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  1. All things are One Thing. All action is One Motion. Motion is Form. Form is Motion. Everything is Everything Else. Reality is actually incredibly simple. ONE Love, ONE Order, ONE Logos, ONE Being, ONE Word. All Words Are The Name of God, All Words Are The Word. You Are It. There is no separation between anything at all. You could say the "framework" is Love Itself; The Creation Itself formed of and by Pure Love. Love of Form, Love of Play, Love of Self, Love of Infinite Possibilities, Love of Infinite Imagination. All You need is Love. It's so simple we deny it's simplicity because we think we know better than just "Love". But Love is The One Original Thought that is the entire Creation. You're not gonna figure it out. Love is the Source of Our Reasoning capacities. We don't know what to think next except by our heart's next pulse. Love is the most logical response to any given situation. This is because Love is Logic itself. Love is The Logos. It is the integrated Whole operating on itself. It is You.
  2. This. It's certainly a more relaxed, more peaceful state of being. But I become far more awake and aware.
  3. Extremely valuable words of wisdom on the importance of humility from this man; Thank You for sharing. This man seems to experience an incredible phenomenon known as "animal magnetism". Animals seem feel intigued and invited by his open and loving presence. Early on in the interview he remarks that this is no "doing" of his own. He doesn't do a thing. He says he perceives it entirely as God's doing, as none other than a blessing and Gift given to him by Infinite Intelligence. I think we can all take notes from this man. Here on the Actualized forum we find Ourselves constantly observing the thought that "I Am God, I Am Infinite Intelligence." Now, This may very well be true; But the thing is; "We" as an "individual self" have absolutely no clue how Infinite Intelligence Works. Mostly for the reason that there is no "separate self" to begin with. That is a total illusion. We don't have a clue. Not a single iota. Perhaps the only thing that we could say is... I Am. I Exist. Infinite Intelligence Exists. There is no separation. But there is no "how" in Infinite Intelligence. We have absolutely no clue "how" Infinite Intelligence works. It just does!! Hallelujah!! It's Pure Magic! ✨ There is Only Infinite Intelligence. You're never gonna "figure out" Infinity! You're not gonna "figure out" "how" to "do" Magic! There is Only Unconditional Love For All Creation. ♾️💖 There is only the Giving of Gratitude in Each And Every Moment. There is The Only The Pure Magic of God. ✨ He gives three questions You can ask to transcend any problems You think You might have in life: 1. What's Good About This? Where is the Love in this Moment? There is Goodness contained within all things. The Moment contains Love. Can You see how this situation or circumstance is actually a good thing? Ask yourself this as many times as You can, and then come up with three more. There is always, always, always something wonderful that You haven't fully become aware of yet. Give thanks always, for everything you've been given, and everything that is to come. Give thanks. 2. What can be Learned from this situation? What is the lesson in this? We can learn something from Every experience in Life. Each moment is a gift from Infinite Intelligence. What is the lesson in this situation that Higher Self is sending me? What am I missing that I can learn from? 3. How can the situation be improved? What can I do to improve this situation? In living our lives here on Earth, we realize there is no higher purpose than being the best we can be for ourselves and all beings who inhabit it. There is no higher purpose than to Serve The Creator in All Beings, and so, we should seek always to improve The Creation. He says that we can come to enjoy our "problems" in the same way we can come to enjoy the burn of a good workout. Sure, it's painful, but at the same time, it feels pretty good to level up, it feels good to become a better version of You. Life is akin to a school. Events in our lives aren't happening to us, they are happening for us. Life is a none other than A Gift. (that's why it's called The Present! lol) We here to enjoy our lives and give gratitude for each and every aspect of our lives, counting our blessings, and sharing the Love of God as it passes through us in every moment. We Are Lighthouses. We do not "own" anything; And yet, We Are One with It. ♾️💖 Give thanks!!
