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  1. Shaktipat Initiation Last year, I received an initiation into the shaktipat lineage of Maa yogini Lalleswari. This initiation can help to awaken the kundalini and to get enlightened. This could happen during the initiation (unlikely) or some months or years afterwards, or never. During the initiation you also get a mantra which is charged with shakti, and it is recommended that after the initiation, you practice a daily meditation where you chant the mantra and visualize the shaktipat gurus. For example, you can visualize them around you while chanting the mantra. During my initiation I felt energetic sensations, my body felt weird, I got into an altered state of consciousness and it felt as if the gurus of the lineage are present. In some ways it was the most intense experience I've had from transmissions. Most people probably don't feel anything during the initiation. Whether you feel something depends on many factors like energetic sensitivity, chance, resonance with that lineage,.... It doesn't matter whether you feel anything, the initiation is said to work either way. I sometimes visualize the yogis of the shaktipat lineage around me and I have the impression that this meditation works, for me it seems to mainly increase shakti and bliss. The same happens if I visualize any ascended masters, but I have the impression that the initiation did make a difference. Initiations are considered more serious than regular transmissions. You don't just do an initiation on the fly. Usually you are expected to be serious about it and devoted and motivated to keep doing the daily meditations. If you just want to do as many transmissions as possible, then do the other transmissions mentioned in this thread. If you feel intuitively drawn to this initiation and lineage then you can consider trying it. Read through the website to get more information and a feeling for the initiation and lineage. Also, the people in this lineage tend to do things in a traditional way, for example regarding guru disciple relationship. You can just get the initiation and not keep in touch, but it's usually encouraged to keep in touch and be devoted. The ideal lifestyle for progress and enlightenment is said to be basically like that of a bhakti yogi disciple who surrenders.
  2. Transmissions are the most powerful tool to increase your baseline Consciousness. I can't believe they are so little known. I think one reason is that oftentimes when people try transmissions, they feel nothing at first. For Transmissions to work best, you need to be sensitive. Many are not sensitive enough, but by repeatedly receiving transmissions you increase your sensitivity and the transmissions become more and more powerful. Another reason is that many transmissions have been around only for a very short time. I believe the popularity of transmissions will explode within the next years. The main aim of transmissions is to slowly increase you baseline consciousness, but many transmissions also have an immediate short term effect and can get you into Samadhi, like for example pure Divinity and SAT and to a lesser extend Shaktipat and KAP. (this Post about dimensions of Consciousness is foundational to some things I will mention here) There are two different kinds of Transmissions 1. Aura Transmission That's the classical transmission. You sit beside an enlightened guru and by his presence your consciousness alters. This works because everyone has an energy field, an aura, and whenever you are around someone (to a small extend even when you merely think about someone) your auras overlap and affect each other. That's how you sometimes pick up emotions of other people (though you usually don't recognize this and believe they are your own emotions). For example Ramana Maharshi gave these kinds of Transmissions. I believe sitting with Sadhguru, Mooji or Eckart Tolle would also give you this kind of transmission (varying strength of course). And I believe every Shaktipat Transmission also works like that. 2. Channeled Transmission Here the person channels an external energy. For example: RASA, SAT and Light transmission. With pure Divinity and KAP I'm not entirely sure whether they are channeled. Here are the most powerful transmissions I know of: - Pure Divinity The only person I know of who can give this transmission is Gareth Duignam. In this video he talks about pure Divinity and how he became able to give it (happened just a few weeks ago). As far as I know, you need to be in ParaBrahman to be able to give it. For me the state of consciousness the transmission puts me in just feels like pure Divinity lol. I believe this is the most powerful transmission for enlightenment. And Gareth and many people who have been receiving pure Divinity also say that it is the most powerful transmission. You can receive pure Divinity in a one on one session with Gareth, or during his Zoom Meditations (Tuesdays and Fridays) (the zoom meditations are currently either a combination of pure Divinity and SAT or pure Divinity and Shaktipat), or in his