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  1. @Leo Gura Why are you so certain early educational/life exp related to gender identity contributes to an increase in trans people and “gender confusion” but don’t think early educational/life exp related to sexuality contributes to an increase in gay people? i think one’s educational and social environment will always play a role in shaping kids world view, brain circuitry, and even hormonal profile in the long term. Note: I am not against gay or trans people and advocate for their rights and inclusion within society. Just an inconsistency i noticed
  2. Shit is crazy good y'all... especially spiral dynamics analysis, which 3.5 was pretty underwhelming on. Here is an example you guys might like:
  3. @Leo Gura you can have a conservative who has certain stage yellow tendencies. still, i think people i have met in this category tend to have some major green blind spots, which would make it hard to fully characterize them as “stage yellow”. it is a false equivalency to say that trying to map conservativism vs liberalism on spiral dynamics is comparable to trying to map sexuality or personality types to stages. conservativism and liberalism are based in values that do in fact map onto spiral dynamics, with liberal/progressive values mapping higher than conservative values
  4. Hi y'all, So much conflicting and partial/politically-charged discourse on the causes of inflation. Can someone help me better understand why inflation is getting worse and how Biden's policies may be contributing to it+ how he could do better? I am def not sold on the republican solution of more tax cuts plus less social security, healthcare, infrastructure, education, and childcare.... Also, I understand that this is a global issue as well. Shit is too complicated to fully wrap my head around and it is not my domain of expertise.
  5. @Leo Gura Serious question: where does the space rat alien thing fit into this? Also, you have had like 4 paradigm-shattering realizations over the past 6 months... don't you think it'd be wise to work on integration before trying to dig deeper?
  6. @OBEler it's like trying to make a stage coral course for a stage green audience. Sure, maybe coral is more advanced and "important", but you need to be pragmatic and meet people where they are at before they can even begin to process coral. Like-- I am sure more experienced, grounded, and wiser like sadhguru and ralston are holding back their full power levels to be tactical and optimize their impact/reach.
  7. @Leo Gura Dude... can you please consider being pragmatic and tactical. Before making a full course on this new thing that you just discovered 4 days ago and putting all of the other courses on hold, why not commit to getting a better grip on this new thing first and finishing the less extremely advanced courses? I have no idea if you are full of shit or not tbh... regardless, if you want to be efficient in working on expanding the consciousness of humanity, you should consider first making courses on things that you have more of a grip on and more experience/thought in. Also, you need to be more conscious of where your audience is at. Then 5 years from now, you can drop an alien infinity tantra course or whatever
  8. Leo… how specifically is Alien God distinct from God? why characterize it as “alien”? this seems like a conceptual projection… also where does the space rat kangaroo alien fit into all of this? do you think there can be alien god within alien god within alien god in a strange loop did this new consciousness allow you to tap into some dimension or occult perception to realize your house was haunted? please elaborate
  9. lol, I did-- just wanted some good starting points/suggestions from y'all Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, I have been noticing that I have primarily been consuming content created by male teachers. I want to expand my boundaries and learn more from the female perspective as well. Does anyone have suggestions?
  11. my biggest point of contention is with my man calling people "gullible" for saying ye would be a horrible president/leader as a result of ye's extreme contrarianism, extreme mental instability, extreme deficits in education, extreme egotism, and extreme bigotry. lmao birds of a feather...
  12. @Danioover9000 The prob isn't about ye exposing the corruption of record labels... he has done this for like a decade plus in his music and interviews without the public backlash. the prob is the extreme antisemitic charge.
  13. @lxlichael Do you think that there is a secret, organized jewish cabal pulling the strings behind the scenes? If not, then how have you been able to defend Ye's "heart leadership" despite spreading such dangerous, closed-hearted rhetoric? If so, then what are you doing on this forum? There has to be some alex jones website you can go to.
  14. @Danioover9000 there is def album label corruption and exploitation of black artists and athletes. Many of the execs may also happen to be jewish. Nobody denies that. The problem is demonizing and stereotyping an entire group of people. People are going to get hate-crimed over Ye's irresponsible rhetoric.