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  1. I would love to see you talk with Russell Brand (Under the skin). Duncan Trussell as well, a lot of people think he's just a goof - but he is really wise and spiritually developed. Damien Echols too, you are bringing up similar topics, but from very different perspectives. A real treat would be Jordan Petersons podcast, though I doubt that it would be of any interest for you.
  2. Yeah, I have the same situation with mine. He usually gets annoyed because I have this habit of talking about absolute nothingness and death before we go to sleep. He told me I give him nightmares so I had to stop
  3. I think you might be on to something here
  4. Remember you are not a bad person for struggling with a porn addiction. Most people are exposed to porn before they have any idea of what it is and what it does to you, your brain etc. I know it might be difficult, but try to be kind to yourself. I have never struggled with porn, but I did overcome an alcohol addiction and I'm finally sober. Addiction is tough, I might imagine it's even harder with something that is so easily accessible as porn. Try to be patient with your progress and keep fighting <3 I have learned that shame ultimately only makes things worse. From what I can tell society actually promotes porn use, so it might be difficult to motivate yourself as well. I found that hard when I quit drinking, most of my friends did not get it at all and actually tried to talk me out of ditching the bottle. The good old "it's all about balance!". Yeah, but actually no. If something has a negative impact on your life & relationships t's not about balance, it's about weeding it out.
  5. Yes you absolutely can. Girls don't care about your looks, but make sure to groom yourself and take care of your hygiene.
  6. If you are empathetic and lean towards spiral dynamics stage green - maybe the ethics can motivate you? There's a lot of abuse and trafficking in the industry. You really do not have any idea if the girls you are watching are mentally healthy, getting paid and consents to the act. Many of them are addicted to drugs or can't get out of the industry due to their financial situation. fightthenewdrug is a good resource if you want to educate yourself about the shadow aspects of porn. Also consider that every click + screentime on free websites (such as p*rnhub) is money in the company pockets. There's a lot of problematic stuff about free sites like this, for example child abuse, r*pe & trafficking. Even if you are not watching the child abuse, there's still many many videos like this on free sites, and eyeballs makes the company profit of others pain. I read this case about a video of a baby being r*ped on p*rnhub, it was up for months before the site finally deleted it. You can find more information about the ethics of it all at fightthenewdrug, they have a good website and instagram page. ...And don't beat yourself up, shaming yourself will only deepen your problem. Reaching out (like you are doing now) and being forgiving towards yourself is better. Hugs <3
  7. I had all four removed, three of them at the same time with local anesthesia. I was home for 2 days and then went back to work. No problem. Just get them out if you don't have space for them, they cause insanely bad breath if they get inflamed regularly.... I had a friend once who refused to remove his wisdom tooth, he smelled like feces.
  8. This video was on my recommended list, it was quite interesting to watch and hear the baby boomers experiences.
  9. Where would you pinpoint Damien Echols on the spiral? I honestly have no clue. Sometimes I almost get turquoise vibes from him. I think he developed a lot through the hell he went through in prison. He's pretty active on YouTube for refrences on how he thinks & carry himself. He's pretty deep into magic(k) and art
  10. Very interesting. His description of oneness/Love reminds me of Leos teachings. How beautiful is it then, when a sunset turns ugly..
  11. I think so yes. Russell did a very good job as well
  12. Just gonna leave this here. Enjoy Also, can we please get Leo on Under the Skin? K, thanks
  13. This is what a 3 year bachelor degree to earn a badge, no carried Guns & on going training looks like. Of course the country is much smaller. & no civilians carry Guns either.
  14. I don't understand how someone can argue that a sick human being in need of love & care deserve to be shot...