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  1. That would be effective. Maybe I just think too logically but I never understood the point of someone getting worked up and fighting over male/female stuff. First of all we need each other to survive. Second of all people got to stop taking themselves and their "team" so seriously. It's completely arbitrary that anyone is the sex they are. It's literally a 50/50 coinflip that you were born what you are.
  2. I don't think there is much utility or things to learn from it. But it's worth a try if you're interested, it only lasts 3-5 minutes typically and then you are sober again.
  3. Salvia is pretty wild. It's been a long time since I've done it, I've gotta try it again soon when I get settled in here.
  4. Conservatism will never disappear. This generations Liberals will be the next generations Conservatives. That includes you. Eventually your worldview will solidify, 20 years will pass and you'll be scared and angry at all the young progressives trying to destroy society lol. Everyone always thinks they are the exception. Be careful not to demonize so eagerly. Conservatism is a good and necessary thing. It's a balancing force that reigns in society from advancing too quickly and becoming chaotic. You cannot move to quickly and leave parts of society behind, they will always come back to bite you. Without a healthy dose of Conservatism, progressivism goes rampant and out of control. I'm sure the moderate Liberals and working class people in Russia weren't happy when what was left of their country was destroyed by the Bolsheviks and their effort to overthrow the aristocracy.
  5. Conservatives hate change. They want to conserve. Change is scary because it challenges their effort to conserve. When you are scared and operating from a place of fear you tend to think things are doomed.
  6. Thought I'd share this for anyone here who is a history junkie like me. Stumbled across a high quality doc on the Mediterranean theatre of World War 2. Enjoy!
  7. There are hundreds of millions of the worlds major religions claiming extraordinary things and experiences about God, yet are questioned deeply and usually dismissed by you and the content of your work, as well as many others. What specifically makes you less enthusiastic about questioning UFO sighting accounts and more sympathetic to their experiences as opposed to similar phenomena? You and I both know that people can see what they want to see and can fall into confirmation bias because of the warm feeling of groupthink. These kinds of things build movements of people looking to be validated which hinders their ability to question their experiences. Of course I'm not saying we should completely and coldly dismiss people strictly because they can't prove it directly themselves, I don't doubt that people have profound vivid experiences that they feel are 100% true, and probably ARE in some cases. I have had some as well and they are things I'll probably never share out of embarrassment. You are right we should look where the smoke is and investigate, but you also will admit that smoke alone is not sufficient enough when talking about something of this magnitude. Smoke and vague inconclusive tidbits are merely interesting. If it's more than what it is, why has it been decade after decade after decade after decade of things always fizzling out and nothing significant? Do you actually want to talk about that point, do you think aliens are building up to something, are they taking samples of our plants and animals, are they waiting for us to do something? It could totally be absolutely true they are buzzing around out there right now I'm completely open-minded to it, but I'm not going to be arrogant about it if nothing has happened YET. Nobody knows what is going on. Except the camera on my phone isn't meant for highly quality pictures at the very specific and inconvenient time of night that you are suggesting. Meanwhile the US military has access to the worlds best imaging and radar technology and can film everywhere they have access to 24/7 . Nice try. Way to place me in such a totally fair hypothetical, really good faith you're demonstrating here mate. The potential for conversation of one of the most fascinating topics out there is here, but you wouldn't even let it start, even after I gave you the chance when most people wouldn't even get past your childish characterization about me in the start. I was the only person in the thread who even posted a lengthy comment with some hipfire points hoping to get some discussion going. Even after I made my open-mindedness about the general topic clear by stating that aliens literally exist, you still felt compelled in your conclusion that I'm "narrow minded". You see it's YOUR mind about the topic is actually already made up, you aren't actually interested in discussing it. You saw something posted that didn't completely align with what you already believe and got emotionally triggered and resorted to arrogant assumptions how I feel as (as if you know). If you were actually interested in discussion in a thread that YOU made, it would have been so easy to simply address any of the open ended points I brought up, like why would aliens be here with when they could observe from safety? The worst part is you don't even see that YOU are the narrow minded one here. To be so lazy to just hand wave fair points, and then post smart ass remarks like what I quoted above this. So disappointing man. I expect someone of your caliber that I look up to at least try to interact with good faith. Guess I should realize I'm on the internet though Cheers, I'm bowing out.
  8. Well you see I genuinely want to discuss the topic, so enlighten me and let's not throw labels like narrow minded. I am willing to stake my life aliens exist, but I am skeptical we have ones close enough with the technology to travel faster than light buzzing around our stratosphere in plain sight. Pixelated clips where we nor the military has a clear answer or physical pieces of craft is not conclusive enough. Give me your case I want my skepticism shattered. And please don't dodge and distract from the discussion by bringing up meta-dynamics about the discussion. Let's actually talk about this.
