakes America as world leader and we get to have some REAL leadership in the world.
  12. Wait LOL! They got the GREEN and ORANGE descriptions mixed up!
  14. This connection to nature, the wisdom of nature, the worship of ancestors, and the creation of mythical creatures who feature in their own stories, have their own distinct abilities and personalities is very familiar across so many tribal animist and shamanist religions.
  15. What does BLUE have to do with talent? Why is Yellow success and not flow? Morons.
  16. Lol that is so bad!
  17. I love this. He's saying to estimate what the people of an area need given their challenges, and give them those specific solutions. Whether those solutions be from the left wing or the right wing. To pick both from left right, but also the spiral codes. Then once you solve those problems, new problems emerge from the emerging system. A totally new approach to leadership. Acknowledging the validity of both wings, nice.
  18. I recently had at my Community College a table of girls handing out Mormon flyers as well as copies of their specific Mormon Holy Book (The Book of Mormon). The title of this thread is just redundant, because of course Mormonism is an obvious scam. It's a 19th century book written in 16th century English. The success of this religion is just so depressing.
  19. @Hello world I have never met you, but I already love you and feel and immense sense of compassion for you.
  20. Although, he did advocate for voting Republican in the 2020 election. So, does America require Orange/Blue solutions? Or does it require Green Solutions? Because he specifically said that the GOP had better answers than the Social Democrats.
  21. LOL. If she wanted to do that, she would have given that money to an actual Socialist organization so that they could advertise, hand out flyers, etc...