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  1. On the Ukraine thing - Putin isn't stupid, and he isn't insane. He is cunning and intelligent and knows exactly what he is doing. His motives are to benefit himself and his closest compatriots/regime. The most selfish ego functions in a way that will strategize and execute decisions that maximize benefit to itself, at the expense of whatever necessary. The logistics and politics may be complicated, but the dynamics and motivations aren't. Leo made videos on the topic years ago. This is relatively basic personal development concepts. Russian people and the development of the nation, devastation in Ukraine, energy and economic crisis, chaotic global politics, disrupted food supply chains and the people that starve from that; all these things are deemed expendable and worthy of sacrifice from his point of view. It's all par for the course if it lets him maintain an iron grip on power and control for the remainder of his life. He will navigate and play whatever games he has to, and rationalize every decision he has to make. That's how selfishness and corruption works. On the climate change thing - You don't even need to be that scientifically literate and read 100 studies or documentaries to appreciate the problem. You just need to look at atmospheric CO2 emissions from the last 500,000+ years to notice a massive problem. We have spiked atmospheric CO2 and other gases out of their normal cycle that usually takes tens of thousands of years and done it in just about 250 years. That much of a radical change in such a tiny amount of time isn't going to come without consequences. We are literally terraforming the planet on accident, without that clear of an idea of what the impact will be. In fact I guarantee and would bet my left nut that NASA and other agencies are deliberately downplaying the data and models they have because the projections are too stark and they don't want to cause a panic. The changes might be so rapid that our modern civilization can't adapt in time and even if there isn't a total collapse we'll still experience some major "downsizing" AKA a LOT of people are going to die (that probably includes you and me). If that's how it's gotta be though, that's how it's gotta be.
  2. Man I hate how I sound saying this but honestly these people weren't hit nearly enough growing up. They behave like children because that's what they essentially are. Not all of them of course, but the "worst" ones of the bunch that are the loudest and lead the pack. They have largely never had to face any adversity, work and earn things for themselves, experience resistance, or generally been told "NO" in their lives. When parents can't parent properly as they are too busy working since the economy rapes the middle class, well this is what you get. A bunch of young people who have never done anything in their lives thinking they know exactly how to solve all the worlds problems. It's a shame because there are a lot of good ideas in the left, certainly more than the right which is just rehashing the status quo. It's just that the general culture and population doesn't take progressive ideas seriously because they are marketed poorly or pushed in their face too fast to digest. Groups and socialization make you stupid though, so it's not worth the effort to play the game. Just do your own thing and try to radiate impact as an individual. The green haired idiots screaming at the top of their lungs or the MAGA hat wearing mouth breathers waving stupid signs around are just white noise, ignore it.
  3. This stuck out to me. I've found that's been quite true in my life. Repeating stupid patterns I know aren't going to work, convincing myself it will somehow be different each attempt. The whole time fear looming and casting a shadow I know is there but don't want to look. It's only when I've done radical things or made big changes do I feel the light burn that shadow away, if just for a moment.
  4. There are a few ways to deal with this; - You can become stronger and intimidating so it happens less to you (guys typically don't physically challenge other men they think they would lose to). - You can become more charismatic and witty to disarm the tension and navigate awkward social situations. - You can act stoic and/or straight up ignore when guys are going this to you. Every situation might require a different response. Sometimes the girl will not be worth the effort, especially getting in a fist fight over. If she is attracted to the idiot who is willing to act overly confrontational and insecure, then it means she is not mature enough to know what's good for her. Typically those girls aren't great for long term relationships, focus your energy on the ones that are more developed. Remember that a girl with a pretty face is nice to look at, but if you can't stand hanging out with her or you're unable to have good conversation then you're going to regret the emotional and time investment. I've always preferred more solo/intimate ways of connecting with women. You can show more of your authentic self and avoid all the noise and drama of groups.
  5. You look like someone hired to intimidate and pressure foreign customers on the street if they don't buy Adidas track pants from a vendor
  6. I could have afforded a place in Ontario, but I thought it would be boring to tie myself down there. So I moved to Vancouver Island where it's a more interesting place to live and I'd like to stay, but I'm forced to rent because houses are 4x more expensive here and I'll never be able to buy one unless I suddenly triple my income. The irony.
  7. This will sound vulgar - but dude you are in college. This is the perfect time to get massive experience. Stop asking questions and thinking with your brain. Open your skull and throw your brain out. What you need to be doing is blindly going to parties, going to clubs, getting drunk and fucking as many girls as you can. If not a lot, at least around 3. Enough to connect with different personalities and temperaments. The answers to all of your questions are to be found on the other side of the "door". Relationships and love will spawn from the clubs, parties, studying, class, and all other gatherings that people will be in. This is the time to be saying YES to everything when people ask you to do stuff, not questioning or worrying it to death. You will find what you like and don't like as you go along. Right now you are in front of the door, and it seems huge and scary and you don't know what's on the other side. It's counter-intuitive and backwards. You need to be doing stuff before you have the answers. Not having the answers before doing stuff. So put your shoulder down, lean forward, and bust that fuckin door down.