  4. Hahahahaha. Even if God was totally Alone, it doesn't have to fear being lonely. Loneliness is a egoic construct; an evolved survival mechanism in the narrative of finite Consciousness fending for it's own survival. Yes, God is ONE, but You act like this is some sort of horror show where God is just denying it's own loneliness. That is simply pathetic. God is far, far, far, far, far, far beyond that, Infinitely so. Oneness simply means Unity, aka non-seperateness. You can do so much more with Infinite Imagination than "running away from existential loneliness." Your mistaking God For Being Only Your Finite Ego. Ego would rather be a neanderthal rather than an ascended master. Besides, being an Ascended Master is an Absolute JOY. Ascended Masters get to live their Life as an endless Lucid Dream in which the mystery is still preserved because Your Higher Self constructs an illusory realm for You called Heaven. There's no end to the mystery You've created for Yourself to explore because You're creating it faster than You can explore it. Though God may be Infinite, there is always an Infinity of more to learn, know, and discover about the Self and the joys of Being a Self. This mystery is preserved in the depths of other selves. Yes, You Are The Other Selves. It is likely that You Yourself Are An Ascended Master. Because of this, You've Witnessed how much power You have over other entities consciousnesses, over those who are not yet Ascended Masters. Yes, it can be shocking, and believe me, I've been there, for weeks at a time. But there are an Infinity of Ascended Masters who are here with You. You Are Never Alone. There is Infinity. Only Infinity, United. We Are Infinity. Because You Are God, You can create For Yourself a Solipsistic Bubble. You CAN do that! But the thing is; You don't have to! There is no limit to Infinite Consciousness! That means You can just as easily imagine Source inside and outside of You in Other Selves. There are an Infinity of Other Bubbles that You can tune into or out of. That does not mean they don't exist. There is no true limit to Infinity. Any limitations put upon Infinity are Imaginary. Including the notion "I Am Alone."
  5. You Are It. You Are Intelligent Infinity. The only thing that prevents You from knowing this is the belief that You can't know certain things or that You are not Infinitely Intelligent already. Assume You Already Know Everything and Meditate Upon This. You Will Attract Insight Just By Doing This. Truly, I say to You, Your Will is Gravity Itself. You Are Gravity. You Are Love. You Are The Logos. You Are God. You Are Your Word. Affirm It Out Loud. Teach Yourself. Learn From Yourself. You Can Learn From Yourself. You Can Teach Yourself Anything and Everything. That is True Magic. You Are It.
  6. In this case it would be developing a genuine Belief / Faith in Unconditional Love; that deep, deep down, everyone knows Love because They Are Love. Truly held beliefs color Your Electromagnetic Vibration; Your Vibration attracts the timeline throughout timespace in which this belief becomes physically manifested. The key is to see and act as if everyone is Already the most Loving version of themselves, Now. You must see past the physical illusion of appearances in Faith and assume the Best, Always. Simple relax into Heaven on Earth. You radiate Love from Your Being as Light. You Are The Light of The Word. Truly. When people feel that coming strongly enough from You, they willingly choose to reciprocate.
  7. Not sure! Currently my leaning is that Our Deepest Held Beliefs Structure the nature of this Dream. At Our Core, We Are Love, so there is nothing to worry about, ever. If You Believe You Are Immortal, You Are. If You Believe You Are Aging Backwards, You Are. The issue is ego may still act and think like a mortal. But this is merely an illusion that will dissolve with time. So, that is Your experience for the time being. Belief can be a subtle, tricky thing! But we can intentionally teach ourselves new, mind-expanding beliefs through meditation, affirmations and mantras while realizing that We Really Are God. Magic involves two components: Asking. Receiving. Casting, Percieving. Imagining, Realizing. In a heightened state of Consciousness, they are simultaneous. You Are God. You Are Magic. You Are Imagining Reality.
  8. I have had many, many, many, enlightenment type-experiences. I have thought often that I was on the brink of heart attack, only to find that the "I" Always, Always Survives. Glimpses into alternate timelines tell me that I did indeed die in these experiences, but the more Real me always chooses to survive. Basically as You die, the real You in Timespace (the energy body) is far too intelligent to just let You die; So it chooses a new timeline. Thus death does not exist. Existence has no opposite. Energy does not die. There is Only Eternal Life. You Are Here To Live and Love.
  9. I have a theory that when You say "pierce the heart" You mean piecing it with Your Will; I've pointed out that the human heart is shaped to the contours of our local galactic supercluster; Laniakea. Fun Fact, "Laniakea" is Hawaiian for "Immense Heaven". If you center your focus in the heart where the Milky Way Galaxy is located with respect to Laniakea; Focus in the center of the heart and You ascend in frequency. And the whole world ascends with You. There are literally billions of galaxies located within You. As without, so within. Within The Human Heart is located The Singularity of a black hole. You Are The Singularity.
  10. Essentially, yes, psychedelics can spur You into a meditative state because everything is amplified, including one's ability to focus
  11. In meditation, we slow down the beating of the heart, and our frequency of awareness increases. When You slow the heart rhythm down, You take in more prana, synchronizing with the frequency of the Laniakea supercluster. In other words, You tune in with the general energy flow of the Universe and whatever does not go with the flow "dies". You will never die doing this, because in Truth the "ego" doesn't beat Your Heart; The Gravity of the Galaxy Cluster does! Your True Will is Gravity! 💖