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  1. I'm going offline for a while to practice breatharian living.
  2. I doubt that even Marianne Williamson will be able to suddenly turn all the political manipulation and chicanery into truth and transparency. What I believe must happen is that truth-politics has to flow in gradually or it will disrupt the current political system too much.
  3. An even better practice I discovered is that the ego and the whole of life are one and the same process. It's a meta perspective. And by simply seeing this allows transformation to take place.
  4. Removing the sin of personal responsibility can be done with mindfulness practice. Just observe your thoughts and actions passively. That is only the first step. If the person gets stuck in that state it becomes what in mainstream psychology is called a depersonalization disorder where the person experiences himself or herself as detached from what is happening. The holistic self as opposed to the separate ego, is the whole action of life. The second stage of the mindfulness practice is therefore to experience the separate passive observer, which is the ego, to dissolve. Depersonalization disorder is still an ego state with a false sense of separation between the self and what is happening.
  5. On a second thought, personal responsibility is a false perspective by the ego. Personal responsibility is a sin! (Sin means to miss the mark as I have mentioned earlier.) BUT, if it is the ego that says that it hasn't any responsibility, it becomes a double error where the ego believes it can remove personal responsibility by its own volition. It can't.
  6. Yikes, my personal financial problem suddenly got pretty severe. But I feel MORE calm now! Could be the money tension connection I described earlier.
  7. I'm actually a great fan of Google. Have been for years. They are a bit too centralized for my taste, but that's the world we live in at the moment, and they do capitalize on tax evasion, but again, that's the business climate of today. I'm looking forward to decentralized peer-to-peer alternatives to Google, and then as Eric Schmidt said: the competition is just one click away.
  8. The idea that life is an automatic process seems awful to the ego. It's likely a false perspective though, like so much else with the ego view. If life is a superiorly intelligent process then the ego perspective starts to be questioned. The suffering then is because of the ego perspective which strangles the universal intelligence into a little separate box of madness.
  9. We have been fooled by politicians and lobbyists to believe that the tax system must be monstrously complex, when in fact the whole taxation process today can be automated, requiring an AI system operated by a handful of people instead of millions of people in the government and companies, from the smallest to the biggest multinational corporations working like crazy all the time with taxation from all angles; from the IRS to the tax evasion hideous constructions in the large corporations, and tax law this and tax rate that and tax regulation this and tax form that, legal prosecution this and lawyer army that, government tax expert, corporate defense tax expert, tax application this, and tax software that, tax adviser this and academic tax professor that. Zillions of dollars spent on useless friction and insane complexity of managing taxation.
  10. Also, I think the world corporate tax should be directly on the revenue, to prevent corporations from evading tax through deceptive investments and bookkeeping tricks etc. And with a digital global currency that is tracked, the tax collection can be made automatic.
  11. My idea is that the corporate tax should be the SAME in the entire world. Probably unrealistic today but with a new global currency it could work.
  12. Because of loop holes and tax evasion through tax havens abroad.
  13. @Leo Gura But you also need to make America appealing for corporations, even for the big multinational corporations. Or else the U.S. economy will dwindle.
  14. @Leo Gura I don't think isolationism on a national level will work for much longer into the future. Think of the cities with walls you mentioned in your latest video.
  15. Trump and the Chinese leader are like little children arguing with each other. It's embarrassing frankly. Create a digital global currency legally administered by the UN and with practical running operations of the currency managed by the intelligence agencies around the world such as the NSA, GCHQ and whatever other agencies there in other countries such as Russia, China, Brazil and Germany. That should be trustworthy enough.