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  1. Definitely. Has happened many times here. They thought they got it and after a few weeks they're back asking the same questions 😂
  2. You need to follow hoodville on instagram
  3. Follow up -
  4. @Leo Gura well you've described us perfectly
  5. Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe..
  6. Money clothes and hoes
  7. Also a summary thread:
  8. I think most people with social anxiety understand this at some point, but does it really change anything? It may make it worse
  9. @Dodo 👍 well i hope in the end its for the best of us all
  10. Agree, it also puts a pressure that is unnecessary imo, not that we can't do it, but i don't see the point
  11. I don't wish to go on a religious debate now so let's steer away from that. My question was rather direct since none of us have any idea what the afterlife is. So i was asking if islam is the truth are you going to hell?; and likewise if christianity is the truth am i going to hell?
  12. @Dodo what if islam is the truth? Does that mean that you're going to hell anyway?
  13. @Someone here I made this thread a year ago, you have also replied. I think unless we go in the afterlife and see it with our own eyes we will never get rid of these fears completely