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  1. it just makes me more turned on during sex if a girl calls me daddy , like the girl im taking care of her and treating her well so im her daddy now lol idk why it turns me on but has to do with dominance i guess.
  2. @SamC I just started realizing that too!
  3. @bejapuskas probably not dude, no i know she told me she doesn't like fingering and I didn't eat her out, and I wasn't suppose to go inside her vagina she told me not too but it some how happened I slipped it in was so fast and when i was in her she told me yes keep going don't stop! , i feel like she was a bit controlling during the sex which shouldn't have been the case but I was just high and horny i just went with the flow didn't think much about it. it would have been a different story all together if I did ate her out perhaps.
  4. I will try to keep this short. she had bad experience with sex in the past and had high expectations from me! this girl got super cheesed because I finished first I know I know but it wasn't entirely my fault , i was going to eat her out but she was enjoying me inside of her and honestly was so in the moment I forgot! and when i got close i told her to slow down so i don't finish, but she was like NO! no go faster , then i came and she got mad she didn't want to see me again! after the sex but, i talked her down and calmed her we went again for round 2 shortly after i wanted to make it up for her! and she came this time! so i was like ok maybe now she is happy!, but lmao she was still mad and told me to stay with her in bed and outa no ware this girl tells me she doesn't want to have sex again with me!. i honestly couldn't care less like for me my mission is accomplished i toke them cheeks and now i don't feel as attached to her, so i got up and told her i had enough i didn't let her finish talking after hearing that one sentence (''i think i don't want to have sex with you anymore'') i just wanted to get the fuck outa there cuz that was so cringe to me it didn't make sense. she started pulling my hand and telling me to stay i just went out anyways. was it really my fault? personally I think shit happens out of context btw. this is same girl that played with my heart a while ago and I came to the forums to cry about it, she gave me so much pain and I wanted her soo bad , now after the sex I feel at peace and don't feel like I need her.
  5. @Preety_India you need to understand that not all girls are like you
  6. @NoSelfSelf we re bunch fucking animals and not separate all the things we do is exactly like wild cold animals . whats all we do and sometimes we blind to see it
  7. @Preety_India thank you
  8. @Preety_India ok ill try im not gonna be needy ill give her the same vibe and attention she gives me no more or less. but at the same time when i do that she starts asking me why im being cold its a loophole yo lol im just gonna go with the flow im done here thanks everyone
  9. @Rilles dude she has a dildo in her room that's always outa charge why the fuck doesn't she want to fuck? she says she wants to take things slow but at the same time she have told me stories of her doing one night stands and she asked me how big i am? but yet she doesn't want to fuck? so confusing i need to understand what the fuck is going on
  10. @Preety_India you see thats what i neede to hear like i didn't know thats possible that a girl could like a guy but not even kiss him or shit like that she just whats to hug me in bed?
  11. @Eternity hey thanks for sharing that's so good to hear i'm still trying to understand women it's still a big mystery for me . here i have a question there might not be a clear answer to but this is fucking with me. so also this girl invited me to her room to talk but didn't really talk and told me to come lay in bed with her and when i layed down iwent for a kiss she was like what are you doing but she said it softly i told her can i kiss you? she said no i was like super confused why would a women tell a man to lay in bed with her if she wont even kiss him? should have i just went for it anyways did the no mean yes? was she playin hard to get and wanted me to force it cuz she is into that weird ultra masculine behavior?. how come she doesn't want to kiss me if she likes me? like she says that she likes me but why would she lie to me ??? doesn't make sense does it or I'm i missing something here ? did i do anything wrong? am i crazy or I'm just being played around with. i cut her and stopped giving her extra attention since that and now she is texting me then when i reply she takes ages to reply which is making my body feel sick and ill. am i over reacting?
  12. @Preety_India yes im needy because she filled a void in my life i didn't realize existed. i honestly didn't think i would fall in love again with a women but it's beautiful i want it again know. its like a dealer giving you a dose of heroin.
  13. @Preety_India cuz i really liked her she was sexy her smile use to make me weak and she was only girl that made me blush because how sweat she was with me and i can't help it i just catch feelings easily if someone offers the opportunity which she did! i wouldn't have been so hurt if she wasn't interested in me since day one but that wasnt the case! she give me attention that a needed yes
  14. @kras yes i want to be around a girl and share and connect with her and fuck too you know? and not get shattered like a glass, im not spirituality there yet to identify the root tho to why being denied sex love and attention and being tossed hurts me. i hope that shit didnt hurt it just does