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  1. Wow, so cool to hear them talk about 5 Meo. @Girzo yeah, I wondered about that too. His ego was fighting for an hour, before breaking trough. Thank you for sharing, great and encouraging conversation!
  2. Yeah, 5-Meo-Dmt makes other psychedelics more intense. So be careful because you may wanna reduce dosages for future trips. This is just my experience, but when you feel like if you fall asleep you gonna die, fall asleep and die! since it’s mostly the ego trying to hold on and trying to control the experience. Take your time to integrate the experience. But remember that psychedelics are a powerful and helpful tool! Cool trip report thanks for sharing!
  3. @Leo Gura Really Interesting! SO I basically I have to lower the doses of the other psychedelics I took pre-5-MEO-DMT and work my way up again? ( sounds like BC and AD excepted it would be before and after 5-meo) And in your, opinion would you work exclusively with 5-meo for a while and explore the substance without using other psychedelics, since it seems to affect the sensitivity to other psychedelics? Or did you find it beneficial to use other substances as well, while start working with 5-meo-DMT?
  4. About a week ago I plugged around 110mg DPT ( measured with Microscale). And had a very positive experience. I took the next day 32mg of 4 ACO DMT orally, which also was extremely beneficial and very cleansing experience. SO no more Psychedelics for the Week because I was planning on taking 5 Meo DMT on Friday for the very first time. So on Friday, I plugged 18 mg right after work because I was really excited. Fucking Terrifying because I Felt Like I was being dissolved, didn't break through ( also wasn't planning on it ) still the substance told me how to work with it to breakthrough in the future and that I should stick with that dose for a bit, to learn and become familiar with that terror that I felt from dissolving and investigate who is afraid. Anyways getting to the point: I plugged Today 80 mg of DPT. My intention was to get cleansed from egoic patterns. The Trip was for more Intense than the 110 mg from the previous week, felt like it was a completely different substance. Instead of feeling more empty ( which I enjoyed to just be ) it felt a lot more like a mix btw shrooms and LSD showering over me, plus It felt like my brain was being intensely rewired. ( don't take it literally it is just how I experienced it during the Trip ) Anyone has experienced that even after a threshold dose of 5 MEO DMT, other Psychedelics become more intense or change there character? Or is it just because I wanted something different with my intention I got such a more different and intense trip?
  5. Bacopa monnieri, Ashwagandha, and Magnesium at Night Turmeric Curcumin, Omega 3 in the morning Daily Meditation Practice, Daily Physical Excercise top, in my opinion, all Supplements Try what works for you and what makes you feel great, our bodies react diffrent to different supplements.
  6. Ok plugged again 70mg, but this time I used a 5ml syringe ( used a lot of Lube ). And it was a way more intense experience than the last time I plugged 70+ mg DPT. I think more water helped my rectum absorb the substance better. The trip had pretty strong visuals but the body load seemed manageable. @Girzo yeah, I got to try to make freebase out of it. Really appreciate your feedback helps a lot. Staying right now in Switzerland so I am trying to find baking soda and no store seems to have it, so I probably wait with that till I am back in the states.
  7. After a couple of attempts to plug DPT I took the advice i got in the forum and smoked DPT and just did it. 30 mg weight out and good Lord above, it worked so much better than plugging for me. Come up took about 3 minutes but after 10 minutes i was already peaking. Also I didn’t convert it into freebase since I read Online from a bunch of pepole that HCL worked fine for them. And it worked fine for me. Only downside is the chemical taste and it made me nauseous. But still it was worth it for me. Excited to start working my way towards a higher dose with this substance. Since i think I found a Route of Administration that works well for me. Thank to all the pepole who helped me figure this out.
  8. @outlandish could be true, i am using a mg scale i bought from Amazon for under 30$, so might not be accurate. Plus i used the mg spoon for re-dosing.
  9. @iTommy I used a 1ml syringe, so im gonna try with a 5ml syringe and stick in as deep as I can😀, see how that’s gonna work. Thanks for your feedback.
  10. @Girzo No Medication, no psychedelics except DPT in the last two weeks and I smoked weed the day before but don’t think this would have an effect. I did an enema the morning i took DPT, maybe that had some effect on absorption. I try to follow Leos plugging tutorial he posted on the blog. But I never plugged anything else than DPT before. So i will check the video again and see if I did it all correct. @Leo Gura Would 50 mg be a good dose to start snorting it?
  11. Ok, plugged 70mg waited 15 minute for come up. Which felt really weak. So redosed another 20mg, redosed again 20 mg 45 minutes after first dose. Had some slight visuals but nothing intense. So i am questioning now if I have real DPT ( which i got from a reliable online vendor, where i bought a bunch of good quality RC )? Or is it that the substance might not work for me? Or do i need to take way higher dose?
  12. @Girzo thank you for your feedback. Good to know that the dose curve gets exponentially more intense. And I will stick to the 70 mg and see what will happen and forget about the re dosing.
  13. I plugged 30 and didn’t feel much, went up to 50 mg. I felt the come up about 15 minutes after plugging. It made me dance and Music felt great, but definitely not anything crazy and not intense at all. So I am gonna take 70mg this Sunday and see If I can break trough and were it will take me. Thinking about if I should re-dose after a half hour if its still to weak. Did anyone successfully try to re-dose DPT, or would it be a waste of material?
  14. Barley felt 20 mg so will go up to 50 mg on Sunday. Can you trip multiple times a day with DPT like 5 meo?
  15. I got myself some DPT that i wanna try out. Planning to start with plugging 20mg. Since that seems a good safe dose to start out with. After that by how much would be recommended to increase the dose? Like go from 20 to 30 or to 40 mg. Or does it get exponentially more intense? Thanks for any tips.