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  1. Sounds like 5th dimension to me haha Congrats & Enjoy buddy!
  2. Beautiful, thank you! Could you share more about your spiritual path and what it took (practically) to get to this realization? Any other advice or recommendations for the path?
  3. Holy fuck, this AI is amazing!! It’s more creative than I am lol
  4. I was wondering how to differentiate between getting stuck in a loop of hedonism (indulging in shallow pleasure) vs doing that consciously to burn through karma? “What you focus on grows” is a popular quote. How do I know that there will come a point where the desire or spiral dynamics stage is exhausted? The same question applies to selfishness or hypocrisy. I can be very conscious of my selfishness but thoroughly enjoy it. I think this non-judgmental/ accepting/ self-loving approach is much more effective than guilt tripping yourself but then again, if I keep doing it, it’s also feeding the behavior or neuronal connection. I guess introspection and intellectual integrity will tell you when enough is enough?
  5. I’m curious to understand this in more depth: How is special treatment or skipping the line at a club hurting my development?
  6. Damn that‘d be a deep teaching haha
  7. @undeather could you please elaborate on that? This has always been a point of confusion for me. I agree that a teacher who embodies his teachings is much more powerful because he has true wisdom and understands many more nuances than someone who has not mastered their teachings. But if the student is able to differentiate between message and messenger it is possible to learn from anyone. You just have to keep in mind that the less mastery/embodiment the teacher has the more potential traps/corruption/foolishness/falsehood/lack of nuance/half truths/errors/etc. his teachings will entail.
  8. In this video Sadhguru explaines what I suspected. Increasing exuberance is a separate thing from enlightenment.
  9. EXACTLY 😂 Well, this extreme (unhealthy?) use of psychedelics had to back fire at some point… Leo‘s teachings are a blessing. He has so much potential! It would be such a joy to see him actualize it one day. I can see the glory! @Leo Gura get your shit together
  10. @Leo Gura I think I can see your pubic hair lol It‘s also kind of unsettling to read this random love letter to your cat. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you are free to post whatever you want. It just seems a little strange... I hope you are not going crazy 😜
  11. In this video Shinzen mentions that his direct day to day experience ranges from a highly enlightened state to a state that someone who has never meditated is in. Keep in mind, this is 12 years ago. I don’t know how it’s right now but in a video from 3 years ago he basically said the same. I definitely admire his indifference towards this fluctuation but I’ve also heard other teachers say that there is a stage of enlightenment beyond that where there is no more fluctuation, just firmly rooted in the ground of enlightenment 24/7. What do you think?
  12. That’s an interesting distinction! Could you elaborate? How would you define the different ‘roles’?
  13. I agree. It’s unnecessary, inefficient, and contra productive. @ EVERYONE Please do not post if you are not in a state of neutrality, acceptance or love. I’d appreciate kind and compassionate communication. Thank you! ❤️
  14. @Raptorsin7 I’m intrigued, where can I learn more?
  15. Lmao that would be a wet dream. Imagine millions of people watching enlightened masters go into samadhi for 2 weeks straight