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  1. @iGhost Be careful of self-deception. If you feel a sense of accomplishment in your degree of emotional control and mastery, it could be just the ego's way of feeling more accomplished than it is to deflect from personal feelings of inadequacy. And don't be so sure that you're not doing it. And women are much more intuitive in their relationship style. She will sense a closedness, and will react in accordance to her level of development. And it seems she's able to tell you very directly what's troubling her, which is a good sign for her awareness level. The problem for women typically is that they have a hard time communicating their feelings. So, it's great that she was straight forward about it. Now, her response may or may not be a conscious response if she gets really angry. But her raising that point really means that she's communicating a need that she'd need you to open up more if you want her to be closer to you. Also, there will likely be some shadows if you've come to dis-identify with your humanity. The transcendent side is masculine and the human side is feminine. So, often times, men tend to make the mistake that the transcendent aspect is better and that the human side is something to be transcended and left behind. But this is not so. Leaving behind your humanity (feminine side) causes stunting of growth and arrested development. And women will especially feel alone if you leave that part behind. So, to leave behind the human side, basically means that you're repressing it. And that's because there is a lack of awareness and acceptance of that part that you probably consider bad or problematic. But someone who is fully developed can hold space for it, instead of repressing it away. So, I'm guessing she is recognizing your lack of connection with your emotions. Which, of course, makes it difficult to express what you're unaware of. So, she's naturally feeling disconnected. The only way to really connect with a woman is to connect with your own humanity, emotions, and your own feminine side.
  2. @Bridge to Infinity If you were to pinpoint it, what about vaginas is the thing you find disgusting? I know that, when I first became sexually active as a teenager, body parts in general and even kissing registered a sense of disgust. Sexuality really is an acquired taste, especially for those raised in very germ-conscious societies. Do you think it's just that you haven't acquired this taste yet or do you think it's something else?
  3. I'm quite sure that, like Warren, Bernie would support adding gender reassignment surgeries to his Medicare for All plan. The only things I've heard him say would be part of supplemental plans would be things like cosmetic surgery. But given that gender dysphoria is an actual medical diagnosis, it makes sense that gender reassignment surgery be covered under his plan. Even Obama, who is arguably center right in many respects, sought to lift the ban that was established that blocked gender reassignment surgery from being covered under medicaid plans. Also, it's 2019 now, and people are more informed about politics. In terms of policy substance, Hilary and Obama are both corporate Neo-liberal centrists that fundamentally would want to keep the status quo. It's not that type of politician that will excite the base, which is looking for progressive change and for someone to address the corruption that was before just accepted as norm. And nice personality skills aren't going to cut it. People actually want real change. And if they don't get it, many of them will skew toward liars and demagogues like Trump because they're just hoping for change at all costs.
  4. That's totally true... It's three-breasted aliens or nothing for me.
  5. TMI, but when I was 11, I used to sneak and watch the VHS of Total Recall when my parents were away and I'd fast-forward to the part with the alien with the three breasts. That was sex-ed for me back in the year 2000.
  6. Warren is not left of Bernie. She's quite a bit more toward the center, by comparison. Also, an Obama-like figure would just be Hilary part 2. The base is really skewing more toward those with progressive policies, and not someone who will try to target this non-existent center and capitulate to the Republicans and the establishment.
  7. When I was in my early 20s, I used to have a kind of fantasy image around the idea of being sexually desired by a wealthier middle aged man like in his 40s. Not super wealthy, but like middle class to upper middle class to my working class/ working poor background. But it didn't really have to do with the money or some idea of gaining upward mobility. It had to do with this fantasy I had around being desired a certain way with a certain setting that I appreciated at the time. And there was a certain type of music I associated with it, like Sade's "Smooth Operator" or some old vaudeville music. And I'd always envision that he would be surprised and grateful that I took interest in him because of his age, so he would value me. And it was really indicative of the type of persona I was trying to adopt at the time. I was working hard to fit in as a school teacher, which is a job that my personality isn't very well suited to. And I always felt like I was a square peg in a round hole in the work setting around all these middle class folks. So, I had these dreams of being able to vanillify myself and blend in as socially acceptable. And I wanted people to see me as a professional young woman who was well-put-together. And somehow, this played into this fantasy a lot. But really, this fantasy was more of an outgrowth of trying to fit a place in society that was inauthentic to me. And I'd always imagine in the fantasy, that this rigid middle-aged man with trouble expressing his sexuality was set free by me who brought back his youth for a time. And that he would open up only to me, and I'd be like a manic pixie dream girl for him. But it occurred to me, at some point, that this uptight wealthy man was really a representation of myself and my self-imposed limitations set in place by the type of persona I was trying to occupy that wasn't fitting for me. I was always trying to be a 40 year-old woman in terms of maturity in a 23-25 year-old body. And in trying to set him free in the fantasy, it was really a metaphor for trying to set myself free. But truly, the money was only one accessory to the whole image I was trying to embody. So, money might equal out to you as simply what it is. And it could indicate some desire for upward mobility. Or it could be some old reptilian-brain thing that lights up your pair-bonding response in relation to a man who is capable of providing. Or if you're like me, it could be that the money is just one symbol associated with an entire inner dialogue. And it will fall away, as mine did, upon integrating other aspects of yourself.
