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  1. How am i creating it? And how can i choose to create something else?
  2. It's not the first time that he does this, you get used to it then you laugh 😂
  3. @Kalki Avatar Is it Good what you saw ?
  4. @The0Self how does it feel when you enter the first jhana?
  5. Why then it is not recommended for newbies to do 5 meo if it is a lot clearer than lsd or mushrooms?
  6. You haven't read them all. I have read nde's where people are thrown into infinite love, consciousness and their lives are changed forever (based on their reports) Go to, use the search function -> search for words like absolute love, infinite, eternal bliss etc etc. You will find some gems. Gl Here's a good one: Now that's what you call a NDE
  7. Failed on the first day
  8. @Leo Gura get your apache server up man
  9. I think the majority on this forum section already know this
  10. The only way that worked for me was quitting cold turkey. Anything else was just playing games