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  1. I find gymnastics pretty beautiful and sometimes impressive, especially rings
  2. To continue on what Jannes said I've heard of people not getting very horny on LSD or weed. Personally I'd say weed usually dissipates any sexual desires I might have while I smoke it. Probably depends on the individual.
  3. Not sure if I should post this on dating/sexuality but I'll post it here since the question is mainly about the effects of the shrooms. I have plans to invite a girl over to my home tomorrow and we'll each have half a gram of mushrooms and probably have and stuff (teehehe) Anyways my question is, how do shrooms affect sex? I'm not sure what to expect as I've never taken shrooms. Will I feel more love or connectedness? Will it make my dick go limp? I would like some information about it from someone with experience before I go into it.
  4. @Leo Gura Thanks for the reply. I think my hormones might be a bit fucked, esp testosterone. Honestly I'm not sure what's the cause of the problem because I think a 21 year old shouldn't be having problems with ED, but eh. Makes sense it's an issue that lies somewhere in those 4 things you mentioned, probably a combination of the 4. It kinda messes with my head having to rely on a drug to have sex. I don't know, I guess I find it kind of humilliating, though that might be the only option for the time being. If you don't mind me asking, why do you recommend cialis over viagra?
  5. I recall reading a study in which the testosterone levels of the participants were measured. It raised bit by bit until the seventh day in which the participants' testosterone raised to something like 400%, then slowly decended over time.
  6. I'm a 21 year old male. I struggle with depression which in turn messes with my libido. I also have a history of porn abuse. I think I kind of abused my dick too much because my erections are kinda weak, even when I'm horni. I understand that if I'm not very aroused I won't get very hard erections but for the past few months even when I am it doesn't get very hard. Also, I used to get morning woods in the past but haven't for the past few weeks. What can I do to improve this? I suppose stuff like raising my testosterone, which I'm already trying to (I strength train, try to have good sleep habits, generally try to have low stress levels)
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I'm sure some of the factors you mentioned like overuse of porn or performance anxiety play a part, but I think it's mostly just anhedonia. There was foreplay and everything, but I just felt numb. I'll try addressing that issue and maybe buy some dickpills for the next time the opportunity presents itself. As for my sexuality, I believe I'm straight. Well, at least I've always used straight porn and never really wanted to use gay porn or anything. Lately not even porn really does it for me. I guess I can coom but I don't really feel anything and I barely keep an erection.
  8. Sounds reasonable. I think watching porn made me realize that that not might be the issue, although it might also be the case that the experience and my interpretation has turned me off of porn. Whatever, I'll still abstain, not like there's much benefit from it anyways I think. Not much I'd say.
  9. @integral Just tried watching porn and I got hard but I kept getting distracted and bored, which usually didn't happen. Yeah I think anhedonia is playing a big part. As for the visualization, yeah I can, why?
  10. @Osaid I'm scared of using porn because I think that's one of the things that might've caused the issue (porn-induced ED, been using porn for years now and it's the only sexual activity i know so my brain might've wired itself to only associate sexual pleasure with porn) so I haven't tried. Yeah, I'm a pretty nervous person around people. I suck at being fun. I think what you said about being reminded of that experience is true. It's been stressing me out for the past few days and it only became worse after I failed to get hard at her home. I was planning on abstaining from porn indifinitely, though I might try to watch it and see how it goes. I think it might be counterproductive though.
  11. I've lived with some level of it throughout my entire adolescence and early adult life, though I'd say it's been a bit worse for the past couple of weeks. I'm socially anxious. Not as much anymore but still more than other people. I lost like 8 kg a few months ago because of loss of apetite. I live with my parents so it's usually just what they order or what I have at home; some mexican food like frijol con puerco or stuff like that, basically meat with soup. I'm not sure if it's because of the depression. It probably plays a part, although I've been very depressed before and I would usually jerk off to feel better, sometimes multiple times a day. What bothers me is that the ED seems to have started when the girl appeared.
  12. Yeah for depression. Well, more than depression it's more like anhedonia; I get joy from nothing, everything tastes like dirt. Stressed yeah, got a new job, but I wouldn't say very much so. I would say my sleep has been decent lately. Sometimes my dick feels a little funny but not enough to want to fap. I forgot to mention, while I was doing the thingies with the girl I felt almost nothing. My answers makes it seem like it's the depression that's occasionating the issue (and it might be) but also take in count that I've been depressed for years and usually I could jerk off just fine. I also thought that it might be that I associated sexual pleasure with porn and so that's why I couldn't enjoy myself very much.
  13. @Osaid No, I feel that my libido has died since I couldnt' get hard 8 days ago. I haven't fapped because I haven't felt horny enough. Well, I think that's the point at which it happened, but it might've been a bit before. Depression and all that.
  14. So I'm a virgin. The other day I was at a girl's house and we were about to have sex but I simply couldn't stay hard. A few days before we were in our school and she wanted to give me a blowie but same situation; thought I was nervous but then it repeated itself. I havent fapped in about 8 days now, which is when the blowie thing happened (tried nofap before and farthest I could go was like 4-5 days) and I feel like my libido has died since. I'm also depressed and have been for years but I had no problem with mantaining an erection before. This is probably one of the most frustrating things that's happened to me in my life and I don't know what to do.
  15. I generally suck at social interaction. Through practice I think i've managed to achieve some decent level of competency in conversations between few people, though my weakest area has been large gatherings of people for a while. I'm a bit socially anxious and I'm sure that contributes to it, but for some reason I always seem to get a mental block at parties specifically. I just sit there and have a really hard time speaking or doing stuff like cracking jokes, like I get drained of energy or something. Sometimes drinking helps loosen me up a bit but most times it doesn't. I'm not sure how to overcome this, I've been going out more but the problem doesn't seem to improve and I'm starting to get really frustrated.