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  1. You don't use "systems". You learn from them and pick the best parts, but you think for yourself and adopt a dynamic and specific set of ideas and strategies that best suit who you are and your strengths.
  2. It's what you make it . Don't let it pass you by, trying to find where the "answer" is written down. How much less would you have to push yourself, if you reoriented all the "things" in your life to be on a hill that is going downwards? Do you believe that's possible? And if so what things do you think you could change today, to do what I described?
  3. I think there is a lot of projection and armchair psychoanalysis going on when people make such claims and assumptions about people who partake in these things. I'm sure it has something to do with it, but not everyone who is into a niche sexual activity has some kind of damaged or warped psyche. Sometimes the only way to get off is having a cattle prod shoved up your ass, you know?
  4. What does depression mean, spiritually, metaphysically? Is it a signal of something? A symptom? Just trying to gather a deeper understanding. Thanks in advance! To be clear I'm not talking about clinical depression with chemical imbalances in the brain. Disregard that kind of depression.
  5. Yup. This was a fuck up for sure. Buuuut you are really lucky you didn't have sex or this entire situation would be a LOT worse. Now when you let her go it won't sting as much because there isn't that experience involved. Needless to say it WILL upset her and you as well, but it's necessary. These things can't always be clean. This probably isn't the best analogy but it's the first thing that came to my mind - Relationships between two people are kind of like a pile of electronic cords behind a computer, as you get more involved and spend more time together and "add more cords" by sharing emotions and getting intimate, the pile can become pretty complicated. Even between the most well adjusted healthy people when they try to end a relationship and pull their "cord" out it can be pretty difficult because you will be pulling on a lot of other cords. Pulling yourself out of that pile can be difficult and painful, that's a feature, not a bug. However it's much less painful the sooner you do it when there aren't so many cords tangled up in the pile.
  6. It's simply because most colleges and universities are bullshit, and complete debt traps. Unless you go to learn and train for something specific and in demand in the economy, you are better off to simply start working to save money and use that time to get experience and things to put on your resume. As for the "women won't find suitable partners" issue well, to put it bluntly they'll just have to get over it and lower their standards and the dynamic and balance will have to change so we live in a more equalized society. You can't have your cake and eat it too, so to speak. I know plenty of couples in LTRs where the women makes more than the man, and I've been in quite a few myself now where my partner makes more than me. It's not a big deal at all, it just seems unusual still because it's a relatively new thing after THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF PATRIARCHY LOL.
  7. That's called Margin trading and it's extremely fucking stupid, don't do it. Do not do it. DO. NOT. DO IT.
  8. - Not breathing properly or in rhythm - Thinking too much, stop fucking thinking with your brain and get in your body - Worried about the outcome and where the "finish" line is, when you should be more focused on enjoying the race no matter how long or short it is - Disregard your own pleasure and invest all your attention in HERS, she will return the favor - Enjoy the other sensations of sex in other parts of your body, don't just worry about the genitals Work on all of these and you'll last a lot longer. If you need a "trick" to help - drink lots of water before sex. It's way harder to cum when your bladder is full.
  9. It's stuff like this that serves as an example of why maybe some form of regulation for certain newer industries would be a good idea. It's hard to think about how it could be done since it's such a dynamic and emerging market, but right now there is really nothing standing in the way of people outrageously charging out of proportion for a product or experience. Of course you expect people to have some street smarts and not fall for obvious scams, but there is always a vague grey line to be toed. Some sort of ethical or practical standards need to be set so desperate people aren't tempted into pissing away their life savings for amateur services. Additionally there is the problem of the toxic positivity culture around these things that rationalize any criticism away and gaslight the shit out of you saying stuff like, "You weren't trying hard enough." or "You get out of it what you put in." While they laugh to the bank like @JonasVE12 has pointed out here. I wonder what @Leo Gura thinks of this considering he was involved the sphere for a while. It's the skeptic in me talking right now, but the whole thing just feels looking at spoiled food where you're looking at it wondering if you should eat it like ehhhhh .
  10. Carry yourself with such high integrity and be such an example that nobody reasonable would question you or take any accusations seriously.
  11. Here is the proper answer if you want to live a better life for yourself - You are too invested in her and care too much about what she thinks, when you shouldn't. You don't do that with people who don't have that spark for you. She IS NOT the girl of your dreams, because the girl of your dreams should be everything you want AND be crazy for you. There isn't anything wrong with you because she doesn't have a burning excitement for you. Go and find that person and fuck everybody else!
  12. Relax @Preety_India, I've only responded to like 3 of your posts in the past couple months. You're too reactive and sensitive. Everything is fine.
  13. @Matt23 listed all the good ones. Also remember you can simply find the people you want with perseverance. You could live in a small town and if you looked hard enough even out of a few hundred or thousand people you could find that REALLY awesome green person that makes all the difference in your life
  14. I'm just playin . I can't jump on you anyways I have a bad knee.
  15. Remember you are always 2 stage lower than what you think you are
  16. Not picking on Teal here (didn't even watch the video), just wanted to say on the topic; It amazes me the hubris a lot of people have about things they really know nothing about. It's ever more apparent in this internet age where everyone has a platform. It's amazing ideas have a place to clash and there is so much interaction to breed innovation, but on the other hand there is also so much ignorance, misinformation, and stupidity going around. People have such insanely confident notions to the point they will get violent about how government should function, and what policies would work etc. but really they have absolutely zero clue and can't comprehend how things would become a disaster if they were taken seriously. It's like they are saying they how to get to Mars better than NASA - which of course they absolutely fucking don't. If they were in charge of the space program there is an overwhelming chance the rockets would explode immediately upon liftoff and all crew onboard would die lol. Likewise a comparable scenario if they were put in charge of any other part of society, generally. Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion, just realize most peoples opinions are extremely informed and absurd.
  17. Who are you talking to lmao?
  18. I answered each question as honestly as I could. I'm not surprised by the results. I know I'm a little fucked up
  19. No worries! Give it a shot and let me know how it works. Feel free to PM me if you like I'm an open book.
  20. @Rinne What if we came up with a plan to ween you off an control your addiction. Let's say for Week 1 you can orgasm every day of the week, then for every following week you take a session off. And you HAVE to limit yourself to 1 session per day, as in don't use multiple sessions for the week at once. So; Week 1 - 7 Sessions Week 2 - 6 Sessions Week 3 - 5 Sessions Week 4 - 4 Sessions Week 5 - 3 Sessions Week 6 - 2 Sessions Week 7 - 1 Session Week 8 - Zero Sessions Do you think this is attainable, that over two months you could slowly learn the power to control your addiction? To either get rid of it completely or at the least bring it to desirable/more healthy levels? I think you could do it just mark it on the calendar over the next few months. Stick to it, but observe how you feel about it. Pay attention to your cravings, but allow them to happen within the limits set. Watch how over time you slowly gain a sense of autonomy and get your mental strength back.
  21. Looks like the phrase, "Healthy as a horse" is taking on a whole new meaning.
  22. @Rinne Out of the amount of times you masturbate per week (on average) how much of it is because you're genuinely horny and need a release vs using porn as a distraction from something else?
  23. Of course it's great to minimize the amount of "evil" you're doing for your day job, since it will take up the better half of your days most of the week. But also contemplate how to spend your FREE time doing "good" in the world. So you can become more of an equalizer - Volunteering - Picking up trash - Planting a garden, and so on!