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  1. @LastThursday don't scare me like that
  2. 39 million views in one day ? Wtf?
  3. Amazing man! I still remember your experience of infinite love a year ago everyone should read this too
  4. I think it's better if you deeply acknowledge that you don't know shit rather than repeating meaningless words
  5. Sorry i couldn't find the words 🤣
  6. Perfect brilliant stillness - David Carse
  7. Less than 1 is too much
  8. I was like that a couple years ago. Scary thing is when i remember myself thinking how true this is and how wonderful i discovered something very few people know. Now I'm like wtf was i thinking xd.
  9. @Bojan V my man, you cannot judge mr.beast like that and not expect any kind of feedback. Your comment was simply pure hate towards the least person you can expect. So what that he is doing in on public? Should he hide in his basement? I swear some of you have your minds programmed to only see the negative in everything.