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  1. ya enjoy it, but how much free will do you have in your interest, passion and thus obsession of free will? Its an interesting snake eating its tail.
  2. I'd say lifting some weights and putting on some muscle will deter most fragile, surface level assholes, doing martial arts or boxing (which I think will make you more able to defend yourself faster) can build confidence in your self and healthy discipline, and doing 15-20 min meditation a couple times a week for mental clarity and sanity.
  3. How do you see martial arts changing your friends from "abusing" you. Abuse is a strong word, do you mean, verbally taunt with a touch of humor, or physically rough house in ways that you may not always like or connect with. There is something to be said in gaining some muscle and having some physical defense skills, it can in a sense prevent some degree of that, since the other may see it less desirable due to the risk of your retaliation.
  4. What do you mean, surrounded by people who abuse you? Like at school they pick on you? Can you clarify? I'm trying to figure out will martial arts actually help you or not. That said, meditation can be done for like 15-20 mins a day. So I'm sure you can include both.
  5. This is a interesting topic. My first precaution would be at least first to see if its actually not just a real physical issue before going down the road of acceptance. That said, I've discovered or at least played around with certain ways of looking at and approaching pain that seem to help accept and or transcend. Now I don't know how much you've looked into what pain is, but here's some food for thought. When pain seems to arise, is it actually "real" (this can be its own worthwhile inquirey, to find out what real is to you in general, and worth 10-10,000 hrs of contemplation)? I'm sure you've at least once or twice in your life, believed, felt or saw something that seemed to be what it seemed to be, only to find out that it wasn't, or not even close to what you were certain and sure of. If you can really let this in, then when pain arises, you can leave room or space to ask the honest question, is this "what I think and feel as pain" actually as it seems. You see, felt pain, is so certain and true, that to even ask this question for many seems crazy and would never be considered. However, if you've seen time and time again, that just because its felt and seen that way as your experience, doesn't mean its actually the way it seems to be. This one insight, in my opinion has lead to a number of breakthroughs in non-reaction to thought, emotions, pain, others, life circumstances. And it can be taken to such extremes that ya, the being on fire like the monk, may just be a passing background something or other. Now of course, this will most likely not all happen suddenly, it will probably take a tremendous amount of what feels like will power, commitment and practice, and sometimes will lead to stupid results, because sometimes its best to just go to the doctors and get something for a parasite infection, but if you've looked into your issue and no one seems to be able to figure out whats going on, then, yea this path can be a god send and can create the willingness of mind and strength to practice, since your going to be in "pain" anyways with the issue
  6. I agree, God/Existence is more than just infinite combinations of finite things, because there are actually no finite things, lol. It gets into area's/experience that is not possible to understand or relate to as a "human" awakening to God realization. But it really doesn't matter that this is so.
  7. @fopylo Congrats, ya self discovery can happen and be found in music, art, relationship, psychadelics, work, and anywhere potentially.
  8. Ya a lot more organic nuance can come out of a interview like this in comparison to a video. Hopefully Leo does more of these.
  9. @Loving Radiance Great report, enjoyed reading it.
  10. Sounds like you had a decent trip and nothing else needed to be shown. Next time do a little more, be moderate with this stuff and increase in ways that are not dumb and based off egoic desire. You seem like you genuinely want to grow, so just do 20-30% more next time. Sometimes what you went through is all thats going to happen and thats just life, for some that would be a mind blowing trip.
  11. Hmm when you put it like that, the practice almost sounds like it may reinforce your already strong habit of liking to observe and discern. This may not be easy, but I'd try something different. Sit with your eye's slightly open for 5-20 mins, you decide, but after you decide, don't change how much time your doing it for no matter what. During this time, dont try to observe, but dont try not to observe, and just let all thought and emotion come and go as it does. Vaguely notice, that observation/awarness of experience happens none the less. Hearing happens, sight happens, feeling happens, breathing happens, etc. Just let this be noticed over and over again, till its just normal and natural. Then look what I wrote before on how this may be applicablely helpful in your life.
  12. Ya thats as good as start as any One pointer I'll give you is, dont look for an object of "who" is perceiving, this is a trap of the mind that can happen. Notice when there is looking for a "who" or an "object of what is perceiving, that perceiving is happening and innately aware of so. When this starts to sink in and become natural so to say as in there is not a looking for a "who", but just comfortably sitting, not trying to be aware, just aware, the next mind trap is a voice of "ok now what or so what, big deal, what do I do with this, I want something out of being aware". Just literally smile and let that pass. This may be a good time to start reading more and listening to some new pointers or new stuff to try and cultivate. But If you can just do sitting aware, it may become natural to notice thoughts and emotions more naturally and in doing so, the deceptions and victimization or strong anger attachments or feelings of deserving this or that, or expecting this or that, or fearing future possibilities that haven't happened or happened and no longer happen, will be seen as just thought and emotion patterns, and won't be as strong on the system. But this is easier said than done, this takes some real inner strength and discipline to go through. This is where a meditation practice is useful and helps both elevate consciousness in some sense and gives a place just to be with what comes and goes through the body.
  13. The pointer I'd give you is feel into "that or what ever it is" which feels located in the body.