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  1. i is time? What is i and what is time.
  2. Its an open exploration into a subject most of us don't even notice or consider.... Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Ya the plunge can be SUPER scary, but like Leo was saying in his most recent video, you shouldn't feel like you have to or that if you don't your doing something wrong. When your ready your ready. Sometimes when you've just had enough of this life you look at that no coming back and your like, what the hell do I really have to lose, I've done it all, seen it all, fucked it all, spent and pleasured through it all, suffered, loved.... So why not.... Its also really not what your expecting when you look back or what you feared and maybe not even what you believed would happened....What does your heart tell you....If you deeply feel your not ready for what ever that mysterious pull is, then just respect that, but if you feel like letting go a little more, then do it without hesitation or what mind trick crys out once you've seen your answer.
  4. Ok try this thought experiment. Really dig into what you believe is "real" and really dig into what you believe is "illusion" and why. Then ask yourself under what guidelines or definitions what makes them that way and if thats actually true, or just true based upon your own beliefs. Write it down. And maybe share. Like is a apple "real"? Well is it? It can be held, seen, tasted, thought about, smelled and so on, but does that make it something called "real"? Most humans would agree its real, but some may not, or an alien may not, or other dimensional beings, so does that mean it is or isnt? Theres surely "something" there or called or believed to be "apple", right? Also, "Apple" is 80% water, parital protien, partial carbohydrate and yet we don't call it that, even though its just as much all that, and its also electrons and photons and neutrons and its that as well, but we don't call "apple" that generally... So is "apple" a word, various degree's of perspective dependent on magnification level, all of them (including perspectives and experiences we can't even imagine)? Also is "Apple" sensation, and touch and smell, taste and thoughts that arise in relation to it since they are connected to the "Apple" experience.... Which part of these "Apple" descriptions is the real one, or is there even a "real" one, or are they all "real".....? And what makes something illusion? Say a belief that life is bad. Well, you can't touch it, smell, it taste, hold it, but it is "seen", can be pointed to in some degree in experience, but most people would say its not "real", but imagination or just thought. Its felt and experienced. And that can be considered a definition by some to be considered "real". But to others again like before, there might be disagreance to this definition. So again, what defines something? Real, unreal, illusion, Absolute....... Don't get to confused or distraught though, lifes still happening despite being unable to pinpoint an answer that is absolute to the above questions...
  5. I was more replying to the acceptance part but yea when I first started meditating 20 years ago it was very peaceful. I was a bit hard core and people seem to get similar results with far less. But I meditated an hour at 5am and then before bed for another hour. 3 on Sunday. Again though don’t feel like more is better 20-30 mins a day is more than enough for most.
  6. I’m not sure your intentions but careful asking for a new rule to follow. Is it literally imaginary or just from a certain angle could become a new rule that is made and taken as It. I believe avatar was eluding to something interesting and important. To see something beyond the words. By the way I read your question and answers it seems like your still in ‘rule’ life and perception. And it’s fine if you are but what Leo is saying is beyond subtle or obvious. He uses the words imaginary and real to perhaps help drop the clinging to the mind and certainty of what is generally taken for ‘reality’ but he’s pointing to something that is such a radical shift in possibility that my sense is if I were you I’d just stop thinking how to figure it out and .............
  7. Antipsychotic could be useful. Try it out. If it’s not useful give it. Simple as that
  8. Isn't "Its just the interpretation raw data belief" itself a meaning applied? Imagine dropping that as well......
  9. The type of infinity you are sharing I like to put into a certain expression. Yes, this type of zooming in and seeing an infinity of divisible stuff goes on forever, a forever unbroken chain of connected subsets. And this forever subset you could say is One, because its always connected to itself as you filter "it" into smaller aspects. For example, start with a so called Orange, you zoom in, its biological, zoom in its subatomic, zoom in again electrical/energetic/magnetic, zoom in more and its another subset (lol my science only goes so far) and each of these are connected to the other/make up the other and this goes on forever. At the same time, this infinite divisible Oneness, is always Unbroken, always Itself, creating more of itself from itself for itself to experience, look into, from an infinity of perspectives and angles.
  10. Interpretation can definitely be an obstacle especially if your always seeing life against you or all people are out for themselves or life’s pointless, etc. sounds like on some level your mind realized that it’s views aren’t solid truth and that there are lots of views out there. And it let go to some degree and effected perception.
  11. There’s been multiple realizations in which on the one hand it’s understood that choices are happening and solutions to life situations are being thought about. And on the other it’s understood that this all arises mysteriously, not of ones control nor need to know how. This has brought about a much more relaxed free and unconcerned functioning in general. But going through this transition was not a comfortable process. The last thing most people/minds want to realize and see first hand is they are not in control. Hopefully one gets to a place where one just lets go and surrenders to the naturalness of this very obvious truth and then a big shift happens. But again this can feel like a life and death thing, and it kinda is. Another thing is don’t go into this with the idea that You will disappear or be taken over by some higher self. This was a mental projection I and others have made about this enlightenment thing. It’s always the conscious You that’s been here and will remain in this shift.