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  1. The cards seem to reflect that there is untapped “Magician-skills” that can be applied to your craftsmanship to bring it to the next level. The barrier to homing in on your internal alchemist is that your heart is still closed from past traumas and heartbreaks. The magician is someone who can synthesize a variety of elements into something brand new that is greater than the sun of its parts... like a great painting is far more than just a bunch of colorful mud smeared on a canvas. And like a great dish is more than just a bunch of food smashed together. The Magician is a synthesizer if elements, and invents through the process of exaltation... turning base metal into gold. So, you can pair this magician archetype with your normal workmanship to reach the next level. But first, there is pain/heartbreak/disappointment to resolve that is perhaps discouraging or blocking you from tapping into the strengths of the Magician archetype. Find and resolve any barriers to letting your natural magic come through. Trust that your gifts are valuable.
  2. I got stuck in that trap for a while. It takes a lot to wriggle out of it. I highly recommend doing some individuation and Shadow Work to get back in touch with repressed aspects of your personal consciousness. Unfortunately, the issue with hearing non-dual truths second-hand is the mind will misunderstand EVERY time. And those absolute truisms tend to cover over relative truths. Here are some videos that might help
  3. Mind you, I’m not psychic. But I can share an interpretation of the cards, and you might find it helpful as a perspective. The cards seem to suggest that your paths are slowing down. You have less to do (work wise and otherwise) and there is little possibility to go in a new direction. This is likely because of the quarantine. I sense it will help you immerse yourself more in your inner world and intuition because you’re not having to juggle as much externally. There is a clear shift from Yang to Yin as many are experiencing. Not sure if this is what you want though... but it may prove to be a huge impetus for growth though.
  4. The cards seem to reflect that the current situation is disallowing social interaction (of course). This will lead to some misfortune. But that new “institutions” and a sense of community will spring up in response to the loneliness and misfortune. And this is where things may take a better turn... if you’re careful not to become dogmatic or lose yourself in the newfound sense of community. I see this shift as being very tied to current events with the virus.
  5. Okie dokie. My question is what am I not aware of that would be good to become aware of? Okay, so this reminds me of an inner struggle that I’m having with regard to lack of optimism and doubts about my motivations for doing what I do. I’m always anticipating myself to be tricking myself and there is a lack of trust in myself. And because I have these fundamentally pessimistic views of myself and my level of “just-ness” or trustworthiness toward myself. And this lack of self-trust tamps down my ability to become aware of certain ‘elevated’ truths about my nature. The layer of mistrust/cynicism toward myself blunts my awareness of THIS as being the reality. But the question is, how to let go of doubt when uncertainty is a part of my humanity?
  6. Mind you, I’m not psychic. But this is what the cards seem to reflect. With all the reversals, I get a potential sense of stagnation in your work path, spirituality, and creative drive. But fear not. There are stars in each of the cards... and the middle card is actually called “The Star”. So, my recommendation is, if you face with blocks or stagnation, find your own “North Star” once again. The Hermit is a good archetype to help you turn inward and find your own North Star.
  7. All Pentacles cards. So potentially a lot to do with Earthly concerns like career and money. Can also relate to grounding in a purpose. The cards seem to reflect a previous standstill in your path in terms of purpose, work, and money. There was perhaps some uncertainty as well as a sense that you have to continue giving your energy to things you don’t want to... and not having energy leftover for your path. But with the Queen of Pentacles at the end, it suggests that you may have recently found some modest prosperity and a bit of a resting place for you to nurture your actual path without spending all your energy trying to keep life afloat. Now, it may be time to get more clarity on what you’d like to focus your energy toward and start walking on that path. But there may be a reluctance if overworking or futility was an issue before. Those are traumas to be worked through.
  8. I tend to assume a sense of synchronicity in the cards. But I like to leave by beliefs open ended.
  9. There are plenty of ways to discover this. Be sure to be proactive, as the cards are only helpful in relation to how you use them. The same is true with the course or anything else. So, we have the Fool, flanked by two 3 cards. The number 3 cards (as a reflection of the Empress) have to do with taking the first step on a new path. The Fool ALSO has to do with taking the first step on a new path. Perhaps your purpose will be to help those who are jaded by life’s heartbreaks. And to help them resolve old heartbreaks to start on a new path of connection.
  10. What comes across in the spread is that there is a balancing act, externally and internally, which is sapping your energy. You may be focused on giving your energy to others (or certain activities) in an attempt to be balanced with your time. Then there seems to be a very active process of emotional regulation happening with regard to all these external responsibilities (or assumed responsibilities), which also takes up a lot of energy. In the spread, there is also a sense that financial concerns may play a big role in what’s sapping your energy and attention away from what you prefer to be focused on. So, there is no place to really rest, and it’s difficult to be motivated when you’re actively trying to keep everything (and potentially everyone) afloat.
  11. All reversals. So this could mean lot’s of friction or resistance. The first card seems to reflect that your forward moving energy is held back. So, there is no clear path that your mind is invested enough in to go the distance yet. And this is perhaps because there is no clear sense of joy to be had in the future. You may not know what you ACTUALLY want... because you’ve never felt the feeling before of enjoyment in the present moment. And there is a sense that this lack of self-knowledge and knowledge of your own preferences halts your path moving forward... including your ability to find people who are cut from the same cloth as you that you can have a deep connection with. This would also get in the way of creating a family, if that’s part of your vision. So, the main takeaway is to learn your boundaries, preferences, and motivations. Let them be the river that pulls you downstream to what you really want... not just what your mind thinks you want.
  12. The cards seem to reflect that there is a sense of being torn between two choices (which is likely why you’re asking). And there are parts of you that say it’s good and parts of you that say it isn’t good. But there is perhaps an underlying sense of dissatisfaction, like wishing there were something more. And this may be leading you to consider how many paths you won’t be able to go down, depending on which option you choose. And there may be a fear of missing out in either fork of the road you choose. Ultimately, the fear is about dissatisfaction. So, it must be addressed directly. No matter if you decide to stay or leave the relationship, there will always be regret or dissatisfaction... until you face those feelings head-on.