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  1. So let me get this straight, because I have an idea of a woman that I would get into a relationship with that does not fit the feminist paradigm (let’s be honest here) and I am speaking facts about women, that means what I am saying is drenched in subtle sexism? And do women see or care about how men have to deal with their shit? Of course not. So why should men? This is why most men are hopeless. Most men are doomed to get jerked around by women their whole lives. @Space not that I care, but I have warnings for saying a lot less. I have never directly called anyone dumb on here.
  2. @Arcangelo Much appreciated. Guess there will always be push back with nuanced thoughts. @Keyhole It is funny. Most people are only going into relationships because they feel that they cannot meet their own needs (hence neediness). But when they step and realize that they can, the desire for a relationship fades away. It is never about the relationship. It is always about healing wounds. How is that dehumanizing women? So I should want a women who annoys the hell out of me? There are already plenty of those ?. You clearly hold women on some kind of pedestal. Women do not hold any kind of special place in my heart. I see them for who they are, respect them and enjoy them. But I do not feel the need to act as though I cannot speak frankly about them. Show me a guy with a good past with women and I will you a guy who has a successful relationship.
  3. Again, what is with the projections? You do not know what kind of healing and self work I do. So I’ll give you a hint, it took a lot of healing work for me to get back into this point. What you see now is a guy who is emotionally detached. It is funny you keep saying “go inwards” but if I did not do that already I would not be at this point. Basically instead of be only concerned about controlling my reactions, I am going to take shit by the horns and do things my way. You (like a lot of people) seem to believe that if you are not with the relationship “program” then you must be wounded. Guess you do understand women huh? ?.
  4. I also want to add that this is for guys who are struggling. Guys who lonely, depressed and etc. Guys who believe that a relationship will fix their problems. Sure they can just hop from one failed relationship to the next and learn the hard way. Or never learn at all. But if they listen to me, then perhaps they can save a lot of time and a lot of pain on their journey and even get into a good relationship one day. But they may not even want to get into a relationship at that point. All I am doing is shinning the light on holes that have been there for years. Anyone who has done pick up knows these truths all too well.
  5. What a projection. But hey, I must be doing something right. Again, I am stating the truth. Why date a woman who you see as a six or a seven just for her personality? You will not be into her and be too scared to break up with her because she is probably nice since you are not overly pursuing her (funny how that works) and you don’t want to hurt her feelings. When I said that I was basically saying for guys to go after women that they are attracted to. The problem with this society is that if you are not kissing women’s asses then you are sexist.
  6. Not true. Outside of women only two guys are calling me out. Yet that is most guys? Look, believe what you want, I don’t care. It is your life. But I just think it is lame to claim to into truth but when someone is spitting hard truths (don’t blame me, blame Mother Nature) some people get upset about that. And are your posts not just a self deception? Why are you so focused on me? Perhaps you should be asking yourself “why is this post triggering me so hard?” Because you clearly don’t give a shit about me.
  7. Hey man, I am just saying the truth. If you have a problem with that, that is on you. Just because I am spiritual and into this work does not mean I have to buy into society’s beliefs.
  8. Bahaha. All you do is project when you do not know a damn thing about me. I am not about to tell you my life story. But let’s just say I was into pick for a few years in my early twenties. So I learned a ton about women. After I decided to stop actively doing pick up I made an effort to be more in the middle (basically knowing the truth, but acting as though spirituality would make a difference). Boy, did I learn a lot. You talk a big game. But at the end of the day you cannot best human nature. Chris Rock once said “most people ain’t shit”. That is the truth. The point of this post is to get guys to not focus so much on women. Notice how I said if you are just tired of dating and have found a woman who you genuinely like, are attracted to, is feminine, doesn’t give you shit and cooperates then getting into a relationship is cool? The problem is that 99.99% of men do not either think that way or have that kind of patience. Even a relationship like that is not going to be some kind of safe haven. Women in relationships cheat all the time. You will just never catch her. Hell, I have dated women who were in relationships before. Right now I do not see myself getting into any serious relationships again. Might change when I want to have kids. But that would be more of a “business” decision as I do lot believe that anyone can truly love another outside of their kin. I’m just focusing on my spirituality, my purpose and my coin. I am dating though, college age women at that. It’s a lot more fun than a relationship ?. And what about the rant thread about needing friends? So if I were saying “you need a relationship!” would that be okay? Who is the one truly projecting here?
