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  1. Thanks haha That‘s MUCH more prominent in Berlin. I didn’t notice it here but I‘m sure they are liberal here. That‘s actually not true of Barcelona. Every girl I approached here speaks English. That being said, I guess it‘s a plus if you can speak Spanish.
  2. Highly recommend Barcelona.
  3. Barcelona. I haven’t been to all cities of course but to a few like Berlin, Miami, a few others. Barcelona is unique because people are very open, chill, and super beautiful. I honestly didn’t expect sooo many hot girls here. It’s crazy. You can go out alone and easily open a group of girls. Common over!
  4. 1. What drugs? My meditations after psychedelic intake are much more powerful. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s also the case with other drugs. 2. What yoga practices do you recommend?
  5. So where is your motivation to chase higher levels of consciousness coming from if not from pain? Is it inherent in consciousness? Does everyone who is in that consciousness have the same motivation?
  6. Stop watching news and go outside. You will notice, the world. It’s just fine. Stop consuming. Start creating. Even if there‘s a Cold War, or and actual war next to your country. Unless a bomb hits your house or the economy crashes you won’t ever actually directly experience the horrible effects of any of the stuff they talk about in the news. Of course, it can be wise to stay informed. Either to see how you can help or to take preventive measures if the situation actually becomes critical. But unless that happens checking news regularly is unwise and an addiction. Try checking it just once a week, or once a month, or hell, maybe just once a quarter? Maybe that will get your groundedness/self love/and felt safety back. And what if all your negative projections come TRUE?! and a world war breaks out… Well… can you be at peace with that? In love, devotion, and surrender 🙏🏽🔥 It’s a romance. You have to be crazy to embrace all of reality. You have to be madly in love. Almost like the Stockholm Syndrom lol FALL IN FUCKING LOVE WITH WHAT IS Feel the fear, let it be, it’s allowed, feel the pain. Let it eat you. Then you may be free
  7. some of us might be alive in 100 years
  8. Only what I‘m ready for. I‘m not interested in level 10000 if that is out of harmony, balance, and inclusion/embodiment of all parts of my self & Self. That‘s wisdom. Ask yourself, why can’t you be contempt with level 1? Chasing higher and higher levels of consciousness is running away from pain. It’s clinging, resistance & suffering. What happens when you sit alone in a pitch dark cave for two weeks? All your shit will come up.
  9. What evil are you talking about?
  10. Check this out: I’m watching this video and it’s quite fascinating for multiple reasons: First of all, the therapist is doing decent non violent communication. He also seems knows his stuff. I’m fortunate enough to learn and discover through direct feeling experience what it means to uncover/unravel pain and emotions. Seeing Andrew’s defense mechanisms is really amusing, interesting & insightful. As a meta comment: it made me realize that I would not have been able to RECOGNIZE & FEEL many of the more subtle mechanics/dynamics going on. And still I can sense that there is so many more subtleties to uncover. In fact, I am perceiving not even 1%, really nothing of the infinite wisdom contained in any moment (including this video) and simultaneously everything. Well… that escalated quickly but it just goes to show that you can learn any and everything from anything. “A piece of shit contains more truth than the entire spiritual paradigm” -Adyashanti Just kidding the real quote is “There is more truth and sacredness in a blade of grass than in all the shrines, scriptures and stories created to honor an idea of God.” You can only see your reflection. So really you’ll only be able to see the mechanics/dynamics in Andrew that you’ve seen in yourself. If you can embrace them without judging Andrew you’ve integrated them. Otherwise, you might be projecting. You can see the intelligence in Andrew’s wickedness/survival (which really is just a continues running away from pain and resisting reality). He says he enjoys pain but that’s not really true, if it was, he be surrendering. You can also understand with love why exactly he ended up with this world view and mindset. It’s twisted and yet, can you see how even here truth is sprinkling in it’s grains of validity? I am curious to see how deep you could go with Andrew with potent and direct inquiries + great non violent communication before he closes. I’d try to question why performance and success is worth pursuing in the first place. But first we would need to expose pain points as motivations to change in the first place, he seems very “happy” with his current world view which ultimately keeps him looked in. With no desperation or inspiration to change there is no motivation to do so.
  11. Yes, that sounds exactly like kundalini. I already mentioned Shai in my other post. Gareth from True Spiritual Awakening could portentously also help you. I’ve done 1-1 sessions with him and he’s legit: https://www.truespiritualawakening.eu/ Jan Esmann might also be helpful but he has no experience with psychedelics.
  12. Give it time. At least 2-4 weeks. Don’t freak out even if it lasts longer. I thought my life was fucked up after my first mushroom trip. Feel the pain it brings up. Feel and heal. The only reason why pain (or negative emotions) arises in our reality is because we resist pain. When you open to it, fully accept and surrender to it, it’ll transform. You can definitely seek professional and spiritual help. A friend of mine was almost schizophrenic after a 5-MeO trip. Shai Tubali healed him by correcting energetic imbalances with his kundalini. Either way, surrender to it and you’ll expand beyond it, creating a healing space for pain to unravel (and kundalini to irrupt).
  13. That is not necessary true. I thought this was the case until I started traveling. Environment & set up is the key. You can do pick up or social circle game all day every day and it‘ll be a grind if you‘re in the wrong place. It‘s remarkable how much social & dating abundance is possible when you find the right environment or community. I was gifted with this abundance when I spent a couple months on a small island in Asia where there was a spiritual community. You don‘t even have to try when do many beautiful and open people are around. When you set your life up so that you can live where many people take vacation, you’ll not only have a community where everyone is in close proximity but also a big influx of new people that are high on life and more open than in their day to day. It’s quite incredible. Alternatively, you can look out for very progressive cities with loads of spiritual people, like Austin, Berlin, Lisbon, etc. there you can look out for communities, groups, workshops, events, seminars, play parties, temple nights, etc. this is actually what eventually lead me to that island in Asia because I met someone who introduced me to a community that regularly goes to Asia. Overall, dating in cities is not as easy as in communities in amazing places because it’s not as natural or easy to be around the same people frequently in amazing locations that bond you together but still much better than some random town, village or ‘unconscious’ city. Pro tip/insight: even though you might get everything you ever wanted if you’re lucky enough, you might notice that it won’t make you as happy as you might have thought it would. It’ll definitely be fun and maybe even healing but for me it also brought up all the trauma and suppressed emotions I was carrying around for years. Now I’ve been working with that and it’s very much shifting my approach to dating and socializing because I realize how almost everything beforehand was motivated by pain. The untethered soul, by Michael Singer is a good book to start on that journey. Anyway, wish you all all the abundance and more! Namaste ??