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  1. Guys telling other guys they can only go for hot girls, that is their metric and anything less is failing.
  2. You're right I apologize it's way too abrasive, I'll correct that.
  3. A lot of things you have to "feel" out in dating. There are no rules per say, only guidelines. Don't get caught up in being too rigid or logical. Because your connection to others, or logistics will vary radically depending on how you meet them and what the situation/chemistry is. What may work in one situation with one girl will get you into boiling water in another. However, if I were to give one piece of advice or "rule" to a newbie - it would be to definitely NOT have sex on the first date. It's just generally not a good idea. Just wait. Out of my experience it's only worked out and been a good idea a single time out of a bunch of first date sex. It's so much better to just wait a few meetings, build up the tension. First time sex is 10x better when you both know you're ramping up to it. Get to know them, figure out each others intentions, make sure you fucking enjoy them and their company as a person lmao! Ironically the most manly alpha thing you can do is refuse sex on the first date if they come onto you. It communicates you are principled, mature, strong, blah blah blah. It will drive them crazy. If they get angry it just means you dodged the wrong girl that wasn't serious about a relationship anyways. Which is either a good or bad thing depending on what you want I guess.
  4. Think about how much of this is a limiting belief that holds you back. Why couldn't you find someone who is biologically younger but on the same wavelength? Really what is stopping that besides your own preconceptions? There are plenty of people of all ages who are at radically different levels of maturity than one another. You can find whatever you're looking for, it's out there. People might surprise you.
  5. This is total bullshit. A low value guy can easily get a girl on his level. Human population has only gone up after all. The guys (or girls) that are so horrendous with the opposite sex they literally can't get with anyone have always been extreme outliers. The problem is; - Technology enabling more of those struggling men to teeter off the edge and not getting the socialization they need to interact with the opposite sex. - Toxic materialist culture that encourages people to be shallow and reach for higher than their "value" or "level", which causes them to have less results as they struggle. The phenomena of incels is caused by the above two things, exacerbating those extreme outliers and drawing in even more people so it's not such an extreme anymore. Inceldom is a literal social cancer tumor that has created it's own identity and spreads misinformation that infects people too close in proximity (ie those struggling males). Saying a low value guy can't get any girls at all and believing it is fake news propoganda lol. A guy that is horrible at attracting and has no experience can still get girls, he will just have to lower his standards and break out of the social programming that he is of a certain value or should only go for a certain value.
  6. It depends on how crudely someone advertises it, but I don't think having certain attraction preferences for dating and sexuality is inherently racist. We are all victims to our cultural wiring to a degree, and probably even deeper biological wiring to mate within our own race (even though we are all human). For example for me I don't have an axe to grind with any race, I don't even think about it. Skin colour to me is like hair colour, it's simply information about appearance. Still, I have yet to personally encounter any native american women I'd consider being sexually attracted to, they just don't do it for me, while there are some women from every other race that I have been attracted to. Does this mean native american women are inherently less attractive? Of course not, maybe it just speaks to the wiring of the culture I grew up in, or maybe just random luck. This might sound offensive, but I think you might subtly actually be creating your own racism by giving credence to what people are saying about their dating/sexual preferences for race. Even if people are vocally disruptive about their preferences and don't have the tact they should have, the responsibility for their attraction runs a little more primal and out of their control than getting out of the toxic cultural matrix they grew up in. As Lemmy Kilmister said, "Eventually we'll all fuck each other until we're a nice coffee colour anyways. Then none of this rubbish will matter."
  7. Seeing someone I admire say this just gave me a huge dose of relief and confirmation bias for being liberal on just about every single position, but adamant pro death penalty lol.
  8. I also suffer from the same impulsiveness, that has made my future more difficult and costed me thousands of dollars as well. Taking out the judgement for you mistakes for a moment. Have you considered that it results from a lack of vision and purpose for your future? You are given a beautiful canvas for life, but for one reason or another you haven't figured out what is worth painting yet, but subconsciously you can't stand to see it blank so you just recklessly start slashing and splashing paint or it to fill it up so you don't have to look at something empty?