live YouTube transmissions (every Monday) (currently pure Divinity + SAT), or in a normal youtube transmission video like this: Gareth also holds weekend online intensives once or twice each month. - SAT Transmission Also called Supramental Force. Explained in this video. Gareth can give SAT, as well as Sat Shree. SAT is said to come from Brahman. I guess you could consider Brahman as the formless Godhead. And the purpose of this transmission is to get to Brahman. SAT is by far the most powerful transmission for Brahman Consciousness and therfore is my favourite transmission. Brahman Consciousness is similar to what is experienced during conscious sleep, therefore SAT is also helpful for sleep yoga. After having been receiving SAT for some time, my baseline is a bit closer to that formless Brahman Consciousness. But the most significant impact of SAT has been on my meditations which are also closer to Brahman Consciousness now. Peak states feel very close to Brahman Consciousness. During these, my recognition dimension is in Brahman Consciousness and the depth/immersion dimension seems close (recognition and depth dimension explained here). That means it's a very altered state of consciousness. But this is not solely because of SAT, it obviously also has to do with my high baseline consciousness, high sensitivity and brainwave skills from sleep yoga. But I am very sure that SAT has its good share. There has undoubtedly been a deepening of the depth dimension due to SAT. So I think this is the main thing you can expect from SAT, an impact on your depth dimension, mainly during meditation but also a bit on your baseline. This is also what most people report, very deep meditation. Some experience dropping in and out of consciousness (including me sometimes) which might maybe be Nirvikalpa Samadhi. A very nice thing about SAT (and pure Divinity maybe too) is that once you are strongly connected to the force, it will start to automatically come down randomly during the day but mainly during meditation. And you begin to be able to channel it yourself. Also if you often join the zoom group transmissions, you will naturally get connected to the group. Many people have been reporting to get transmissions during times when Gareth gives a transmission to someone else of the group, because of the conection to the group. This also happens if you meditate at the same time as the zoom transmissions, though it is more powerful to actually join. (this also applies to pure Divinity and I think for his Shaktipat also) The aim of SAT is Brahman Consciousness but that doesn't mean you will get there. Brahman Consciousness is an extremely advanced state. I assume the vast majority of spiritual teachers aren't able to enter that state, probably never been there. Even with psychedelics it is rare to reach it (Brahman Consciousness means completely dissolving the dream, your room is gone, as well as body sensations). - RASA RASA is very effective to increase your recognition dimension (up until a certain point). Once at LOC 1000 you are probably subtly conscious of God, Love, Nothingness and Oneness. How strongly you will be conscious depends on factors like your genetics, brain chemistry before RASA, how much spiritual progress you have made apart from RASA,... RASA is what got me from normal human consciousness into woke consciousness (around 2 years ago). Though it was subtle (because it only addresses the recognition dimension). I started from the LOC 570s and I think it took me around 13 1on1 sessions or so until LOC 1000. You can receive 1on1 RASA sessions from Ramaji or Ananda, or any other RASA giver (I think they have half the price). Ramaji and Ananda also hold monthly zoom meetings with RASA at the end. They also uploaded some of them (including the RASA) to YouTube . To learn more about the LOC 1000 model, read Ramaji's book "1000". - Shaktipat The purpose of Shaktipat is to awaken your kundalini. Once fully awake (which is very rare) you are automatically in a higher baseline consciousness. But the most significant effect of kundalini is Bliss. The more awake your kundalini, the higher your Bliss (baseline but mainly meditations). For me Shaktipat puts me in a deep and blissful meditation. It has also resulted in much progress in kundalini awakening. After a few weeks of receiving Shaktipat several times a week + watching Shaktipat youtube videos during meditation + some kriya supreme fire I experienced vibrations in my spine (during meditation, when focusing on the spine) (I had done around 500 hours of kundalini yoga up until this point, and my meditations were already energetic from invoking spirits). The vibrations were pulsating up and down. First they went till the 3rd chakra, then the 4th, then 5th, and eventually into the brain (maybe 1-2 weeks later). Upon that, I experienced strong literal bliss going up my spine, putting me into deep bliss, sometimes ecstasy. This lasted for a few weeks, and was strongest during meditation. Then it subsided. But during meditation around 20-80% of the bliss is still there, depending on the quality