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  1. @GroovyGuru imagine how amazing your life is gonna be in 4 years and you will feel so grateful for that 200$ investment that changed your life😁
  2. @Leo Gura i get ur point that it takes a long time to evolve society. Yet we never had technology that connected the whole world which enables a level of communication at a speed that was never there before. My prediction is that we see a major part of the American population moving into green in the next 20 years. And at least a small but significant amount into tier 2 ( mostly yellow ). Reason for this timeframe is the urgent need to transform our society for more sustainability, tackling climate change etc. humanity will step up to the challenge ( because we wanna survive😃 ). Anyways not saying technology is the savior, but it is one of the most promising tools for humans to evolve and solve problems and it could really accelerate human evolution.
  3. I get that pepole have there perspective. But a kid walks down the road with an assault style weapon which is illegal for a minor ( according to local laws ) and gets encouragement from law enforcement. He actually ends up killing pepole. While a father gets shot in the back multiple times infront of his kids for allegedly possessing a knive. Which seems to me that equal justice doesn’t truly exist ( which it probably never will but we can definitely make it more fair for everyone). I guess im trying to say racial justice is a deep rooted problem that needs some serious overhauls.
  4. Yeah, maybe in a monastery. But I can’t imagine, you can be effective and functional in a modern world beeing just pure awareness. But maybe the opposite is true!
  5. Found this on a Forum and it resonated with personal experiences. Its a nice model that helps me understand psychedelic/meditative experiences I had. Anyone else relates to this?
  6. I heard that now a couple of times on diffrent forums. That pepole who broke trought on 5 meo get no visuals anymore on nn-DMT and have the same experience as you are reporting. Do you have any assumptions or explanation why?
  7. Wow, was reading this and got really inspired to keep pursuing this work. Thank you so much for sharing this! + you are an amazing writer!
  8. Great trip report! Thank you for sharing. considering trying this substance out.
  9. Link doesn’t work!
  10. Candy edibles are not as potent as for example brownies or chocolate edibles with equal amount of THC. High Fat helps the body to absorb THC way more efficient. Plus I only trust legal products, when it comes to edibles. Most black and grey market sellers are super inconsistent when it comes to edibles and correct dosages. You can increase your dose by 10mg everytime and work your way up, till you reach your desired effect.
  11. @Arzack yes, from my experience plugged DPT lasts btw 2-4 hours (depends on amount as well). And 5 meo lasts for me about 20 min. For me, 5 meo tops everything for non dual work (especially when smoked). With 5 meo you can do back to back trips in one session. But with DPT I noticed a tolerance build up. Anyways, with 5 meo dmt, you have an amazing tool at hand. I never had another psychedelic that is as powerful.
  12. @Tanz Yeah 4 ACO DMT has in my experience strong visuals that last throughout the whole trip. -Insights come mostly after 1 hour after taking the substance. But they mostly come when I have settled into the experience after the come up. -Tripping with 4 ACO lasts mostly 5 hours for me, but I get tired after the Trip in contrast to LSD where you feel energized for a while after.
  13. @Leo Gura That would make sense that the brain is imagined inside of consciousness. But what creates physical reality and what allows us to experience physical reality as a separate being?
  14. Trip Report Yesterday I took 40 mg of 4 ACO DMT. I took it orally. As a side note, I enjoy the weirdness and sometimes mindfuck this substance can give me. The come up was really intense and I had just to lay flat on the floor, but once I got adjusted to the substance It's really beautiful to contemplate on it. Here are a couple of ideas that I tried to put into the English language, which feels hard sometimes because language can be limiting. How can we have an unbiased view? Since all our beliefs opinions are invented and created by us. So are we just hallucinating reality? It seems that way. Our body and what we currently identify with tries to keep us alive. So then we create an illusion, to keep our limited self alive. And what is this limited self, a highly complex machine that has a job and its job is to give us a sense of self so we can identify with that and stay alive and survive as a construct. In the experience, I became aware of how consciousness/energy is trapped in the brain. And the brain then directs this energy in loops and thought patterns. Those patterns are what I would call in my normal state of consciousness as myself. I am just and Idea a relative concept that is created to give me this limited localized experience as me. Like light shines through a diamond and gets split in different rays of light, the same way consciousness is the light that lights up the brain and creates the illusion of different colors, sounds, emotions, perceptions, etc. And lets the one source of everything experience itself as everything. Ego is the point of reference, how can we experience a separate reality if there is not a pattern or a reference point. Plus what is the point of a separate reality? A complex game of hiding and seeking. Like creating a video game and then experience the created world from the view of a certain character. Plus one major thing that psychedelics keep teaching me, is to be more authentic and less trapped in my Ideas of myself and in past experiences. And psychedelics give just such a beautiful glimpse of what it means to love yourself and the world, and how pure acceptance feels like. Thank you for reading my report
  15. Wow, so cool to hear them talk about 5 Meo. @Girzo yeah, I wondered about that too. His ego was fighting for an hour, before breaking trough. Thank you for sharing, great and encouraging conversation!