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  1. Volunteering your time to something that helps someone other then yourself, such as at a homeless shelter, or a meals kitchen or earth clean up. Something like this can really open up your heart or at least expose you to the suffering of others, perhaps greater then your own.
  2. Yaya yaya, just laugh man. If you've really gotten what you speak, just let it go and laugh a little.
  3. Thanks for the laugh, I needed that. The whole enlightenment idea is funny. Its really just a word. But experience and life and the breath, depth and variety is another thing all together. Sure you can bundle this stuff into paradigms such as the body/mind/nervous system belief framework , or the ego/soul/god consciousness framework, or realize its just happening framework,, or theres really no-one or no-self framework, or the its all in your hands framework. These are all just "....." or words, or what ever comes out of a mouth, lol. But real talk man, there's some mind blowing stuff all over the place, ranging from science to awakening type stuff, to stuff there's no current frame work to relate to, to psychedelics. And some of this stuff is LIT AS FUCK and will forever change your tune and expression and leave no trace of the same old same old mumbo jumbo simple down to earth shit most people think that reality or human life is..... Just my two cents but if you havent gotten to the holy shit lit as fuck and it majorly or even radically shifting and opening up to the unbelievable, then enlightenment shouldn't be used, even though its all the same fundamentally.
  4. Sorry for your pain, I went through 15 years of spiritual shit and wanted to end it. One of the things that helped was just accepting lifes not fair and to just accept it, not with anger not with excitement, just let it be what it appears and seems to be, and also understand that its just one perspective and not to get to tied down to it, or at all if you can I know easier said then done, but think about.
  5. Interesting to read this, I've wondered something similar, since my depression and lack of interest in living seemed to later transform into a strength of not being afraid of dying and free from any sort of need to be anything for anyone, including myself. Along with that the willingness to accept the worse and be in any uncomfortable situation transformed into a inner peace and lack of needing to control anything. Just a possibility really, but I've wondered none the less.
  6. If your so awake and gotten something that is beyond mind, why do you seem so angry and frustrated your posts that I've read? While I think you may have had some deep insights and found out a lot more then you knew before in your life, theres still more so to say, and it may be of benefit to keep open and learning, and maybe enjoy some of the love and bliss that is part of Us.
  7. Ya like traveler asked, what are you hoping to reach? And equally important, what are you trying to no longer experience or get away from or solve so it no longer happens.
  8. So have you just tried a few days of not labeling yourself or others a monster? So what if people or you only think about yourself, it is what is, not monsterous, not loving, not bad, not sad, not wrong, not right. Just let it be as you think you see it and don react. I bet theres more going on in every moment then just people being selfish, there's probably more depth to these people. I'd wager each of them and yourself have things they care about, things they suffer from, challenges that are unique to each person like a health issue or a struggling loved one. We all feel pain. I'm hoping you may see life and moments are larger then they appear. Dont be so quick to judge others or yourself based upon just your momentary view.
  9. True, and there's something being said or seen on your end so to say. Just pointing out the langue "your' using and how its not coming across in the way I think you intend.
  10. Totality is bigger then any direct experience and doesn't exclude any experience. When direct experience is not conscious from one angle so to say, experience and stuff/Self still remain. But if you mean by the words "direct experience" that which has no name and cant be accurate encapsulated by language, then yes, but often it seems in your communication your still talking about relative direct experience from one angle of the Total.
  11. I don't know much about schizophrenia, or mild for that matter, but there seems to be a lot of resources online by just typing in schizophrenia or how to deal with scizophrenia. I used google. I will say though, I'd get atleast one other diagnosis before accepting a determination that you have mild schizophrenia, sometimes diagnosis change or vary between therapists.
  12. Well then we agree. I personally wouldn’t use solipsism to describe this, since theory itself assumes individuals having subjective experience in which supposed people can’t disprove that they individually are the only thing that exists. Radically different then what you just typed above. Well I’ll I guess the next bridge for you yet to cross that you seem to be interested in knowing is “god”. Again can’t describe how it happens or what it’s like or prove it’s true other then like the above example I have in which, I asked you to imagine. But this time imagine waking up to this truth in a similar mysterious way like when you use to think of being a individual who had subjective experience but then for what ever mysterious out of hand reason, you saw or learned with certainty that this wasn’t the case and there was something deeper or more true. And just like before you probably wouldn’t of believed someone telling you otherwise, until you saw it for yourself, God can be understood in a sense. Manu teachers say you gotta leave room in yourself for it to happen or drop your current convictions, maybe maybe not. I know having gotten to where you are now, it may of taken a lot of suffering and work. Dropping what you know may feel like you were wrong or something and that you may lose some attainment found. But it’s alright man if you drop it and take a chance. Truth is, you may found out and it’s not that big of a deal or maybe it will be. For me, just letting go of self and not knowing was the biggest wow relief awakening. God understanding was just icing on the cake. 🎂 cheers.