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  1. This forum is a joke. The average age is very young so a lot of people with little life experience are speaking on things that they know nothing about.
  2. LOL right. Never mind that I love the Japanese culture, have studied the Japanese language, want fo go, have dated Japanese, South Korean and even Chinese women, have Asian friends, have called out friends who have said racist shit about Asians, and I will probably have children with a Southeast Asian woman one day. But yeah, I am trying to hide my racism. I don’t have to constantly say that I am not a racist because any reasonable person knows that black people cannot be racist because we have no power.
  3. False equivalency and what aboutism. True. Joe also knows the game. He’s been in Hollywood since the early 90s.
  4. Shall we talk about how racist China is towards black people?
  5. Dude, go cry a River somewhere else. I have seen your racist and closed minded comments. Just because you may not be white doesn’t mean you don’t play into the game of white supremacy. If you have a problem with me why don’t you pm me instead of replying to others with my posts like the little keyboard warrior.
  6. Too bad sleepy Joe is not going to get re elected. Be prepared for a Republican President and a Republican house and senate coming soon!
  7. At the end of the day this forum was is clearly a distraction for a lot of privileged white wannabe yuppies who can’t get laid. They don’t understand nor do they care about black people.
  8. You got to have people willing to follow first.
  9. Alright, I am done with this thread. Racism can be fixed, but you can’t fix stupid. And stupid is forever. Why don’t you guys hop on to the dating and sexuality section and complain about your lack of a sex life.
  10. I am not a misogynist. I say harsh truths about women and don’t sugarcoat like most guys which is why I get called a misogynist. I have three younger sisters, no way I could ever be a misogynist lol. If anything, I do not like modern women because of how they treat mean. But that is just a preference. And I thought that I was your favorite ?
  11. Oh go somewhere else with this crap. You guys spit racist b.s and expect me, a black man to not fight? Have you lived under a rock since 2020? Racial tensions are high and most black people are in code. Any self respecting black man would have reacted in the same way to racist remarks like the ones in this thread. What you got is a dose of reality. Too many people are well aware of white supremacy and black people will not back down. People like you do not scare me.
  12. Nice try rationalizing your racism. Give it up. We all see you guys for what you are. And I stand by what I said. If you feel some kind of way about it then check yourself.
  13. Your level of white supremacy is astounding. I’d say that I feel bad for any woman who would ever date you, but women don’t like racists keyboard warriors.
  14. LOL, no surprise. Women tend to not be into racist losers who can’t get laid. And it’s hilarious how even after getting warnings from the mods they are still not willing to admit that they are white supremacists. And haha, that is so true, most off the women on this forum have ignored this thread or supported it. They actually have lives and understand other cultures. These people here only understand their left hand and lube.
  15. You do realize that this forum is full of racists right? They don’t care as long as they are entertained.