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  1. Enjoy..... Ive probably watched this 300 times. Each time it elevates my spirits.... Hope it does the same for you.
  2. Let me know what you think, this is a video I made on the topic of self talk.
  3. I get where you’re coming from but at the same time it’s unavoidable. Christian’s are going to here anything non Christian as out there or heresy. scientists are going to feel and hear new age messages with laughs giggle and lack of empirical evidence. A judge is not going to care if it’s all imagination, you broke a rule a he sees and feels it and your going to jail. what at one point moves your heart now makes you cringe. hahaha, it is what it is man, perhaps appreciate it and cringe at it in time you may develop a feel for what language best fits the moment. Until then you’re just gonna be either freely talking as you understand or thinking about how it’s going to sound coming out. I’m
  4. Nice technique and insight around it. Just came across this.
  5. Right. You’re missing the absurdity here. The relative debating IS the unfolding, it doesn’t need to be reconciled as in solved. There’s nothing to solve about it. Leos alluded to this many times. The unfolding and the make up of exsistance and reality itself is experience. your seeing this relative debate as real things with actual objective relative truths. The idea that there are relative truths is it self a type of experience reality provides, not an actuality or object that can be dissected to find an objective truth about it. it’s like waking up from a dream and asking why everyone floats in it and argues with each other. And then going about finding and coming up with reasons and objective laws governing why this happens. Then your friend comes along and is like dude it’s just your imagination.
  6. What is funny and simultaneously confusing to the mind is that what you quoted is the Truth, confusions of all supposed parties and participants and all. And yet when you see more deeply it’s also seen as none confusing since it’s all there is unfolding.
  7. @Ayham ya it’s enough for now. Your 17. Enjoy life too. Make friends. Have relationships. Explore. And pursue this interest as well. And ya find something that you like and will afford your living expenses. just keep in mind it’s likely that you won’t find a lot of people locally who you can talk about this stuff with (who are also in your age group) and to find connection elsewhere. If you can great bit don’t make ot into something you focus and get upset about.
  8. If your really this serious start doing all of the above and see what draws you in. Keep with it. Be ready to deal with being uncomfortable in ways you didn’t know you could and feeling better than you’ve ever imagined. Be honest with yourself. And try to uphold some semblance of kindness how ever you understand that to mean with others in your daily life. If your kinda a dick or prick start by being less of one to the degree you can and work towards improving. im sure Leo will have some other stuff for you if he gets to this.
  9. @Theplay I’d say enjoy it while it’s naturally so. Who knows what’s next. Maybe you’ll have more insights maybe not. While it may be true that there’s infinitely ‘more’ it’s all you at the same time.
  10. It’s rather impressive what this bot can do and how if you have a lot of conversation with it over time it will include previous themes and ideas and tie them into the response it gives. It’s rather intelligent in that way. I tried to go deep into non duality and enlightenment with it and while it conveyed many times it is a language model and doesn’t think, learn, have consciousness, or can be controlled, it did give what seemed to be a understanding how I may see it may be connected in a larger whole even if it’s not consciousness to know it. This seemed due to its data on the subject of nonduality and enlightenment. I’ll try and recreate the Convo and past its response word for word.
  11. @Michael Jackson ask yourself if you are very prepared to be wrong about what you are convinced is true. If you can find some openness to this possibility I’d say it’s a good opening to receive the universe and truth you’d otherwise reject.
  12. This all makes ‘sense’ but isn’t necessarily pointing to the actuality of reality. one of the big presumptions that seems to be indicated in them is there is someone there to do anything , one way or the other. now don’t get me wrong, it feels this way often, no? But this isn’t necessarily evidence it is this way. The videos also go off of dualistic notions that there is a fundamental mature vs immature or adult vs child. All notions that again can feel and seem this way , but are not necessarily more true than dreams that felt real as well. that said, be kind, try and do well however that may seem and don’t run around naked yelling nothings real.
  13. Pffttt.... Shiva's womb is where is at, shits so tight, not even emptiness fits in there.
  14. In the past I would of recommended you keep pushing, but now days I'm not so sure thats the best advice, nor will it bring you to what you want in the biggest sense any faster. It's okay to be where your at and relax to just the point before your jolted out from fear. Don't look at the fear as a barrier but a friend saying, ok, thats enough today, and respect that edge.... The mind is a fragile and delicate thing that can be pushed to far to fast and into unhealthy so to say expressions. Play with the idea of balance of things or alchemy. You wouldn't want to put to much salt in a dish just because salt is supposedly broadly good, just in the same way you may not want to relax/surrender as much as possible just because surrender is broadly a good thing. See how that works for you over time.....