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  1. When you wake up from sleep next time remember this is a dream and people don’t exist they are just events noises and shapes they are basically brainless robots you are god your the only one in control and your the only thing that’s experiencing anything so don’t be sad . they are already dead your the only one alive.
  2. @Roy suicidal hotlines don't work they are for profit unfortunately like everything else in tue world
  3. @vishnusavestheday who told you I have depression? Computer? Im using my phone, also I red enough books and i don't own a gun that's all your imagination. You making all these assumptions suggest your intelligence level is not mature enough to even waste time with…
  4. @vishnusavestheday no thats nice and all but no this world is messed up and he is forcing me to be a apart of it by giving birth to me
  5. @RendHeaven you view the world is positive way I don’t care about happiness who told you? , I god don’t like that I’m rebelling against god and this stupidity called experience also the design of humans is very bad
  6. @Blackhawk well I can confirm he is a sadist first hand experience
  7. I don't want to experience reality anymore i have zero interest in everything this dream sucks i don't like the design , asking god to make it stop doesn’t work? But how I surrender I’m waving the white flag he won’t listen, now i want to exit but god made it hard to exit i can’t just press a button, I have to go dying which is kinda hard to do .
  8. @aurum to me it dosnt matter but good point
  9. I hate the most is studying so I’m gonna do that the challenge is so force this body to go through studying I’ve been avoiding it for years
  10. Love is the answer but why still I insist?
  11. It’s perfect that what god is perfect you are