of the meditation. I believe my kundalini is partially awake, but not fully. People I know of who can give strong Shaktipat: Jan Esmann He probably gives the strongest Shaktipat, particularly if you get to sit around him. He does intensives in Europe, if you can join one, that would probably be quite an experience. Gareth's kundalini fully woke up during an intensive with Jan. Jan also woke up Diana's kundalini. He also gives shaktipat in absentia. He charges a mala necklace and mails it to you. I got one, and can recommend it. He also holds Zoom Transmissions every Tuesday. And has YouTube transmissions . Kai Shanti I think her transmissions are a combination of shaktipat and God's Grace. They are quite strong for me. The state of consciousness it puts me in is a bit similar to the one from pure Divinity. So it is divine, blissful and energetic. Very recommended. She speaks an intuitive light language during the transmissions, and is also very psychic, so she can for example see blockages you have. She gives 1 on 1 transmissions as well as weekly live group transmissions on . You can get a learnitlive membership for around $8 a month and then can join these sessions for free. She also has transmissions on YouTube . Gareth Gareth gives Shaktipat in 1 on 1 sessions, as well as in zoom group sessions (currently in combination with pure Divinity) and he also has some Shaktipat transmissions on Youtube. Advaitashram They have several Shaktipat givers. They offer 1 on 1 sessions as well as weekly zoom sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. Website Kip He sells audios charged with Shaktipat. Try the free samples on his website, I immediately felt an effect from the Kali one. I bought all of them and, using Audacity, layered them into one audio. I currently listen to it during meditation (+plus video transmissions from Gareth). You could even get the audio of all kundalini transmissions on youtube and layer these audios in as well. Just make sure to export the audio in wav and I forgot how it's called but in audacity on the bottom on the left there is a number at around 48 000. Turn it to 92 000 or so (I don't remember the exact number). Thus you ensure to not lose any quality. Kip also has free audios on his YouTube channel but I guess the paid versions are more potent. Siddhanta Yoga She gives one on one sessions and has YouTube transmissions. - KAP KAP is explained in this video. Kap is a transmission to activate the kundalini. KAP leads to kriyas in many participants (there are many different youtube videos where you can see it). Most people have small movements, some have very big and some none. It usually takes some sessions till movements start. For me they started after around 5 sessions. But they were small/subtle, and stayed that way, and I don't think they might increase more. The movements are mostly subtle pulsatings of the spine. In the beginning, the movements require some conscious effort, but eventually they kinda happen on their own, without conscious involvement. But they can be stopped at any moment (in 99,9% cases). From my experience KAP does help to awaken the kundalini. In fact, my biggest kundalini success (when the vibrations finally entered the brain and the big Bliss started) happened during a KAP session (or right after, I don't remember). Despite this I think that purely for a kundalini awakening, Shaktipat is more powerful. While KAP does help in kundalini awakening, the focus is one purification. Purification of your energy system as well as emotional purification. Doing KAP before your kundalini awakening will probably result in a more smooth kundalini rising (because of less blockages) (my kundalini awakening was smooth and blissful). That is one benefit of KAP. If you are someone who is faced with emotional stuff while tripping, I recommend KAP sessions. Similarly to Shamanic Breathing, they purify and release emotional stuff. Most people only experience emotional stuff during KAP sessions, and nothing nondual. But that's probably because of their baseline, most of them don't even know about enlightenment. I do experience some subtle effect on nondualness. The main effect of KAP is longterm baseline. Many people report being more at peace and more blissful. I think KAP does help for enlightenment, but not as much as other transmissions. The focus of KAP seems to be on personal development (purification and releasing shadow stuff and so on). On this site is a list of many KAP facilitators, most of them give 1on1 online sessions, and many of them give in person group sessions (if you're lucky to live nearby). And on this site is a list of those who offer online zoom group sessions. I've had KAP with at least 5 different facilitators (group zoom) and while all of them are good, Diana Kasperska is the most skilled. She is a lot more spiritually evolved and seems to be the only one doing enlightenment work. She's also a bit psychic and sometimes perceives some stuff about you during the transmission, like blockages, and then can tell you about it after the transmission. If you book group