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  1. I agree with you that it can be messy and people can make mistakes if they don't develop self control. I just feel that this is something that we shouldn't retreat to the trenches of conservative tradition on. I think celibacy and saving yourself can be a wise choice and can have a lot of benefits for the right person, I'm just not sure there is a modern well worked out way to approach and create that lifestyle in our current culture without going backwards. Individuals need to work it out by building an understanding from a pluralistic conversation. It's too easy for them to just go back to the default conservative norm because it's already established and it's hard to go through that work yourself.
  2. I never said women are cars. You're projecting an assumption about the statement from a biased one gender point of view. This analogy goes BOTH WAYS. It would be equally unwise for a woman to say yes to a marriage proposal from a virgin man. If people want to save sex before marriage then absolutely go for it, I think you're naive but power to you! I just hope they're doing it for their own reasons and not from the old patriarchal suppressive culture.
  3. When and if I have a daughter (I'd prefer one over a boy), I'll try not to occupy my time thinking about her having sex lol? However I won't be a neurotic control freak and tell her what to do with her body, or what she can and can't enjoy. She will just resent me and eventually rebel that way. I will simply educate her on what healthy sex is the best I can, on top of whatever the school system teaches. As well as provide her with the necessary street smarts so she knows what to look out for in her relationships and what kind of people to avoid. Depends if she wants to even get married or not. Not my choice either way, but I'd support whatever life style makes her happy. Her condition will only be "bad" if she goes through her youth not well adjusted or not educated enough. Two factors I can control with good parenting. If you are going to make a troll remark at least make it funny. 2/10 for an attempt. The car being tested before being bought is supposed represent a coy and silly analogy because nobody in their right mind would purchase a vehicle without having tested it to see if they like driving it or not, or if it even works. Just like how it is absurd to make as massive a commitment to someone as marriage (a lifetime commitment) without having had sex with them to see if they are compatible in that regard. Let's not be naive. Sex is an incredibly important component of any relationship. If most everyone in this day and age got married as virgins the divorce rate would be near 100%. Having that part of your life satisfied and having someone you can bond with in that regard is crucial for a long term relationship. Personally I would never commit to a LTR with someone no matter how much I loved them if the sex was terrible and had little room for improvement. It only works for people who have unfortunately been sheltered and brainwashed into an old traditional conservative view of the world, where sexual expression is repressed. An attitude that is a apart of a larger worldview which is extremely limited and backwards. A relationship with bad sex for the majority of people is simply unsustainable. If considerable effort isn't put in to improve it there are only 3 options, and all of them can and do lead to separation. Which destroys the idea of marriage; 1. Infidelity from one partner who isn't satisfied. 2. An open relationship which the majority of people cannot pull off as it goes against human nature. 3. One person divorces to find another partner because of dissatisfaction.
  4. Gotta test drive the car before you buy it. Anything else is pure stupidity.
  5. Coffee exists because despite what everyone says God is actually a great guy.
  6. It's quite cheap and sustainable financially even without a high paying job to buy or rent a small run down cabin outside a quite rural town, and renovate it a tiny bit so it's not awful. Only head back for basic supplies and groceries every month or so. Grow your own food, fix/build things yourself, use solar and wind for power, well water, etc. It's a good option if you didn't want to work for many years at a time or permanently retire. You'd just have to save enough money or have enough passive income investments to give you a few hundred or about a thousand dollars a month, or just break even depending on your savings. Depending on how stringent you are with your budget you actually don't need THAT much money. You can probably get by on less than $5000-8000 a year. It's very possible to do that you just have to be radical with how many material things you're willing to give up. This is basically the isolated lifestyle you're seeking. You aren't ever going out to buy dinner or pay for concerts and stuff like that. This is what true solitude means. You are sitting around all day meditating, contemplating, doing chores, swimming, hiking etc. Completely free activities. If my relationship ever falls through or if I become extremely unhappy with normal life that's probably what I will do. I don't really care much or feel obligated to participate in this absolutely rotten society, or let alone bothered dealing with other people or family generally really. Most people are so broken and low consciousness anyways that it's exhausting to play into the illusion in the first place. In a way I highly regret getting into this work and learning the things I have learned. To be honest if given the chance I'd be quite tempted to trade my place and be someone else that's completely blind, oblivious, and ego driven. Ignorance is bliss as they say, they aren't lying either. If I got bored enough of that lifestyle and didn't feel enough motivation to go back to normal life I'd very likely commit suicide and leave all my things to my sister.
