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  1. Bro I feel you hahaha. I loved going to clubs during my 20's but now I had to admit to myself that I don't enjoy it anymore. Where I live are many cool clubs and good dj's come there but I just don't feel the vibe anymore like I used too. I still like concerts, outdoor raves and festivals though
  2. Most profound movie I watched on psychedelics was Samsara. Many years ago and I still get flashbacks from some scenes. Mind blowing movie…
  3. @Jodistrict Sounds great! Definitely worth to learn from a pro how to use this plant. It’s not like LSD or mushrooms at all imo.
  4. Depends on what you need to do. You can function normally, it's just all a little different as long as the plant is in your system. I remember more now. Iboga is very powerful for spiritual work I highly recommend it.
  5. Yeah, next time I am definitely going all in. I might add that at no point I was concerned about my physical or mental health. It all felt somehow natural, even though I basically couldn't do anything. Not much in my experience, but try for yourself.
  6. I have some experience with Iboga. At first I tried microdosing for a while, but it wasn't enough for me. Then I took about 20g of root bark and after that I couldn't walk straight for a week. The first 24 hours, I could hardly move, it was very disorientating. For three days I just went to the toilet and then lay back down. I couldn't even listen or watch anything, it just sounded and felt all wrong. It really drives the devil out of you. I underestimated it, my plan was to try a higher dose and I think my dose was still considered a “sub-flood” dose. But it completely knocked me out. The trip was very physical for me, there wasn't much introspection or anything like that. It was more like I couldn't hold onto a thought because I was so disoriented the whole time. My body hurt a lot and every step I took was tiring. I don't remember anything positive from the experience, but I do remember being very excited about Iboga afterward. I don't know why, lol It's been more than a year, maybe it's time to try again...
  7. I was on an elimination diet and when I reintroduced wheat products it became obvious. I also had a few doctor's appointments and had a gastroscopy where I was told everything looked exactly as it should. My doctor couldn't figure out what was going on and I went to a naturopath, but nothing helped. I was also raised with bread; baked goods are very popular in Germany. But when I stopped eating them, not only did my physical condition get better, but my mental capacity is also higher than ever. Gluten intolerance is a complicated topic. There are forms of gluten intolerance that cannot yet be tested for, so it could be that you still cannot tolerate it. In most cases, it is not gluten itself that is the problem, but rather the fertilizers with which it is sprayed. Good advice, I tried this and it worked.
  8. Hey! I went through the exact same problems. The problem for me is gluten and most dairy products. I no longer eat wheat products and feel great and can drink coffee again without any problems. For about six months I ate very restrictedly and didn't drink coffee, sometimes green tea, but that also gave me some problems. So my tip: stop eating gluten immediately. Stick with meat, potatoes, rice, etc.
  9. Yeah that's basically how it felt to me too! @strika Lol dude please tell me you are from croatia 😂. It almost hurts to read such a close minded view on reality... I liked this one too, france was also good. Most beautiful was Nemo to me, they seemed very joyful.
  10. I watched it and called in for them. I thought this was a great message with the lyrics and performance.
  11. It was the bat mask that Leo recently won. There is a curse on it.
  12. Sounds awesome, well done!!
  13. Perfect 👍 I prefer indoors and as little distraction as possible with 5-MeO. When it really starts to hit you, breathe, relax your body and let go, you'll be fine..
  14. Good observations. The safe and optimal dose for any psychedelic is roughly halfway between "not enough" and "too much." The point of high dosages are breakthrough experiences. They will reveal something completely different. This should be a psychonauts goal, but proceed slowly. Take more trips at lower doses until you feel like you want more. In my opinion, dosing is a very intuitive thing. Don't rush into anything, experiment and treat it like you're doing science.