  9. I believe a lot of people miss that point and are obsessed with getting into a relationship. Not that a relationship is anything special these days. But if you are going to get into one, at least do it consciously. Most guys are just struggling and get into a relationship with the first woman who gives him attention. A lot it has to do with their fear of lack and a lack of confidence of being in the dating field. Imagine if everyone only got into healthy relationships. If everyone felt fulfilled. If everyone was doing self work. This would be a different world. Though I do not believe that one can truly love someone outside of their immediate family members. That would unconditional love and no human being is emanating that. For example, most of us love Leo right? But if God forbid something happened to him we would be like “gosh that sucks” but move on with our lives. Versus if your mother had something happened you would feel awful, even if you hate your mother. People love how you make them feel. Not you. It is important to make that distinction.
  10. When did I ever make a post about this before this? And what do you know what I do with myself? Last time I check I don’t owe you a report on my healing and self work. It would be neediness if I were saying that you all need to get into relationships. I believe I am triggering your shadow of needing to stay inside the old and outdated relationship paradigm. Really? Again, when have I posted a thread about this before? I may have talked about this, but hey it is the truth. You have a problem with it, then you are the one who needs to grow the fuck up. Why don’t you take some responsibility and turn your ass inward? Right. Haha. Do you even read this section of the forum? The posts here range from “I am so lonely, should I get a girlfriend?” to “my boyfriend hates my taste in music” to “I cannot trust my girlfriend.” Where the hell are all these people participating happily in relationships? All I see are most frustrated guys trying to believe something that is not even real. And getting more frustrated with that. It sounds like you have issues with the truth and making a paradigm shift. Glad that this post has woken you up. Now that you are angry why don’t you turn inwards instead of projecting your childhood into me? I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination. Period.
  11. Human nature is human nature. LOL. That’s it. I need to become a Chad.
  12. Can you learn from painful experiences yes? Have I learned from bad experiences with women and grown? Yup. Got me here. However, you do not need to do that to grow. You can learn from the mistakes of others. Like if I told you that I was dating a narcissist who just treated me like shit and gave you her characteristics and you met a woman who was like her would you date her to “transform spirituality”? No. I would hope you would have learned from my mistakes But alas, most people only learn through pain.
  13. @Gesundheit Truth. It is like how if you watch dating coaches on YouTube women will comment with “who hurt you” (well, they know what the truth is) whole men never do anything like that on female dating YouTube channels. Well, I’ll say that I have been healing. I can honestly say that I have no bitterness towards women. Here is the thing. I got into pick up when I was 20 going on 21 so for the next three years I learned a lot about women. Over the last year I made the attempt become more in “the middle” thinking it was the “right thing to do”. Wrong. I only got fucked with. It is a long story. But lately I was been looking back and wondering how I was when I was at least feeling good and confident. It was when I was living my life like this. When I just had a devil may care attitude about women and did not try to act as if there was something there that wasn’t So I did already try to let them go. Did not work out for me. There are plenty of women with mental illnesses or cluster b personality disorders. I am not putting down women, simply stating facts. Women are not the “pretty little angels” that society wants us to believe. Anyone who has dated a lot of women know this. Hell, A list celebrities are probably tired of dating women. I know how relationships work. Two people who are looking to fill a need. They get together. Feels good at first. The woman begins to lose attraction for the man as the man becomes annoyed by the woman and loses trust. The woman steps out on the man. The woman then finds a new guy and says “I think we need some space”. Sounds right, right?
  14. I may sound like that because I am being blunt, but I am not bitter at all. Nor am I in pain. If I was then I would just be on reddit. As someone who is about the truth I love this knowledge as it does serve me. It allowed me to wake up from the dream. To not buy into society’s illusion.