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  1. Still tho. A devil is a devil.
  2. Cyberpunk is one giant fetishinazion about California leaving the USA drops mic 🎤
  3. “ you may slay your demons, but can you destroy your-owns ? “
  4. It is time to invoke the rath of god
  5. Lol. I wish we had all the rest of the new stages in Tier 2/3 in there
  6. There is no thing as nothing. Infinity.
  7. Y’all know he’s mostly orange, right just because he models stuff doesn’t mean he’s yellow.
  8. @Preety_India all 83 million
  9. There’s some scale on how much a trillion dollars can do.
  10. You can pour as much as you want into something but if what you put in does not stand you must pause. Now is the time to slow down.
  12. Resource Based Economy
  13. @Forestluv wait he went on the forums?