zoom sessions with Diana, book via her Website there you (currently) get them 33% cheaper if you book several at once. - Light Transmissions Light Transmissions seem to be similar to RASA. Gareth gives Light Transmissions in 1on1 sessions, and says that his Light Transmissions have a similar effect as RASA. There are many light transmissions on Youtube. I think most of them work well, but I don't think these are as powerful as RASA. The Transmissions from Imogen seem to stand out, but I assume RASA is still more powerful. Anyway, she gives weekly live transmissions on Youtube and has normal video transmissions. The different transmissions affect different dimensions of Consciousness: Predominantly recognition dimension: RASA, Light Transmissions Predominantly depth/immersion dimension: SAT, Shaktipat, KAP Both dimensions somewhat equally: Pure Divinity, Kai Shanti's transmission Transmissions can be really powerful to increase your baseline if done over a long period. The more you do, the more sensitive you get, and the more powerful they become. My first transmissions (RASA) were all subtle. Only now, after much energy work, immediate effects of transmissions are really strong. Over the time, I've learnt how to channel these transmissions myself, and since maybe 2 weeks, these transmissions are similarly strong for me as those given by someone else. When I receive transmissions from someone else nowadays, I channel myself at the same time, making the session extra potent . The quickest way to become more sensitive to transmissions is to receive many transmissions. Always let a youtube transmission play during meditation. You can even let them play while doing stuff like reading. And any energy work in general also benefits that process, especially kriya supreme fire. here I posted some more YouTube transmissions. The zoom group transmissions are always much cheaper than the 1on1 transmissions, and some are on donation basis. So do maaaany. As many as you can. I used to attend to up to 10 zoom group transmissions a week. (that was a few months ago) The progress I made since then is crazy. In one month doing all these transmissions I made probably more progress than within the 12 months before that. The more you do, the more effects you get, except with RASA and Light Transmissions, it seems like doing them more than once a week doesn't speed things up. All transmissions are different and hit the ego from a different angel, so it is a good idea to do many different ones. Generally, 1on1 sessions are more powerful than group sessions: in person (not online) > 1 on 1 session > live zoom > live youtube > normal youtube - How to make a transmission session more powerful: meditate a few minutes beforehand. I recommend kriya supreme fire (particularly before shaktipat transmissions) try to be receptive Once you are advanced, try to channel the energy at the same time For your normal mediation sessions you can experiment with following: I found that the larger and the closer the screen, the stronger the transmission (but only a subtle difference) It seems that playing several transmission videos at once can make it more powerful. You can use different devices, and open several windows at the same time. I actually mixed more than 10 videos into one new video, I think the software I used is called Filmora9. Doing this really seemed to increase the potency. But sometimes I'm not sure, currently I mainly meditate to single videos. Experiment. You can mix the same video several times, or many different ones. - Ability to give aura transmissions: To be able to give the first kind of transmissions, the "aura transmissions", the most important requirement is to have a strong depth/immersion baseline consciousness. The recognition dimension has pretty much no value for that. Apart from that it's also helpful to have a very strong aura, the best practices for that is receiving transmissions, channeling energies and invoking spirits. Share your experiences with transmissions
  3. This replaces the previous invocation post, because some of my views and approaches changed and I don't consider everything from the old post safe anymore. All spiritual entities from all religions exist on the astral plane. Either because they are 'real' original entities or because they were created by humanity through belief and worship, in that case they are like highly evolved thought forms. Practically speaking, it makes little differences which one is the case. During meditation you can summon them. Let's call that Invocation. This can have beneficial effects because of: Their energy: When they are in your presence you are affected by their energy. The main effect this has is that your spiritual energy (prana) increases. And it increases the frequency/vibration of the energy, and thus of your whole system. Over time, this advances your energy system and you become more energetically sensitive (as a result, invocations and transmissions become more effective). And you become more intuitive and psychic. Intense energetic states during such meditations can also lead to a