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  1. I doubt that porn exists for that reason. It's more-so that there is a universal demand for sexual excitement and pleasure. And men tend to be more visually oriented relative to sexuality in general. So, generally speaking, men tend to like watching porn and women tend to enjoy reading erotica. So, porn is a visual aide to help with that process and make pleasure more intense than if you were just trying to imagine an act of intercourse and masturbate to that. So, porn exists because it's a consumable sex-related product that is in high demand. So, the creators of pornography know that sex sells and that they can use porn to make money with. And so this doesn't indicate any type of conspiracy other than the the pursuit of financial gain regardless of its impact on consumers. Some porn even comes from people who are just passionate about sex and enjoy exhibitionism, who post it up online for kicks. But for the most part, porn is created for the same reason any other service is created: the pursuit of financial gain. Just in the same way that alcohol companies are in business to make money regardless, and that's their main concern. So, to say that alcohol companies are deliberately creating alcohol because they want to manifest as many car crashes as possible, would be wrong thinking. There's no conspiracy going on. It's just the pursuit of money. So, there's no great conspiracy to feminize men. How would the creators of pornography benefit from that happening in the first place? And who could possibly benefit from that? The relative level of masculinity in a man doesn't really have any kind of impact on anything in the grand scheme of things. It's more-so something that individual men are concerned about as a concern of vanity. Plus, masculinity is an inborn quality, you can't create it or destroy it, it's just what it is. Also, I don't see how pornography would even do that in the first place, even if it were possible. Maybe you could say that men who get addicted to porn lose the motivation to pursue women and it effects them in the sense that they may not realize/develop their masculine principled potentials. And I do agree that porn addicted men tend to have a hard time facing up to challenges because they can retreat into pleasure and distract themselves. But the presence of impotence and the underdevelopment of masculine potentials does not equate to femininity. And femininity doesn't mean the lack of masculinity. It's its own thing entirely.
  2. This is a good analogy. Ultimately, all relative paradigms are kind of like castles in the sky... and all of them are relative including the paradigm of the absolute as the absolute can't be properly encapsualted in a paradigm... only alluded to. This is the nature of human conceptions. It's that we have to take certain assumptions and observations to be true to build one. Then we scaffold other building blocks onto that paradigm that fit and are consistent with the rest of the paradigm. Then, eventually, you have a castle in the sky... which is a huge complex building that has no foundation from the perspective of the absolute. It's just mysteriously floating in space... but miraculously has consistency and a sense of realness from certain relative paradigms.
  3. With the looks thing, I was more-so talking about what they value in women. And this whole, become a high status man to get a hot woman. So, looks are not a huge part of the RSD community's thing relative, because that would make them less effective and less successful in their business. They are sought out by men who are seeking to be more attractive to women. So, many of the guys who are interested in their services will be guys who maybe feel negatively about their looks. So, the RSD guys will be like, "Looks don't matter." since looks are something men don't have very much control over. And instead they'll focus toward technique and status, which is something that men do have control over. But yes. It's a lot about who he's marketing to, and how they read value in a woman. So, they are going to value the woman's looks most of all, because they understand that attention from attractive women as being the thing that brings them value. And most guys who get involved in pick up in general tend to come from a place of lack and scarcity and negative self esteem relative to their self-worth. So, it's definitely a very specific kind of social circle and aegis about dating that makes a lot of RSD/PUA guys a match to women who value themselves in the same way that the men value them... which mostly on looks without regard to much else. So, you end up with a lot of otherwise underdeveloped hot women, hooking up with guys who are employing techniques specifically designed to hook up with otherwise underdeveloped hot women. And it creates an empty and lackluster transaction in the sex because they are only engaging in it for the man to mirror the desirability of the woman back to her and the woman to mirror the status of the man back to him. So, that way they both get to feel worthwhile.
  4. Be sure to always bring a virgin sacrifice and a chalice of goat's blood before speaking with any of us of the female persuasion. To come without bearing gifts offends our people. So, that's the first step right there. You may want to take notes...
  5. Haha! No worries.
  6. Not quite. To give an analogy, imagine that a paradigm is like a room that has certain empirically observable qualities about it. So, if you're in the "room" of the scientific paradigm, let's say that it has blue walls. So, if you say, "This room has blue walls.", then you are observing an empirical truth about that room/paradigm. So, "This room has blue walls." is a true statement. But if you're in the room of the subjective paradigm, maybe it has green walls. So, if you say, "This room has blue walls." (which was true in the other room/paradigm) then you are either lying or mistaken. So, "This room has blue walls." is a now a false statement from this POV. So, it's a matter of being able to know which room you're in and accurately stating what you observe about that room without talking about observable traits of other rooms. This is why it requires accurate perception, because you have to look past your ideas of what "is" or "should be" in a room, and really notice what's actually there. When you are in a particular room/paradigm, there are very particular things that are true/untrue that may contradict what's true/untrue in other rooms. So, it's the ability to hold two or more of these contradictory truths at once and to understand how and why they're both true depending on the vantage point that you take (aka which room you're in). And also to feel no need to cherry pick and mince together incompatible paradigmatic truths to justify some other idea that one is attached to. So, a lot of it has to do with detached perception. Edit: Also, think of that famous M.C. Escher painting with all the staircases. And each staircase is its own paradigm. So, when you're on the right-side up staircase, you're walking right-side up. But if you're on a side-ways staircase, it's foolish in that world to walk right side up because you're not traveling with the platform. Walking side-ways makes more sense. So, the paradigm is like the platform you're walking on. And the paradigms don't have to connect or match up to other paradigms at all. What is true on one platform might be false on another. Then, you also should be firmly anchored in an awareness of the absolute... as this is the core truth of reality and the most all-encompassing paradigm that is true from every platform. But even though it's true... it may still not be appropriate in a given situation.
