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  1. Which one are you, the cat or the bird?
  2. Well probably the best place to start is first asking yourself what do you REALLY feel like is wrong with your life and you, and share here. From there its easier to recommend something.
  3. Ya good points and I agree for the most part. I do stand by there being nothing out there with a name-tag called an ego, but does that mean something similar feeling to what is kinda pointed to as ego by some teachers isn't there as an "ego-like" experience. sometimes it feels like there is a deceiver or an energetic resistance to living or doing or not doing. A whisper or a sound or experience happening that just feels like it does everything to distract, resist, claim, and yell. I agree this stuff seems to be happening in various degree's and intensities at random and what at times feel like predictable increments, but I'd be very careful to assume its a something, or a other, or a "thing" to focus on and examine in hopes to solve or unravel or force away as though it works like a structure in physical reality. Not to say you shouldn't have some fun and try some things to work with or see what happens with what you call a ego, with talk therapys, investigating beliefs, investigating and understanding emotions around certain issues that trouble you and run away from or can't stand, and sometimes even talking to and loving or saying NOOO to this mysterious "ego-like" entity, since they seem to make a change at times in the short and perhaps long term with this supposed thing..... Hahaha its really an interesting mystery we are...... I guess so long as you feel like ego is something there and significant, such workings with it at that level may have use, but once its seen to be nothing more then The Mystery itself, such activities will naturally not be of interest.... Its really only the supposed human species who call something ego, and have belief systems around what it means and what it means about a supposed person if there is ego or no more ego there.... like there is in spiritual traditions. Having an ego means you are not enlightened within some beliefs systems, and in others its still okay to there being one and enlightened. Again all these are supposed ideas of a supposed human species. You've must of noticed that "ego" is one thing to one tradition or person, and not to another tradition or a person you've talked to.... one person who talks a lot about themselves is supposedly coming from their "ego" in one persons eye's, and in another they wouldn't call that ego, perhaps just social. Or this person doesn't give to charity or very little, he must be selfish or not generous and there for coming from his "ego", but then in another tradition it wouldn't even be thought of like that.....
  4. I'll consider that. I am just doing it on my phone at the moment since my home computer where I use to do them is not possible at the moment.
  5. What do you mean by false? What is true first of all in your view?
  6. Or another interesting way to put it. Is there is a notion of the world you have or is experienced. In this there is generally a what is okay and what isn’t okay or just a what something is. Theres me a body or or a what ever and a other thing out there or a car or money. Then spiritual people tend to go through a process of labeling externals such a s money fame sex as dualities and internal wisdom truths, and experience and knowledge as Truth, Real, not the illusion dualism world. However this duality or dualism split is just labels of mind and can even create new what’s good and what s bad and what’s important and not important, what’s real and what’s not real. and ya even calling it mind that does this is saying to much and kinda wrong.
  7. Well now days, you can meditate in a cave for 24 hrs while streaming. At the same time someone can be sucking your dick/sex, youd be gaining fame online, and receiving donations/money with magical internet buttons. . So there you go, lol. But a more serious response maybe that to just notice that extreme dualities are in mind/definitions/language/beliefs. When some degree of understanding settles in from this, there can be less needing or activity of pushing/pulling/defending such ideas and activities When living within the world.
  8. Thanks for sharing man. Ya I totally understand and can relate. If I were in your shoes I'd really look at your beliefs around the notions that you are responsible for your thoughts and mind. I'd also look into the idea that certain thoughts and states of mind are any more good or evil then another. Perhaps thoughts are just thoughts no matter how grotesque or sexual or flowery and sunny. They are just thoughts and don't mean good or bad about you or anyone, just energy perhaps. I'd also look into the notion that you are responsible for the thoughts that occur. Do you control what thoughts you have any more then you control your hair growing, or the feeling of sun striking your skin? And if not, then why would you hold yourself to blame. Here's a little video from Alan Watts on the subject....
  9. Thanks for share, I love Lisa, she had a big influence on me at one point.
  10. Ya the little of Matt kahn I know, I see him highlighting the positive as the central message. It may of subconsciously influenced me and my style so to say at one point, along with a few others. The energy behind the words is most important, I remember I spent the at least a year, almost two before I had a very large awakening that I listened to hours of teachers but didn't pay attention to the words. Every once and a while a saying would sink in or create a ahah, but it was the energy that left the biggest impression. My thoughts on the whole ego thing is that while it may have its merits, along with the illusion message, it has its confusions in the mind as well. All messages though may have this inherent possibility of confusion in them.
  11. Sounds like your seeing what you use to call yourself from a distance within the awareness that you are. This can be a very strange and hard process to go through. Not sure if this will help, but look a little more closely. There's a lot more then you just thinking. Notice there is thinking, and colors, and warm stuff and cold stuff and round stuff, and various densities and softnessess of stuff, theres gradations of emotion and pleasures and roughness and varies gradations of uncomfortablnesses. Look into this, it may help you out of this stuck thinking of being just thinking and a false me and not real. Again all these notions arise in a vastness of gradations of experience.
  12. Your welcome, out of curiosity anything in particular stood out for you? I have a feeling this is something a lot of serious seekers go through in themselves at some point looking for Truth.
  13. I can see the resemblance. Not a bad look to have at that age.
  14. I'm really curious how this video was for some people. I know a lot of you out there are probably putting themselves through unneeded stress and fear thinking they have to die or are trying to box/contain/kill something in their experience they've labeled as Ego.
  15. @Brandon Nankivell You never know, but at a certain point, it may become unimportant one way or the other, but this is a high level of surrender.