  9. This is the part of my post you respond to lol?
  10. All these fuzzy ass videos mean nothing to me. I'm so sick of these cock teases. Give me some blatant high quality conclusive evidence. Notice how everything is always obfuscated and has NEVER been ground breaking enough that it becomes massive world news. Life, including advanced alien life certainly exists outside of Earth in this ludicrous infinite sized universe we live in. However just because it exists it doesn't guarantee a civilization has crossed the thresholds that hold them back like annihilating themselves or having the luck of the draw amount of resources to develop interstellar travel. I highly doubt knowing what we know about physics that there are aliens close in our galaxy that have FTL travel AND came here to fly and dick around in our atmosphere when such a suggestion means they have the technology to easily observe everything they need to from a distance. I just don't see the logic in them risking their discovery or accidently making contact and giving us a chance to reverse engineer technology and accelerate our evolution to be a competitor. I'm sure in the next few decades we will get 100% confirmation of another civilization when we have scanned enough planets and solar systems and literally see them, but I doubt they are abundant and advanced enough to be recklessly flying drones around our planet. The distances between stars and objects in the universe are simply too vast.
  11. I've love to hear @Leo Gura 's thoughts on Terence. He was surely way ahead of his time. Terence McKenna and his teachings are probably the thing that pole-vaulted me intellectually over the wall from Orange to Green. I wish he was still alive today but his work will be around forever.
  12. Sometimes you will be right, and a position or experience CAN be justified or true. But it's only a partial truth. And if focusing on it only gets you undesirable results or brings up negative emotions, what use is it to keep focusing on it? You say it yourself; Yes. To let go is to no longer focus on it. Something is part of your experience, to let go is to stop grasping (focusing) and let it pass. So the work to be done is to deeply question your beliefs, thoughts, ideas, and experience. Keep poking holes in them and looking for the ways they are flawed and not serving you. Watch your mind like a hawk, watch how it resists the questioning and comes up with explanations and stories about why you shouldn't change and why everything you already think is "true". Your mind is committed to maintaining the survival of your current list of beliefs, thoughts, ideas, and experiences that make up "you". It doesn't like when you question or change things when you try to "upgrade", so to say.
  13. Yes they are fundamentally flawed, otherwise you wouldn't be "failing miserably" (your words) at getting results if you "understood women and deep psychology" (your words). All those thought patterns, beliefs, and strategies you have been using up until now, you need to drop. Not only are they not getting results in this particular area, but I guarantee they might be affecting other parts of your life too. Of course this is easier said than done, and extremely painful as all of those things are part of an identity you've built up about yourself over years and years. But you need to get rid of them first before you start building up again. Otherwise anything new you learn will end up being corrupted and tainted by all the old bullshit that's been holding you back. It's like trying to build a house an a rotten crumbling foundation. It may look pretty for a while but you're gonna start running into problems down the road. The VERY first thing I recommend is understanding and letting go of the resentment you have built up. Towards those women that "misunderstand themselves" and those "manipulative" men that end up getting better results than you do. Not only is that labelling not true, it's toxic, and makes you bitter in ways you don't even know. Is a bitter know it all attractive? No. You need to learn to stop taking the way those people act and the experiences you have so personally, because all that does is serve to distract you and behave in ways that aren't desirable or productive. Cleanse yourself of the hate and resentment. Look at it for what it is without all the bullshit narratives and ideas you have about it, and let it go.
  14. You see from the perspective I'm offering I'm not telling anyone what they should or shouldn't do, but from the message of organized religion and the similar objective morality perspective that you have in your mind right now you ARE telling people what they should or shouldn't do by the very idea of a "green" signal. That green = "should", "OK", and "Good". It's by the very mechanism of having an ought that actually justifies all the "evil" acts that people do because they are operating from a place of ignorance and righteousness. Ignorance from truly seeing things from others perspective and ignorance of what life could be. Exactly it could, you are right. But the people who kill millions of people like Hitler aren't aware of that. They think they need to do what they do because they are ignorant of how to survive in a better way, not because they are "evil". You create the label of evil because it goes against your interests. If it was in your interests it would be good. There is no objective good or evil written anywhere for us to discover, we make it up. The universe doesn't give a fuck because it makes no difference to the universe if all the Nazis die or if all the Jews die on this planet. The world will keep spinning.
  15. No it wasn't. Not from his point of view. In fact he thought what was was doing was great and perfectly good. Evil doesn't really exist. All it is is an illusion of a simple majority social consensus. Let's say history played out different where the majority of the world actually sided with the Axis and their worldview and they won WW2. What you would live in is a world where people like you and me would be Nazis too and think we were perfectly good, and if you thought you'd think like you do now in this hypothetical, you'd be lying to yourself because it would mean you would have to sacrifice your survival and die being a conscious objector. 99% of people cannot admit how quickly they'd abandon their principles once their skin is in the game. In other words, Evil is precisely what we call things that are inconvenient to our survival. Where whatever is convenient to our survival we call good. The intuitive distinction we make that actually draws us to a higher "goodness" is operating in the background of the traditional conversation of moralism, and it's that we recognize any strategy for survival that is too blatantly limited, not expansive, and causes excess suffering (like Nazism) can't be a good strategy for a constantly evolving species. I guess you could call this intuition a "spiritual" morality and it takes the brutal relativity of reality into account. Though this intuition is more like an overarching guiding force and most people are completely unconscious of it. This is what people are really talking about when they bring up the "Moral Arc of the Universe".