  7. Well, work and finances in general really creates the proper infrastructure to live a fulfilling life. So, I you live your life doing a job you hate that isn't fulfilling, this will impede your ability to really enjoy the other aspects of life. So, there is no other choice between spending tons of time at a job you dislike that you don't feel a strong sense of contribution and having a life purpose that is fulfilling and meaningful to you. One of these will happen. And if it's the former, you will live a rough life as your work will steel energy from all other facets of life. So, work is an absolute necessity. Now, relationships are also a necessity for living a sane and healthy life. So, this needs to be in place as well. So, you have to both work and create relationships. And since life purpose won't take anymore time or energy away from you than a regular job will, it's in your best interest to make your work be the thing you already love. But right now, you're probably getting an intuitive sense that you need relationships more. So, focus on that and setting up the infrastructure to have good friends and a healthy social life. Your intuition will tell you what you need to focus on next. I think that's the reason why you're asking the question in the first place. You want confirmation that it's okay to pursue relationships/friendships? Is that correct?
  8. Thank you! The thing to realize is that this issue has not too much to do with sexuality itself. But it plays itself out on the stage of sexuality. And these types of fetishes, can often indicate where there is an issue... where that issue may only slightly relate back to the sexual. And this has been one of the most difficult things for me to transcend. And I've been working on this for years. So, I've come to realize how and why these patterns come up when and how they do. And I can use these signs and symptoms as a road map to be sure that I'm going in a fruitful direction relative to my inner work. So, the solution is to integrate both the masculine and feminine side and own whatever is there and repress none. And when this happens, both aspects can be in perpetual embrace and intercourse with one another, conceiving and giving birth to ever more exalted intonations of the self as the more these two aspects are in intercourse the deeper the connection is to that which has been unconscious. So, is like Yin and Yang just flowing together naturally. And it is a way to tap into hidden waiting potentials and to reclaim aspects of ourselves. This is referred to as the "sacred child" in alchemy. Now, most often women will have a predominantly feminine energy where men will have a predominantly masculine energy. But there are exceptions, and absolutely everyone has both. So, it's a bit like the story of the phoenix, where the old phoenix disintegrates into ash only to be born from that same ash as a more exalted form of its previous self.
  9. There is a desire for natural feminine vulnerability that the fantasy give a really intense and dysfunctional version of... because that vulnerability can't be felt in healthier ways due to feminine repression and Animus possession. But to be noted, you are the one that is 100% in control of the fantasy. So, it sets up a situation where you can both feel out of control and vulnerable while also simultaneously being in control of everyone in the fantasy: yourself and the men. So, every character in the fantasy is you. And you are the ring master for all of them. I have had this same fetish before, that has now given way to healthier sexual fantasies that are still based around vulnerability... but not in a dysfunctional way. So, there is actually more to it than this. A lot of it comes from internalizing misogyny, and a desire to be punished for your womanhood that has been subtly indoctrinated into you over time. And because of the way that the media sees women and their value as being mostly a type of pleasure giver and pretty decorum for a man, this solidifies this problem. So, when you are being raped in the fantasy there is an association between dehumanization, masochism, and sexual pleasure. And feeling like you derive pleasure only from the man receiving pleasure from your body. And that you're fulfilling your purpose of being a sexual object by supplying that pleasure to men who don't respect your humanity. And in that fantasy, you can just be thing and you can feel like you've successfully embodied your only purpose as a passive object for male pleasure by having your boundaries totally breeched and submitting yourself to utter dehumanization. And it being able to submit to the utter annihilation of your humanity, there is a release and a feeling of vulnerability that you're unable to feel in a healthy feminine way. So, instead of a natural blooming, there is a prying open and breaking. And the pain of being pried open is something that you've come to associate pleasure with... even if you know that it would be very unpleasant if it really happened. Society hates the feminine. So, those with low self-esteem cannot express healthy feminine vulnerability or receptivity. So, that aspect gets relegated to the shadow and comes out in these fantasies of extreme domination of the masculine over the feminine. So, this is what happens when a feminine woman is in resistance to her femininity and her masculinity at the same time. The masculine side becomes a domineering tyrant over the feminine side, and you succumb to Animus possession. So, in the fantasy it is your unconscious/rejected masculine side running amok in the shadow and dominating your suppressed feminine side that is hiding away in shame and fear. This is what Animus possession is. And the shadow masculine can be very violent and rejoice in the suffering of the feminine. So, it's important to see that you are the men in the fantasy as well.
