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  1. You have to realize most women aren't that confident themselves, they aren't really encouraged to be and are usually culturally conditioned to be timid and feminine. So you don't necessarily have to be oozing yourself to a James Bond degree, just have enough or more than them and they'll see that. It's only the "hottest/highest quality" women who will shit test you and be very keen, to be able to "smell" confidence like you said. They have to get good at this because they need to sort through the tons of guys hounding them.
  2. Yeah, I don't know what awakening is. I'm just a low consciousness idiot, I don't even meditate.
  3. Consider there is no "why". There could be no "answer" or anything hiding in the veil at all. There is just simply what is happening, or what is. What would it even mean for "you" to be in a different body? What is/are you?
  4. Loba please stop spam reporting. Also other users reading this, please stop posting in her journal or warning points will be handed out (1 per post).
  5. Women are generally much more social/collective. They want to protect each other, but at the same time they want to hold each other back so that the collective can be maintained. It's perceived as a threat to that collective if one of the members "branches out" on her own. Men on the other hand are more individualist. They still operate in groups, but if a member starts doing things outside of it or transcends the hierarchy it's not taken as a serious threat. In fact men will encourage each other to achieve individual success. If a guy says they are leaving the group to pursue a girl they'll all say, "go get em!" We are animals and these are animal dynamics at play here. A single male moving around a bar or a club to find and choose a female from a group is analogous to a lion stalking and hunting a gazelle from a herd. Except instead of killing and eating them they just want to have sex
  6. Huh? Yea of course, like an hour before you go to make sure you don't travel for no reason if they do end up cancelling last minute. I won't leave my house unless I get a confirmation message from them, that's just practical thinking.
  7. Just some food for thought; The singer Adele got scorned in the media for losing extra weight and getting herself in better shape. If that doesn't ring a few alarm bells, well...
  8. There isn't really much of any attraction to "lose" if you haven't even been on a date yet. Maybe text her the night before saying you're excited for tomorrow, or start some sort of interesting conversation or share a story that you'll finish when you meet in person to keep their interest. The real killer is texting too much and burning them out before they even meet you. If they agreed to go on a date and plans are made to be somewhere, it's unlikely they'll cancel. I've been on probably 100+ dates by now over the years, I can't recall a single time a girl has cancelled a date on me. Perhaps I'm just lucky idk.
  9. Keep in mind we are in the age of peak relativity and sensitivity. It's considered offensive to point out she isn't healthy nor beautiful for being overweight (minus her face). Culturally we have shifted into a space of enabling people to mutilate their bodies or ignore taking care of their health because it's seen as imposing to point out things that may be considered facts, like how she will probably have heart disease issues and become a burden on the medical system in her 40s, 50s and so on. I'm not saying we should berede her or that the culture is particularly flawed. We just don't have the same perception of health as we used to.
  10. @Danioover9000 Sorry man I don't really have an answer. It's just a flaw of mine, I personally don't have an issue with piracy.
  11. This is a really great point yeah. When I made the decision to let someone go it felt exactly like the right choice at the time, but your perception isn't the same over time so you come back to revisit it. While anytime I've been let go I haven't had a single inclination to try and get them back.
  12. You can have continuous, multiple, repeated orgasms' as a guy. It just takes some body awareness and training of the pelvic/prostate muscles. It's not likely to happen on accident with stimulation from a partner, you'll probably have to masturbate on your own to find out how to do it. I've had 3-4 in a few minute span and it's amazing, it takes some control, I had to direct my girlfriend during the blowjob like a drill sergeant I don't know why you'd want to orgasm without finishing though, sounds kind of stupid and potentially painful/damaging to your body. It naturally wants to release that fluid for a reason.
  13. I wanted to get a gauge of people's experiences in life here. Now that I've been through a handle of relationships and have some data to reflect on, I've realized for me personally it's been WAY harder to be the one doing the dumping. When someone has broken up with me it has had an element of surprise to it, so while it hurts it feels a bit like an unlucky event that you just have to get through. Kind of like falling off your bike or getting in a small fender bender. You just pick yourself up, learn what you can and move on. Being the one doing the breaking up however I've noticed is much harder. You know that you are going to probably hurt the other person, and you have to carefully plan what you're going to say and how to soften the blow, as well as pick a time and location to anticipate and dread. You've also got to overcome the urge to go easy on them and say no if they start to bargain. The entire experience is just shit.
  14. I understand the point you are making, but it's hard to digest it seriously when you're conflating listening to music or watching a movie "illegally" to slavery and human trafficking. Everything has a moral grey area or relativity to it, and sometimes our laws don't reflect them all accurately. I know it's a rationalization but I'm not perfect. I have mostly been poor/lower class my entire life, so I'm not losing sleep over listening to music I haven't paid for.
  15. If so many people are doing it, should it really be illegal? Most media content is stolen or copied to some degree. More than half of Youtube is just people redistributing content they didn't make.