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  1. @bejapuskas Does he make you feel like you're the only girl in the world?
  2. @bejapuskas You jerk him off. He jerks you off. Tit for tat.
  3. @bejapuskas Don't wink at me you prick. You're obviously his butt plug.
  4. @bejapuskas Yeah thats the point. Why would you speak in a way that people can't understand you? Its self aggrandising. Ego.
  5. @ActualizedDavid No one asked for a guru. Just a favourite book.
  6. @Curiousobserver Scary eh. The world is run by naughty children.
  7. @Rilles You're kidding right?
  8. @okulele Yep, it's your Root Chakra. Plug into the Earth and drink.
  9. @Nahm Shit. Didn't expect that lols. I'm changing my avatar back now.