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  1. That is the case yeah... I think.. I need to become Mormon again.... Good advice, thank you! I think jews are right about saturday..
  2. She had colics and now it seems kind of OK. But still sometimes just cries. But around a month ago when she had some strong colics, my wife left me with her and it was something.. I don't wish such thing to anybody.. As we say in Russia.. even your own enemy) KInd of no I think. I rejected a couple job offers for this one)) and this job is really sucks.. + additional stress to find a new job in pandemic. But thing is also I need more money than a mid person. Just can't get the mid salary..not my thing and situation.. It is the worst option. We are from Siberia.. No chance to go back.. Also documents not ready and need some more money to make docs for daughter)) haahh this is my situation)) And I'm worried I'll become stupid in Russia again.. and It is not comfortable to live there for us I would say.. But big + just parents. And some free money from Russia government because of child.. I kind of like this challenge.. but I don't want to die because of cancer or heart attack or go crazy... Thank you for your advices!
  3. I'm working on improving myself pretty much whole my life. I've changed a couple of low development countries and came to Europe 2 years ago. 3 month ago I had a child and here in Poland are only me and my wife. 6 months ago I quit my job and 4 month I was looking for a new one....1 month ago I found very complicated and stressful job for me. Credit for an apartment..My daughter is growing up with all this pain in her stomach and crying and so on. We're from the place where usually children raised in a king of community with grandpas. So in short I have panic attacks almost every day now. Brain can't focus.. can't swallow food...afraid to swallow I would say.. Afraid to eat.. So here we go)) SO now I feel a lot of empathy to people who do nothing in their lives..I'm happy for them) The whole their nerv system protects them.. really. Any advice guys? I know probably I'll pass this.. but It is so hard.. I've been living in Russia and now I really see how simple and comfortable to live there... fuck this development countries)) fuck this bicycle roads and so on.. I really don't know is it worth it...
  4. Hello guys! Leo has shown a video where a man tries to find something on the internet the first time, but I can't find it now. Could you please help me with that? Also, if you have any video in your mind where people take everything FOR GRANTED, please share. It is really interesting and should be deep learned. Thank you a lot!
  5. I'm offended you could abstract your reply. You made me think about the seriousness about everything and ego and reply with: At least I have...
  6. Next day we went to a clothing store and I just couldn't choose anything because it all looked alike..I can't imagine how people do anything on this.
  7. In general, I have not so much experience with psychedelics and this resulted in a small problem. Earlier, I tried mushrooms twice in Amsterdam and quite forgot that experience. Now I bought LSD and wanted to microdose. I ate 1/6 of the mark and after half an hour there was nothing. I decided to eat the whole dose and then the fun began. My wife and I wanted to go to Ikea, but when I was already descending the stairs, I realized that I did not understand where the past and the future were and that we needed to agree on this collectively. I had to return home and continue the trip safely. I didn’t think I would be so torn apart by one small brand. Since childhood, in general, I had a little more courage and I often plunged into some kind of unknown with glue or alcohol or some other problems, and I think this also played a role. It is clear that I still need to imagine my childhood in my head, but something like that. My wife knew that I was trying psychedelics, but at that moment she was scared. Then she admitted that she was scared in general, which is why she cried. All our time together, she thought that I was Igor (me) and was smart there and I was striving, and then I kind of turned into her friend, a former drug addict. By the way, the two of us laughed at how she came up with it. Well, she was afraid that I was always alone with her, with a certain character and qualities, but it turned out that this was not so. Insights: In general, I realized that everything must be negotiated. I realized that in order for me to go to ikea, we need to agree on what furniture is, what ikea is, geolocation of ikea, on which routes to get there. In general, the main urge of this trip was to negotiate. All the problems are caused by people who could not agree. Well, then, in general, I understood everything how consciousness works. I am myself from the society of shitty Kazakhstan (18 years old) --- then Siberia, Russia (10 years) and even went to