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  1. I need to feel this pain and I need to step up, I was born very ambitious and competitive there is no way of questionig this I cannot live as a loser or normall guy, I will kill myself I refuse to live an inauthentic life. I have to take over the fucking world.
  2. Mr Beast is one of my most admired people. Why do I love mr beast? HE JUST DOES WHATEVER THE FUCK HE WANTS. INFINITE CREATIVITY. He's not talking about metaphysics, he's not being a fucking dork and telling everyone how he's smarter than einstein or arguing about political bullshit. He just has fun, constnatly, does random shit and it's entertaining. He's truly living life, don't let leo or anyone else tell you that he's somehow "less wise" or "needs to do self improvement" shut the fuck up man he's enjoying himself and that's admirable, and he's making a killing do it. He's pretty funny too and he's like the manifestation of what probably a lot of us ultra high energy frantic and creative type of people always wanted to but never figured a way or the power to actually make it happen. I fucking love mr beast.
  3. I don't wanna be a sad guy anymore. The default life is sad. You don't approach You're logistics suck You waste your time You can't find time for fulfillment and stuff you love and value, hobbies, creativity you live inauthentically and feel a slave and prisoner to your own mind You are broke and the more you work the more broke you feel and you trade time for money You give negative eneryg into the world because you're sad but really mad at yourself, this hurts the family hurts people around you when they see you unhappy, and they're probably not even into the same stuff, but they're less ambitious and happier with less, and that's fine, but you're not you're not living up to your innate sense of ambition and that fire inside, they don't know or understand this but all they see is a sad guy and it hurts them, it hurts people around you when you're hurting, you can't be present with others because ... And that's why i came back here, i needed an outlet. Not to get sympathy, not to whine or spread negativity, but to be honest. I'm still not lviing up to my potential, in all areas, and it still deeply hurts.
  4. I know I was being biased here. If you live in a great vibrant city with a ton of hot girls and you can feasibly go out and get laid with hot women, and do it in an enjoyable and consistent way & it's fun than obviously do it, I would always be open to that if I had better logistics and lived in America/ I could only dream of living in America tbh, I think I would do very well there some reason, I want to move to New york, vegas would be cool too but new york because then I can do day game, or any form of gay I guess, fucking night game metro game But I do think in many parts of the world and if you don't have money it's not worth it and better to fit day game into your lifestyle, although it might be, you could just be lucky. You could just live in some poor part of latin america but some reason every time you go out there's hot chicks ready to bounce your dick and it cost you $5 entry, big world I guess.
  5. That's kinda weird tbh. Everything in moderation including moderation. I'm not pro alcohol, and it can't be a regular thing but .. Like a big part of life is just not taking yourself too seriously, and imo that includes getting drunk sometimes, especially if you already have a great life. The main issue is guys who have shitty lives and get drunk to compensate, that can lead to some dark stuff. But if my diet is perfect 90 - 95% ofthe time, my sleep is perfect 90% ofthe time, I'm rich, I have great social life, friendships, fulfillment ect.. and I get silly drunk sometimes? (like every 2 months) Hell yeah why the fuck not, sillyness is a core spiritual component of life. I do understand though, if I had leos level of health condition, I'd probably not even eat ice cream once a year.
  6. ... What's this guy doing, why's he here again? I said I would leave for good. And I probably still will. I've seen some great guys, charasmatic, authentic and admirable guys come and go on here in my short time span here, some even left before I joined, but I noticed them and would see how they have posted for 2 or 3 years or whatever. Understanble, they are living their life, free od distractions .. admirable. And being on here, it's not very time efficient either. Time is so valuable. I'll always keep that in mind. I get no monetary or even friendship lifestyle dating benefit by just lingering here & typing away, have to remember that. But some reason I keep coming back. And if that reason is out of pure weakness and compulsion then I will restrain myself, but I don't think it is, like cmon it's not fucking cocaine, and i'd rather watch Mr Beast if I wanted pure dopamine. But there is a perhaps pseudo and slightly lame and innefective sense of spiritual purpose that I get by writing on here. Which I do think is distinct from posting on youtube or other more open forms of self expression ; niether worse nor better, but different and beneficial in a different way. Writing on here I am I'm tired. What the fuck am I doing, im wasting mmore time. Will I delete this post Will i regret this post I'm in my head. I didn't approach today, I was too weak. I was even sitting next to a girl. But I am picky, maybe too ppicky. She was either a 6.5 or a 7 or a 6.8 But I didn't feel it enoguh but a 6.8 is better than porn ? I drink some whiskey today I need more money. I prey this crypto works it's all I got. working in a kitchen does cut it, even 80 Hour weeks I still felt broke. I just want an apartment or so in a cool place good logistics. That's all I need to be happy. Fuck this place, I'm only on here because i'm feeling depressed. I don't want to be like everone else these days, ruined by techonlogy, unable to interact with others, lonely, unfulfilled. No. I'm not nmeant to be here, naughty.
