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  1. From an ignorant (mine) standpoint, that looks fucking hilarious. If you've been meditating every day (consistent practice) for.. longer than a year, maybe I could see this being interesting? Wouldn't that be kinda like looking at a Rorschach blob if your point of comparison is delimited or arbitrary?
  2. Can neurofeedback be done without any special equipment? Is this a bit of a secret topic? Or just in the stages of pioneering?
  3. Sounds like a good idea to me..
  4. Gentle Giant. Free hand. (available on Spotify web-player, haven't found a decent quality on youtube). Headphones highly recommended.
  5. @Zane I've started my journal (using onenote) and I must say it's made a huge difference. For a while I thought I had to be intuitively capable of always knowing what to do next.. taking notes properly is probably the best form of "mantra" building so-to-speak (purpose remembrance/recall). Plus I was chronically smoking weed (and tobacco) so that tanks short term memory retention..
  6. Ai already is not ultra smart, so we can see the results of that already. How likely is AI going to become "less conscious" over time? Now that would be scary. Also, if Ai's "conciousness" followed an exponential curve (like processing speeds over time), how long would it take for Ai to figure everything out? Wouldn't that be like oh snap it's too late? now that could be a problem.. Elon Musk Interview | The future the world & technology: 59 mins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVMMsDZNiF8
  7. If you are interested in re watching Leo's videos, I would recommend going over the guided meditation/mindfulness topics as those are designed to be revisited consistently as a practice.
  8. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing Martin, these insights came at a good time for me, as someone who also "deals". lol
  9. I highly recommend the Wim Hof method, which from my understanding is heavily derived from yogic breathing practices. It's a very easy exercise to follow and the focus it requires (to chain 20-50 breaths together, deeply, then hold) will help reset your human system. After 3 rounds of breathing, from the very first time I tried it, I've had incredible results in terms of lifting brain fog, body pain, self temperature regulation/circadian rhythm (ie quality of rest from proper uninterrupted sleep-breathing) etc. For several months I followed along with the video above, since sometimes it's hard to keep an even circulation/intensity of breaths - uneven breathing (ie half-assing half of the breaths) can be unhealthy - it's important you listen to your body and easy yourself into a rhythm that's comfortable to you.
  10. For me, a good analogy is to imagine myself as a daredevil. Your ego makes death (or whatever else) feel terrifying but I can guarantee you it's a bluff. The ego acts like it has you in checkmate, or that it has a full house against you. Intuitively see though that shit. Dare greatly, and you can push the envelope. A daredevil follows his intuition, his feelings.
  11. No it doesn't, and thanks for bringing that up. This is ironically Jim's core message. It's as if we blame Jim based on how the audience/media reacted. That's why spirituality isn't mainstream, even seekers try to snuff out the other..
  12. I've had a similar issue: I think the issue lies with associating insanity, brain damage, or illness like schizophrenia or psychosis with an extremely negative connotation/fear. These concepts are mental projections. If you decided or felt you were schizo and behaved as such (acted), you probably could "become insane", no consciousness work required. Therefore my intuition is that allowing yourself to be crazy and insane (admit that you are), you can gain a deeper connection with your own mind, and is a key hurdle in development. Sanity is a set of standards. Any advice would also be appreciated, its a problem I'm going though myself.