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  1. Funny. Im in my early 20's, and I wish I were younger with the knowledge I have now too.
  2. @Yimpa The video is blocked in my country
  3. Im a pretty heavy user of drugs, the main ones being alcohol, weed and cigarettes. I think the main one is cigarettes, though. There is just something so soothing about the act of smoking for me. Guess im stuck in the oral phase. Ive tried leaving cigarettes many time and have succeeded for a few weeks a couple of times, but I always end up coming back to it. If I dont control myself I end up smoking a pack a day. Its gotten to the point where I have trouble breathing and my body hurts. Rn im using an app called "I am sober" which is supposed to help leave addictions, and it helps somewhat, but I cant seem to quit completely. I thinkt he reason is that I dont have many things I enjoy and smoking is one of the few ones I like. Im not even sure I want to quit, even though I know its the rational thing to do and im starting to suffer the consequences. Anyone here has had any luck with addictions? Any tips you could offer are much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for all your answers guys. To reply to a few points, yeah, I guess I dislike the character Ive built, but I also recognize that the conventional self doesnt really exist. Thats helped me a lot to get through my negative self talk, which used to be a major issue for many years but isnt so much anymore. I liked the point razar made about being my own friend, I will try to be.
  5. @CoolDreamThanks judt out of curiosity, what kind of spiritual practice do you do?
  6. Im thinking of pursuing the formless jhanas, though I dlmt know if its really worthwhile or if its just another distraction. Anyone here who has experience with them, any insights would be appreciated
  7. Id say research the effect your specific ssri has on psychedelics and if there is any risk. Personally when I drop acid I stop taking mine for 2 days there is this pdf, not sure how trustowrthy it is but its something.
  8. @Paradoxed Yeah, I was thinking that might be the case, but maybe someone here has had a different experience. As for the addictions part, its true. Im not really a habitual user of weed anymore, but im having trouble quitting nicotine. Its a real bitch.
  9. I wasnt sure if I should post here because weed isnt really a psychedelic, but it seemed appropiate. Anyways I cant take psychedelics because of the medication I am on, but smoking cannabis isnt an issue. I was wondering if anyone here uses weed for spiritual purposes and how they do so, Ive done self enquiry and meditation on it but I havent really gained any insights from it, maybe because I was a habitual user in the past and it doesnt affect me very strongly anymore, unless I consume an ungodly amount. Any experiences or tips would be appreciated.
  10. I dont know much, but you dobt seem very enlightened to me. You certainly dont carry that presence that some spirituals teachers have, you just seem like some random guy whos trying to receive validation from other people.
  11. Sometimes Ill have a spiritual experience, and my first impulse is to put it into words. I guess because my way to deal with the world has always been to conceptualize it. But lately ive been wondering, is there any point to this? Maybe its actually harmful? Since true spiritual exprriences are experiential, it seems like trying too hard to conceptualize it could be counterproductive since it in a way putting it into words is distancing it from the realm of pure experience. Can you actually gain a deeper understanding of spirituality by conceptualizing it, or are you doing yourself a disservice by not simply experiencing it?
  12. I used to watch them because I thought it teached me about some of life's darker undertones, like I was learning how messed up it can be. Now I realize I was just watching it for the entertainment value, I dont know if it has any real positive effects but its probably more harm than good so its better to avoid them.
  13. I watched Leo's video again, and I think his method of self inquiry is more like a self abidance, abidance as awareness. Pretty much like the "awareness watching awareness" meditation, wherein you put your attention on awareness, or you "watch the watcher". His points about the division between the external and the internal or the material and the spiritual blurring really left an impression on me, as its similar to what Ive been feeling lately. @Shrooms_Alvarez I kind of agree with you, but I have an uncle with schizophrenia and I dont wanna risk it honestly.