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  1. ehh

    I'll use my disinterest of participating in the real world as fuel for my spiritual practice
  2. I don't know a film, but I know a book that reminded me of the enlightenment Leo talks about. It's called the Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain, but I don't wanna spoiler it in case you want to watch it.
  3. I disagree with you. Through certain kinds of meditation you train certain abilities like attention, peripheral awareness and the capacity of consciousness to hold multiple objects.
  4. Whether she's ignoring you to test you or just because interest doesn't matter imo, you should just move on on either case
  5. My two cents: there is nothing natural, spontaneous or truly genuine in the interactions between people. When you meet someone you like, that person is the way he is because of his life experiences, things he has learned and the ways in which he has modulated his own conduct in front of you. Dating is no exception; when you're attracted to someone, it's not because that person was somehow born that way. Having "game" is just being aware of these things and using them to your advantage. It's sort of like freestyling an instrument, if you don't actually know how to play the instrument beforehand it's just going to sound like shit.
  6. Also, where do songs withouth lyrics fall? Electronic music, instrumental music, orchestra...
  7. are song parodies considered stage yellow? since they integrate multiple things, namely comedy and the original songs
  8. For what, for being a great mathematician? Probably not. This isn't at all what this thread is about though.
  9. @HypnoticMagician Look into Rick Rosner's supplementation regime, supposedly he's one of the people with the highest IQ and he takes a ton of supplements and nootropics, dunno about psychedelics.
  10. Well, ask him whether he would question his current ideas about god, or his position about discussing it with other people.
  11. @Wilhelm44 I agree it would be interesting, too bad Leo has his head too far up his spiritual ass to question any of his own ideas
  12. Maybe you're just not into indie music lmao. By the way, I didn't know each stage had music associated with it. I like listening to black metal, is that stage red music or what?