  8. It doesn't matter. Gaming is completely dead and creatively bankrupt. People will preorder for $80 and their left nut for trash average games. The industry has been utterly commodified and it's soul sucked out like a dementor from Harry Potter. There are still great games out there, but they are just rare or old. Gaming haven't been good since roughly 2009. Right when everything started to transition from disk to digital/online it all went to shit.
  9. Be careful with relying on substances and making a false correlation that weed = spiritual growth/meditation. It's ok to use as an aide or for enjoyment sometimes, but watch your habits. You only get one set of lungs and cardiovascular system, treat it kindly.
  10. I have noticed I have held onto some negative emotions for a long time that feels like some sort of blockage. It's related around old friends I used to have growing up, around childhood and my formative teenage years. I guess I am posting this to find some advice from older people who have gone through this kind of experience and know how to deal with it, because so far I have not found a way to move past it. I am more just coping but sometimes find myself seething in resentment, guilt, and other uncomfortable and needless emotions. There are a handful of friends I was extremely close to, that I grew up with and had all my formative and coming of age experiences with. We saw each other basically every day, went to school together, went to parties together, shared everything together. Including blood and other bodily fluids probably . Of course however, as time passes and we graduated and moved around we grew apart. Adult and work life limited our time together, visits happened less, we changed as people, our values changed, and eventually stopped talking. I can understand that people start to lead their own lives and form new peer groups, but I noticed that even checking or creating an opportunity to "catch up" seems difficult. Even just over the phone or video chat. We still have all the contact information to get a hold of each other. It's not like we got lost in the ether and don't know how to find each other. In some cases it's been many years since I've talked to some of them, or either of us has only reached out to say "happy birthday" on FaceBook. In most cases though (and this is what pisses me off and disturbs me the most), is that I noticed it's always ME who has to initiate contact and get in touch. In a small minority and close to zero cases has anyone tried asking how I am doing. This makes me question just how important this friendship actually was to them, if they even valued it the same way I did. It's makes my head spin. Do they think I'm a loser? Am I an annoying person? Is this how people usually behave as they get older? I'm not exactly a social butterfly but I like to think I'm pretty thoughtful in my relationships. I remember really subtle things that nobody usually does, and I care to make gestures that are authentic and not just obligations. I'm not hoping to resurrect the friendships back to the level they were at all, because I now live thousands of kilometers away. But just acknowledging each others existence again would be nice. Nearly every time I'm met with silence, or lazy attempts at communicating. As time has gone on these emotions have swelled like waves. At this point I'm just jaded and cynical and it makes me feel extremely resentful and not wanting to form deeper connections with newer people because, what's the point? I still have some close friends I talk to quite a bit but they are all mostly online. I genuinely cannot remember the last time I made a friend in real life in the flesh, that wasn't a girlfriend/partner. Just a regular friend. Anyways I'll probably update and edit this post later. I can't type anymore.
  11. Although it may not be the most attractive thing women would choose if they voted, having amazing charisma is by FAR the most effective attribute for getting laid, and/or getting a relationship. It's the only thing you can have by itself while lacking all others that will guarantee you success. You can be a hot wealthy actor with a lot of status but if you have absolute shit charisma you are going to struggle with women, except for the ones that want to use you for money. Charisma is basically a cheat code. Forget just getting women, that's small fish. If life is a video game, then charisma is the most overpowered stat you could have maxed out. You can manipulate, convince, and charm your way into and around almost any situation you encounter. Most people don't actually give a shit about substance or evidence, they just want to feel good - and a charismatic motherfucker can do that. If you want to know how powerful it is check out the story of Frank Abagnale. His life demonstrates this perfectly. He was a con artist who cheated his way into becoming a doctor and a pilot lmao. There is a great movie made after it too called "Catch Me If You Can" with Leonardo DiCaprio. I used to have zero charisma and was probably borderline autistic growing up in most social situations, then in my early 20's I worked a lot on it and although I'm not that charismatic compared to most people the results and success in my life have gone exponential from that one change.
  12. It's not like you need to make egregious wealth or create a one in a million business of your own. You know it is possible to find a career that is meaningful to you, even if it's still "wage slavery". Even those with excess wealth and time are slaves in a way, they have to stress and work to maintain the systems they set up. We are all bound by survival in some way. Be careful with obsessing over naïve notions like, "being free for the rest of my life". Keep in mind our current economic model is a corrupt pyramid scheme. When people amass a ton of wealth and make dividends/interest off stocks and other portfolios, it's because wage slaves at the bottom of the pyramid and others losing out on investments are keeping the machine going. Not to mention the elephant in the room of environmental destruction. What you ought to do is carefully define your values and principles and design your life and work to serve those. Hopefully those end up having a positive influence on the world and the living things in it.
  13. I'm 29 and my dating range is 20-40. That's a wide net with plenty of single people. Stop worrying.
  14. Forget all the stupid internet slang and terminology, wipe it from your mind. Also for the love of god get off discord and other chatrooms. The kind of guys hanging out on discord and watching YouTube videos aren't out there in the world fucking women. The people who are having success are the ones you never hear about, because they are too busy with life to sit and talk about it.
  15. It's interesting seeing the way society reacts to and treats pedophilia, fundamentally because of an aversion to those who use others who are too young to make informed decisions or simply can't defend themselves. Yet in plenty of other ways children are figuratively raped and manipulated growing up, by the same people who disgust pedophilia the most.