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  1. @acidgoofy the self deception can feel so real on this combo. Also seems like a common side effect of it, after reading some more reports and personal experiences.
  2. @LSD-Rumi yeah its super fun. i mixed DCK, 3-meo-pce, or ketamine with mushrooms or LSD. can create some unique and euphoric mind states. But keep the doses low to start out and see how you react . It can be alot more unpredictable than just using psychedelics. mixed dck with 4-aco-dmt last week it was great. At some point in the trip I truly believed i won the lotto.
  3. Ive tried and Experimented with multiple 4- sub tryptamines. I tried both aco and ho variants and to me it only makes a difference if you boof it. here are my favorites and descriptions in order: 4-aco-dmt: is my favorite because it feels to me like a low dose of dmt and also gives me some amazing insights at a consistent basis. 4-aco-dipt: Alot of sexual arousal and feels to me very erotic. Feels like my heart opens up. 4-aco-met: Very visual and almost no bodyload. Very enjoyable to take with friends. Because everyone still is very functional and gives some cool insights but not as profound as 4-aco-dmt. 4-aco-mipt high body load and almost no visuals. Most pepole i know who took it, hate it. But for me I really love the strong body-load and the feeling of exploding from the inside. 4-aco-dpt feels sinister, instead of a light glow there is this dark shade around objects. Almost feels I’m transported inside a horror movie. Made me a little manic and paranoid but have not deeply investigated this substance. 4-aco-ept This one’s feels like it’s the weakest of all those!
  4. @ronda just do more sessions with 5 meo dmt. Maybe find a facilitator or psychedelic therapist. Sometimes stuff needs to be seen and let go and there is not enough time in a 15 min session. Could be helpful but trust your intuition
  5. @Schizophonia Tip: if u wanna get those white dmt crystals, dissolve the extracted yellow crystals with n-heptane ( best solvent for cleaning in my experience) than just put in container of choice, leave it in the freezer overnight or till those crystals form on the bottom. And enjoy For me it doesn’t make it any more potent, but it just looks better? and leaves your pipe cleaner.
  6. Rfk jr would legalize psychedelics. Thats one reason to vote for him.
  7. Nitrous Oxide combines super well with all psychedelics and a whip cart on the come-up is like a warm embrace. Especially with 5 meo, the come up is rough sometimes and nitrous makes the journey much more enjoyable. Does anyone else here like to combine psychedelics and nitrous?
  8. Supplement with milk thistle and NAC on a regular basis. It will more slowly detox and is great for maintenance, but from my experience feels healthy. If you need a stronger detox use TUDCA. There are great threads on Reddit about how to use these supplements effectively.
  9. For all the folks who can’t wait till tomorrow to watch it on YouTube. Here is the link to the apple podcast: About 2 hrs in and its enjoyable how curt is squeezing gold out of leo.
  10. @Daniel347 definitely more powerful than DPT and gives a similar effect to 5 meo dmt.
  11. @Daniel347 5mg is breakthrough dose. Also in my experience its duration is at least about double as long as 5-meo-dmt.
  12. @Daniel347 no, didn’t write one. vaporize 5mg in a apex volt and let me know what happens.
  13. @Leo Gura 5-meo- MALT, is the only other psychedelic i tried that is similar to 5-meo-dmt in its power to annihilate the ego. Excited, for you to release the name of those substances. Praying that lizards labs synthesis your new substances, for widespread availability ?.