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  1. Working out to degrade your muscles does not result in an unhealthy body. It makes you feel good inherently - when you sit up out of bed, when you lie on your stomach or sides when you walk and sit down in your car. Even sitting down on a chair will feel better with a hearty butt pad and improved, expanded back posture that can more easily hold it's own weight without fatigue. If you want the bare minimum, you can remain as strong as your natural constitution is based on your lifestyle and habits. Aquiring unneeded strength is a worthwhile endeavor for many people who value their body as a vessel of beauty. As humans we have the capacity to be beyond natural, naturally. That of course is not a requirement to live happily, nor is it a reason to look down upon those who chose to go beyond.
  2. @Tim R so it's better to accept science as is, as the facts, than to disregard it, throw it out as subjective or speculative for the sake of the dogma that science is inherently false? If the cat's out of the bag are you sure that cat will return? Isn't science only applicable to the eye of the beholder anyways? What difference does it make to state the obvious, it's not that deadly of a dogma unless a fool uses it (though what a fool says doesnt change their status much as said fool) which apparently you see in the sentiment of anti science.
  3. The moment you express what was is the moment you've lost what is. But you have survival to take care of so what was is what may be. So you'd project on the car that could end your life in order to protect it. Love doesn't have to make sense.
  4. I'd prefer to leave my incarnation a mystery. A conclusion drawn like that seems like a shot to the foot. Already got one ? I don't think reincarnation is a literal term, it's a perspective view that is subject to change. I doubt that measuring another's power level can be anything of value unless you want to get something out of it. The discrepancy drawn between souls is a product of your current level of incarnation which is not inherited by any other soul, even if you agree with another. Older spirits would be generally happy to experience life in mundanity yet somehow subtly raise an aura of love that is based on integrity and awareness. Planning to do work after death seems like an excellent way to put work aside, I'd wanna tad more pressure
  5. This is somewhat useful but I'd prefer to idolise complete silence and returning to letting go deep with subtler and subtler judgment if possible..It can be impossible in difficult environments but that's why I work on it. If you can let those judgements flow easier, the feeling as consequence will be made apparent in any area of the body. Sitting with that tension is realization that was already the current state.
  6. @Tim R Have you considered as a friend he trusts you not to sabotage a vulnerable ego while it needs to re root. If you fear monger without cause you are poo pooing on the spiritual journey. Just fuel his best qualities, leave him be or bring something to the table. If he leaves it, leave him.
  7. Seems like a good point of reference to understand what emasculation can look like for some men who have turned to hate because they feel like they're missing out on something.
  8. Is the replay of your life an infinitesimal moment of time shuttering between blank spaces as you try and make sense of it all? With present moment awareness cultivation could the perception of time and self alter to roll with it more malleably?
  9. I imagine it's like an elastic band being stretched out as far is it can without breaking when traveling at the limits of light. If aliens had a different type of mass (one that interacts with gravity differently) it may be able to circumvent traditional physical limitations. Mass is a property of an object within 3-D whos boundaries are delineated by man to properly "encompass" said individual physical object. So maybe the form in which they reside simply hasn't been measured scientifically because our tools need more sophisticated lenses to see them. The ocean is yesterday's space exploration (and have we even discovered the ocean proper?).
  10. The people who see these anomalies may have been experiencing a state of mind where making sense of it afterwards would be only possible in reference to what they already understand. They can't even imagine what it was they saw in their minds eye in a way that represents what happened to them. Manifestations occuring appear man made when the process and engineering is deemed by the self relative to what is currently known or knowable.
  11. Yes but also everything else is representative of God. Which includes the pyramids, the blank space and all the delineations that are available in an emergent present which is similar to the blank space. You fill that emptiness with contents which include Maslow's hierarchy. Not to say that it isn't a widely supported hierarchy, which it is and it's programmatic/pragmatic for many folks. If you can zoom out from the content of a linear progression/regression model you can see it for whatever it really is to you. Without getting too sucked into dissonance you can see more of its properties and try to verify them in whatever way works for you and your intentions.
  12. @WaveInTheOcean “To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don't grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float." - Alan Watts To have more than faith is to be conscious of the fact that you can swim across the river before succumbing to the waves. When it is time to float, you should know that too.
  13. The desire to explore science and mathematics is not a one off type deal. You and your buddies should foster these conversations for aeons to come. The topics that you choose to investigate scientifically will change and so will the methodologies to verify/delineate. It really does come to nurturing a spirit for exploration, YOLO.
  14. The fact you were stumped at such a question in order to convey it simply to your child may be a good thing to actually convey to him. Be honest that philosophy is so good that even at your age you have a hard time explaining it all.
  15. It's still relative to start at 1 instead of tier 2. This is the problem with using language at all to describe anything that could or couldn't be relatively understood as a social construct. Because all language can only resolve into a personal reflection of his social understanding/awareness of knowledge. So, from a stage well beyond yellow, it would seem quite trivial semantically to deem yellow as significantly different than the previous stages.