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  1. When you hold a deeply solipsistic perspective (it's a specific frequency) everyone else around you will become NPC-like, and trust me, it can be really unnerving, speaking from experience. When I realized I was holding these characters back because they were "not real" I then imagined their own sovereignty as A Singularity unto themselves. That is to say, I realized I was not necessarily the only center focusing of Infinite consciousness, and there are new perspectives of Infinity my reflections can see better than I can from their vantage point. Solipsistic bubbles are heady, and apt to pop, a thought bubble can only grow so big until it pops and embeds itself into the larger array of thought, which is much more free, spaciousness, and filled with Life.
  2. I still think this idea that God can't Co-Create with an Infinity of Gods is pretty silly. Why do you try to limit God? What compels you to stay in your solipsistic bubble that you defend so ruthlessly? One means Unity. It means Connection. Is your narrative increasing connection with your fellow Selves, or are you just denying their existence? If God wishes to be alone, he may do so, but the opposite is equally true. That's what true Freedom is. Infinite.
  3. This was also my favorite Leo moment
  4. Does Objective Morality exist, and how would you define it, if it could be defined?
  5. There are no two root motives in this universe. It is One Love.
  6. And what's wrong with that? That people can now make a living sharing their spiritual philosophy, funded by those who find their words and insights useful? Where's the problem, exactly? Just sounds like sour grapes to me. 🍇
  7. Bernardo serves the role in science of philosophy of building a bridge between the rational skeptic and the new age thought, and for that I thank him. To him I would say, my thoughts aren't separate from your thoughts. They exist in the same quantum field. The only separation is in the relative sense, what you would call space/time, however by it's very existence space/time is also simultaneously what connects everything. This connection is the present moment. Here you have a line of direct communication to every being that exists throughout all of time/space. My thoughts affect yours. Your thoughts affect mine. The instant we recognize that we are one mind is the instant we have opened ourselves to global telepathy, and we can begin to move from a state of dissociation to a state of Unification. Sit in meditation, and the thoughts and good will of the collective consciousness will come through and inspire you and the world to action.