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  1. You must know, what is being Religious first? No need to answer anything, infact, be honest and say- I do not know what is Religion, Sorry! Understand that millions of languages are spoken across this globe. English just happens to be widely spoken, without understanding the literary roots we do fall into traps of knowing the meaning, feelings behind the words which is not actually so. English words are certainly not that great as we think.
  2. Flaw- I hate show off.
  3. The more you will understand about relationships the more you will appreciate monogamy and marriage. It shouldn't be a custom really, but subject to further exploration to the values it has to offer. The marriage is not bound to be overpriced if you really do it for its own sake. Who cares about how much you are spending on a ceremony and what brand you wear on what day. It is absurd.
  4. If you are asking this to us, boi you lost her already, matter of fact, you love porn more than you love her. C'mon now.
  5. He did not setup any community, do your research, Y'all please, before you blame someone as a conman, corrupt, bizarre or as flawed, at-least get a little history otherwise it will just add to your ignorance. Moreover stop participating in conversations that has to just project your inner biases and dogma. Do the work for God's sake. Work is point your finger towards you and your inner being and "NOT OTHERS". NOBODY KNOWS WHO A GURU IS. EXCEPT ONE. DO NOT MISLEAD.
  6. Rajneesh. He is: " The Most Transcended human I have ever listened to, watched and read". Him and only him. Please read his texts. Recommended. I read and listened to him mostly in Hindi Language. His native tongue. Regards.
  7. @KoryKat You equated Everything to Consciousness. Everything = Consciousness There is no space left for "THEN" after this Equation. Study about language and its nature of Duality.