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  1. https://open.spotify.com/album/6SUMl8L4l91N2igInZsGMO?si=SpUrZStjQ2WGiYHSLiVuEg Radical, from Every Time I Die. , need to listen with lyrics, i would bet this band knows about Leo and actualized.org lol.
  2. @tatsumaru Some people are never meant to thrive on discipline and routine, some external factors can also effect this though, like creating a reliability account with someone, like when you have a job , or when i was at the army, but if you can not do it internally and do not want to do it for yourelf there might be good reasons for feeling that way. Some personality types like INTP, and an Enneagram type i do not remember which, will be programmed to function differently. INTP generally values freedom for example and hates pressure and schedule, so that makes sense with what you said. What you need is systems and trust on yourself, have the things you have to do in mind, create your programm and the things you want to do but do them in your own terms, sometimes i start the day with excercise, other days i might do it later, sometimes i meditate after i wake up sometimes before i sleep or in the middle of the day, adapting to the situation, to the way i feel and think, to my energy levels,having my long term goals in the back of my mind and a vision for the future ,but analyzing and taking desicions in the moment not following it like a robot , if i have a random urge of going to run at midnight i might as well do it, when you have that fire inside you put it to good use, it is a calling,when you feel down to other less energy draining activity , you might be that way too. It works for me but you also need the plan to guide you, like a journal. Do yourself not what random influencers or society norms tell you what you must do to succeed.
  3. Lol who the hell does this mistake??
  4. I am sorry for the incovinience but it is not my fault really, Leo should have put an option to display your birth date at your profile, but you were lucky i happened to pass by this threat and see your comment, i was born at 20/01/1992.
  5. I bet my bankroll that somebody is gonna screenshot this title and put it on a video saying, look what is happening in this forum with this cult leader Leo.
  6. So a dude like CR7 eating fish for breakfast for the last 15 years? and is inside 0.00001% of human fitness. He looks healthy to me. What is going to happen to him? I did not know detox was a serious thing, in my community, those who talk about detox and stuff are those who have fallen for every conspiracy theory they ever heard off and for many other scams, and if i were to talk about their intelect level and consciousness level.....no
  7. @Forestluv So your only problem is the language he used or that he did not clarify from which perspective he was making his claim.
  8. I am so confused with MBTI, is there a legit test anyway? Whatever test i do i take 80-95% Introvert 90-100% Intuitive, and the rest is hell depending on how i feel, and always with little percentage on preference. Most times it is INFJ and INTP. I see the funtion stacks of INTP and INFJ and i cant even say which 4 i am using like wtf.
  9. @Persipnei Yeah i have seen it too, somebody stole a lolilop from the market, this shit happens everywhere. I guess if lolipop stealing happens that means 9/11 was an inside job.
  10. Hello people, happy to be here again with you after finishing my military duty. I am looking forward at being very active from now on, man it feels good to be free again. A bit dissapointed with the level of discussion in this post to be honest, i was expecting a better reward after having to deal with insanely close-minded people for 9 months. So i am not gonna go easy on you. Introverted intuition produces magic with this topic i am excited. so many paradigms you can explore this from , and a heavy percentage of them has the NoFap antiporn movement losing bigtime. And you lose not because you do not watch or do not masturbate. This could easily be a win as easy as i wont ever challenge you for not liking chocolate the way do. You lose because : 1) You push your paradigm as a global undeniable truth that we all must follow when you have absolutely no real evidence for your claims. 2) You have zero tolerence and respect for any in-between situation when that in-between range is HUGE. ( consuming massive or very low or mediocre amounts, reasons for consuming, psychological states when consuming, purpose of consuming, quality of consuming, subject of consuming(age,health,culture, etc) ). Quality porn reveals to you a game, it is like you watch an advertise for a paradise-like place, but if you have 10$ in your pocket and can not buy the trip you might start rationalising, it is a bad place to go because ? And maybe you can not tame the dragon, can not go to the magic islands and all you do is well, what most people always do, wanting others to fail too so you wont feel as bad, or just you not being confident enough and the way you feel more confident is by having masses