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  1. How do you know that it is innate vs as a result of the work? just based on your natural epistemic curiosity in your teens?
  2. congrats homie!!
  3. I love Nahm and it is clear that he is very conscious. Also, he has some very high-quality posts, especially in the meditation/spirituality section. I will have to agree though that most of the time he posts, he fails to recognize the distinction between relative and absolute. Communication and understanding relativity is key. You gotta be able to meet people where they are at. (I know there are no "you"s or "I"s or "posts" or "communication" lol)
  4. Is this a condensed summary of your solipsism video?
  5. @Breakingthewall Idk that, but I do know that Leo is one of the best at communicating high-level, abstract metaphysical shit on a conceptual level that has a platform to do so or cares to do so. It is def easy to get lost in the concepts, which is the opposite problem of zen devilry(they call it wild fox zen))... but that has been a problem with spiritual teachings since the beginning of spiritual teachings. @Leo Gura you have been talking about solipsism for years on this forum... I doubt your vid would have had anything in it that you didn't say here, bro... I think a vid to coherently break things down and build it up would have been great to facilitate my understanding. If you are so worried about people misunderstanding your teachings, I don't know why you even bother teaching the topics you do at all(please don't get inspired to remove all of your content and retreat into a cave though!!!!!!). Pretty much everything you teach will be misunderstood by 95% of people anyway. The same shit happened to every philosophical paradigm shifter in history.
  6. @Leo Gura Dude, you released the advanced explanation of God-consciousness video... I can't see anything else being more radical than that. You have been promising a vid on solipsism for years man... can you at least put it on your blog or something?
  7. I second this... this video was my first introduction to this channel and seriously changed my life.
  8. Sometimes there is a massive disruption that forces societies to adapt or go extinct though. Like how the great depression paved the way for the new deal. I really feel like orange neoliberalism is on the cusp of collapsing on itself... hyperinflation, collective burnout, income inequality, jaw-dropping manufactured consent. We are living in an illusion. One step per election cycle won't be enough to cut it if we want to sustainably survive what we are going to be experiencing... things may have to get worse before they get better.
  9. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Greene, Voltaire, Kobe
  10. @Rilles @Carl-Richard wow... awesome stuff. Thanks!!
  11. What is the distinction between these 2 stages?
  12. Can someone who knows what they are talking about please explain why inflation is happening right now rather than last year when the pandemic started in detail? Gas prices going up is related to supply/demand disturbances as the pandemic is phasing out/people are driving more regularly and making up for last year's losses according to Chevron's CEO... I am sure Joe's regulation of drilling licenses also contributed. but more broadly... what the hell is going on.