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  1. If you have nothing to do and wanna test stuff out try to project a desire for long periods of time for 30 days or something of 30 minutes every day.
  2. I think this is where it should end, if I were you. Just don't log on that website. If he blows up in your face, then "I have a boyfriend" answer, and any excuse after that, if this continunes, ignore, block and don't feel guilty about it. He does not own you.
  3. Yes, like 4/20 sessions. One was when I was a child and I had a terrible cough, so basically the healer did something with a candle that after that for a day, everything I ate I vomited and my cough started to subside. I to this day don't know if it was related but energetically she did something, I could feel while she did it, it was different. Ohh and I went to a puja, generally if you want a good experience, i suggest some forms of hindu rituals, pujas, readings from devi's e.c.t. - that has been the best by far. These experiences will vary from what they do to you, but yes, these just have been the best. And the best experiences was from the events that were usually free of cost. If you can get your akashik records read by some initiate with a deity, that is by far the best experience I have had. There was a tarot reader who predicted my life for 5 years in terms of carrieer. From 2018 to 2023 - so far I am rereading what she wrote and it does match my life events, she predicted my neighbour situation exactly at the begining if 2021. I may give her fiverr details if you want but that reading cost me 60 eur or something. In 2013, when I met my first healer, he showed me Osho, and my journey basically started, altho his healings didn't do much, he did improve some peoples lives and he himself is very healthy at 80 years something. Rest of his 10 sessions was not very useful or so.
  4. I do agree in general, because i am seeing this happen in my life as I am putting more attention to myself. And it takes quite some time to change yourself, but it is happening.
  5. Generally, yes, they do something to you. I have met with few, each may do something different to you. Most will just meddle with your energies and its like an ok energy bath and you will feel somewhat lighter e.c.t., but it will go and nothing physical will really get healed. There may be healers with siddhis e.c.t. but you will not meet these often. Between these two there are variety of healers that can do various things like purifying your energies with candles, checking for curses, predicting your future, yes, those things are possible and in my experience. What are the downsides? Usually expensive, you are merely funding their lifestyle. You will want to come again, and feel dependant on them and then they will lure money out of you. They may insert a range of beliefs in your head which they believe life is may be false, because you trust them, you might soak everything up. It may not bring ling term well being, just a pleasant experience, it is almost like a drug. All that said... there are very powerful people who acctually can perform crazy stuff, but good luck finding, verifying who they are. I would rather do yoga or something, like kriya yoga e.c.t. That has far morw chances to heal you, improve your quality of life, bring stability and doesn't cost too much or at all, because once you learn, you can do for the rest of your life.
  6. @Preety_India You know, on one hand, I have been told that India is a hellhole with little sanitation, poverty, overpopulation, corruption, lack of education e.c.t. and when I complimented a guy on his Indian culture, he got visibly upset with me. At the other hand what that country has, incredible diversity between spiritual groups, weirdest and nost delicate buildings like temples e.c.t., the whole system of yoga comes from India, it has its natural sacred places like Himalayas and a fantastical surreal history written in forms of various Gitas and so on. Damn, the brits really did damage the Indian culture.
  7. Yes this is a good method. Trust the life process and visualize what you want every day. This is so underrated.
  8. Ohh that is 100% yes for me, I know pretty much exactly what I want, if I didn't have enemity problems, I would have done what I wanted and kept doing it, as I am anyway...
  9. Otherwise, how aren't they dead. The USSR used to pour mercury in people's shoes to poison them over time. YES, and the mercury is not liquid, how about that!
  10. Well, with 'guidelines' I mean, most importantly the gentle focus on the third eye and putting most of the attention on the movement of the breath while checking if your eyes are slightly upturned so it creates that natural/gentle focus. You can do yoga wrong you can do an asana wrong or be in the wrong condition to do the asana (full stomach of food for example) and it can cause harm, pain, and bigger issues. Okay, its okay about the sincerety thing, what I was saying with sincerety is, doing no more or less just to get the optimal benefits from the practice, obviously I didn't mean devotion or anything, that is with you, as you explained. Even if you don't deliver results (which I really doubt, since for me some results/difference happened about day 10) this method of checking for yourself will prove worthwhile at some point on your life. For sure, I would love to hear! If you are really interested you can also watch some isha kriya feedback vids.
  11. Good I will follow on your profile, feel free to PM me anytime if you want to. Remember, do it not because I said, but because you are finding out what you want to find out. And before you reach to ANY conclusions: - Did you do it sincerely (by following optional guidlines, it is okay to slip, be distracted, it's ok, just come back to the process), regularly, once a day, so it builds up, mark a calendar or something; Make sure not to concentrate too much on the third eye, I won't tell you any spoilers/it is nothing extreme, but VERY significant. What you reap is what you sowe. Best of luck!
  12. This forum: One guy makes a challenging post asking: "Are you enlightened?" Forum users: "I think you are projecting, dude." The author of the post: "Nah man, you are projecting." Forum users: "Saying no u in a lot of words" And may the projection olympics begin...
  13. Well, to all those who want to take skeptical position or think he is a fraud, lol, just do his isha kriya for 90 days, once a day or attend his programs or learn sambhavi mahamudra, and TEST for yourself. Obviously this mindset of wanting to find one/few reasons to dismiss just about everything/big things in life. Will this mindset help you grow? You will be on these forums disagreeing forever. If you really want to know, you will also know, this is what I and people like @Chi_ did. Peace.
  14. Anyway, besides the point I made few posts ago, I guess I can use some time to organize what I want to do. I had some experiences in a new angle, nothing profound. I want to go more towards exploring the third eye chakra related techniques, besides the obvious basic improvements in life. Why third eye or ajna chakra? Because it generates something called Ojas - one of it's benefits is basically that it resuces the impact of your emotions and toughts, so basicaly it reduces the life process influence on your being, another is that it brings bliss - obviously, if you are blissful, you feel life is not a curse and that this whole thing is not an accident! It also shows me that you are something far greater and older than the body and mind. To be truthful, you are far older than the sun and earth, and the creation itself. Any number of big bangs and repetitions of the implosions of the universe - you are older than that. after all, your energies establishing themselves in the third eye is better than staying in the manipuraka, swadishtana or muladara. Closer to sahasrara! As many kriya yogis say, don't bother about your enlightenment just yet, do your practice (sadhana) and psychic powers, glimpses will come to you. Enlightenment will be easier to get if you have built versatility for life - if you have built yourself away from your compulsions, have capacity to let go your identity and desires, if you are not taking loans and relying on physical identities, you simply won't be needing to pay them back and you can invest in what you want, to sit for 16 hours in one place or more, and take the straightest line towards the goal. Even if it doesn't work, because it requires maturity, the connection if the master assures your conscious evolution, which depends on the mastery of the master. This results in liberation or in more conscious bodies in the next births. If you are entangled with sadhguru for example, the last moment liberation is assured, if you keep yourself clean enough and are not conspiring and angry with the master. I will just compile every Nithyananda video on third eye I have watched as you get subtle clues, for example what is kundalini shakti e.c.t. Third eye meditation will also allow me to fall into the state of turiya when I fall asleep. So I am also going to do this third eye meditation, I wish I knew sadhgurus shambhavi mahamudra since it is more agressive and faster way, because you are using mudras and your energies, not just letting the master "in" so" to say. Anyway, for unusual results i need unusual methods, and it has helped me by far, more than any conversation, consolation, friendship e.c.t.