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  1. I don't know if im allowed to do this but i wanted to share this experience because it is the most wonderful thing i've read on this forum (im still new here though). The reason why im sharing is because some may have missed it and i want everyone to read it
  2. @Dryas i remember the days when battlefield 3 came out. 64 players on a team-deathmatch. Bullets coming left and right, tanks destroying stuff and rpgs flying over your head. Jets and helis crashing on your base. Not a single second without action. Total chaos
  3. @Leo Gura yes i agree, no matter how much i twist and turn its all gonna come down to direct experience, which is what i fear the most..
  4. @Leo Gura this is what i like to believe shit its barely readable
  5. The probability that it exists in the first place.
  6. @Nak Khid the only problem i have is the idea of suffering for eternity in hell.
  7. No, mainly christian and muslim concept of hell
  8. Im saying based on what these people have written here there is no punishment, of course i dont know if that is true or not, im merely givng you another alternative just like you did with you website that you showed me. if they are true, it means that these people have 'crossed over', experienced 'afterlife', chose or were told to come back and they have shared their experience, which are wonderful for me. Again, of course we do not know if they are true or not. Not these, not anything we can read.