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  1. So you are saying "ugly" guys and blackpillers are justified in their toxic whining that they can't get any sex or girlfriends even with pick-up? But what you are missing is most pick-up communities and dating advice is given out for guys (with no natural game that need help) striving and shooting WAY above their grade and aiming for 8's+. It's overshooting what is consistently realistic because they want to inspire and sell (desperate) guys on the ideas of doing well with beautiful women. Which is fine. However... Have you ever heard of the phrase "Stay in your lane." ? All the incels, blackpillers, redpillers, MGTOW, and all the other internet idiots I've seen fawn over girls that are way out of their league even with pick-up. If you are an ugly 2/10 you can work your ass off and dream all you want, but at some point you have to be realistic and settle for what you can get. Otherwise you're just going to be ice skating uphill and waste a lot of time on false promises from people trying to sell you a fantasy. I guess there is some truth to their qualms after all, but there is also wisdom in understanding your lot in life and doing the best with what you're given. Instead of just wasting your life complaining that it's hopeless and if you can't get someone way better than you, you'd rather have nothing. Of course you can have something, the idea that you are completely doomed is total bullshit. If you are ugly you'll probably have to end up with someone else ugly. It may be really harsh but that's reality. Too fucking bad. Stay in your lane. I've loved basketball my entire life, but I knew I wasn't going to waste my time filling my head with delusions about making the NBA.......... because I'm not 6'6" and 230 pounds. It was never in the cards.
  2. If a guy can't be genuinely honest about their emotions and cry over something important without being judged, then it's not a actual relationship and they aren't your real girlfriend or wife. They are just a person you're sleeping and spending time with. It's one thing to be a water fountain, but if a man has a moment to express how they're really feeling and it turns off the woman or causes her to lose attraction - well that's the kind of reaction that is just encouraging and perpetuating toxic masculinity. Women don't have a right to complain about men being emotionally stunted and cold if they disincentivize and punish the opposite. You reap what you sow ¯\(ツ)/¯
  3. It's absolutely not. If he got into a relationship with this person with expectations and certain personal preferences, and then the other person knew about them and chose to continue the relationship only to spontaneously reveal new information in opposition or at the very least not in line with those preferences. It's like pulling the rug on the entire framework. It's a violation to the foundation of trust and communication you have when you build a relationship with someone. Let's not do this virtue signaling progressive crap. We are better than that here and not that lazy. Let's say a guy gets into a relationship with a transwoman, hoping to get married and start a family one day, and the transwoman (deliberately or not) doesn't disclose their original identity/the guy never figures it out. The guy unknowingly continues and invests in the relationship for years only for the topic of children to come up. A brick wall would hit as the transwoman would be forced to reveal they cannot create biological children, it would shatter the entire perception of the relationship. The guy would likely be forced to end the relationship and have wasted years of his life. Would the guy be "transphobic" in this example? Any sane and fair person would say of course not. That kind of dishonestly and confusion is an attack on the integrity of the relationship. It would also be highly disrespectful to guilt or force the man into an alternative solution like adoption or changing his fundamental desire for biological children. I see a lot of progressives trying to gaslight people into their twisted idea of tolerance instead of advocating for emotional integrity and good communication. It's kind of disgusting to be honest.
  4. How is she your girlfriend and yet you didn't know how she chooses to (sexually) identify herself lol? That should have been something you figured out or been disclosed in the first day or two of knowing each other. Unless she is coming out and making up all this stuff now.
  5. If sex happens fast it could just mean there is strong attraction or the guy is good at game, not necessarily that the woman is being "easy". I don't lose respect for women for who want to have sex in early stages of dating. I only lose respect if they do it chronically and discard men/abuse the power of their pussy and use it to extract things from guys like money/favors. A few of my past girlfriends had sex with me on the first date, but it's because sparks were flying. It wouldn't really change my level of interest whether or not they would force us to wait together. In fact it made me feel pretty good I was able to crack the safe so quickly, because each of them has had minimal and like less than 5 sexual partners in their lifetimes. If anything if a girl is making you jump through hoops, playing games, and wait too long it's kind of annoying and can make us less interested. There are literally thousands of women out there, why wouldn't I just go find someone else? The juice has to be worth the squeeze.
  6. If you've already slept with her and your worried that within 10 days of being out of your sight she'll be banging another guy, you obviously left a weak impression on her or the lay was bad from her POV. Or it was just a drunken one off/she might be a slut (sorry to say it like that but it's the truth). The majority of women aren't that disloyal. If you managed to get her to sleep with you and she likes you (believe her), chances are she isn't going to fuck around on you. Women bond/attach A LOT more than men from sex and it makes them more connected. Your play here is to be stone-cold and have a "I don't give a shit" attitude. Which means not blowing up her phone and prying about when the next instant she is free.
  7. Just meet once a week or 2 weeks. It keeps things exciting and builds anticipation. If you are begging to hang out every opportunity you have free time it's like you don't have a life and that isn't very attractive.
  8. Such blatant corruption of basic logic doesn't even merit a response.
  9. Cheating is childish and disgusting behavior. There is not any rationalization that exists to justify it. People do it because they are selfish/too emotionally immature to communicate to their partner and they don't have the guts to break up. If you want to sleep with someone else that's fine, but end your current relationship first.
  10. Here is my foundational advice for you. Look at it this way man; Listen to men's advice if you want to know how to start a relationship. Listen to women's advice if you want to know how to maintain a relationship. Attraction Phase =/= Relationship Phase. They are two completely separate things where your strategy and behavior operates completely differently. Women don't understand this because they get to bypass the Attraction Phase completely, it doesn't exist from their POV and experience. That's why Emeralds advice seems frustrating to you. Once you get that girlfriend though and you are both committed to each other, her advice is amazing for keeping things healthy. I've been following this basic principles for 5 years and my sex/love life has been nothing but dandy. I've never had a bad break-up or awful experience yet with women in their 20's, 30's or 40's.
  11. I've... never... been... able... to... tell... if... this... guy... is... trolling... or... not.........
  12. Just out of curiosity, what work did you have to do to initiate those relationships besides just saying, "yes that sounds like fun" when those guys walked up to you and asked you out?
  13. Sam is an extremely and probably overly logical person. Antinatalism is pretty logical. Seems inevitable.
  14. You "manage" your feelings by letting them happen and not avoiding them. Let it process and try and focus on work/school for the next few weeks. You'll start to feel better and you'll realize your life was fine before you knew her, and it will be fine after. You can't control people, you've gotta live your own life and do your own thing. Be your own foundation.
  15. In my opinion the way to reduce "toxic masculinity" to it's simplest explanation is abuse of power. Men generally have more power than women (especially historically). They are physically more powerful, create more power for themselves in society/culture, and inherit more power in the world in various ways. In most of the ways "toxic masculinity" appears, a man is abusing the power they have in some way that is exploitative, reckless, greedy, etc. A typical and easy to grasp example is a ridiculously buff guy with a small girlfriend/wife. She might feel really attracted to his ability to protect her and make her feel safe, but if he starts using that power to physically abuse or intimidate her, that's turning a traditionally masculine trait into something unhealthy/toxic.