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  1. Trust me when I say this to you. There is someone, in fact many people out there who like you already for who you are and what you look like. The people that don't see you this way you don't want to be with anyways, imagine being in a relationship where they didn't like you. Wouldn't you rather they not pretended. Sure it would be nice if each person told you they were not interested, but thats not realistic and won't happen, and honestly you'd probably grow tired of that to. Its not you, its not them, its just how dating happens. You can gruel over it, or just let it be, and keep going, because eventually something will click. Sure there's probably some deeper things you can learn about yourself if you want to look deeper and psychoanalyses, and honestly it may be healthy. However, what I'm saying can hopefully just cut through a lot of immediate discomfort and help you relax a little right now.
  2. Godhead and life are not two. And yet what you speak of is something that may appear to happen and be experienced like so. There is no-"one" that goes or comesback, Godhead is all angles and experience.
  3. This may be a controversial answer, but no one knows. From a scientific standpoint, there isn't a lot of data to say one way or the other. You can't live one life, become enlightened, measure something called happiness objectively, and then simultaneously live another life, become enlightened and do growing up work to compare it to, to see if one is happier than the other. That said, there's a lot of growing up work that you may hear about, be inspired to do, then experience a correlation to feeling better than you were before you had done so. Like, realizing your a raging alchoholic, or have a violent temper, feeling a need to change such things, following such movements of energy, and then down the road finding out that you dont wake up as drained, interacting with people is overall more pleasant......
  4. I wasn't saying anything about desire. My point was, that if you boil down your theory to its core, and what is potentially happening in the execution of it, its the same is being mindful in the moment as you walk the path. Fulfillment is from the act and connection of walking, not the destination arrived. And what I liked about this, was that it was just said in a different lingo and thus having the potential to reach a different range of people.
  5. Interesting theory, maybe its true, maybe not, but I like it somehow. Part of me wonders if what you've connected within this theory, is just being more connected to what your doing in the moment. The line of questioning and pursuit that can follow from this theory model is one that brings one closer to walking the path as its own meaning rather then being result oriented. Being more mindful present in ones actions and not clinging to a result, are said to have similar results (again another theory). Funny enough they seem like the same theory just said differently or approached with different language and jargon, which I really like and think is a way to teach or reach a broader audience. I may steal some of this lingo since there are people who just don't like new age lingo or eastern concepts.
  6. Ego, is that you? Your right in a sense, happiness will never be happiness since its transitioning and temporary, but what about everything else being held to this same truth and standard? Let that understanding spread to your held beliefs about suffering, the cold harsh world, the world being unfair, all notions you convey in your radical posts that like to contradict large regarded spiritual truths by many of the past Enlightened Masters. Then, just maybe, you may learn something you didn't know was there or possible.
  7. I think your more objectively close to getting banned, than the post you quoted is objectively funny. This is kinda a dick comment, please remove.
  8. But what about Truth = God told me it is love, so that can't get any more rock bottom, there for it is, and since God told me, your idea of Truth is false. See... Its just definitions of Truth. Are you saying 7 billion people give greater credence to something, because there is a consensus? Don't get me wrong, I think I agree with something within what your saying, its just not so rock bottom and done, of which Im not sure your saying either.
  9. Why are speculation and idea's any less True then the passing of "looking at hand" or sensory experience? Are not both equal as experience? Can you see at times that your definition of Truth seems to hinge on your definitions of Truth to be so. Why something is Truth and why something isn't all hinging on..... "......"?
  10. Breaks are good. Invest in what your heart is now interested. Down the road with new perspective, you may see all this in a new light.
  11. What are you labeling as hatred, selfish, inferior, compared and self-love? See if you can lock down a definition of each before you then try and make a comparison or distinction.
  12. I think bipolargrowth said some good things for you that you connected with, so keep reflecting on this. His second paragraph in particular I'd read some more and I'll expand off a few things below. This is deep stuff. Read your original post again, and see if theres anything that doesn't sit true, like you just said it because you believed it to be true and it isn't actually or really known to be. I do think there is a self hating like pattern and I think its something that you've gotten truely in touch with. However don't let it be the full picture or conclude you Absolutely hate yourself, leave room for what you don't know. Something worth trying when you get into this pattern, is don't wiggle away from whats going on, and DONT blame or shame or tell yourself this is wrong, bad or shouldn't be this way, just let the energies/pattern of whats happening happen. At some point when your in the thick of this, just be like ya I hate myself and I get enjoyment for this for some reason, if thats what feels so true. Really own it without shame or blame or some idea it shouldn't be this way or its a sin that its happening. Just own it. Then ask yourself what do I get out of this and how long do I want to do this. Honestly look at if this behavior is getting you closer to what you want in life or in the moment or not. Don't rush this to some idea you think you need to get to, like you must answer in a way that is some how good or to make you stop. Be as honest with yourself as possible and own that honesty and see what changes. Maybe you will hate yourself to some degree for some time longer, maybe not, maybe you will see that its not serving you anymore and you'll naturally be able to go yeah, I'm done with this. Or maybe you will still do it, get some sort of satisfaction and it will pass naturally when your not blaming and shaming and holding onto the idea's of what it means about you. However, if you do want this to change, accept that it won't happen over night or over weeks, it may take time and to accept the time it takes to change and give space around the issue. Don't blame yourself that its not happening as fast as you'd like, just accept change takes time and take the baby steps and ups and down it will take to let the change occur. Feel free to message in the future if this is confusing or need further advice.
  13. This sounds like a lot to unpack here and a complicated one to work out in a forum post. Lets start with relativism. How do you understand relativism and what role are you playing in this?
  14. Ya I get you. Keep it up. Just be careful with ultimate statements. Why tell XXX negativity will and can haunt you again? What good or use or truth is this? You can get a little worked up, perhaps a little cocky, and maybe a little insensitive at times. Just be mindful. Also I'm not sure I follow that Oneness can be separate? What would separate itself from itself? Only god is between stuff, and as a result its never not God and never separation.
  15. Haha, dont let my youtube channel fool you into thinking I'm wealthy, I make no money on it. I'm pretty average by society standards, perhaps lower class for the boston area. I'm happy to hear your as content with your life as you are, its a great place to be. Ya what I shared is pretty basic enlightenment 101, but that basic lesson does go very deep. Deeper then I've taken it. I'm not sure i agree that this is all philosophical, and not practical, but ya, this ground IS. If you want to use the words, pain, suffering, happiness, love and all that, I'm ok with that.