  7. https://www.actualized.org/articles/the-power-of-letting-go The simplest wisdom is often the deepest People will look back on this one in 100 years.
  8. Man I hate to break it to you and I don't know who the hell you're learning from but that's an outdated portfolio. XRP is massive oppurtunity cost to be buying right now and doesnt move for 95% of the cycle. ADA is not the hot narrative right now and LTC is very 2017. DM Me and I will give you some clarity
  9. @StarStruck Send me a dm. I can potentially help you gain a lot of clarity on what to do. No one can predict with complete accuracy but I can provide you as clear of an estimation of what's forecasted for crypto as you'll get at the moment (based on a collection of high level syndicates in addition to my own intuition). As a general point (coming from someone who loves crypto) DO NOT PUT IN IF YOU HAVEN'T ACCEPTED THE RISK. You have overleveraged too quickly, anything you buy in crypto should be a 1 - 2 year time horizon, and it should not be your're business expenses or life support. That's how you wreck yourself and lose sleep in the process.
  10. It also pisses me off when leo or anyone even encourages night game tbh, "do night game and dont drink" It's like saying "go live in a crack house but don't do any yourself, don't be influenced" "Go live in a candy store but avoid sugar" Just dont fucking go there ? It's also friendship too. I've got a great friend nice guy. But whenever I see him it's only to go for a drink. That's the habit. So what's my response to this. It's to litterally get a new sim card. I have to be brutal. He cannot contact me again. I never want anything connected to alcohol to touch me again. I cannot do it, it's against everything I want out of life, vitality, energy, proactivity, sustainability, happiness, good mood, enthusiasm. 1 drink often leads to multiple drinks. I'm litterally gonna cut my friend off for life and be brutal about it, get a new sim card so he can't get through, blocking isn't enough. Might start using new social media also. I must protect myself from external influences, conservative mind. No lose thinking, no "maybe sometimes you could just enjoy a drink, mauybe sometimes night game is cool". No. Too much mental headache to be lose like that, there is things that are unquestionably wrong and a no go so alcohol any night life to me is like "voldamort" in harry potter, the assocciation is just poision, avoid, beware. That's it for me, probably a day or 2 of hell and then i'll be straight back to my runs, drinking water, sleeping 7-9 hours, approaching and working my ass of at that, saving,, investing, approaching, visualizing myself towards my true nature every fucking day the mall, the streets, mastery, wealth, health, happiness.
  11. I had no plan to return back to this place or to journal on here for months, and was almost a month in towards achieving that goal. . The reflection phase is not appropriate, I just need to work my ass of constantly at career + game simultaneously and avoid debating or pissing around. So why am I here? Because I poisoned myself. I am physically and mentally poisioned and I did it to myself. I fell for it. Why? Because I chose to do "night game". And now I'm going to have to FORCE mself to go outside and do day game, one of my true real passions, the only thing that truly works also. I'm going to say this again because it's so god dam rediculous people dont get it, 99% of the time, night game is the inferior option. Leos unique situation of being a rich guy in the night game capital of the world who can take a cosey drive to the club in hot weather, go into a club that's absolutely filled with stunning girls and a good gender ratio, easily meet like minded wings there who also dont drink, go in talk to beautiful girls for few hours and then at worst just has to drive home alone back to his cosey house, knowing that he can still wake up tomorrow and there will be day parties and so much more Club game may work for leo in this instance, although even in this unrelatable and magical context, I would still question whether night game would be worth it since you're still dancing too loud glaring music at 4AM, still won't pull that often and it will mostly end in a short term fling that goes nowhere with girls just visiting. But for 99% of guys, in many part of the world, day game cold approach is by far the superior option. Almost every time I've ever done night game I have regretted it, i have never regretted day game. The worst is you walk around a bit and don't find many leads, that's litterally it. No poisioning, no sleep distrcution, doesn'tt ruin your goals and habits and lifestyle, litterally perfect. And yesterday i stupidly got the idea to go out when I know i should've gone home and rested started day game today. Of course I fucking drunk, you could say im weak but it is just human tendency to be influenced by environment. No club or bar? I litterally never drink, run every day, sleep eat clean every day its so easy for me. As soon as i start night game, all over. Night game to me is making the statement through my actions "I hate myself, I want to make my life worse, I do not respect my health". Day game : "I Love myself, i will approach beautiful girls and not lose my health in the process, and still be able to build a business, I am into holism". Alcohol, night life clubs bars, filthy and disgusting. Loud obnoxious music, sticky floors, shallow and spoilt hoes, and the worst thing not that easy to find genuinely