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  1. Where would you pinpoint Damien Echols on the spiral? I honestly have no clue. Sometimes I almost get turquoise vibes from him. I think he developed a lot through the hell he went through in prison. He's pretty active on YouTube for refrences on how he thinks & carry himself. He's pretty deep into magic(k) and art
  2. Very interesting. His description of oneness/Love reminds me of Leos teachings. How beautiful is it then, when a sunset turns ugly..
  3. I think so yes. Russell did a very good job as well
  4. Just gonna leave this here. Enjoy Also, can we please get Leo on Under the Skin? K, thanks
  5. This is what a 3 year bachelor degree to earn a badge, no carried Guns & on going training looks like. Of course the country is much smaller. & no civilians carry Guns either.
  6. Thanks!! I'll check out both YouTube & the books. If you have more book reccomendations on magick i'd love to hear!
  7. Lol, I was just about to recommend his channel. You guys need to check it out if you haven't already. He actually talks about a lot of the things Leo does, just from a different perspective. Super interesting.
  8. I don't understand how someone can argue that a sick human being in need of love & care deserve to be shot...
  9. Yeah, research that. Please don't take my word for it, i might not be up to date about all regulations 😊
  10. People without residence permit are not allowed in norway as per now. I havent heard anything about the government loosening up on this restriction.. We are allowed to travel, but have to do 2 weeks of self isolation/quarantine when we get back..
  11. Yes, but I read something about Sweden reporting deaths differently... In Norway we only report a death as a "corona death" if the patient died FROM corona.. If someone who's corona positive dies from.. Say a heart attack, we don't report that as a corona death.. Sweden however, report every death as a corona death, if the patient is positive, no matter what the patient actually dies from. This affect the statistics for sure. I have no idea why we report it differently
  12. Im really curious as to how your country is handling this crisis... I live in Norway. We locked down the entire country pretty early. What's interesting is that our neighbouhing country, Sweden, went for the total opposite strategy: They decided to keep everything open as much as possible and aim for herd immunity. What's the wisest decision is yet to be discovered. As far as I understand from what I've read, Sweden is more aligned with scientific research Regarding my country, we managed to decrease contamination and deaths fairly quickly. We are slowly re-opening the country as we speak... But we are still speculating about this "second wave" and what it's going to mean for us It's really interesting to watch how the different political parties act during this situation. The parties who's furthest to the left is currently fighting for cuts in politician salaries in solidarity with people who lose their jobs due to the regulations enforced by the state. (Luckily, we have a good security net in place for people who lose their jobs, they get a living wage gifted from the state when unemployed...) So... What's the strategy/Situation in your country? What's the different parties in your country fighting for? from left to the right.. And what are your thoughts on what's going on where you live?
  13. 😂 Like for real though. It's not that difficult to mimic some porn star.