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  1. It's not the amount of girls that you approach. It's more about whether or not you think a particular woman gets approached in that setting a lot. But I think what you said is fine, as long as you start with a "hello" and gauge her reaction to it. You have to watch for facial cues and body language to tell if she's okay with it. But none of this is something that you would be over legal bounds with, as long as you respect their boundaries and don't be too pushy or lewd.
  2. I'm sorry for your loss. You must be feeling really terrible. Is there anyone that you can talk to in your life who is non-judgmental where you can just share your feelings to?
  3. Personally, I think that I still have plenty to learn about how to help people in a professional setting. I'm confident in my ability to cut to the core of problems that a person may be experiencing due to unconscious happenings. What I don't know yet is the manner in which to facilitate growth in others in a way that really makes things stick. So, I would feel much more comfortable offering a coaching service, if I have professional guidance on the matter first. Either way, it certainly won't hurt to learn more.
  4. Thank you Austin! I'll check that one out. And that would be really awesome of you to send some people over to me. I know that you've been a coach for a while. How long have you been doing it, and how many clients do you normally see at a time?
  5. Harassment is illegal. Going up and talking to someone is not. So, cold approach is not illegal. It just depends on what you say and how you respond to requests to desist. So, if you go up and start with something lewd, that's illegal immediately. But if you go up and say, "Hi, you look nice today." it's not harassment until she says she doesn't feel comfortable with that. Then, if she tells you to stop and you continue, then it's harassment. But honestly, it's VERY unlikely that you would have legal consequences for cold approaching in general, even if you were a total creep about it and opened with "I like your boobs". Now, of course, that's illegal and just a crappy thing to do, so don't do it. But women have to deal with creeps constantly, and there's just not enough time to press charges against them all. And most women just want to get out of that situation and move on with life. Also, unfortunately, even when women are dealing with more serious forms of harassment like rape, most of that goes unreported because of the fact that so many people in your life will take the side of the abuser and accuse you of making false accusations. And the majority of people will give the abuser the benefit of the doubt over you, because of "innocent until proven guilty". So, it can just be easier to keep it to yourself and try to move on to avoid being re-victimized by society. So, if you approach a woman on the street and aren't a total creep about it, the chances of being prosecuted drop to nearly 0. I guess there could be some crazy woman out there that would get the cops just for looking at her the wrong way or something. But that would be incredibly rare and without proof on her part it would amount to nothing. So, as long as you are being normal and respecting her boundaries, you shouldn't have a problem. Women are used to being approached. And women are used to being harassed. It's really clear what the difference is. Now, approach becomes a problem if it's happening all the time. It's very annoying when you're just trying to get from A to B, and like 10 random guys approach you. That can be exasperating. So, you should pay attention to the setting and what she's doing there, and try not to interrupt her when she's probably been approached a lot.
  6. @Leo Gura Thank you again for all the advice. I'll definitely call to see if IPEC has a payment plan.
  7. I'm like Carmen San Diego... or all the monsters on Scooby Doo. You never know where I'll be or who I'll be. (lightning strikes and ominous music plays in the background as the tails of my trench coat billow in the wind and my silhouette is emblazoned upon the night sky)
  8. Are any of those books on your book list? I purchased it a couple years ago, and I haven't looked at it in a while. Also, with the in-person program that you did, did you have to commute for it? If so, how often were the in-person meetings? I live in a kind of small town, so it would be unlikely that they have such a program within 30 minutes of me. So, I want to get a feel for how much of the course material is done in person. Now, I will admit, this will be very difficult for me financially to get over the hurdle. Money is always tight because my husband and I both work low paying jobs. And he (remarkably) has no credit, and I have terrible credit. But I'm certain that what you say is correct. I know I would make it back quickly. I have over 16,000 subs now, and I've been getting requests for one-on-one sessions for over a year. So, what do you think about doing a cheaper program first, and establishing a coaching business? I've seen a couple that looked decent for around $2000. And they were about six month long courses. Then, with the money from that coaching business, going and completing the IPEC program? I know it's not ideal, but that's really the only way I can slice it that it seems actionable. But I'm really glad that you told me about the IPEC program, because looking around for coaching programs has been like fumbling around in the dark. I'll definitely be looking into it. Thanks again! Edit: I checked out the IPEC website, and there is one in my state. Also, I saw that there were three different, three day modules that happen in person. So, you can disregard that part of the question. That's a plus, because that's really doable.