kundalini awakening. Apart from all that, such meditations also affect your state of consciousness (illumination, void and magnitude dimension, explained here). The effect usually only lasts during the meditation session and to a smaller extend during the rest of the day. But if done regularly, it also changes your baseline state of consciousness. Their power: They can bless, empower and help you. If you want to become more loving, regularly mediating with Jesus or Anandamayi Ma can make you more loving. If you want to have more courage, regularly mediating with archangel Michael can make you more courageous. So they can empower your personal growth. And they can also support and bless your efforts in general. Their advice and guidance - 1. Transmissions vs Invocation Transmissions are basically invocations of certain energies, and someone else is doing the invocation (or in this case channeling of energy) for you. Generally transmissions are far more effective for most people. Only when you are very energetically sensitive and advanced, do invocations become really powerful and can beat transmissions. Regarding enlightenment, even once you are advanced, transmissions might still be more effective than invocations. - 2. Invocation (& transmissions) vs other energetic practices Invocations and transmissions are basically in the same category. Other energetic practices are kriya/kundalini yoga, qi gong, sexual practices,... The main differences are: the amount of energy. Once you are skilled at invocation, none of these other energetic practices can compare with that amount of energy Divine energy. The energy of transmissions and invocation has a much higher frequency, which results in more significant transformation, including transformation on more sublte levels. This divine energy can also be considered intelligent and can keep working (more or less) in your system after the meditation session. - 3. Astral Perception Usually astral perception has 2 components: psychic senses vividness of you imagination (visual, audirory,...) So when there is a sprit before you, you use your psychic senses to take in the data (how the spirit looks, what it is like,...), and then your mind translates that data into imaginations, so that your ego self can better make sense of it. The more open your psychic senses, the more accurate your astral perception. And the more vivid your imagination skills, the more vivid your astral perception. When your psychic senses are not open, your mind will help, according to what you consciously or subconsciously expect to perceive. So if you are a beginner and summon an angel, then what you perceive might be the product of 10% accurate perception and 90% mental projection. When you are very advanced it might be 80% accurate perception and 20% mental projection. If you search for it, you can find reports where 2 or more very advanced practitioners summon a spirit, and all of them astrally see and hear the same. However, seeing the spirit is relatively unimportant. It think the most crucial thing is that your body is energetically advanced enough so that you can get affected by the spirits presence and energy. - 4. What entities I personally do these invocations usually with ascended masters. And sometimes with angels too. I suppose doing this with angels is safe. But I don't know. If you're unsure then do it only with the well-known archangels. The safest would be to just do it with ascended masters. Regarding angels, I usually only invoke archangels. Apart from archangels, some of the most popular angels are the 72 angels of the 72 letter name of God, and the 42 angels of the 42 letter name of God. So maybe they are kind of like aspects of God. Not the non-dual God, but the God from the old Testament. So by invoking them you might be invoking aspects or energies that are in some way connetcted or related to the God of the old Testament. I personally don't want to do that, one reason is the views and opinions many gnostics have about that God. Apart from ascended masters and angels, you can also invoke Gods from different religions. Regarding spiritual growth, Hindu Gods would be most interesting. But with Gods you need to be careful and extra respectful. And in many cases offerings (like food, wine, incense, candles, art, singing,...) are expected in return. Invocations of Gods should only be done by experienced practitioners who are psychic enough to communicate with the God and to know whether that God likes or dislikes you. - 5. Safety If for some reason a God becomes angry at you, that can become dangerous. I think with archangels you are pretty safe, unless you intentionally try to make them angry or are extremely disrespectful. If you're unsure, only do invocations with ascended masters. - 6. Technique Repeat the entity's name. Try to say the name to the entiry, rather than to the air before you try to reach out to the entity/spirit. To energetically connect with it visualize the entity before you pretend the entity is there, whether you can feel it or not At this point I usually just keep mentally saying