Europe (2 years). I realized that this is just letting my level of consciousness rise and that people just do not pass it and get stuck. I like very much to analyze people of the level of consciousness, tk. I was born among the purples, lived with red then and they seemed to me developed, but then blue, and then orange)) In general, I sat and thought about it the whole trip. I am focused on my career and I realized that everything is REALLY important only depends on the number of people who believe in it. Those. If you convince people that this colored paper is rubles and you have to pay with it for something, then it will be so. The question is simply the number of people with whom you will agree and convince. That you are famous and rich, it is necessary to convince people what wealth is and that you are here it is, rich. Hahaha It’s so obvious and so real. I took a psychedelic and did not tell my wife, I realized that in the whole world it is so stupid to hide something, and in general all the troubles and losses from the fact that people are hiding something. It looks so silly though. As someone from ... and editors of society, it looked sooo obvious to me. I understood how all my acquaintances from the previous levels are simply afraid to move to a new one .. They are afraid to let go of their reality ... In general, everything and everyone is kept only by fear. And it happens in such trifles, which is very strange. The only thing that keeps only fear. A couple of days ago, I myself quit my job, which I kind of needed, but I couldn't work that way. I opened the director's profile on linkedin and realized that he had thought of everything in his head (imagine). That he has a company and that he is doing something there and that he really needs it. I realized that if I return to work (and I worked remotely for 3 years), then everyone should remember in their heads ALREADY who I am and what qualities I have there and how to cooperate with me (story of me). Hahahahha My wife was cleaning up while I was lying there high, and I realized that it is important to draw such a line in life. Get out. Clean. Clap ... and build again. Really convenient. I also realized that I will not have problems with my future work, because I have been assembling constructors well since childhood. I can clap and reassemble reality from cubes and pay the mortgage.)) I realized that I really like Kazakh and Russian humor .. I realized that humor is when the truth is simply told, which is concealed .. And by the way, it was not very funny to watch the whole humorous look. Because what to look at in general?) True, it is not funny, it is simple. I also realized that God likes it when I think. I got such mini pleasure from thinking .. Thinking is encouraged. But doing seems to be even more encouraged. God finally gets pleasure from this all. Some more short notes: There further life will be good… me or the human race. We need to agree on everything. As humans, we are in such a strong constant fear that we just like brave people and everyone who tears apart reality. Black and red caviar are delicious, because the animals that carry it are brave. All this time, my wife was crying in the next room and I felt her grief very strongly and called her to stroke/pat me. Well, it is clear that she did not really want to do it. Then I explained to her that I asked to stroke me, because she was crying)) ta-dam)) It was a little scary to realize that I never was at this point and in this place, but it's nice that I did all this and in the future it will come around as something good. My wife forgave me, I explained everything to her ? I taste cat's urine in my mouth ˆ__ˆ
  8. Two hood guys who smoked in not-allowed area (4:18) are stage purple people and also are Russian citizens. The man who against it is on stage red and a bit blue. Purple guys really don't care what he said till police coming. Sorry guys that video is in russian, but in general purple guys don't even care about language and law and any documents in general. They even say it :-) hhaha literally they say: I don't care about language, you and I DON'T see any law here...literally.. So it's kind of impossible to tell them not to break the law (of course if you don't have some authority). They are afraid a camera much much much more than a prison. They even speak russian in a funny way cuz words are really don't matter for them.
  9. Hi Krzysztof, I also live in Poland and I'm interested in your idea. Let me think about it
  10. Hey man! You want app on iOS or Android? What's the budget for it. A native app is not a cheap stuff..
  11. Russia is strange. They have Moscow with 12 mln different people (red/BLUE/orange/green) and they have a lot of villages we're people are below red usually)) And not just 1 nation.. And 7 time zones and strange history.. slavic people.. So in short you should see it :-)
  12. @Amilaer--- Hi there! I'm in Wroclaw too)