attractive girls either who aren't caked up in makeup, drinking. "get used to the loud music at 4AM it's growth bro it grows you" Lool, honestly shut your stupid mouth, get some fucking self respect. I litterally hate it, all it does is cause mass mental health issues. "Hey bro just don't drink theres the simple solution" : Nope. Doesn't solve the issue of sleep disruption, sleep cycles, being awake in the dark is weird and anti life, are you a fucking vampire? Also just being around bad stuff makes you tend to do bad stuff, generally speaking, most "puas" who do night game, WILL end up drinking, not because they're weak or stupid, but because 1. humans are just influenced by their envrionment 2. most night gamers do not have the unique privliedge and context that leo had to do it, and so night game is actually hell in most parts of the world for most people, it's not fun, so you drink. Never again, I know myself, i know my life, i know the potential of day game which is boundless limitless, I've seen guys do it and build a bueaitful and stable lifestyel around it, night game is unsustianble, all the most succesful daygamers I know doing it they're not broke, have great cashflow, and they only get better and better results and get more and more into it, enjoy multiple long lasting relationships with stunning and innocent women, this comes at the "cost" of years of work and mastery to get there, but that's not really a price, that's just netural steps necessary. Night game though? Yeah so many actual fucking costs to it, retarded. Another things that night game is like pretty creepy. I don't like the feeling of approaching girls at night, on the street or in venues. I don't want to have to disarm her that i'm not rapey or "show that im a cool fun guy" by pretending to enjoy dancing to annoying music when I'm tired. Approach a girl in the day, it's no longer creepy but cute, charming, energising, at worst a bit awkward, but still often cute or flattering. People that say day game is less socially acceptable are actually kind of retarded, they see it from the wrong lense. But good anyway, I don't want to get the entire world into day game lol, then it wouldn't really work and would lose it's magic. Thank god most guys are terrified to approach in the day. By standing out and being the only guy, you become that special charming guy who creates that magical moment you might see in a movie. I'm done giving 2 shits about degeneracy, drinking, or needing to "blow off steam", or "having fun". It's overrated. I think cold approaching is the funnest thing ever, dates, actual relationships, approaching at the mall, going on trips, doing activiities IN THE FUCKING DAY LOL it's heaven man. I don't need the club to "have fun", retards.
  12. Hamza is literally a fraud and a moron who changes his point of view every second, constantly talks about stuff with authority to which he has no competence or experience, he's just a fake "guru". He also scammed the hell out of his naïve young audience, he's a standard moron grifter with some form of personality disorder. Does that mean he doesn't say intelligent things sometimes or give some good tips here and there? Of course, but he shouldn't be taken seriously. Ultimately most of self help and youtube shouldn't be taken seriously, even this place or leo. It's all mostly a grift, most of it is irrelevant, and I say that as an open minded proactive person who actually experiments this stuff, the best content isn't guru or self help, the best content is people teaching you specific things that they've actually done themselves, like tangible marketing skills, how to aidrop farm crypto, how to cold approach, but it has to be from the right people, who actually did this shit at a high level. Where I could imagine someone like hamza being tangibly valuable may be like a "how to cut off your toxic friends" or something, and i'm sure he may have some videos like that that could be useful. Like I said, I will listen to anyone sometimes, everyone can have something usefulto share, but it's mostly all a grift, and better to go your own way, avoid gurus altogether. Internet troll virus? It was obviously psychedelic abuse that ruined the guy, there's not much else to say.
  13. yeah i guess you could be in an amazing mood with a good job and tons of energy, and be a complete social retard who pisses people off. I still think mood is really important especially at the club. But for day game you can probably get away with lower vibe a lot more.
  14. You were broke and depressed and attracted her? How hot was she Was she above a 6/10 ? If so that's pretty cool tbh
  15. When I wake up this morning I return to my agenda; which is litterally to all around be and become a fucking beast. That's all I ever wanted in life. And no one around me wants that, and of course they fucking gas light me to not be that way. NO. I am arrogant motherfucker get over it I was born this way bitch. I'm not ted bundy, I don't harm animals that's not what arrogance or narcisism is. People conflate this stuff. Almost every man who is into self improvement is by default and by necessity somewhat arrogant. At least in the eyes of normies. Social humility is dangerous. Experiential humility is essential. There's a difference. I have to be arrogant in my self estimation of my potential and capabilities, but I'm so deeply humble in my vulnerability, and how easily I could lose everything and fall, in an instant, become distracted by some snake. I'm a king but the king can fall