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  1. No complaints here. I haven't done all the reading but I think I'm starting to piece everything together now. No more ego games from me.
  2. Jesus it's so humbling to see Leo like that.
  3. @Phyllis Wagner I've got it too but haven't read it yet either. Looks fascinating to me, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. So much to read Lols, it's taking me years Lols
  4. @Blackhawk Buy the book list. It's worth it.
  5. @LisaH I discovered archetypes in a big way when I started taking acid late last year. Not encouraging you to start tripping so you could take inspiration from this lady below who clearly has an unparalleled understanding without the help of psychedelics. Enjoy!
  6. @Mel B Oh ok, nah not the same but yeah definitely interesting eh. Would love to get my hands on some dmt soon. See where I go
  7. @Mel B I haven't had synthetic dmt before but did that blue strip around the pot look like light? I see blue emanate from everything when I'm exerting myself. Happens on acid too.
  8. @Girzo The New Human Rights Movement is an amazing book eh. Got vimeo just to watch InterReflections but don't have the time to watch it till this weekend. Thanks for the headsup dude, it's no doubt an inspiration. Will post a review soon!
  9. @Girzo thanks dude! Think it's out now but trying to find a platform
  10. Thoughts? Long time fan of PJ
  11. Hope this inspires someone. Over the lockdown period I had an unexpected breakthrough in my yogic practice. Feels like a sheet extending from the solar plexus down which you can bundle up in your abdomen. Standing, it feels like a vacuum, drawing and pinching in your entire navel cavity. At rest, you can drill inward to the point that the act inverts on itself and pulses up your spine. Or you can hold the contraction and condense further. Its extremely empowering. I've created a structure to magnetize when I meditate.
  12. 434

  13. @bejapuskas Does he make you feel like you're the only girl in the world?
  14. @bejapuskas You jerk him off. He jerks you off. Tit for tat.
  15. @bejapuskas Don't wink at me you prick. You're obviously his butt plug.