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  1. Who has time to watch porn lol? It's way too much of a time investment, it's like 20-40ish minutes for a video to watch the whole way through if you want to build suspense. Just don't get it.
  2. I was in an unfortunate place yesterday as well @Preety_India. You know what I realized? All just bad thoughts, stop thinking! Stop THINKING. STOP. THINKING! Thoughts don't = reality. Reality = reality.
  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having preferences. Intimacy is a private domain of YOUR life, so it's only natural you get to choose who occupies that space. It's not like you are being discriminate towards who are your co-workers or family, that is where the line gets blurry. It's only limiting if you feel it's causing you to act in more unhealthy or selfish ways, watch out for that. But also don't abandon or guilt yourself out of enjoying and controlling your life in some capacities. You don't need to be a leaf blowing in the wind.
  4. @Emerald You have an organic quality of beauty to you. It appears natural and effortless. I'd take that over the rigid, heavy investment look that most girls unfortunately feel pressured to accomplish these days. If someone has to try too hard to get or maintain a certain look, that might communicate a lot of other things that could questionable. Also LOL @ the Walmart comment. Being funny just added another point
  5. lol the current governments are they way they are BECAUSE of old people. It's RUN by old people, VOTED into their jobs by old people.
  6. Don't sell yourself so short @Emerald. You are MUCH higher up there than a 5 or 6, are you kidding?!
  7. Ghosting is an extremely common occurrence in the modern dating climate unfortunately, because the convenience of the technology people think they don't need to take responsibility for communicating maturely. You'd never "ghost" a co-worker or friend or anyone you see in real life. Unless you're a child of course, but I digress... All I can say is don't take it too personally and don't do it to other people yourself. Most of the time they are simply too lazy or don't want to do the emotional labor of telling you they aren't interested. Don't immediately jump the conclusion that YOU did something wrong because they cut contact. If it's not obvious to you that you fucked up and said something rude or whatever, then you're probably innocent so stop beating yourself up. Even if you DO get an answer from her she might not even give you an honest answer. It's not worth the stress. Just move onto the next girl.
  8. Have the wisdom to listen to your body. If it's making you feel this way, consider no longer smoking weed. Not only will you not feel these things anymore, but your lungs will thank you too!
  9. Anybody on Vancouver Island, Canada in here?
  10. You're already much farther along than you realize. The fact you're even aware of your emotions when talking to her is half way to finding a solution. Now that you notice your emotions, breathe. Let them rise, feel what you feel about them, and then let them pass.... Don't dwell on the anger, or the content of what she is saying, that will cause you to react to it and just feed the irritation further. Respond to her in a way that will feel better than anger, because you're mindful of what that anger feels like and how it's the place you don't want to be. It's ok to be irritated or whatever. Not everyone is compatible with everyone else. All you can do is the best you can. She may always be a little frustrating to you, but is that worth any more stress than it already is? Nope, and you can keep it that way.
  11. Hey there I'm mellow, yellow, and love roasted marshmallows . Hit me up @Khr
  12. One thing at a time man lol. I've got a whole laundry list of things I want to do and accomplish before I can even get enlightened, whatever that might mean. Thanks @Zigzag Idiot, @seeking_brilliance for your help.
  13. Oh I don't want to hot-fix anything. I'm in it for the long haul. I'm just after the things that helped people in their journey.
  14. I've been struggling for a long while (since late 2017 when I started all this) trying to maintain the level of awareness and consciousness I would like, especially in day to day living. I find being out and about in society running errands, or working/being busy getting things done keeps my brain in kind of an "auto-pilot" low consciousness mode. Either because it exhausts me as an introvert or because I subconsciously know (or I think) it won't be helpful to be super "aware" during that time, even though I do try to be. When I get home I'm usually tired and physically exhausted (I work a physical job and do firefighting on the side) and just want to turn my brain off even more and distract myself with entertainment and relaxation. However this is my free time where I want to be consciously pursing the things I want deep down. Usually my higher self and "awareness" comes at the moments at late night when I should be going to sleep, or I get extreme moments of clarity after days, weeks, or even MONTHS have passed having realized yes I did get basic shit done during all this time, but overall it feels like I'm wasting my life. It feels like I'm living the skeleton of what my life could be and my potential is slipping away, you know? These constant up and down waves and spikes from low consciousness to higher consciousness are very frustrating and makes me resentful of all the time I've lost because I can't maintain any damn consistency with it. I feel it's feeding a deep depression inside me and some other negative emotions and I just would like it to stop. I've made progress on basic things to aid me like getting regular sleep and cutting back sugar/caffeine in my diet, but I need more help. For people who have gone through this and have experience in consciousness work what are the best and most effective things to help maintain a higher, consistent level of awareness? I want to know all your secrets, tricks, and techniques so I can throw them at the wall and see what sticks. Thanks in advance for any contributions. Hope the new year is being good to you all so far.
  15. I think the brush you're using here is a bit too broad @Leo Gura, and you should be more careful with using "baiting" language. A lot of these people aren't fools and devils in the degree context you're using them in. Remember everything has become so polarized and un-nuanced that this just comes down to a very linear choice for someone like Corey Wayne, among others. "Oh he's a business man who likes success and money, and doesn't care what people think. I like him more than the other candidate!" People simply flock to whatever side resonates with them. Usually regardless of how informed they are of all the details. Most people don't even have time or care enough to keep up, which is why they done rebuke their position until it's cartoonish evil to stay the course. Ignorance and maliciousness are two different things. Are you saying every single supporter of Trump in any capacity, current or past tense is a fool or a devil? I resent having to phrase it that way but you aren't leaving much ambiguity which is the problem I'm getting at.