agree with you,but do you respect the truth that way? And there is so much at porn to put it all together in one category, for example i never watch other men banging ladies, i feel that it is not art, and i can not produce higher consciousness from it. Audio with guided hands free orgasm while in trance is art. Nudity is art, sweet angel telling you how to masturbate is art, and these stuff produce insanely good orgasms if you let go and do not have negative beliefs, and you can do all of them with real partners too. Your dopamine tank refreshes pretty good within a few days if you are healthy sleep well. And meditation is the ultimate tool. If you have all these negative beliefs around porn sex or masturbation hey , can you imagine how you gonna feel after taking the action? Maybe the same way you feel after eating a whole cake when you are on a diet? You are self sabotaging, mentaly harassing your own selves. Devil so smart, always one level ahead that little bastard. Here in Greece we have this saying "Drugs are not bad, you are the junkie." We all here know the Positive use and powers of drugs yeah? We all know what happens when we consume just to consume ,and doing it daily, without being mindfull without any purpose any preparation, and we all know the difference of quality. The worse drugs just kill you slowly and do nothing more nothing less. Porn can be the same. Of course overconsuming mindlessly will make you a zompie like low consciousness existence.And of course there are ways to experiment and enjoy it to the maximum. Big ego's always want to polarize everything, the same way it wants a fake duality god just for it, you hear "Balance maybe? " and a little voice inside you goes, "ARGH NOOOOO,......... me full max super ultra conscious GOD"
  11. When i first saw that it F me up, i got suspicious of the whole spiritual community as a whole and stalked the commitment i originally had into joining and being an active member of forums like this one for example.I started thinking that if this is true ,man, spitiuality is like the "new religion" and is all stuff we make out of our heads so we can feel better or have more power and feel superior to others. Do not get me wrong i still take a lot from here from what i read and from the videos of Leo and others but this thing is F up , millions of people idolize this man without ever wondering how legit he is, but there is a shady story, Check the second answer in particular. https://www.quora.com/Is-Jaggi-Vasudev-a-fraud.
  12. @Krisena i think your mind is trying to verify somehow if Leo is a great teacher and good person or he has some secret agenda like boiling kittens when home alone, and through that dream you are trying to release doupt towards him, it is very normal for this happen if you got an overload of information from him recently and then you are starting to apply these information and practices in your life and making long-term plans towards self-actualization. Your mind and ego are resisting it, you are thinking, is all his saying really truth? is it beneficial for me? will this really work? Is it gonna be worth it? why not stay as i was before? That is what i think this dream means , so, what you gonna do?? I think you should always do what Leo says, and that is to find out for yourself if what he teaches is truth, there is no other way actually. And maybe just relax this attatchment a little bit.
  13. It is unbeliavable for me that this """"""issue"""" can arise in such a place, and people spend time with this instead of real work or something more important. You really need to have big personal issues to decide to rant about the forum hierarchy, thread starter and @remember are projecting a lot of insecurities and false realities towards the moderators , and as every other topic i read it is always clear to me that the mods deserve their place and i guess Leo chose them wisely. Their intent is clear, and it is to push our orange asses forward , only that they put it more kindly and sophisticated and this is how it has greater chanse of making an impact.
  14. When people talk stuff like this inside this Forum this is where i start to believe that you are just making stuff out of your A** (plurar not personal) and present them as it is a reality , what you said makes zero or maybe negative sense to me. If it is that way you present it it just means that i can do whatever i want and still be Godhead consciousness, after all if eating meat is only physical aspect why would not murder be too, or anything i want in any amount and frequency i want, if this 2 aspects of physicallity and meta do not interact with each other when and how does that energy change ? I mean what are we doing here , we say meditation changes your consciousness , drugs changes it also alcohol changes it , but food does not because that is how i like it to be? Why the first have metaphysicall impact and second does not and who will define that?
  15. @tenta Yes that makes complete sense, and maybe it is just too early for this to happen in our ages