the name, and trying to feel its presence and be affected by its energy and power. You can also keep visualizing the entity or just let your mind intuitively form an image, or just don't pay attention to whether there is an image or not. To end it, you can say thank you and feel sincere gratitude In the previous post I wrote about superimposing the image of the spirit over your body, and merging with the spirit. That's also what invocation usually means, invoking the spirit inside you rather than just before you. I usually don't do this anymore. I just visualize the spirit before me, or I just put my attention on the spirit without paying attention where it is spatially relative to me. When the entity is before you you are still affected by it's presence and energy. Invocing it into your body would be a bit more powerful. But for that you need to make sure you are respectful and that the entity doesn't dislike you. I don't do it anymore because it feels too arrogant for me currently. You can invoke just one entity or multiple entities, one after the other. You usually don't need to take a break between different entities. But it might be best to either invoke only ascended masters or only archangels in one meditation session (a few minutes between ascended masters and archangels should be enough). You can also invoke multiple entities at once. I usually do this by visualizing them around me. Before any invocation session, you can contact archangel Raziel first, and ask that he/she connects you with the entities. (This is one of Raziel's powers) - 7. Energetic link The name is an energetic link with the entity. If you add more energetic links, the meditation becomes more powerful. - Ascended masters If there is a picture or video of them on the internet, use that. Alternatively you can visualize how you intuitively believe they look like. - Angels For angels there are sigils. For the archangels I think the best sigils are in Ben Woodcroft's "Angelic Sigils Keys and Calls" book. While saying the archangel's name, glance at the sigil. If you want to add even more, you can use the invocation keys and invocation watchwords from Damon Brand's "Archangels of Magick" book and the pathworking visualizations from Jareth Tempest's "Archangel Pathworking" book. I prefer Ben Woodcroft's archangel sigils over those from Damon Brand. In Ben's sigils are more links to the archangel. In Damon's sigils are divine words for divine and magickal authority (outer 2 rings are the 72 names of the 72 letter name of God, and the next 2 rings are probably divine words related to that God). Rather than using such divine words for magickal authority I sometimes invoke Jesus or Christ Consciousness, or most of the time I just don't do anything with magickal authority. When you try to make contact with an entity and are at least somewhat psychic, you usually always connect with the entity to some extend. Whether you don't perceive anything or whether you can feel the entity's presence and energy and maybe even see and hear it, in both cases the actual entity could be actually there, or you might just connect with the entity's energy and the actual entity hasn't consciously decided to interact with you. So contact can be actual contact. The entity consciously and intentionally interacts with you or just connecting to the energy It can be anywhere between the two. It's probably very hard and maybe impossible to know whether the entity is intentionally there. I suppose in many cases you just connect with the energy. The more elaborate your technique and the more sincere your need and intention and the more psychic you are, the more likely it is that the entity is consciously there. Practically speaking it doesn't make too much of a difference either way. You are affected by the entity's energy (and to some extend its power) in any case. And even advice can be accurate even if the entity is not actually there. Because you connected with the energy and psychic essence of the entity, and then your mind uses that to hallucinate or imagine an answer to your question. - 8. Strong Contact Strong contact and connection vs no or weak contact depends on: how open your psychic sense are how altered your state of consciousness is. Best would probably be theta brainwaves (possibly in combination with gamma). In my experience it doesn't really make much of a difference (regarding strong contact) if I just close my eyes and start right away or of I try for 15 minutes to enter a deep trance. I only notice a real difference when I'm close to sleep and I start hallucinating. But at that state it's very difficult to remain conscious and intelligent. There it's very easy to lose focus and get distracted. Despite having practiced for Sleep Yoga so much, these states don't add that much to strong contact yet. But these states do make invocations quite more energetic. Tiredness and binaural beats are effective for deepening your states. States that can make the invocation significantly stronger: psychedelics lucid dreaming dark room retreat long sleep deprivation long shamanic breathing