  9. @Hardkill because you need to appreciate that "Left" and "Democrat" in the United States is still more Right leaning then a lot of Right wing parties in other developed countries. The USA is powerful and a leader in many ways, but not in everything. They had a unique opportunity in history to fill a power vacuum in the world after WW2 and become a global juggernaut because of luck, resources, and some strategic prowess, not because of being visionary leadership that was pushing the limits of humanity through societal innovation and how to run civilization more effectively. Don't mistake power for consciousness or progress. It's an errand of the foolish ego.
  10. Progressivism is just another word for inevitability, so who do you think is lying?
  11. lol this is why I will always choose to live in smaller cities, towns, and villages away from everything, preferably surrounded by trees, desert, or ocean. It seems the closer you are in proximity to the concrete jungles - you run more frequently into dense, selfish, corrupt, awful people that don't even feel human. Almost like it's completely unnatural, while ironically being a "natural" evolution of civilization. We are out of balance that's for sure. That isn't to say you can't find great people in metropolis'. Of course you can, but why look for diamonds in piles of shit? Even just having access to the internet and seeing this stuff when I'm not even physically present makes me want to burn my computer and go camping permanently...............
  12. No you were not. Just a simple communication and experience issue. Perhaps you could have said jokingly in the moment to communicate to her that you weren't just using her for the experience, "Hey babe I'm having an amazing time, but I'm exhausted and need to listen to my body and have a nap. Then I'll get back to being present with you, make yourself at home." Or you could have asked her to nap/sleep with you if she wasn't busy, to show that you appreciate her presence. It could also just be the luck of that never having happened to her. Maybe she was never with a guy who was quite as introverted as you who authentically wanted to rest while together, and instead has only been with guys who bullshit and push to be interactive all the time because they don't want to seem disengaging or boring. It's all just communication, subtle and explicit. All issues in relationships come from some kind of misstep in that department, it's a minefield so don't beat yourself up when you step on one now and then, just do your best and communicate to them that you are trying and that sometimes you do fuck up and misstep. I had a girlfriend earlier in the year that travelled to visit for a long weekend and I brought up that I was exhausted from the work week and needed to rest somewhat early in the day (2pmish) on the Saturday. Most girls would be kinda pissed about that because they expect that's when you're spending the most time being busy together, but I was straightforward and open about it and she appreciated it. Also threw a wildcard in being playful and told her, "If you let me nap for 2 hours now, I promise I'll fuck your brains out when I wake up." If I just went to sleep and didn't put effort into expressing my intentions it's likely things wouldn't have gone so nicely.
  13. Pretty bad advice in this thread that's not going to serve you well or turn out like you think. Look dude the ship has sailed and you need to move on. It just didn't work out, whatever. Her loss not yours, and you said you had plenty of options right? Don't waste your time once that magic has passed and the spark is gone. Respect it and don't keep pushing after her like a dog with a bruised ego. You didn't get what you want, so your gonna listen to these guys and act like a spoiled child that's entitled to something simply because you are working for it? What do you think is going to happen. You've now said you want to be friends and maybe you hang out again. She is already either confused or her mind is actually made up and she's hoping for a genuine friend. But NOW you've got this malicious subconscious attitude that you're just going hang out with her and use the opportunity to strike like a snake in the grass to "force" her to make up her mind, or in the hopes that her feelings have changed and that you've got lucky. Let's assume on the off chance it works > you've now communicated you are a manipulator. What is more likely to happen though is you'll be turned down and she'll be pissed or feel really uncomfortable and you'll probably hurt her. Which is just a shitty thing to do. Consider would an actual friend do that? I hate to be that guy but this kind of maneuvers are exactly the kind of thing that are teetering close to rape culture. Don't play fucking games with people like this and rationalize it because women can be "flaky" and "elusive". You might think a "real" man should try to take what he wants and conquers. If you want to be a real man, you suck up the reality that was presented to you and move onwards.