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  1. Based Crazy the cop pointing the gun at the guy. Americamaxxed
  2. "Drawing on cryptic intimations in the work of J.G. Ballard, Georges Bataille, William Burroughs, André Leroi-Gourhan, Elaine Morgan, and Friedrich Nietzsche, in the late twentieth century Dr. Daniel Barker formulated the axioms of Spinal Catastrophism: If human morphology, upright posture, and the possibility of language are the ramified accidents of natural history, then psychic ailments are ultimately afflictions of the spine, which itself is a scale model of biogenetic trauma, a portable map of the catastrophic events that shaped that atrocity exhibition of evolutionary traumata, the sick orthograde talking mammal. Tracing its provenance through the biological notions of phylogeny and ‘organic memory’ that fueled early psychoanalysis, back into idealism, nature philosophy, and romanticism, and across multiform encounters between philosophy, psychology, biology, and geology, Thomas Moynihan reveals the historical continuity of Spinal Catastrophism, and analyzes its principal sources: the geological discovery of depth as memory, and the notion of recapitulation born of the collision of absolute idealism with natural history. From psychoanalysis and myth to geology and neuroanatomy, from bioanalysis to chronopathy, from spinal colonies of proto-minds to the retroparasitism of the CNS, from ‘railway spine’ to Elizabeth Taylor’s lost gill-slits, this extravagantly comprehensive philosophical adventure uses the spinal cord as a guiding thread to rediscover forgotten pathways in modern thought. Moynihan demonstrates that, far from being an fanciful notion rendered obsolete by advances in biology, Spinal Catastrophism dramatizes fundamental philosophical problematics of time, identity, continuity, and the transcendental that remain central to any attempt to reconcile human experience with natural history." This seems like a very dense multi-faceted philosophy regarding the evolution of the spine, claiming the spine when studied acts as a record of human history and the history of earth. By understanding the spine we can understand the development of the nervous system, senses, our consciousness, our "inner world" so to speak. If I am understanding correctly, the claim is that this inner world is some form of natural discontinuity, and issues with the spine are an undiagnosed cause of many social disorders, such as thought and language, which he claims are a sort of virus plaguing mankind ("psychic ailments"). And by understanding the spine we can understand multi generational trauma. I may be getting something wrong here. I am no philosopher or biologist, and this is a bit out of my realm, but I have never heard of this before and found the concept pretty interesting, although extremely difficult to understand. I was curious if Leo has heard of Spinal Catastrophism and what he thinks. I had never head of it and I thought you guys would find it interesting.
  3. Yes this movie opened my eyes as well. Definitely worth watching
  4. You should listen to Kendrick Lamar- Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers. It's about awakening. He even samples Eckharte Tolle Listen while reading the lyrics, you will be surprised, I think you'll like it
  5. Who are your favorite rappers Leo, the world must know
  6. 300ug will do the trick, trust me
  7. You need to get out of your head and do something that you enjoy, something that is almost guaranteed to make you feel good, like going out into nature on a walk. Doing exercise wilI help you feel happy. Is there something you want deep down that you are not addressing or doesn't feel possible for you? If you aren't taking steps in the right direction towards a life goal things will become increasingly difficult. It is hard to diagnose your situation based off very little info. But sorry to hear you are going through this.
  8. Some coping mechanisms are better for you than others.
  9. How could one argue that sex work should be illegal? If one person wants to have sex for money and the other wants to purchase why is that illegal? And with legalization could come better safety and other oversight. It's crazy you could be put in jail for having sex with someone for money
  10. Porn is not inherently wrong. It could be an unhealthy addiction for some people. There are some problems with the industry of porn and how it treats women. But that's not inherently true of all porn. I just think it's funny you keep posting about how much you love porn, it seemed a little unhealthy to people, that's all. Nobody is triggered
  11. You can assume I have a fragile ego and that I think highly of myself (after calling me mr assumption maker). I'm simply going off what you've said in other threads trying to decipher your broken english about being a wanker. You are also assuming I'm not a mentalist and that I can't understand you
  12. Don't waste your time on this guy. He has also advocated we should let kids younger than 18 do porn in a different thread. His brain is rotting from all the "shake shake". He doesn't care about benefits of not watching porn or the ethical issues and predatory nature of the porn industry. He's just obsessed. @Creatorbeing I'm curious as to how you think porn relates to your grades, lmao. "See guys! Porn isn't bad! I got good grades jerking off constantly!"
  13. Meanwhile last time I was in Europe everyone smoked cigarettes including like 12 year olds