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  1. I didn't say I disliked humanity. My comment was outlining how it's obvious that human behavior is bizarre and diverse. It's a straight forward statement and opinion. You don't need to extrapolate my beliefs or mental health from it. Who are you, my fucking therapist?
  2. Or they could just compete in men's leagues, which are already open and inclusive and don't discriminate on anything but skill. Women are legally allowed to compete in the NBA, NFL, and NHL (but not vice versa for clear reasons), given they are good enough to participate and get drafted. There is no reason a trans women shouldn't feel compelled to play in the men's leagues in the first place when they know they are physically male. Nobody is fucking fooled lol. It's just a narcissistic tendency and victim mindset they have to assimilate all available attention to them at all times.
  3. People are allowed to refer to anything however they want. What do you think this is, China?
  4. I beg to differ! I find it appallingly obvious that the majority of human beings are just lost animals that have no fucking idea what's going on in reality. Life is an emergency from birth to death and we are all just scrambling to make sense of it and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Make a bunch of money! Change my gender! Win political power! Live in a cabin! Build a spaceship! Meditate in a cave for 40 years! It's one big free for all
  5. The only solution, the "final solution" one could say would be to turn that accursed patch of dirt into a radioactive wasteland so nobody could have it. It's not a holy place at all, but a nexus of insanity and human suffering. This about sums it up. Look at the list of territorial exchange lol. First settlers/Cavemen > Canaanites > Ancient Egyptians > Assyrians > Israelites > Babylonians/Persian Empire > Greeks/Macedonians (Alexander the Great) > Greeks/Macedonians (Post Alexander the Great) > Ptolemaic Egypt > Seleucid empire > Hebrew Priest and Maccabees > Romans > Byzantines/Sassanids > Arab Caliphs > Crusaders > Mamluk Egyptians/ Medieval Egypt > Ottoman Turks > Arabs > British/Europeans > Palestinians > Jews/Zionists > Jews vs Palestinians > PLO/Hamas/Hezbollah > State of Israel > Guerrilla forces/Palestinians > Angel of Death (Azrael).
  6. There is no real confusion. Sex and gender are undeniably in marriage and while they are clearly mailable to a degree, they are ultimately inseparable. Forever tethered together. The "confusion" that exists is only there because it's unconsciously manufactured by those who wish to obfuscate and gaslight the conversation to further their personal delusions, agenda, and political capital. They control all the educational and academic institutions and can summon whatever scientific evidence they want, then derive authority from that. There is a fundamental primal intuition we have as human beings about what really is the case here that's being relentlessly insulted and culturally strong armed into doubt. People need to perhaps consider those intuitions and internal wisdoms are there for good reason and have served us for developing society for thousands of years. It's not a coincidence that trans people are so prone to self-deletion, and anyone who is actually observing this spectacle with a ounce of an intellectual honesty will notice it's not ONLY because of bullying and social factors, it's because it's an affront to nature. When you go against your nature at such a core level obviously there is going to be massive internal strife and psychological consequences.
  7. It has nothing to do with being right or left wing, it just has to do with having a functioning brain stem and acknowledging they are (obviously) not actual women, and we should stop enabling this mass hallucination and validating mental illness because it's reckless, unethical, uncompassionate, and does more harm than good. It's also spitting in the face and disrespecting real women by directly undermining all the work they had to do to make separate spaces and organizations for themselves to compete, showcase, and enjoy sports. Quite misogynist and anti-feminist if you ask me
  8. Don't pretend like you know anything about me besides what you see on an internet forum. Also respect is earned, not given. Not supporting ideas where people harm themselves is actually pretty kind and helpful, as opposed to enabling it. Like a lot of people here you seem to be more concerned with placating feelings and making rainbows, than having the stomach to talk about difficult things. So much wasted time spinning in circles on drivel like a low consciousness idiot, instead of putting ourselves and feelings aside to get at important things. Consider it might actually be you who doesn't respect women. Let me know how happy and fulfilled she is 5 years from now in a cat filled apartment because no worthy guy she's attracted to in their right fucking mind would commit to someone with a self-inflicted terrible past. It's so kind of you to encourage that kind of self-suicide. Have fun with that. Adios!
  9. You're absolutely perfectly right! Nothing says female empowerment and "We've won!" than women selling themselves for less than a price of a big mac meal on OnlyFools. Applause and pats on the back everywhere.
  10. The fact you can't see that those things are mutually exclusive means you are part of the problem, and that propagating that kind of weak wishy-washy mentality is an insult to the very core of the principles and integrity people need to build themselves into great human beings. But by all means let people destroy themselves in the pursuit of some high horse self-contradictory. pseudo spiritual, progressive insanity. Good. Freaking. Luck.
  11. While there have been some brash men here (which have been banned), a lot of it is them just being completely unwilling to accept any criticism or responsibility in a community that is more open minded and willing to go out of their way to help. I remember some seemingly grown up, career professional, developed woman from Singapore a few years ago desperately asking for advice on a situation with her boyfriend. Fucking Leo Gura himself came into the thread to offer his time and some solutions to remedy the problem. Guess what her reaction was? To completely lock up, tell him he doesn't know anything, and to abandon all hope to even try to make things better for herself. They don't want help most of the time. They can't handle the heat of being in the fire of development. They just want to be placated and gaslit. If any part of the process isn't perfectly comfortable for them, they run. It's not just that it's impossible to control, it's not even worth the effort to try.
  12. Wait she is a prostitute??!?!?!!? Jesus Christ, wow that explains a lot. Is this new information from this thread or have I been out of the loop? So we've been here on this forum trying to have conversations and insights about the mechanics of sexuality and dating, in order to build better relationships and have more success - yet we have people here with such a literal absence of respect for themselves that they sell their body for money - obfuscating/trolling/and mudding the waters for those trying to make real progress? It's like we are in a United Nations diplomatic court, dedicated for negotiating and discussing delicate geopolitics - and there is somehow a literal terrorist in the room who probably set off pipebombs in some marketplace within the last week, trying to shame us for questioning their creditability on the topics at hand. I would try and find more amusement in it if I could, as it does appear to be quite a ??? show. But it's honestly more sad than anything. I really had higher hopes for this place but I'm continually let down. I guess that's my fault for repeating the same mistake. I can't consciously participate anymore. It's such a fucking joke.
  13. You can understand anything if you put your mind to it. Luckily any bitterness and anger you might have doesn't preclude truth and understanding, otherwise we'd never get anything done.
  14. No I never watch entire video links, my time is too important!