long fasting (float tank) close to (or in) sleep paralysis and close to REM In these states interactions can become very vivid, as if the entity is physically present. As for opening your psychic senses, the more you do energetic practcies (most efectively invocations and transmissions), the more open they become. If you want to speed that up, you can do invocations of archangel Raziel or Jesus or Babaji, and during the invocation have that intent and visualize how the energy of the entity affects you in such a way that your psychic senses get open. But keep in mind opening your psychic senses usually takes very long. But such invocations could easily be by far the most powerful practice for that. - 9. Highly energetic invocation How energetic the invocation is depends on: strong contact (open psychic senses and altered state) but mainly: your energetic advancement and sensitivity. I wrote about sensitivity here. Again, the more energetic practices that you do, the more energetically advanced and sensitive you become (over time). The more energetic (pranic) I am the more energetic invocations are. Therefore invocations usually become more energetic the longer the session is. And also, the more sessions I have had on that day, the stronger the next session is.
  4. Being able to remain conscious during all sleep stages is the ultimate skill. This will open doors to almost anything. - Introduction When people want to have a deep meditation, they either try to: (A) lower their brainwaves, and thus make their consciousness more non-dual. This includes techniques like: Kriya yoga, trance, hypnosis and the majority of all meditation techniques. (B) directly make their consciousness more non-dual. This includes contemplation and self inquiry. When people try to get into lower brainwaves, they usually start from their everyday waking consciousness. This works, but it will take ages (lifetimes for most people) till you get into really deep brainwaves - even if you do very direct techniques like trance. We already spend 8 hours each day in very deep brainwaves. Why not take advantage of that? So rather than trying to bring lower brainwaves to waking cosnciousness (tirelessly trying to lower your brainwaves during the day), we can try to bring consciousness to lower brainwaves. That is sleep yoga. - Benefits of Sleep Yoga All of your dreams will be lucid (2 hours each night) During the rest of the night (light and deep sleep) you can either abide in deep non-dual awareness (by far deeper than any normal meditations), or astral project as much as you like. You gain 8 hours each day (~ 3 000 hours each year) No lapse of consciousness upon physical death. This is obviously very significant for enlightenment. Apart from that, it will benefit you in so many ways. Merely the 2 hours of lucid dreaming each night will radically transform your psyche. Here I wrote about reasons why to bother about OBEs: - Difficulty Monks usually require many years of training till they are able to remain conscious during sleep. It takes long because their techniques are not Fire. They usually consist of standard meditation, waking up a couple of times during the night and visualization techniques. I've lately done a lot of research and experimenting and tried to combine all the hacks and tricks I found. This should make the process a lot quicker. Before I get to the technique, let's first lay a foundation. (or jump to "Chapter 2: The Technique") Chapter 1 : Sleep - 1. Basics During the night you go through several sleep cycles, each around 90 minutes long. Sleep cycles consists of: - N1( light sleep). Only when falling asleep. - N2 (light sleep): Usually around 50-60% of your sleep. N2 is the ideal sleep stage to wake up from - N3 (deep sleep = SWS = slow wave sleep): Important for regeneration Around 20-25 % of your sleep. You need typically 60-120 minutes of SWS. defined as having more than 20% of delta brain waves. Majority of SWS during your first few sleep cycles - REM (rapid eye movement) : Here you have most of your dreams brainwaves somewhat similar to your waking state sleep paralysis so you don't act out your dreams 20-25% of your night you need 60-90 min of REM As the night progresses, each sleep cycle contains more and more REM A sleep cycle usually begins with N2. Then N3 then N2 again and then REM. - 2. Segmented Sleep About polyphasic Sleep: . Segmented sleep means dividing your sleep into 2 segments: See and . SWS peak is usually at 9-12 pm. And REM peak is at 6-9 am. Sleeping during these times means most efficient SWS and REM. More about that here: and here: - 2.1 Benefits of segmented sleep: Having a REM core with little or no SWS is perfect for trying to learn sleep yoga, more on that later You have a heightened likelihood for lucid dreaming during the REM core because of the high REM percentage and the long time awake after your SWS core. You basically have a very long WBTB (wake back to bed). The longer a WBTB, the more effective. Prolactin surge benefits: If you sleep monophasically, you can't cover both SWS and REM peaks. Thus segmented sleep