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  1. I take the side of the "Buddhist". Taking a moral high ground does feel great though (racks in the Youtube views + commentary). Veganism is doubling down on ignorance to appease the moral gods. To be fair, that's just my intuition.
  2. If you encounter fear, meet it with an inquisitive nature. Remember to "save some fear for tomorrow" because you cannot "conquer" fear, it simply is experienced or not.
  3. If I try and think about nothing, I can focus on a single point and have no discernible thoughts for around 10 seconds. But then I realize, during those 10 seconds, would that not have been a thought about nothing discernible? The judgement of the quality or quantity of a thought is just another thought that is created as a distorted reflection of the past: Neither existed in the way it was determined, it just was. @bananak When playing music and you have a spontaneous lick/groove/insight, you only remove yourself from that state of being when you acknowledge the fact that what you're doing is above and beyond the baseline expectation of yourself that you unwittingly put into place based on experience/memory of past performances/practices. The trick would be to allow those "highs" to return to your baseline without shocking you out of that groove. I'm struggling with that myself, but mostly because I lack consistent disciplined practice.
  4. @Be Yourself Thanks for the informative video, that was tough for me to watch. My question was not to dispute the quality of protein between plants and animals, but how one can reasonably intake enough protein to maximize muscle regeneration. Mic cited the required daily amount of protein for healthy functioning, but not the amount of protein successful athletes are consuming today. Anecdotally, Mic doesn't look like he's been hitting the gym, but he's quick to polarize that notion with "The pressure to build a hulk-like physique". To me his style of "gym bros" mentality (him playing devil's advocate) sounds vindictive, as if he has philosophical grounds to push a vegan agenda. This is more an economical/quantity issue than anything else, because I know I could substitute a piece of chicken for x amount of plant proteins. Mic referenced the baseline requirement of 56 grams of protein a day (male). My belief is that 100-120 grams (minimum) is fairly optimal for my needs but legitimate athletes consume much more depending on their body weight and lean muscle ratio/needs. I'll be switching more over to plant based to experiment how it works for me, but it's not a black and white/all or nothing situation. Science hasn't figured out nutrition. At all. IMO
  5. I've been playing a lot of Rocksmith 2014 lately with a cheap Walmart Guitar, I recommend playing music yourself!
  6. But without an economically viable alternative for protein, how would I go about building muscle? I feel terrible about eating meat but I'm almost certain without enough protein intake my body won't rebuild to the same degree. For many people it is far too expensive to rely on plant based supplements (proteins) to meet the demands of an athletic lifestyle.
  7. Perhaps if you are "stuck" considering that the dog is barking as opposed to simply experiencing the sensation as it hits you, you would be thinking "The dog is barking" and it would cloud your consciousness.
  8. From an ignorant (mine) standpoint, that looks fucking hilarious. If you've been meditating every day (consistent practice) for.. longer than a year, maybe I could see this being interesting? Wouldn't that be kinda like looking at a Rorschach blob if your point of comparison is delimited or arbitrary?
  9. Can neurofeedback be done without any special equipment? Is this a bit of a secret topic? Or just in the stages of pioneering?
  10. Sounds like a good idea to me..
  11. Gentle Giant. Free hand. (available on Spotify web-player, haven't found a decent quality on youtube). Headphones highly recommended.
  12. @Zane I've started my journal (using onenote) and I must say it's made a huge difference. For a while I thought I had to be intuitively capable of always knowing what to do next.. taking notes properly is probably the best form of "mantra" building so-to-speak (purpose remembrance/recall). Plus I was chronically smoking weed (and tobacco) so that tanks short term memory retention..
  13. Ai already is not ultra smart, so we can see the results of that already. How likely is AI going to become "less conscious" over time? Now that would be scary. Also, if Ai's "conciousness" followed an exponential curve (like processing speeds over time), how long would it take for Ai to figure everything out? Wouldn't that be like oh snap it's too late? now that could be a problem.. Elon Musk Interview | The future the world & technology: 59 mins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVMMsDZNiF8
  14. If you are interested in re watching Leo's videos, I would recommend going over the guided meditation/mindfulness topics as those are designed to be revisited consistently as a practice.