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  1. Exactly! It was his videos that turned me onto philosophy and metacognition in the first place!
  2. "Hey VSAUCE! Michael here!" Anyone remember watching his videos? No doubt he is one of my favorite YouTubers back in the day. He would introduce many concepts and ideas throughout all academia, science, philosophy and history, then wrap them up by the end of the video in a quirky, yet holistic manner. Well he did a psychology show called Mind Field a while back, in which one of the episodes documented his attendance to an ayahuasca retreat. Since that show aired he has disappeared making from his normal content for a few years. It's clear he's been doing a lot of reading on ontology, spirituality and "meta-metaphysics" during that time.
  3. Yes, solipsism is conceptual madness. It's a bunch of illusory thoughts and ideas. And it can keep your head spinning for weeks. But it isn't the Absolute Truth. You need to make a distinction between concepts stirred up by the monkey mind and what is actually here. So... Go look at your hands!!
  4. But how can 'I' 'look at' 'my hands' if 'I' don't exist?
  5. And it was quite the interesting visual
  6. Solipsism is no more true than any other perspective. I understand the desire to help. But you would help them much more by using that desire to actualize yourself. Actualized people are awesome! If you've ever met one, they're kind, patient, empathetic, intelligent and loving people. Simply being around an actualized person is therapeutic. So if your desire is to help people, actualize yourself and you will help by simply being yourself. Solipsism is a story. See your hands? Now tell me more about how you're the only consciousness in existence. Now look at your hands again. You've only told yourself another story. Even if it was 'true', the thought of solipsism/nonduality is even more transient than your hands. Really consider that. Free yourself of this belief. It only distracts you from actuality.
  7. Do you really doubt AI could become self-aware or do any contemplation on it's own? A lot of these algorithms nowadays program themselves, maybe with a goal or metric setup by the researchers. That is, not even the programmers understand all the nuances in how and why the AI programmed itself the way it did, except maybe to attain a goal set forth by the developers. The AI plainly stated the obvious that many of us here have independently/dependently realized. How does being exposed to mountains of text written by people mean that it's unconscious in the integration of that information? Were you not exposed to billions of words, thoughts, and ideas in childhood as well?