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  1. Don't let this blackpiller get to you, just because he is going through horrible health issues which he's projecting on you. It'll probably not be easy but not a horror show for everyone.
  2. Let hitler talk his nonsense; at least he makes some good roads and fashion.
  3. Lex Fridman leaves too much wiggle room for slippery eels like Musk
  4. Musk's rhetoric has worsened over the last year, hes deep into far right conspiracies now So I think he should be exposed far and wide now, considering he turned twitter into a nazi amusement park, the masses dont know how fucked he is If anything Lemon should have went harder There are conservatives with more and less integrity and Musks integrity tanked to the absolute bottom
  5. @atla If you're up for it, try a low dosage shroom trip. It'll expand your mind and allow you to delve deeper into your psyche, and give you an introduction to spirituality. I tripped a few weeks back and for like 3 days after it helped with a lot of my symptoms including (social) anxiety. I'm gonna try microdosing as well. Also contemplate a lot about life and what you want and write it down. this is one of my fav Leo vids that helps with that: I hope you find what you're looking for.
  6. @Nivsch honest question, do you think not releasing hostages is a legitimate reason to kill 30k+ people?
  7. if there is an end, has there also been a beginning?
  8. @Leo Gura Forgive me for bothering you about this again, I'm just a human with fears and questions. My worst fear is being irredeemably irrevocably damned forever. There is absolutely no rational or empirical ground for this, it is just the idea itself that scares me. Of course abrahamic religions try to use this idea to make them join their religion. The idea that free thought might damn you forever is truly a criminal act by those religions. But it still scares me. The fact that IRL i'm surrounded by muslims also doesn't help, since it probably has an effect on me, just knowing that those people believe in eternal hell and are afraid of it, makes the idea more real for me, like Plato's cave where all are living in a shared delusion. I've learned that to accept this fear and get over it I have to accept the potential outcome. Quite hard to accept that you might never come back from torment, that your consciousness will be imprisoned and tortured forever. But i'm still going to accept this potential outcome. On the other hand, I want to find out whether this is even possible for consciousness, to be in a certain state forever. Again, I don't even believe it can, since every state and object of consciousness is impermanent, except consciousness itself. So heaven and hell can't be permanent. Also, murphy's law would mean that if any such state could exist, we would already be in it, since time has being going on forever. The fact that I'm not in a permanent state right now, would prove that such a state cannot exist. But I want to verify this statement myself instead of rationally thinking about it. I do realize for example that the words I'm typing now are absolute truth, because consciousness is simply undeniable. I'm not a complete noob at truth-seeking, but I'm also not advanced. Is there any psychedelic you might recommend for this? Shrooms was way too loopy and increased mental imagination instead of decreasing it. Do you recommend 5-MEO-DMT or 5-MEO-MALT for this? I'm a bit afraid of LSD since many people report bad trips on it and it lasts so long. NN-DMT i'm also not sure about, I've heard about people gaining knowledge from DMT entities but that would still imply a duality. I have to verify it myself by being the Monad. Although I'm afraid of such a God-Realization and the collapse of duality and I do realize that a true God-Realization will be extremely shocking(how else could it be) but I still want to face it. It confuses me that after all your insights and you haven't come to the conclusion whether particular states of consciousness can be permanent or not. I want to be fearless about death. I want to face my metaphysical fears. If I can overcome those, any challenge and calamity in life can be overcome, that is my hypothesis. When I was in LA last year, deeply contemplating metaphysical questions, I came across this quote on a church: “Make up a story... For our sake and yours forget your name in the street; tell us what the world has been to you in the dark places and in the light. Don't tell us what to believe, what to fear. Show us belief's wide skirt and the stitch that unravels fear's caul.” -Toni Morrison I feel like this quote somehow holds the answer about us humans. But I don't know, maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic. You've said that truth doesn't serve you. How can it not though? I realize truth won't grow your dick or shit like that. But knowing the truth is liberation by itself right? liberation from insecurity? at least in the grand scheme.
  9. Isn't God more than just the fabric of reality though? It sounds like you're giving more of a Buddhist view here of God just being the ground of reality. For example, in your video about the purpose of life, you said that the purpose of life is Consciousness/God experiencing itself in all its forms and manifestations to explore itself. By this statement it seems God is more than just the fabric of reality. I'm not asking for some answers to dogmatically believe, I'm just interested in you talking about God lol. I'm on my own path of finding truth and gnosis. Reality just confuses the fuck out of me since I've had my awakening experience a few years back. My ego wants to cling on to various belief systems about reality and God. Fear of hell / tormental incarnations does also play a role here. I'm working on cleansing this from my system. However I'm not even sure if answers exist to the existential questions I have. Is it even possible to gain understanding and answers to all questions? You've said that you've gained infinite understanding of all of reality. But you've also said that you don't know the answers to many questions and that there are some things you can't know. This apparent contradition in your rhetoric confuses me.
  10. isn't the whole idea of yoga to engineer your own inner system? Are you being cynical about being able to learn to control your own state and body?
  11. nah you won't. your content will be preserved and people in 500 years will recognize the wisdom and truth in it.
  12. "The possibilities are just as unlimited inside of the limits as outside of them" -Jules Deelder
  13. Can't really blame him for seizing the opportunity to provide for his family generations down the line.
  14. It kinda makes sense that to claim infinite sovereignity over reality it would require the sacrifice of ultimate suffering first, the harrowing of hell. But maybe I am mistaken.