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  1. So why don't you remove the flower also? Why you only remove yourself, what's the difference
  2. Leo talks about this kind of love you mentioned in other episodes. See
  3. How am i creating it? And how can i choose to create something else?
  4. It's not the first time that he does this, you get used to it then you laugh ?
  5. @Kalki Avatar Is it Good what you saw ?
  6. @The0Self how does it feel when you enter the first jhana?
  7. Why then it is not recommended for newbies to do 5 meo if it is a lot clearer than lsd or mushrooms?
  8. You haven't read them all. I have read nde's where people are thrown into infinite love, consciousness and their lives are changed forever (based on their reports) Go to, use the search function -> search for words like absolute love, infinite, eternal bliss etc etc. You will find some gems. Gl Here's a good one: Now that's what you call a NDE
  9. Failed on the first day
  10. @Leo Gura get your apache server up man