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  1. Yes I was using the scientific model to show something that I first said can't ultimately be proven that way, but in the example I gave I was hoping to show how even in that realm, connection into infinity or oneness would have to be reached. You bring up a point in which since we can't ultimately know what something is its just theory and if thats the case then what is unknown + unknown, right? I agree, going that route, its a big mystery which everything ultimately is
  2. Sorry man but do you have the numbers for the suffering through life path, the Buddhist path, the Hindu path , the Sufi path, the no path? And if not what are you basing your numbers on? And if you do have numbers what is the criteria of enlightenment based on to determine a ya or a neh? I wouldn’t bother with this if your name wasn’t truth addict.
  3. You mean I’m challenging it or I’m trying to prove it. Not sure how to read your sentence.
  4. Those are some deep high level understandings of your ‘inner’ workings. I’ve been down that road of wanting to prove without a shred of unprovabilty that my experience was or lined up with Truth or that my ideas lined up as well. Annnnnnd you can’t. The Truth can not be proven on those level of reality because it is everything you’d be using to prove it. There’s no objective place one could stand to see what your trying prove objectively, because if your standing there your obviously in a place with a space under you and above you and you wouldn’t be objective to those. This doesn’t mean realization and understanding Cant happen, it’s just scientific propositions in defining something are just that propositions with rules and reasonings that are agreed on to define something. The best way using the scientific reasoning that I can come up with to point to Oneness and or Infinity is such. And I’ll make a video on it. A great deal of scientific reasoning breaks down and analyzes supposed material or phenomenon that takes place on this supposed material. Material could be said to be solid from one perception like sight and touch. But science has shown you can look even more into these supposed objects and you’ll find mostly supposed empty space with electrons and protons and neutrons. Then these can be looked into and are broken down into more supposed empty space (they don’t know if it’s empty, but assume so because it’s they can’t see if stuff is there or not)and other objects called quarks and dark matter and on and on this theoretically can go. Now things like distance could be said to be broken down into two material/matter points. And one could say that the space between these points is also material, just not visible to the eye, like air or outer space. Now the stuff that allows for something called distance and space is determined or intimately connected to matter as I’ve outlined above. And as I’ve started to show matter itself is more space and supposed smaller things that seem to be able to be able to be broken down infinitely (we haven’t reached a place where we can say they cannot or even if we did how could we say for certain?). This now jumps to the big finalle. Now either matter/material/stuff itself infinitely goes on and on and this is an infinity that never starts or ends or we come to a stuff that all stuff originates from or we come to a stuff that all stuff breaks down to, a one stuff/god particle. Anyone one of these in my opinion points either everything when boiled down is a series of infinite divisible somethings/material/energy that goes on for infinity never reaching a origin, and in this process there would be infinite space and points all connected because each one is as a result of the others division and because that’s all there is, then everything is one process of connected infinity or we come to a result in which its seen we are from One that originates all (and if you are created from One, you can only be that ) or we come to a final particle and if everything all boils down to one particle then we and everything is this god particle in different apparent forms and combinations somehow.
  5. huh? I also edited my post a little, but I dont know what you mean in your response.
  6. This whole practice sounds like it starts from the point of view of a assumption of someone to begin with (and to be fair, all practices do for those practicing). As long as the assumption is held, then focus not focus will still be believed to be from a false identity. However, in a practice such as this, you can keep dropping more and more and more and more and more and more........ until its seen that this false identity is believed to be ones self, THEN the question can be seen, then who am I that is seeing this....... Mu. The practice is actually a advance form of meditation after a student has developed the usage and knowledge of having or not having focus, being able to apply or let go of attention. Until then this will be to abstract for most students. Its also very in line with one of my video's on "letting it be" meditation. It will eventually potentially culminate into a practice of this meditation when the student even lets "letting it be" go... and focus is neither attempted or or not, and then potentially one drops identity and the question of who or what one is is dropped internally.
  7. go back to that mind fuck, there could be a nugget of truth there that’s useful. Was there something’ there unconsidered before and if so what was is.
  8. maybe I misread the intentions behind your statement, you've been talking about the pointlessness of matters so much I thought you were referring to that when you said "its accepting this that is the difficult part". To me its only difficult when you have an idea of what the fact of "subjectivity" means, particularly if you feel that subjectivity having no meaning is actually true (because perhaps at one point before you believed your subjective world was true and had inherent value and seeing through this brought the conclusion that since its self derived and all subjectivity is self derived its got no inherent value or meaning and thus meaninglessness with a negative tint was born and believed and is now spoken as absolute truth).
  9. While yes! subjectivity is inherent, the statement you made "when you realise the raw reality of things is subjective. It can be no other way. Its accepting this thats the difficult part.", is not pointing to anything inherent about subjectivty, except a emotional opinion and conclusion that reflects your inherent beliefs about life having no meaning, in a negative sense.