  9. Thank you for the recommendation and the wealth of advice! Also, I'm very flattered that your impression is that I would do well with coaching. It's very encouraging to me. I know that my life's purpose is to contemplate on the nature of things, then convey them to others in order to bring them more into alignment with what's true at deeper levels than appearance. It's been a common thread through my life, even back into early childhood. And I've always gotten a lot of joy from helping others discover new things about reality, as well as to help them apply best-practices to their life that will make their lives better in some way. So, I do think that coaching will dovetail nicely with my life's purpose. But coaching would just be one extension of that. So, I also don't anticipate that it will be my MAIN thing. I also will continue to make videos, and in the future I will write books. Also, if I develop some public speaking skills, I may even eventually delve into hosting my own workshops and other group-education endeavors. I would see coaching more as one branch off of a much larger tree. That said, I would have to get my feet wet with coaching to know whether or not it's for me and does truly dovetail with my life's purpose. I know that sometimes, when the rubber meets the road, things are different than they initially seem. And because I am a pauper (not really, but kind of ), I have decided to get my feet wet with the 'one-on-one' aspect of coaching before making a big financial commitment. This is because the 'one-on-one' aspect of coaching, is the part I'm most apprehensive about because I've never done something like that professionally before, and I don't know how I'll do with it. So, because of this concern, I actually just created a new tier on my Patreon two days ago, where I basically stated my desire to go into life-coaching and my uncertainty with whether or not I should. And I was asking for guinea pigs who would want to have a session with me once a month for a few months, to see how it goes. And I'm offering it for relatively cheap since I have no training. So, I've already gotten five takers on that offer, and I'm hoping to get about ten which will give me a random sampling of people to help me get a sense for how that aspect of the job works. Now, you'll probably advise me to create a disclaimer/agreement where I make it clear that I'm not trained or certified and that I'm not liable for anything wrong that happens. I already have a sample contract that I'm in the process of tweaking to the specific circumstances. Also, I won't be doing these sessions until September, so it gives me a decent chunk of time to do some independent research into the professional best-practices when it comes to how to interact with people in a way that establishes clear boundaries and keeps the conversation productive and professional. Of course, if you have any recommendations for free resources that are on the internet, I would be over the moon about that! I do understand, however, that those resources won't be sufficient for understanding all the ins and outs of the field and that I would need a high quality program for actually learning the trade in a meaningful way. These would just be for some guidance during my guinea-pigging. Thank you again!
  10. @Leo Gura I have a question for you. How many clients were you seeing at a time when you were coaching? Or what is the average?
  11. Hey everyone! Now that I have a decent sized subscriber base on my YouTube channel, I'm strongly considering training to be a life coach. But I would want to tailor my life-coaching to what I talk about in my videos, which are topics of a psychological, contemplative, and spiritual nature. So, I would really be more of a spiritual advisor than a life-coach. I just feel that learning the professional ins and outs of responsibly consulting with people in this manner would be something that I could learn through a good life-coaching program. Of course, most life coaching programs that I've come across are more focused toward business than anything else, save for a few with a spiritual focus. But I want to make sure that I'm choosing a quality program, that is ICF certified. I want to avoid scams. Are there any life coaches on here who have recommendations? Thanks!
  12. @RendHeaven That oneness stuff is all well and good, but I'm still not understanding how I have a son that's only a decade younger than me.
  13. Perhaps you were projecting upon her your own feelings of emptiness.
  14. I feel like you don't understand what a fetish is. A fetish is where a person gets attached to an object (or objectified body part) because they can't have normal attachments to human beings. So, fetishes are actually a pathology. What you seem to be talking about are fantasies or just sexual enjoyments that deviate from the norm.