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  1. wouldn't you say though that levels are itself an idea, even if experientially different? And yes even the claim and idea that there are not levels, are to an idea, until even these claims that ideas being real are dropped as well..... but once that door is open, I'm not sure we can talk about much, hahaha..... and yet, the experience keeps on chugging.....
  2. 1. Is there anyone here to awaken. I'd say there is a waking up that can happen as an experience, but ultimately there are no here's or theres, a specific you or another..... 2 Not saying we don't exist, but what do we exist as.... haha, what do we exist as. Like objectively? Ultimately there is no objectively what we exist as outside ourselves to observe to then explain it as a image or thing to relate to another thing. On the one hand we are everything so to say, and yet on the other none of those experiences define us objectively or ultimately. There are no rules in which anything follows including langue and definition itself, you and I are not bound to such strict definitions and traps. You are free and yet you will suffer in this experience along with anything else that may appear to feel and happen. This is not a good thing or a bad thing, just a possibility..... 3. is it really awakening or is that just another thought.... Hahaha..... I'll leave that one for you to have your own experience with.....
  3. That there is fulfillment and perfection that doesn't come from understanding something, knowing something, doing something, proving something or achieving something.
  4. I'll try and answer a few, however I'm not sure where you stand in these questions or your pursuits. What are you genuinely wanting to understand ultimately? I can tell your confused about something and wanting to understand something, but what is that?
  5. Hmmm, where to start and what to say. I agree Reality is mysterious and yet to a degree understandable, although we could probably argue over what understandable means, lol. That aside, I'm going to be forward and breakdown your argument in hopes that it will open you up to what I think you are more deeply interested in, which is Truth. Here are some things upon further examination where if you take your ego out of the equation, you can probably agree your current view assumes. 1. Your argument seems to assume there are actual bodies/humans/aliens, of which create possible limitations on something called "awakening". Perhaps this is not true. 2. You assume there are infinite and finite things, which perhaps there is not. 3. You assume there are degree's to something called "awakening" Perhaps there are no degrees. Would you agree with this assessment? What if its possible to see and understand its all only God, all only you and this mysterious unfolding of experience in different ways is You? And yes knowing all possible ways in which experience is possible may never happen, which is fine and means nothing about anything, this is not a limitation of any sort determined by anything......
  6. What you say is true, and you are god.
  7. What you say is true, and you are god.
  8. Dont be afraid to start your normal life either, one is not separate from the other, in fact it can be a real relief just to chill out, have a few puffs of a cigarette, weed, what ever, or a little drink. Maybe just shoot the shit with some people sometime or play a video game here and there. Unless you have a REAL addiction that majorly and negatively effects your life of course, then don't. But that aside, you sound like your on the right path to the best degree I can decipher from what you said, its not easy sometimes and we do tend to forget like a strange haze what we ultimately know to be true. This isn't a race to a finish line, so relax a little dont be so hard on yourself.
  9. What if Leo was right, how would that change your life or how your going to go forward? What if Leo was wrong, how would that change things? I think these are better questions.
  10. I'm going to ask bard to do the same thing and see what happens, thanks for sharing, pretty amazing.
  11. I just use mine, never said a word, and we are both fine with that.
  12. Refrigerators aren't aware obviously, not sure why you would say such a thing
  13. maybe, neither of us can prove humans create anything, anymore than we can say a hand creates art, the hand is an obvious extension of something else......
  14. Sure, perhaps, still, more polite and considerate than most teachers and seekers I've come across.
  15. But even masters often seem to be communicating a lineage or a familiar language and borrowed metaphors. Not to say any of this is bad, but getting back to your original response about parrots, again I say, isn't everything, or at least appears to be?