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  1. Have been watching avatar and omg it’s so juicy and full of stage turquoise insight. Does anyone know of any Disney movies that of that nature. Like brave, Pocahontas, Mulan, etc?
  2. "self-improvement is masturbation, now self-destruction..."- Brad Pit
  3. Are you afraid of people being mean to you if you're gay? And lmao calling it homosexual is probably making it more interesting for you. Also could you be asexual? and are you doing nofap?
  4. I remember Leo described it as you’re a banana and you peel off the peel. And that it’s greater then waking up from a deep sleep. Does it feel equivalent to mdma? Or does it make mdma look like a baby?
  5. Before enlightenment smoke weed. After enlightenment smoke weed.
  6. It’s like turning the fov up to max on a video game
  7. It seems to me that the most amount of growth personally and spiritually comes from being alone. How does one embrace it and make being alone its friend instead of demonizing it?
  8. The power of semen retention is something to be taken seriously.
  9. In a video Leo said his new spiritual practice is staring at his hand. Is it possible to meditate, become conscious/ enlightened by staring at your hand? And has anyone done it and seen any benefits?
  10. @Natasha if the moon was made out of cheese 🧀 🌝
  11. Apparently if you stare at the sun when it sets or rises. There are benefits to doing this, has anyone had any benefits to doing this?
  12. @allislove What about you and everyone else? Why does seem like Leo is awake and everyone on here?
  13. @allislove so from “my” understanding. God is everything imaginable. So is god ANYTHING and EVERYTHING?
  14. @allislove does that mean every dimension exists?