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  1. Yes it is truly magical.. You know I could write whatever I want but it wont explain what I mean, maybe substance is not the perfect word but its the best way I can describe it from my experience. I also cant deny that it when you say love is a feeling because everything is love.. I am not saying love is a higher form beyond humans.. what I am saying is that humans are made of infinite love. You could connect the word to a warm feeling or the way your mom cares about you but love is infinite and once you stop holding on and let go you will explode with love for no reason. How could it not be available for everyone if its your nature? You dont have to master anything as I said let go of fear and you will see that you are it
  2. Love is the substance from which everything is made of "Love is an open secret, the most obvious thing in the world and the most hidden, with no why to how it keeps its mystery." Rumi Beautiful how he describes the things you cant put in words
  3. Personal growth doesn't end after liberation I think and also I like working on myself and growing in that way. But I get what you mean his teachings really are very direct and he radiates love.
  4. thank you leo! for sure on of my favorite episodes
  5. @OBEler Don't let anyone push you.. if you don't want to experience ego-death/god/infinity right now maybe you shouldn't do 5-meo. A strong desire for truth is probably the most important thing for this experience. In my opinion it's not wise to do 5-meo beacuse you want to experience pleasant energies.. There is no way to prepare for a breakthrough dose, maybe more sub breakthroughts lower the fear of going for it but it wont prepare you. Also the heartbeating reaction never stops you have to accept it in the moment it is part of ego death in my experience.
  6. Yes, he was on the spiritual path before he got enlightend. I think he wrote that he did Zazen 10 years already. Also he used a lot of ayahuasca, mushrooms and salvia. I dont really know how enlightenment works. But he also wrote in his book that he already was in the process to enlightenment and in the end he smoked a huge 5-meo hit and never really came down from it.
  7. From every psychedelic I tried so far I could take something useful. The problem I have with N-N DMT is that everything is so freaking fast and intense so its very hard to learn from it.
  8. Martin Ball made a Podcast about this and he defended Octavio. He said most people later say that Octavio did the right thing and it's exactly what they needed in that moment. He was refering to one dude who got kicked in the balls by Octavio while tripping and the person later said he loved it and it was exactly what he needed. And he also mentioned that most people who work with Ocativo once will work with him again and recommend him to other people. This is not my personal opinion I would never work with Octavio.
  9. that is interesting, I still have a dry herb vape that I don't use anymore. so you broke through with a electric vape? what is the max temperature you can make on your vape?
  10. You have to buy a classic oil pipe (crack pipe) if you want to vaporize it. They are very cheap like 5-10€. Or you buy the glass sherlock which is very smooth but costs around 140€. With the pipe you have, you have to use the sandwich method as @nowimhere described it. If you hit the pipe while firing it the smoke will go down and won’t be wasted.
  11. The holes were to small for what? Did you try to squeeze the herbs and the dmt through the hole? If you did it that way that’s wrong. You put the stuff above the hole..
  12. I think it’s some kind of memory that is connected to a place or a feeling maybe
  13. develop good friendships have fun and do stupid shit think about what kind of career you want to have mindfulness meditation