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  1. That’s nonsense. Guys will always look for the most attractive option that they can get. No different than women will always seek the best provider that they can get. Though I will say that the women that I am the most sexually attracted to (not all looks, sexual energy is also huge) tend to drive me crazy while women who I am not necessarily howling for, but are into are easier to get along with and tend to be better suited for long term relationships.
  2. Networking is so overrated. You do good work, you naturally meet people in your industry, create contact, and then you can maybe use those working relationships in the future. See, does not require a friendship.
  3. I have been studying Japanese on and off since last year. Right now I am reading Hyouka in kanji. It is a beautiful language.
  4. Probably Napoleon Hilo’s best book.
  5. I hate to say this, but average women (women who have no curves, no ass, no tits, or are fat, plain Jane face and personality) don’t even get second looks from me. That’s just how it is.
  6. I desire to be immersed in beauty and unconditional love.
  7. For those YouTube hypnosis it is all about what you are bringing to it. You only get what you give.
  8. I’d say that it is more or less something that you have to do has there is no going back. A lot of you are making friendships out to be something that they’re not. People cannot solve your isolation and loneliness issues. They can put a mask over it, but that is something that you have to reckon with. Ever notice how the older people get, the less that they hang out with their friends? It is because they become more mature, have a family and realize that they don’t need friends to be happy. For my birthday I went to Big Bear and Joshua Tree for the weekend. While I had sone great conversations, I was for the most part alone. I had an amazing time that I will never forget. Kayaking in the lake, hiking in Shrooms through Joshua Tree, climbing the rocks there, jet skiing in the lake, and great meals. It was far superior when I went on a date to Disneyland on my birthday the year before.
  9. Oh man ROFL.
  10. You have just highlighted a big cause of the majority of women’s pain in the 21st century. They don’t know what they want. These women believe that they want a deeper think or analytical type. But when he shows up as a nerd, or just a logical guy and they get bored, they get swayed by the good looking, but dim witted guy or the fun and superficial guy. Then they complain.
  11. You beat me to it. Look at other countries. Japan does not have the systemic racism that the United States does. However they very much still have their issues, especially being a homogeneous country. Like when that half Japanese/half American woman beat Serena Williams, she was accepted as Japanese. But before that she was seen as a hafu as is anyone who isn’t full Japanese is.
  12. Yeah, I did not quite understand what he meant by that. But he is entitled to his own opinion. At the end of the day, he has succeeded in a predominantly white society so I respect that. Any black person who tries to do anything is aware of systematic racism, especially in the entertainment industry.
  13. I haven’t finished interview so I did not even hear that. More about how this society tries to keep black people down with systemic racism and how they act as though black people cannot think for themselves.
  14. So I believe that Kanye is a mix of healthy orange, green and has some yellow in him the way that he speaks about the music industry (though as a musician, this is not old news). As a black man what he says about how black people are seen is spot on. The problem is his ego. Funny how he says that he won’t allow for his ego to stop him. But he believes that God wants him to be the leader of the free world. He is also a bit too much into the Bible rather than dissecting it. If he were to ever awaken he’d have an existential crisis once he realizes just how full of shit that he truly is.