  8. The dearth of positive masculine role models is one of the biggest problems I see for young men's development now-a-days. If a man wants to own his masculinity and be empowered in that way, there's not much healthy material out there readily available. At least, nowhere near as readily available as the toxic and half-toxic masculine role models that are harkening to the juvenile, domineering, and disintegrated masculinity of the past. Namely, the kind that suppresses the feminine at all costs. But who can blame them? Just like a son with an abusive father (or absent father), they know no other model of masculinity but the shadow side of it. And they come to hold up the shadow masculine as an example of the healthy masculine to be aspire to. Or, half-toxic role models like JP, will mix the healthy and unhealthy masculine... which leads to conflation of the negative with the positive and just thinking masculinity itself is inherently positive with no dark side to it. And this is very dangerous because degeneration will feel like improvement, which is one of the reasons I go so hard at JP. Now, I'm certain that healthy masculine role models do exist somewhere on the interwebs. But by and large, you'll find regressive masculine role models that men can actually feel the sense of masculine empowerment that they're looking for. Then, you have other guys that are healthy but not as masculine (or sometimes not healthy and suppressing their masculinity), and men who want masculine empowerment are put off by them because they don't embody the masculine archetype enough to stir their interests and needs. Also, most men already have a script in their mind about what masculinity entails. So, many men may miss positive examples of the masculinity by conflating them with femininity because their definition of the what constitutes masculinity has been corrupted... with very high social stakes applied to men who deviate from the masculine. That, compounded with the fact that most men just want to be masculine because they put far too much stock in women's opinions of them, it's just the witches brew for disaster. Because these men will flock to the toxic and half-toxic role models and become angry and resentful to the women they previously felt powerless to. And they tend to stay stuck in Orange thinking if they make it there. I agree with what Leftist Youtuber Natalie Wynn said about this at the end of her most recent video, in terms of men needing to create a new model of manhood and masculinity. It's a great video to watch... She's also trans-gendered, so she's lived both the male experience and the female experience, and has lots of great first-hand insights on gender.
  9. @electroBeam My recommendation is to find girls to add to your social circle in general that you appreciate talking to and hanging out with. And to have a social circle that has close friends, distant friends, and acquaintances that is evenly stacked between men and women. Most women, especially women who are of a more Feminist sort, prefer warm approach to cold approach. And there is a whole process to falling in love with someone that cold-approach just doesn't allow for. So, my best recommendation is to cultivate a wide social circle of people who are cut from the same cloth as you, and see who you resonate with and who resonates with you. You can develop your social circle around a common interests to get somewhat of a guarantee that someone's on a similar page. You can even cultivate a social circle online and do Zoom chats and stuff like that. It may take a bit longer to get a girlfriend compared to doing cold approach, but it will most likely be worth the wait.
  10. @Focus Shift Good video, sans the "anti-pc" and "anti-snowflake" guys like JP and the other guy. That just espouses more of the ideology that got incels into the spot they're currently in. And more than likely, they'll take a half-step up to those guys' level, feel the sense of improvement, and get stuck there. It's better than being an incel, but it's still a trap. But otherwise, I think he touched on some great points... especially the part where he was talking about changing the identity and the self-story. That's what I would have suggested.
  11. @Zak Be careful with Stefan Molyneux. He's into some white supremacy kind of stuff. So, even if he has some good insights into philosophical topics, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's a high consciousness person. You have to weed out the dumb intellectuals from the actual high consciousness individuals.
  12. That's a shame because Bernie is a way better candidate in terms of actually fighting to get things passed like Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage, no corporate money in politics, etc. I feel like Warren will cave. And she's already said that she will be okay with taking corporate money during the general. So, she's a firm no from me, even though she would be a small step in the right direction.
  13. That's just one reason among many. He's really riding off of his association with Barrack Obama. So, people are nostalgic about that time. But he's really got a lot of problems.
  14. What this communicates to a guy is that you're okay with being treated any which way. And he will "fuck zone" you. What I mean by this is that he will sort you into disposable pile of women that he doesn't want to be friends with and doesn't want a relationship with... but will keep in mind if he wants something to have sex with at some point. And the word "something" is used here deliberately because he will only regard you in terms of his sexual needs. And if you set no boundaries, you will specifically attract men to you who are the "fuck-zoning" type. These type of men have a predatory way about them, where they're ALWAYS scanning for low-hanging fruit. And this way of orienting to a romantic relationship, plus low self-esteem, plus lack of boundaries is exactly the way to get on their radar. So, you'll get bombarded by these types of guys the second they catch the scent of weak boundaries. And men who are looking for a long-term relationship will probably be repelled from you somewhat, when they're looking for a girlfriend. They want a woman with good boundaries, because that means security for them. And they value depth and relating to you as an equal and not as a doormat. If you develop a higher self-esteem and set some boundaries... especially in a romantic relationship, you will be able to attract and keep the guys that care about you in particular. I can only imagine that men go cold turkey on you because they either, a) Already go what they wanted from you (nsa sex); or b) Were put off by your lack of boundaries and low self-esteem... as it may come off as desperate.