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  1. I know I’m right about it. My eyes don’t deceive me. The mundane reality is much gentler and nicer than the falsehood. People are people. And there’s literally no one out there who’s universally undesirable. And anyone who’s a 3 and above won’t even struggle to find someone, as long as they have reasonable expectations of finding a partner in their league… and enough self-esteem to put themselves out there.
  2. Back in the day and now is probably about the same in terms of people finding partners. Back then, it was probably more common for men to die young because of war. That’s probably the biggest difference. But why is it your assumption that there’s 30% of men who are just not going to have women attracted to them? It’s an assumption that’s not based in reality at all. I’ve met plenty of lame guys in my life. And none of them were incapable of finding women who were interested in them. For example, there’s a guy I used to know that looked like a walrus and was really creepy and weird. He had nothing going for him at all in any department. And even he had a few girlfriends in the time I knew him. You seriously need to go live in a redneck town for a while. You’ll realize that no one is totally unfuckable. You just have to get in touch with the reality of how people pair bond. It isn’t this extreme thing you’re imagining where tons of people are just hopeless.
  3. You’re making that assumption again that only a small percentage of the population will have people attracted to them. But as I’ve said before, most people are capable of being attracted to most people. And NO ONE needs to be with anyone that they’re not attracted to. Attraction is just the pre-requisite for romance to occur. And people tend to be attracted to their match… especially women. In a person who is emotionally mature enough to sustain a long term relationship, looks and status are just the initial bar that has to be crossed. And for most people, that bar is analogous to where they are personally. If you look at statistics (or if you just go to a flea market or grocery store), you’ll see that most people have a partner who matches them. So this people only being attracted to millionaires and supermodels thing is not actually a real issue. Dispossess yourself of that illusion.
  4. Yeah… I’m glad to have never had to use one. It feels blah and like it would suck really bad. There’s really nothing quite like in-person, contextual connection.
  5. I can see how someone can end up in that perspective. And I can have some degree of sympathy. That said, as a woman, it is very frustrating and sometimes traumatic to be on the receiving end of all of it. There’s just literally millions of guys who are all subscribing to these false ideas about womanhood and ending up bitter and misogynistic as a result. So I’m not very gentle about confronting these guys with their illusions. They need to snap the fuck out of it before they end up creating some dystopian handmaiden’s tale of a situation to solve the problems with women that only exist in their own heads.
  6. Listen, I am quite familiar with what men face in dating because it isn’t a secret. It’s VERY well complained about… especially on here. And the number one thing that will help is for a man to dispossess himself of these distorted ideas about women. It will make the process of meeting women so much less scary once he actually sees the reality and not this alien projection.
  7. Yes, exactly. Most men’s issues come from the distorted way they view women. It makes us seem like a bunch of scary aliens to them. So of course they act like spazzes around women.
  8. You will need to learn how to socialize normally if that’s something that you struggle with. But men don’t need to be Rico Suave with their words to get women. Normal will do just fine.
  9. Because that’s online dating and isn’t reflective of real-world dynamics. Women are very intuitive and online dating is basically just visual. So, women aren’t getting the full depth and breadth of experience that they need to know if a guy is attractive to them or not.
  10. I probably wouldn’t want to be a guy’s wingman. But I will give them a dose of reality and let them know that their whole framework around women is nonsense and that most women are looking for a very human connection with a normal man. And that they will be exactly what some women are looking for, no matter who they are.
  11. Insert regurgitated red pill talking point the family court system…. Very original. But to your other point, women don’t care that much about sexual abundance. It’s not really a priority because most women don’t want random sex that much. It’s just not very fulfilling. And this post falls into the trap of men projecting their own sexual agenda onto female sexuality. This is honestly why men rarely ever understand anything about female sexuality. Their agenda is too different, so all they can do is project what they’re familiar with.
  12. Yeah, I’ve always been on the nerdy side of things and had plenty of nerd guy friends. And I remember being 19, when my last nerd guy friend (who was also 19) got his first girlfriend. And I remember thinking that he was such a late bloomer. And now, all these young guys do is just read red pill forums and live in their dungeons. And so they never get girlfriends. And they misattribute their lack of success to these nonsense ideas about female nature… instead of to the fact that they don’t talk to any women.
  13. Most women will not overlook average guys. Most women will be interested in average guys. If you’re an average guy, your dating prospects are pretty great. If a woman is attuned to her emotions and not her rational mind when seeking a relationship, she will likely become attracted to her match. And since most women are average, average men will have lots of women attracted to them. In fact, most average women will auto-sort men who look like male models. Women seek their match. And an emotionally intelligent man who’s oriented towards relationship, will be quite happy to be in a relationship with his match. Now a guy who’s only interested in perfect 10s will be in a situation with women who are status seekers…. As both are just looking to trade status for beauty and beauty for status. But this is not an enviable place to be. There’s not much love to be had there.