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  1. @aurum to me it dosnt matter but good point
  2. I hate the most is studying so I’m gonna do that the challenge is so force this body to go through studying I’ve been avoiding it for years
  3. Love is the answer but why still I insist?
  4. It’s perfect that what god is perfect you are
  5. @AlwaysJoggin it’s like you choice to be here to love others why? because why not it’s the game
  6. Because it’s just nothing what? Just thought in your head that’s everything
  7. @Breakingthewall lol good idea imagine the feeling
  8. @catcat69123 @PurpleTree I don’t want just yet i wanted to make sure it’s safe because i did lsd other day and it was weak and i had mushrooms but was afraid to take them
  9. Has anyone combined the two on a trip? I was gonna do it other day but I don’t know if it’s safe