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  1. Feel the same way bro! Have been a lurker for a while, and have always been wooed by spiritual topics, but your post and recent events with leo's last videos on nihilism and misapplying spiritual thinking i think is a reality check for a lot of us. Going back to the healthy basics of tier 1 SD for a while will make us and the world stronger, without a doubt. Good luck on your priorities!
  2. Good post! Since my mind is already clearer, and often inself-enquiry mode... I like to write and contemplate important questions(like Leo's video), or practice gratitude awareness especially during the morning Otherwise i find for me it can be useful to do some yoga/light body exercice as well to really feel into the body before becoming unaware, which I tend to do during my night meditation.
  3. Hey, I think this article could give you some insights on the challenges of becoming a psychadelics researcher, and the importance of correcting the stigma of psychadelics, as well as becoming an activist in it per se... I'm questioning similar life purpose paths myself but more on the medical side as I'm interested in neurology/psychiatry as well as research(still a med student tho).
  4. Good point. Search function for blog posts too may be beneficial as I sometimes skip posts ?
  5. I love the long video format, but as Leo says in the blog post, it is true that it is counter intuitive, even tho time is short. I often feel the need to use the 1.5x speed for the topics that feel more abstract to me, and slow down where it most reflects my life. I don't think it's a matter of length, you just have to get the big picture, with focus on the details that matter to you ATM.
  6. Interesting point. Language is a good first step imo, because without Leo telling us via his language,most of us here wouldn't want to seek Truth. What website were you referring to that shows language reflecting enlightenment in the Bible btw?
  7. Hey @Identity, love your insights & mix of phases with the spiral stages, as I've definitely felt some ressemblances from what I hear from your story. I'm a student too, and like you after shallow orange relationships, I feel am at the stage green limbo/starting phase as I'm really starting to connect with one girl, but still hesitating to start it off as it's going to be LDR/ still want to discover my feminine side, hang with more feminine girls.Would love to know your future progress with the couple of women that you're connecting with! May the growth be with us
  8. @Leo Gura is this app integrated with Audible?
  9. Putting my hand on my stomach while breathing works great for me! Just stick to one thing and continue concentrating.
  10. Happy be day Leo! Life is short but i'm so grateful to know a "hero/mentor " like you that helps keep people on track their self-actualizing journey... PS dont forget to meditate, self enquiry, self actualize even on your bday ?
  11. Name: Joseph Couteau Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: Yogyakarta Occupation: Medical student Marital Status: Dating Kids: No Hobbies: meditation, personal development, reading, learning, traveling new language,nature, vegetarian, psychadelic use, sleeping I first got into personal development and found Leo's videos when I was struggling to adapt living, going to college in a new country: I wanted to be more productive, efficient. At the same time I discovered nofap. But after a while, I had emotional issues and used PD as a tool to master my emotions, thus developing a journal and meditation habit. I decided to return back to my origin country Indonesia where I got interested in its psychologycal cultural, psychological background : did psychadelic(mushroom), meditation retreat. I relate very much to the kid in Leo's "advice for college student", and am eager to grow exponentially Just discovered the forum couple of months ago, and am so grateful of Leo and this community! Personal Challenges i've had to overcome: Independence: living on my own in new country from parents, learning french Victimhood in financial domain Emotional growth, self understanding Openmindedness to new experiences,cultures, socializing Minimizing my bad habits(TV,nofap, partying) Healthy eating(Vegan) What I'm working on now: Finding my life purpose and aligning myself with it Building better habits(including self enquiry, exercise) Building soft infrastructure skills such as publik speaking, writing: work ethic Being more authentic in relationships with my girlfriend, family Being more attractive, confident, building self esteem