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  1. I do have those filters/requirements you mentioned above, and if I usually run out of things to say I would just stand/sit in silence until something pops up.
  2. I don't care too much about the result or expectation as much as I used to, but I still want to measure progress to see what I need to change and all that. I feel like forcing action (in moderation as to avoid ego backlash) is what works best for me as I tend to stick to hard things once I get started.
  3. I was wondering on how to start a conversation with someone and how to sustain a conversation, as I often only talk about a few things but then just stop talking because I can't really think of anything meaningful to say. Right now I have really bad social skills, but I'm seeing slow improvements day by day.
  4. This reminds me of the introduction part of WOTSM haha
  5. @universe what are body scans?
  6. How does a banana have the same DNA as a human?
  7. Hello, I struggle with being in touch with my emotions due to societal repression, and I want to know to connect with my emotional side more than my logical side. I feel the lack of expressing my emotional side internally and externally negatively affects the way I view women, often as sexual objects, and can't allow me to connect deeper with women and other people in general, as I often put people in categories as opposed to seeing a person for who they are. I can't even fully express my feelings through private journaling, the place you'd think people would let out at! So far I have a meditation habit going and working on my life purpose if that helps.