  10. I recall talking to you before. I'm telling you again that these are abusive things that he says specifically to manipulate certain reactions out of you. It was likely his intention that you now feel this way. I know it's hard, but you should really try to get out from under that relationship and realize that there's a lot of manipulation going on. I recall from before that he was using his statement of "being more advance in personal development" than you, to make you question yourself. Now you're here again and he's doing the same thing. He's making you question your thoughts, feelings, beauty, worth, etc. Abusers do this to keep their partner disoriented and under control. Then, they come back and apologize after the message has set in so that you go back to a set-point of feeling like he's a reasonable person and that you're the one that's "cocky" or unreasonable in some way. So, the things that he gets away with and feels entitled to that go over your boundaries, he expects you to accept. But when you express your natural discomfort at these things, he tells you that you're being unreasonable. So, it's like your boundaries have been breeched to the fullest extent. And then you suggesting that he should back up just a little bit (but still allowing him to be mostly over your boundaries), and him accusing you of going over his boundaries because you pushed back a tiny bit on him invading yours. If your partner is treating you this way, it's a squalid existence to live. And you'll live in a state of constantly questioning yourself because you've been gaslit so often. So, please try to realize this, and try to get out.
  11. Thanks. Although, I noticed earlier that he was doing it to someone else in another thread. So, he may just be a troll that goes around randomly trying to stir the pot. My interpretation is that his attack was pointed toward me specifically, as he had done it before and wasn't doing it to anyone else at the time. So, I may have been mistaken and just given him what he wants if he's just a troll, which sucks if I fed into that trolling. But either way, it's a good practice for me in terms of reacting when someone is challenging or disrespecting me.
  12. It has to do with understanding paradigms and how they work. So, think of a paradigm as being a platform that has an entire perspective to it, that fits together and has consistency. And each paradigm is mutually exclusive with no mincing with other paradigms. So, here is a contradicting view, that is true depending on which paradigm you're looking at. So, from the absolute paradigm, everything is perfect and nothing needs to be fixed... or could ever be fixed. But from the relative paradigm, there is no such thing as perfection as everything is inherently flawed based on the human conception of perfection. So, there is always room for improvement. So, it is true that everything is 100% perfect and imperfect. Or another example, is from a conversation I was having on the forum a few weeks ago. From the scientific paradigm, race is an illusion because it's just based upon how much sunlight our ancestors got, and there's no clear declinations between races like we understand them to be. But from the subjective paradigm, race is a reality that we as people can and do notice. And there is racism that effects people's lives, despite the fact that scientifically, race is an illusion. So, if you say "race is an illusion, therefore racism does not and cannot exist"... this is mincing paradigms and using a truth from one paradigm to invalidate a truth from another paradigm. So, basically, using truth to lie to one's self... or others. So, the key is have a really clear idea what the paradigm that you're using is and having the discernment to not lie to yourself or edit out truth based upon logical contradictions with another paradigm. So, accurate perception of truths (not ideas or opinions) is key to being able to have this type of discernment.
  13. I agree with what Space said. As a famous RSD guy, he's mostly going to get with easy hook-up women who are looking for status through being picked up by him for who he is. But the vast majority of Orange women aren't like that. Orange generally, is all about meritocracy based upon relatively arbitrarily chosen standards. So, when I was in Orange, my meritocracy wasn't based upon money or status. I didn't think those were very important at all, and I considered those things as indicators of being a boring person who had everything handed to them. So, these were signifiers of weakness and boringness relative to my Orange hierarchy. My Orange values were based upon intelligence, being interesting, being kind, having good taste in art and moves, worldliness, struggle, etc. So, these were my hierarchies of the time and how I determined who was valuable and who wasn't. So, even though it's shallow in terms of always thinking of things in terms of value and hierarchy, not every woman's hierarchy will be the same. But the women who are most available to a famous RSD guy, are going to be women who are Orange whose hierarchy is all about money, status, looks, etc. So, to him, that's his conception of what a woman is. All other women are irrelevant to him as they aren't in his dating pool. So, it has a lot to do with like attracting like. Since the RSD guys are all about looks, status climbing, and the mainstream conception of social currency, they're going to attract the women that mirror these values.
  14. I generally agree. I do try to keep the peace where I can. But I was always a bad one in the past to let people go over my boundaries unchecked and not stand up for myself. So, in recent years, if someone directly disrespects me, I will push back on them a bit and maybe clown on them a little bit. It's a bit of shadow work for me, as I get to be a bit more confrontational. And Strikr had made some not so nice comments to me before that I ignored. So, I figured since this is a continuation of that, that it was appropriate to put him in check.
  15. So, you'll stop reading my "bs" when I use my mouth instead... meaning that you want to continue reading my "bs" if it's coming from my butt. That's a very confusing insult... Well, at any rate, I'm sorry that I bother you so much. Maybe you should just focus more on what you're doing, instead of being so wrapped up in what I'm doing.