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  1. @StarStruck Most girls won't want to go on dates if they know literally next to nothing about you. Subconsciously safety is always in the back of their mind, as it should be. Give them some time to vet you. You want to ask for a date somewhat quickly yes, but don't just crack a joke or two and then say hey let's meet! Treat them like human beings and show some interest. Ask what they do for a living, hobbies, where they came from etc. and share a bit about yourself so they know you aren't a psychopath lol. It's a fine balance. You are talking to a LOT of women though and getting a shitload of practice, so you'll figure it out
  2. I've only ever taken Salvia once. 18 years old wet behind the ears. Was a fun experience becoming a literal couch and a TV for 5 minutes lol. Basically confirmed my suspicions at that age that there is radically different potential states of being compared to just regular sober consciousness. There was no profound insights or spiritual epiphanies on Salvia for me. It was basically just a complete raping of my visual field and motor function/sense of physicality (disappearing) .
  3. Is it wise? Maybe. Will it backfire? Perhaps. Is it necessary? Absolutely. This is going to be divisive, but I don't care and I'm going to say it anyways - Sometimes stupid people need to be coerced not only for their own good, but for the greater good. It's like Sadhguru said about smoking, "It's not that smoking is bad or wrong. It's just that it's simply a stupid thing to do." Not getting a vaccine against a rampaging contagion is simply a stupid thing to do, sorry.
  4. @Nos7algiK All very good things to contemplate! I'd lean more on the enjoyment side of things personally. I think the relativity/interpretative levels in this domain are really high and most time should be spent "playing" with it.
  5. I've always been a fan of art and creative endeavors for as long as I can remember - Whether by collecting things, browsing shops endlessly, making my own things, or listening to music like an Audioslave almost every day. It's always been apart of my life, but recently I've noticed something has been clicking and I've reached new depths of appreciation and enjoyment of it... I've been revisiting music that I used to listen to as a teenager and even quite recently, and while I was certainly a fan then and couldn't shut up about it - now it's like a completely different thing. The lyrics and meaning of some pieces have been utterly re-contextualized. In some cases I find myself simply crying at how beautiful it is, like I've heard all these words before but now I understand them in their essence and it's totally penetrating me. Sometimes left thinking how the hell could I have missed this all these years??? I have no other way to describe it, in some cases it simply feels like a mental orgasm. I've been at this work for about 4 years now in some capacity. I'm guessing gaining deeper insights and expanding my consciousness has indirectly revealed some things to me that I couldn't see before? I'm wondering has anyone else noticed this phenomena in their life? I'd like to hear your experiences on this.
  6. Ok. Now after hearing them all, tell us what YOU think.
  7. Not entirely spiritual but very, very good. This comment encapsulates the song/video quite beautifully. "The song is called "The Spoils", which comes from the phrase "To the victor go the spoils". The speaker in the song is in love with a person who is in involved with another woman. This other woman is the victor; to her go the spoils. The person they both love is "the spoils". Out of pure love and a desire for her love's happiness, she lets him/her go. The speaker is dealing with the pain of that loss and the infinite emotional distance there must be between herself and the person she loves; and across that distance, over time, the painful image of the person she loves ossifies, fades; but she's still holding on to him/her. That hopeless love -- it never leaves her."
  8. As @Waken said above it's simply a lot about how you view yourself. It's not rational to be angry or resentful or anything about something that's out of your control (unless you opt for expensive surgical modifications, but I wouldn't recommend that). The answers to healing your emotions and finding peace around this in your life is grounding yourself in what you CAN control. Why would you focus on anything else ? - Exercise and physical health are great, keep taking care of that because it spills over generally into how "nice" a body looks (no other way to put that). - Constant reminders and affirmations to have more positive thoughts about yourself affect your mentality/perspective on it. If you work at it enough through sheer repetition it's entirely possible to "hack" your mind to view things completely different to how you view them now, and not be worried about or reflecting any "feedback" from the world so to say... Also to note here I think you've just made a strategic error. Online dating is almost utterly reliant on looks and the medium in general doesn't have a lot of "human" elements to it because they are being traded off for convenience. Interactions (and some of the people too) tend to be kind of shallower because physical appearance and whatever you mention on your profile is all the information they have to judge you off of. Ghosting is kind of a social epidemic because of technology right now, so I'd keep reminding yourself not to take it too personally. I get ghosted constantly lol. I'd recommend switching to a better playing field for you. Meet people in real life so you can truly express who you are. You can display your personality and show your body language which is nearly impossible online. These are all just Xs and Os though. What you need before doing any of it is to truly BELIEVE that you can attract someone and get the relationship you want. None of the actual work will feel impactful and worth doing if you don't have that belief in place. Lucky for you, you can cultivate that belief. It's not about either "having" it or not, like it seems on the surface.
