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  1. What if Trump orchestrated the storming of the Capitol together with the U.S. intelligence community? The event looks very much staged to me, and I doubt that anybody actually was killed. Too scripted and controlled and absence of adequate response from law enforcement. And the purpose is to bring troops into Washington, D.C. and then use those to arrest Biden. Well, that last part is speculative and I doubt that it will happen, but something about the whole event only makes sense to me if it's orchestrated by or at least coordinated with the intelligence community.
  2. In Integral Light (my homemade version of spirituality) the soul doesn't evolve. The human soul is just a changeless point. Yet the perspective experienced from that point evolves! And some points are "older" and some are "younger" so it's valid to talk about the age of souls even though they are eternal and changeless. The age of a soul depends on where in the expansion of Indra's net it's located. Indra's net is eternal, infinite and changeless. It's the manifestation of Indra's net which expands as time. And the manifestation expands in the amount of information manifested reality contains. And the more information the higher on the evolutionary scale. So evolution always moves into higher order and the arrow of time always moves forward. Then what about relative time and time travel? My model predicts that Einstein's relativity is false and that time is only relative in the sense of the past expanding. Quantum mechanics on the other hand is compatible with my model, not the interpretations involving randomness but for example the pilot wave theory, including nonlocality since everything is connected.
  3. Indra's net is all there is, it's the difference between everything and nothing. And the single difference causes new differences between itself and everything and nothing and so on into an infinite and completely interconnected web of differences which is Indra's net. With the individual being a unique point within Indra's net it also means that the point is connected to all other points. This is a useful model for recognizing that the the personal self is just a part of the whole perspective which ultimately includes everything. It's useful because it gives an explanation for how expansion of the personal perspective is possible.
  4. I have been looking mostly at nondual teachings lately. I will look into the integral approach some more. Here is one integral video I found:
  5. The doing that is happening from our individual perspective, what is that if it's not a separate individual? My take on it is that the individual is the soul. That's an integral approach, even though what I mean by soul is a changeless point within existence. Such point can't do anything, however it produces the individual experience. And each person has his or her own unique soul. And they are separate points yet parts of the whole web of interconnected points that make up reality. So it's still a nondual wholeness. A useful illustration of this is Indra's net which is a metaphor for describing all of existence as an infinite net of jewels all reflecting each other. Of course "jewel" here represents a single point, and some of those points are souls.
  6. Ken Wilber has a very comprehensive approach. I will try a lighter approach and call it Integral Light. I don't know yet what to include. At least the nondual perspective and the evolutionary perspective will be included. My initial idea is that it's possible to practice methods for moving into the transpersonal stage. Just like learning a new language or how to play the piano. It's a bit trickier since nonduality as I see it means that there isn't anybody doing something as a separate individual. There is however doing happening from an individual perspective, so that's something that also can be included in Integral Light.
  7. I will listen again to Ken Wilber talking about the shadow. This is only the first part. The full episode can be found here:
  8. What nonduality teachers capture that is missing in my idea of reality as "everything possible happening" is that they explain the illusion of the separate self, such as: So on a second thought my explanation isn't clearer, just different. I need to somehow include the illusion of the separate self in order for it to be similar to nonduality. What I think Parsons is missing though is the evolutionary aspect of reality. But I admit that Parsons' explanation may be more correct from a nondual perspective. I think I will check out some of Ken Wilber's videos. He has an integral both/and approach.
  9. If only what is possible is happening and the future set in stone, then isn't it possible to understand that and drop confusion about what-if scenarios? No, it's only possible to drop confusion if that's possible, haha. Another tautology.
  10. If reality is set in stone, then what-if questions can dissolve. Reality is everything possible happening. What is not possible will not happen. It's an obvious tautology. Tony Parsons says that nothing is happening. I think my explanation is clearer, that everything possible is happening. But it's pretty similar. I will check out this latest video from him:
  11. I started thinking about the idea of the future being set in stone. And one deep issue that needs to be resolved is infinite time. The crystallized ego can easily freak out by the idea of endless time. So how to resolve that ghastly panic of the fear of eternity? I discovered a possible solution! Consciousness is already connected to infinite time. Consciousness is the infinite reality observing the finite manifestation of itself. So for consciousness to be afraid of itself is a neurosis, to put it mildly. The correct perspective is that consciousness is perfect harmony since it is already and always a wholeness.
  12. When listening to Roger an idea came to my mind, something different that he was talking about but who knows what clever messages the spiritual teachers can deliver subconsciously so who knows. The idea is to train one's mind to perceive the future in a radically different way than the usual projection of our memories into predictions and plans about the future. Instead of using the past to try to manage the future, the idea is to consider the future to be set in stone. This then will cause the mind to remove its investment in the habitual future projections into something else, into another perspective of the future.
  13. Not only the Bible hints at a radical difference between the personal stage and the transpersonal stage. In this recent satsang Roger Castillo talks about how the Self is a more true state and is the key to being in life in a different way. So there is I believe a clear shift that will happen to our perspective when we move from the personal stage and into the transpersonal stage.
  14. With social distancing and internet personalities it would seem that the world is getting more separated instead of developing a collective consciousness. So how does that fit my idea? I think it means that it indicates the death of the personal stage! So a collective consciousness will somehow emerge as a separate society. How that will work I don't know yet. Curiously the Bible talks about this separation of people, which may symbolize the distinction between the personal stage and the transpersonal stage:
  15. Even mindfulness practice can become a trap. Because it's the crystallized ego doing the practice. That's a form of control. And the crystallized ego maintains itself as long as it has (the appearance of) control. How to dissolve even that kind of control? Krishnamurti has this to say about it: