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  1. What's your opinion on Zeolite for the purpose of a Heavy Metal Detox? Any other recommendations? PS.: @Leo Gura when will you share your protocols?
  2. Depends on what results you want. Here are some great examples: Paul Chek Aaron Abke Aubrey Marcus Dr. Joe Dispenza
  3. Hahahaha yes that’d be nice sir
  4. @StarStruck Haven’t you seen his interview with Martin Ball? @Leo Gura Not gonna lie, your charisma seemed a lot more calibrated back then haha I appreciate your courage though. I’d categorize this as a great learning experience. Keep at it. I believe it can be done in a graceful way. When your book comes out I’ll interview you and we’re going to kick some ass
  5. Sadhguru is a master at this. I admire his ability to non-violently communicate wisdom in a fashion that is accessible for many people across the spectrum of consciousness and development.
  6. I don’t know but I think that if Leo truly embodied ‘Love’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Peace’ this behavior would dissolve. I can tell you from direct experience that debilitating gut issues play a major part in this. @Leo Gura hope to see you heal and expand soon
  7. Very accurate. Hahahahah
  8. All jokes aside Here you go: Aaron Abke (this dude is amazing! Super open and pretty conscious. He’s big on the law of one and a course in miracles.) Frank Yang (Do I really need to say why haha? Your convo would be nothing short of legendary) Paul Check (Incredibly holistic and wise being. Over 80 5meo trips. Also balled) Aubrey Marcus BuddhaAtTheGasPump Daniel Ingram Sam Harris Joe Rogan Lex Friedman Guru Viking Again, thank you for opening up to this! Made my day
  9. Right... For the record, I’d join your cult just for the fun of it lmao