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  1. Hello I'm in high school as a senior (17) and I find it hard to approach girls consistently. I'm at this weird middle area where I'm too young to do night game and too old to approach a lot of the younger girls due to potential age gap. I don't have the sheer volume at the moment with people that are my age, so is it better to wait for college then start approaching and build social skills in the meantime? I don't have a lot of ideas of what I can do right now.
  2. My parents say I'm on the spectrum but I don't really align with much of the symptoms. I do relate to this nervousness since I don't want to sound weird and I try to improve my nonverbal mannerisms since whenever I do speak people give me weird looks and reactions. I just try to say something, but it always feels off and alien-ish to others I notice.
  3. Mostly nonverbal cues, and I feel like I do poorly when it comes to light-hearted conversation.
  4. Hey all since my last post I'm getting better at socializing, though I still struggle reading cues and how to react in certain situations through body language and vocal tonality. I was wondering if there are good resources out there for getting better at this skillset or methods to practice other than straight socializing of course.
  5. I do have those filters/requirements you mentioned above, and if I usually run out of things to say I would just stand/sit in silence until something pops up.
  6. I don't care too much about the result or expectation as much as I used to, but I still want to measure progress to see what I need to change and all that. I feel like forcing action (in moderation as to avoid ego backlash) is what works best for me as I tend to stick to hard things once I get started.
  7. I was wondering on how to start a conversation with someone and how to sustain a conversation, as I often only talk about a few things but then just stop talking because I can't really think of anything meaningful to say. Right now I have really bad social skills, but I'm seeing slow improvements day by day.
  8. This reminds me of the introduction part of WOTSM haha
  9. How does a banana have the same DNA as a human?
  10. Hello, I struggle with being in touch with my emotions due to societal repression, and I want to know to connect with my emotional side more than my logical side. I feel the lack of expressing my emotional side internally and externally negatively affects the way I view women, often as sexual objects, and can't allow me to connect deeper with women and other people in general, as I often put people in categories as opposed to seeing a person for who they are. I can't even fully express my feelings through private journaling, the place you'd think people would let out at! So far I have a meditation habit going and working on my life purpose if that helps.