  9. No, generally not, but that's because most people (men) aren't in tune with their emotions themselves and don't want the stress of working on those sorts of things. Personally I'm only attracted to girls with a moderate or high level of emotional awareness. Look it's one thing to be moody and experience a wide range of emotions, I'm not blaming anybody for that. It's only human. But if you aren't able (or trying) to reflect and understand why you feel a certain way, and put me in the crossfire of the consequences of those emotions, and then expect me to just "take it/deal with it" and NOT be doing anything yourself about it..... then sorry I'm outa there. It's the standard I have for relationships. I am empathetic and will drop everything to be there to listen and help a partner through something, but they have to take responsibility for it too. If the boundary is crossed and I feel I'm doing all the legwork then it's not healthy and I'm just a dumpster for their feelings. Fuck that. If I sense any of that it means they have some growing to do, and they've gotta do that on their own. It's one of those things about becoming a healthy, complete person before you go pursuing other people. You shouldn't be depending on other people to "fix" you.
  10. This is data from my fitbit the past week. The timestamps at the start and the end of each sleep are extremely accurate, as it senses your movements and spikes in heart rate. Red marks indicates "awake" time, and the slivers are basically just tossing and turning in sleep. I take zero naps in my life unless I am physically ill. My sleep will become even more deprived and fucked up as I get more involved with firefighting lol. It's not ideal but I can get by on this and can operate machinery and drive most of my days fine. Just eating right and coffee compensates most minor fatigue I have.
  11. Just joke with her that you're a feminist and believe in equality, which includes equality of the bill LOL. Seems to work well for me. She'll forget all about being hungry when you're arguing with each other! But yea that's a bit of a red flag anyways. A healthy independent woman would just pay for their own if they wanted something extra..... not try to push things and act pissy or awkward when they don't get what they want. In that case you are dating a girl, not a woman. Also I know you're still learning but you need to not get stuck in getting overzealous that "nice guy" is synonymous with "bad". You can still be genuinely nice, and have a calm peaceful demeanor and garner respect. It's done by being tactful and smart about which boundaries need to be set, and when. Have a piercing sharpness about your decisions that is so clear they can feel it.
  12. I've felt where you're at before @diamondpenguin, but you don't gotta lash out at others. They are only trying to help. Remember this entire enterprise is based around what level Leo is at and what he wants to teach. Don't feel obligated to "keep up". If you aren't there right now, you aren't there, it's that simple. I don't even watch his video anymore personally. Absolutely go focus on what's more immediate for your own life. Spirituality is important but you have to have your base first, otherwise you won't be able to appreciate, utilize, or embody it fully. It will always be there for when you're ready to come back
  13. Look, we gotta stop expecting Leo to be God (pun intended ). Of course he isn't going to be completely holistic in every take he has, and is going to have blind spots and certain biases about things. You have to remember he is just another person that is coming at things from his own life experience, and his perspective will be undoubtedly intertwined with that to some level. If you're familiar with his story he was sort of a nerd/incel, and then did a huge amount of work and compensation to get himself out of that and grow a bunch (kudos btw). The sort of requirements for that accomplishment are going to lean quite heavily towards a male agenda, it's just the nature of things. It's a fair criticism but remember, this work isn't really about him.
  14. Eh I wouldn't pick on women too much in this regard. Most people in general don't really know what they want, or are confused about it. What everyone wants deep down is to be loved and accepted (after all the universe is a love simulation), but depending on who they are/their experiences/their wisdom/their knowledge/culture influence they might not understand how to go about that in the best way. Commonly the Ego takes the wheel telling it will get them there, when in reality it's just going for a selfish pleasure cruise.
  15. I could have sworn I had it last year in April, but I tested negative for it. Not sure what it was or if maybe the testing methods weren't as accurate that early on in the pandemic? It was an entire MONTH of weakened lungs. Started with a wet, wheezing, deep cough. With lots of phlegm. Then halfway switched to a dry, persistent, slightly painful cough, before finally going away. There were also a handful of days where I was very fatigued despite not being busy at all. I was sleeping 12-14 hours at times. I can't say with 100% certainty it was Covid, but it certainly sucked. I was a 27 year old male is his prime with great health, I eat right, and I was skateboarding 2-4 hours every day at that time.