  10. @Aakash Hey man, sounds like you've gone through a lot and seen more then you knew what to do with maybe. I'd be careful with making claims like, I've gone through and understood more than anyone here. Comes off as a little arrogant? Second I'm pretty sure you haven't seen past some of the structures of mind/ego that seem to have tinted your possible infinite life times and left you with conclusions that you now feel are absolute in nature. While you may have zoomed through infinity taking in a shit ton of wisdom its all been filtered through a mechanism called "you" and this "you" had its own limits and filters and structures of understanding this journey. After going through such a journey you've come back believing you've seen it all and have understood an objective meaning to it all. Hmmm that sounds like the average everyday male thinking he knows exactly how things are..... only now its supported by more data supposedly. This objective meaning that you've come to the conclusion of is called....drumroll... TOTAL meaninglessness with a unique negative emotional tint and vibration. Oh and how miserable this absolute truth is. The only problem is, this is just a common time and time symptom of the human psyches reactionto the mind expanding journies that challenge fundamental idea's held to be valuable and true. This psyche in the spiritual world has been labeled as ego, a internal boogie man, a force of habit in which one of the characteristics is a fundamental meaning maker, giving labels, reasons and purposes to supposed out there things, even if its meaning is no-meaning, and with this are feelings related to or in the letting go of these meanings. Now by now your probably wondering who am I and why should you listen to me, a total stranger on the net, telling you of all people who's seen it all, that perhaps theres more to look into on this matter. Well I'm just a nobody who has suffered and believed the same things your caught in now and can tell you from the other side, that your stuck in MEANING itself. Meaninglessness, pointlessness, and nothingness are all on the plain of meaning. The absents of thingsness, the absents of point, the absents of meaning is true freedom from yoyo effects of the mind generator of meaning. Its to understand outside of the plain of meaning, not within the structure of ego mind meaning and see some supposed no meaning to it all because it all repeats, its all the same on some level, it all gets boring and thus....its pointless, it all comes full circle and blah blah blah blah blah, meaningless meaningless, meaningless....... you may be one miliblip away from a full blown positively tinted awakening that isn't tied to this subtle psyche that your still stuck in, but until you see this (and perhaps until you admit to yourself that you don't know it all, haven't seen it all, and that your conclusions are not conclusive and never will be), you will never know the freedom I am pointing to. And before you wrap that last sentence into a known conclusion such as "well its just one of the infinite views out there and it will pass, and is no different than anything else, since its all One" (I know you ego, I've seen your tricks, I've gone through them), really try and be open and ponder the possibility. Try and get through the first 30 mins of this video, it really points to something I'm expressing here in the dropping of "you" and letting go in a positive way to many of the truths you seem to have seen, but still from a limited "you/psyche". (I'm not a buddhist and apparently this guy has some allegations against him, he still describes an apsect of truth beautifully in these first 15-30 mins).
  11. The raw reality of things is not subjective, this is just a thought, a meaning of something in comprehension, a passing of god happening. There is subjectivity but it doesn't define anything in and of itself. Do you see the freedom in what I'm pointing to.
  12. My words were meant to be simple to understand but the subtlety and the challenge of what I was pointing to is very tricky. The pointlessness that is overwhelmingly self evident to you in seeing there is no life or death is exactly the false conviction itself, coming from the ego/mind/society screaming ‘what’s the point then’. It doesn’t look like a voice or a ego, but just is your ‘real’ and that is what we are all pointing to. My guess is your use to being able to see the thoughts or feelings in your experience that cause some of your suffering. This one however is believed and thus it seems real and thus has you when it does, making you feel it’s actually truely pointless.
  13. If I understand you correctly, your wondering if the pointlessness fades at some point? From my experience yes, the ego/identy/society structure is founded on an inherentcy of there being meaning and points to things. When this is challenged through introspection and sitting in my moments of awakening and being, this same structure then goes Hmmm so whats the point, its pointless because all my ideas have no meaning or tangability? But this to is just a reaction that feels believable. And this can be a REALLY challenging phase for some people, ESPECIALLY people like you whole have a rich deep connection to meaning making and thinking and high level overviewing. I to am the same way. You really have to get use to NOT KNOWING over and over and over and it may not be fun, at least this was my path in all this. I dont know what your path will look like in this regards, but if you really want to understand, you may have to sit in the fire for some truth to burn through......
  14. I was going to say this but you got it. Its a big trap when you start to see what you've been seeing. The "its pointless because" is itself still being given. When that is dropped.....enjoy.
  15. This is something I've wanted to share and teach for a bit, I've just been unsure of how to communicate the how to. If you do watch this and practice what i'm pointing to and find effectiveness let me know, and if not, let me know what was hard to understand so I can maybe refine or elaborate on more aspects of this to help make it more accessible.