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  1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with questioning your god and faith and trying to make some sense that’s useful to you. But if your doing it to the degree that it’s causing you health problems or you can’t sleep or relate with people then it’s probably a good idea to cut back or not get so worked up in it. Learing to be able to drop your thinking involvement or emotional charge towards these things may be healthy and meditation can help teach these things if done right. Did you listen to the beginning of my vid. I go over a view on meditating that may be useful to you.
  2. Would you mind defining your thinking addiction? I encounter and have found in myself ideas that somehow thinking itself is "bad" or "to much", which are just ideas about thinking and thoughts. There are attitudes and habits of negative thinking that a good to look at and not get sucked into, but thinking itself is just thinking itself, as are, emotions and good times and disappointing times and moments. Do you meditate? It can be a good practice in getting use to letting thoughts, feelings and emotions just come up and go, and not get sucked into focusing on them to much. I explain this in a video I made. There's also lots of videos and thought behind the importance of meditation you can find in Leo's and Buddhist videos on the internet....
  3. Hi ahmad, So what are some of the benefits you have already found in your current practices? Do you feel like somethings lacking in your current practices, if so what? What was it about nonduality that sparked your interest and what is it you want to find out or discover first hand? Also how old are you and what are some of your goals in general? With that I can better answer your initial question.
  4. This is a video I made a while back that I've decided to post. Its not perfect, but it gets to the core of a lot of why people feel lacking. Hope you enjoy.
  5. Haha I've thought about posting one, maybe I will now....
  6. Really good observations and concerns. Perhaps this can help. Instead of wanting to drop it all cut it in half and pursue the goals you have. If you get worried about the goal to much or your thoughts are overwhelming ease into no thought detachment and ask your self simply what are the simple steps that need to be done to complete the goal cutting through the bullshit of the mind worries and thoughts and proceed step by step. Look at meditation as training you to be able to drop the minds bullshit so that you can go forward with your goals even better than if you didn’t have this tool or training already (but don’t get caught up in being better then others because you have this training). Also let meditation open up areas of yourself and capacities you didn’t know were there and grow with it. Hope that’s helpful.
  7. Glad to hear you’ve been doing good. It’s natural that we we fall back into old habits. Just remember what you learned and helped you. Preetom shared some useful wisdom for you as did Nahm which was inline with what I was saying before. Time away may be best for you. And again your the one believing that your not real and others are not real (even if some people are saying it on this forum). I’d give it a rest and enjoy being you and enjoy your individual friends and their uniqueness. Who cares what others think. Some people believe your going to go to hell if you have sex before marriage or minorities are inferior. Are you going to let this bother you to and believe it’s true as well simply because others have these beliefs?
  8. An adventure that is perhaps more unfolding and natural, like a creativity poring out that expresses itself without a mold of should's, shouldn't, society impressions, motives to fit in, be liked heavily, tendencys of competitiveness, self protection due to being hurt in the past or yelled at or shamed..... Experience happening without the inner voice and the image of yourself in your head being the central belief of what you are.....
  9. I can relate to this experience of feeling like each stage took a part of oneself. I must say its a frustrating and strange aspect of of living a human life, in a way like maybe seeing a friend or loved one pass away and you still have a memory of them that you miss, long, love, remember, are fond of, and you haven't come to terms or perhaps don't need to come to terms, its just a past fond memory.....
  10. Faster or more beneficial in what way? Faster towards love with another human, more money, create more happiness? Whats your goal first of all?
  11. Ya thanks, its really subtle what I'm pointing to even though it seems obvious. Hopefully someone benefits from it.
  12. Lately I've been making video's on issues that I think will help the most people suffer less. And one issue that is very prevalent in our society is shame and blame. Let me know if you have any questions or if this resonates with you.
  13. Uhhh I don't think he's calling me a fool as an insult, and I know I'm not calling him a sissy as an insult, this is just playful banter...... haha I had to look up what sissy meant again to make sure it was still PC, cause its been 35 years since I used the word....hahaha