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  1. Nitrous Oxide combines super well with all psychedelics and a whip cart on the come-up is like a warm embrace. Especially with 5 meo, the come up is rough sometimes and nitrous makes the journey much more enjoyable. Does anyone else here like to combine psychedelics and nitrous?
  2. Supplement with milk thistle and NAC on a regular basis. It will more slowly detox and is great for maintenance, but from my experience feels healthy. If you need a stronger detox use TUDCA. There are great threads on Reddit about how to use these supplements effectively.
  3. For all the folks who can’t wait till tomorrow to watch it on YouTube. Here is the link to the apple podcast: About 2 hrs in and its enjoyable how curt is squeezing gold out of leo.
  4. @Daniel347 definitely more powerful than DPT and gives a similar effect to 5 meo dmt.
  5. @Daniel347 5mg is breakthrough dose. Also in my experience its duration is at least about double as long as 5-meo-dmt.
  6. @Daniel347 no, didn’t write one. vaporize 5mg in a apex volt and let me know what happens.
  7. @Leo Gura 5-meo- MALT, is the only other psychedelic i tried that is similar to 5-meo-dmt in its power to annihilate the ego. Excited, for you to release the name of those substances. Praying that lizards labs synthesis your new substances, for widespread availability ?.
  8. @Understander buy your 5-meo (extraction is not worth it from plants! Toad venom from BUFO Alvarius is worth to try once because it gives a unique experience that in my opinion isn’t exactly the same as synthetic but is not sustainable or ethical in my opinion) Extract DMT, you find all your ingredients on etsy? and there are a bunch of guides how to do it online.
  9. @Gneh Onebar thanks for posting the videos. These videos resemble trips in the 15-30 mg range smoked for me. But when I break through on DMT I enter a different world/dimension that is inhabited by conscious beings that interact with me. Haven't found any videos that come close to capturing on video what a DMT breakthrough dose looks like.
  10. My personal recommendation to start out with would be: 4-ho & 4-aco-met/ almost no bodyload but strong visuals an extremely pleasant psychedelic to start. Also lets u keep a clearer headspace. Here are some other ones that I think could also be really beneficial for you: MDMA - 100mg territory is very pleasant for me to enjoy and relax. ( lower doses of mdma are more tolerable than higher ones ) DMT ( smoked ) - 5-20 mg range with Dmt, gives beautiful visuals and it doesn’t have a heavy body load and it only lasts about 5-10 min. ( i recommend for longer and more profound DMT experiences to supplement with b. Caapi or another safe MAOI ) 4-ho & 4-aco mipt - high bodyload almost no visuals. My favorite 4-sub chemical but more energetic than relaxing.
  11. @Vinnie interesting! It seemed like a vivid bright blue that was painted on the pot. I think it was the DMT experience still overalying my visual field while coming down from the trip.
  12. @Jodo after reflecting more on the experience it was more because it was so mind blowing and so strange and new that it just freaked me out. I definitely feel refreshed and have an afterglow. Gonna experiment more, and see whats there learn on how to navigate the experience. Learning by doing! Did you experiment with DMT personally and did you experience multiple different “dimensions”?
  13. Some free time this week alowed me to experiment with nn-DMT. I use a Pulsar Volt Vape which allows me to take the 40 mg in one hit and is super safe, because you can't burn yourself. I've worked my way up to higher doses and I had only beautiful experiences that I felt so grateful for while working my way up to higher doses. So here is my trip report, 40 mg smoked with the Pulsar vape: I heat up the coil and start taking a long large hit and try to keep the smoke in as long as I can. I start feeling the DMT building up. I lay back and as soon as I touch the floor with closed eyes. I can see a whole new strange world that looks stranger than any anime I ever saw. I start to look around and see these insects that look like mantras . Those insects look at me and I feel their confusion about how I showed up infront of them. It's strange to say but that world seems a lot more vivid than this 3d world. The insects arent very gentle with me and they started gathering around me and feels like they started ripping me apart. Not sure how long I was in that situation but when I looked around ( with closed eyes ) I can see everything in extreme detail and I never saw anything in my life or can't even imagine a world that strange. Those wired alien insect creatures are still all over me with their wired arms/ tentacles and are playing with me or ripping me apart, hard to describe which one. But it doesn't feel good. I feel uncomfortable and just wanna get out of there back to being in a ''normal'' world. The experience starts to shift again and I start switching between different realities ( completely different world with unique entities that im somehow tuning in for a short moment ). I open my eyes and freak out, because every color and details in my room is different, the wall has a pink color, a plant pot that is normally just plain gray turned into a bright white pot with a blue strip around. My first faught is that i messed up and landed somehow in a parallel dimension where every detail is just a little different. I close my eyes again and just tell myself to breath and wait till the experience settles back to normal. Earlier that day i had beautiful experience with vaped DMT were I encounter these alive mechanical structures (maybe machine elves? ) that were welcoming me to another dimension. So all my previous experiences with DMT were "positive". So I didn't really expect to have such a bizarre somewhat frightening experience when i met the those interdimensional insects. But this wont keep me from doing further research with DMT and explore these realms more. For administration I highly recommend the Pulsar APX Volt Vape, instead of 3 puffs from a oil burner ( which also wastes more material and I hard to do alone ), take one long drawn hit and you will take off to hyperspace. Thanks for reading and I wish you all a safe interdimensional journey! Curious if anyone else has encountered those insect alien beings and interacted or talked ( telepathy ) with them? and, is there a way to control in which dimension you end up at, or is the experience all up to fate?