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  1. @Keyhole Interesting. I guess the lesson here would be don't rely too much on external sources to help you on your path. The motivation and reasons have to come almost solely from within. It seems from what she described she was depending on something too much and that rug was pulled out from under her feet and the fall was too hard for her and she isn't sure she can get back up again.
  2. I'm not sure what she is talking about in the video? She saw number patterns or something and they kept coming up in her life? That supposed to be angles communicating to her but it was demons?
  3. I'd lean towards it being fake more than 50%, but honestly I could see it being possible. He could have just ran around the city all day doing it until it worked. Remember nearly everything you see on the internet is editted.
  4. If you want to be making me coffee in 4 years then go for it lol. Memeing aside though. It's not very wise to get a philosophy degree in this day and age. Despite all the wisdom you might gain taking part in such a course, ironically.....
  5. I have suffered from harm based Pure OCD in the past, and somewhat recently as well. It is fucking terrifying, but I have conquered it and learned how to deal with it. The greatest advice I currently have to help move past it and take the burden off is realize; You are not your thoughts. They simply arise within you and are not truthfully reflective of your intentions, feelings, and attitudes. It is your brain misfiring, and projecting/obsessing over absurd possibilities and conclusions. Detach yourself from any beliefs you may have that you are your brain, because that is not the case.
  6. What are you acting like and saying shortly before you "fuck things up", and they stop talking to you? You have to be completely honest with yourself here. Are you being too pushy with them to talk all the time or set up a date? Are you being far too available for them? Are you focusing so hard on chasing that you're neglecting your life in any way? These are the kinds of things to ask. Women are highly intuitive, they can sense these things out and won't say a damn word about it to you, but still feel it. It will cause them to lose attraction. Perhaps you've just been unlucky. Perhaps good things will come your way if you drop the need/attachment mindset for wanting sex or a girlfriend too much.
  7. It just depends on where you're looking. If you being too vague and just going on tinder or going to bars, on average you're going to run into mainstream kind of girls that reflect the kind of society you're in. If you're in a Western nation that's going to be mostly Stage Blue-Orange people who are focused on shallow materialism and success. If you want to kind more advanced people you need to go look in the places that have them; - Volunteering as a lot of Stage Green women that are humanistic and care about others/society - Gardening stores, Tree planting events, spirituality stores - Libraries I'll let you brainstorm the rest. Overall if you're happy and support each other, what's the problem? If you feel like you need them to have the same worldview and think like you, well. You aren't being very spiritual or open and a lot more consumed by ego than you think you are.
  8. I've developed and learned a lot over the past handful of years, but I'm still roughly in the same spot I was 5 years ago when I took this same test. I'm socially quite progressive and think increasing openness is a good thing, even if the modern progressive movement is kind of reckless and full of shit in many ways. I do think some parts of the economy need to be regulated to raise the overall goodness or society. Like environmental taxes and restrictions on private industry. I do have some Libertarian/Capitalist supportive notions in me, they have their place. It's hard to take the test that seriously though when there are stupidly non-nonsensical statements like, "It is regrettable that many personal fortunes are made by people who simply manipulate money and contribute nothing to their society." I mean of course there are systems that can be abused, but generally fortunes in a free market money is made by consensual trade of ideas and goods. It's not like they are literally robbing banks. They are contributing something, otherwise people simply wouldn't be opening their wallets.
  9. Careful not to place to much authority in him or what he has to say. Try to discover the answer yourself.
  10. That was quite helpful. A nice extra kick, I know there are some things I've needed to let go of but I've been struggling. I'll try to take a step back and re-energize myself for a better effort. Thank you.
  11. @Carl-Richard There are 7.8 Billion people on Earth, and 195 countries. To make the assumption that the path of development for all these people and nations should be even roughly the same is naive and too simplistic.
  12. What the most important thing I should be focusing on right now that I'm currently missing? Cool thx Emerald!
  13. Progress isn't always linear. To reach the next stage you sometimes need to regress - 1 step backwards, 2 steps forwards. All living creatures, with humanity at the forefront, are on hurting trajectory towards a singularity. This is eschatology. Reality is a zero sum game. Even if factually, egoic survival is the only agenda, eventually you become so successful at it that the by products simply force you advance, unconscious or otherwise. A nuclear war could happen tomorrow and set us back thousands of years, but the lessons learned will be ingrained in the survivors and will catapult us to even greater stages - 100 steps backwards, 10,000 steps forwards. It is inevitable.
  14. While Salvia can be absolutely astonishing/terrifying/chaotic, keep in mind it only lasts a few minutes. After 10 minutes you will be your 100% sober normal self. (This is smoking Salvia, I wouldn't recommend other forms of intake.) Like Leo said people can have the experience of feeling "locked away" like you'll never come back, but this is just a temporary trick and sensation. After you are sober again in a few minutes you won't have any of those feelings residing. There is tremendous comfort in this. There is no drawn out come down or post-trip brain fog where you feel sick or on the brink of insanity for hours at a time. In this safe it's actually quite safe and low risk, in my opinion. Just make sure you have someone watching you, so you don't walk around and trip and hit your head or something. If you are looking to try your first psychedelic, it's a good starter, because it's so damn short and you are quickly sober. Just get the least potent version you can find and don't take too big a hit. The question you have to ask is are you willing to experience having your reality replaced with something completely different? Does that interest you at all? If so Salvia is the drug for you. Interesting in the very least.