  7. Keep going @Farnaby, you're almost there !
  8. Lower your standards. If you are a 4, 5, or 6 and expect to land 8's, 9's, or 10's just because you learned some pick up or became ultra confident, you are deluded. Of course it's possible if you simply grinded it out and talked to hundreds or maybe even thousands of women that you would have some success like Leo did, but it's not guaranteed. Nor is it reasonable or probably even valuable enough to most people to do that much work. At some point you simply need to accept that there is some truth in the statement, "She's out of my league." Stop being so selfish and start batting in your own league. If you are a 5 there is absolutely nothing wrong with being with another 5. It's pure egoic selfishness to expect to get someone much higher quality than you because you took some short cuts by learning some techniques or other bullshit. People of comparable value end up with each other in the end, and mismatches don't last. So you need to raise your value if you want someone higher, it's that simple. If you can't/won't do that you need to learn to temper your ego and be happy with what you can get.
  9. The majority vote of humanity says otherwise. Welcome to democratic morality. However. If we zoom out far enough - No life, rock, or cloud of gas is worth more than another life, rock, or cloud of gas. Things simply are what they are.
  10. It's a trick in the deeper sense that it is possible to be happy regardless of all conditions, except it's really fucking hard and most people can't do it. So don't feel bad if you aren't one of those people. It's not a trick in the sense of the practicality of getting a regular/consistent shallower form of happiness by enjoying the thing you're doing day to day. It may be true that you don't like your job right now, but it is a means to an end so you have the resources to move onto the next thing comfortably. And not start from absolute scratch or a really difficult place. So make a concerted effort to do your best while you're still at it, and trick your mind into pretending to like it the best you can. Let's say you had to work at McDonalds the next 8 months, for X amount of $. Would you rather spend those 8 months miserable and complaining the whole time, or try to enjoy it and become the best McDonalds employee that particular branch has ever seen? Probably the later right? And it's likely this kind of attitude will reward you more, you might get more favorable shifts and time off. Possibly get a promotion in the short time you are there. A bonus. A raise. Try to foster the same kind of perspective for your current job. Come up with a financial plan, and a general exit plan with a specific time frame. Once you have that time frame in front of you, consider reflecting on what I said. Sorry I don't have much to offer in terms of the other stuff. Good luck @electroBeam
  11. You have it backwards in my opinion. People haven't changed that radically as individuals, but it still culminates at the evolutionary/historical level where we have things like abolition of slavery, toppling of corrupt monarchies, the United Nations, etc. A better more evolved society isn't necessarily the product of everyone being more conscious/aware, but it certainly helps facilitate SOME individuals to become extremely developed. It's important to acknowledge a simple thought experiment here that people like you and me wouldn't even have the luxury to entertain such things as personal development and raising of consciousness like we're doing right now if we were planted somewhere in the jungle 3000 years ago. It literally wouldn't even be possible because we'd be so busy trying not to get bitten by venomous snakes haha.
  12. This might just be my pessimism talking but I don't think young people will ever really vote in a high percentage. Politics are too dis-interesting for the majority of them, they would rather be partying and socializing. We won't see deep Green starting to win until those young people are adults, and start to vote more.
  13. lol? He is about as Orange as they come. Have you seen any of his recent interviews? His whole identity, life purpose, and shtick in life is to game and leverage financial systems for personal gain. Robert Kiyosaki is not a developed person. Edit: Yea he speaks out against those things. Anyone with some sense does. It's likely a marketing ploy to make him more relatable to average joe's. Keep in mind he is still selling himself as a speaker and other products despite already being sickeningly wealthy.
  14. It's because physical attractiveness can foster a lot of selfish and egoic behavior for someone growing up. If you're good looking life is simply easier for you. People will treat you extra sweet and do things for you because you're pleasant to look at. Especially if you're a really hot girl, it's like playing life on easy mode. If you desire it there will always be the option to use your body and looks as a survival method. Modelling, pornography, gold digging, leeching etc. You don't have to learn any skills, pretty good gig! Hard to pull off if you have self-respect or level of consciousness though. If people feed their ego and abuse their physical attractiveness as an advantage of course they're going to develop a certain worldview with a thick lens of selfishness, and Conservative/Republican attitudes and policies are attractive in that regard. That's not to say left leaning politics can't be selfish, but comparatively it's clearly and factually less selfish. Personally I'm blessed to be a high consciousness left leaning champion of the people, who is also a solid 8 with an athletically toned body, and an IQ over 120. Edit: Also have a perfect jawline that could cut diamonds.