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  1. @Leo Gura Okay Sir~ Got it!
  2. Okay, this one was brilliant! What about Bret's other videos, are they worth listening/watching? Asking— if you are a regular listener to his show!!! Thanks.
  3. Thanks, It was much required indeed!!
  4. Seat belts in place— ready ta fllyyyy!!!
  5. Hooray~ Sir's back!!!
  6. @Vittorio you are very— welcome!!
  7. Just because it's the best kriya to balance PRANAS— thereby helps in balancing various processes in the body.
  8. [Thought to just drop it here instead of making a new thread] Trump and his MAGA in a nutshell— Ahahahahahahahahahahahahhhaaa!!
  9. Gonna miss you so—Bad! Love and take care. See you soon!
  10. Namaste Ji! I'll suggest you go with Pranayama! 1. BHASTRIKA 2. KAPALBHATI 3. ANULOM-VILOM *this one is Gold* 5 minutes each one, you can even start with 2-3 minutes each, and then consecutively increase the time duration. I would like to suggest a few yog gurus if you can understand Hindi — (1) Swami Ramdev- https://youtube.com/c/SwamiRamdevOfficial (2) Nityanandam Shree- https://youtube.com/c/NityanandamShree These are the links of their official channels, you'll find the videos of all the pranayamas mentioned above, else you can search respectively for the pranayama you wanna search for, I'll recommend you go with the second one for detailed explanation (Nityanandam Shree). For Videos in English, I like this dude~ I'll suggest you to not do it without under in some expert's supervision, since it is an advanced yoga, start first with basics first, see how do you feel after. best regards.
  11. Welp, not only Chomsky's POV, but the POV of Islam itself, why is it the way it is? to understand it's root foundation, or to understand the root foundation of any social structure whatsoever, it's really essential to look from the POV of that structure itself, because things might be beyond all philosophies, theories and criticisms but that doesn't mean we should not pay attention to all of that, they are a great tool, but sometimes problems go beyond all theories and personal POVs. And even I wouldn't mind saying maybe it's not a problem at all, it's just a matter of a few gone and others coming in that the problem will not be a problem, that's a periodic happening after all.
  12. To manifest various degrees of potential of the ever pervading consciousness, only faculty you have is your mind, and yes the brain is part of it and it does play certain functions upto an extent, mind why? Brain alone can't do no shit, it needs a full fledged fused structure for that matter, so coming back to the op, to manifest various potentials of ever pervading consciousness or let's say to unravel it's potential we have got mind which has certain capabilities upto some extent and limitations, how am I saying this? Bcuz I don't or can't access all the frequencies or see let's say what a certain kind of insect can see, it might be accessing the levels of consciousness which I can't given my capabilities and limitations, So ofc, it will happen cause it's an important and perhaps one of the most important organ(brain) that lets you touch/feel/experience— consciousness at various degrees, any hampering with the already present chemicals in brain or let's say in whole structure(body) in certain amount may/may not alter the states of consciousness, since it's all there is already in it's entirety, all it takes on your part is a miniscule change, to make you go ohvie-whoavie about it. The only point we can be sure about is, consciousness is not "generated" by brain, on the contrary brain is and rest everything that you see and can't see, categorically speaking.
  13. Alright thanks for sharing your thoughts, Soulbass.