is more efficient. ... therefore you need less total amount of sleep Yogis say that the time at around 3-5 am is most valuable for meditation If you usually sleep 8 hours, you could schedule a 3 h SWS core and a 4.5 h REM core. The time between the SWS and REM core should be at least 2 hours. Ideally 3-4 hours. Otherwise your body treats it as interrupted sleep rather than segmented sleep and you don't get all the benefits. More time between your cores also means that you cover more of the SWS and REM peak. Segmented sleep is not something to do occasionally. You need to do it every night, otherwise you will just be tired and not get all the benefits. Your body needs 1-2 weeks to adapt to the schedule. Segmented sleep is not necessary, but it can help a lot. Alternatively, you could just sleep for 4-6 hours and then either add a normal WBTB or just go straight to the techniques. - 3. SWS Core - 3.1 Binaural beats If you listen to delta binaural beats, you increase the duration and depth (decrease the brainwave frequency even further) of your SWS. For example, in this study ( ) they played 3 Hz delta binaural beats when the subjects were in N2. Thus, some N2 turned into N3. The length of N3 increased by 30% (N3 length of first two nights without binaural beats was 93 min. On the next night, with binaurals, N3 was 126 min). The subjects were probably new to binaural beats. If you have already trained your brain with binaural beats, the effect could possibly be even more drastic. Using a sleep tracking device might be helpful to keep track of your SWS. I recommend you try the binaural beats from Jody Hatton. Either on youtube: or on his website. you decide the price for a download. Sleeping with headphones might not be the most comfortable. But it can be worth it. Delta binaural beats are only interesting for your SWS core. Instead of over ear headphones, you could also use headband headphones like these: they are more comfortable to sleep with. But might have lower quality. I don't recommend opting for isochronic tones for delta sleep. They do have the benefit of not neading headphones, but they are said to be inefficient to entrain you to delta brainwaves. - 3.2 Melatonin Melatonin is important for SWS. How to optimize Melatonin levels: Only red lights 2-3 hours before bed (or no light). You can buy red light. Or wear blue light blocking glasses (preferably should block green light as well) or use apps on your mobile phone and pc (for example "Flux") which filter blue light. Sleep in total darkness. Either buy something to block all light from your windows or just take a huge sheet of black carton and tape it over your window. Thats what I do. It takes around 1 minute each morning and night to tape/remove. You could also use a sleep mask. But then, a small amount of light is still registered by your skin. But that is probably negligible. enough (sun)light during the day. decalcify your pineal gland fasting can increase melatonin levels as well. - 3.3 Schedule For our sleep yoga practice, we prefer to have all our SWS during the SWS core. So the REM core can be fully dedicated to Sleep yoga practices. If you want to get the most out of each night, you also want to have as little light sleep and REM during your SWS core. You want these in your REM core so your REM core is longer and you have more time to practice each night (First we learn to be conscious during light sleep and REM, and only then do we try it during SWS). Depending on your personal SWS needs (which can vary a lot) and depending on how well you can optimize a sleep cycle for maximum SWS, you can choose following SWS core lengths. 6h: easy 4.5h: Healthy and comfortable 3h: for serious practitioners 1.5h: not recommended I think you don't need to strictly schedule according to the 90 min sleep cycle rythm. You can extend it if you want. A very unrecommended polyphasic sleep schedule - Everyman 4 : - has only one 90 minute SWS core plus 4 short naps for REM. Someone who follows that schedule tries to get all 90 minutes of SWS requirement into the 90 minute core, which is close to impossible. For our use, if you perfectly optimized it and extended the length from 90 to 100-110 minutes, you might be able to get 70-90 min SWS into a 110 min SWS core. But beware, if you shorten your SWS core too much, you risk SWS creeping in to your REM core. - 4. Core Gap Once your body adapted to the new schedule, you won't be as tired during it After spending some minutes on my mobile phone, I'm fully awake. Make sure your devices block blue light. And I use a red light. And I also listen to gamma binaural beats. I like these: and and (Use google translate for the website.) The "core gap" is a good time for meditative practces, just make sure you don't fall asleep. If you are likely to fall asleep during meditation, then do it right at the beginning or end of the core gap. So you still have at least 2 hours of continued wakefulness. I recommend spending a few minutes of hard-core concentration at the end of your core gap, as a preparation for your REM core practice. - 5. REM Core -5.1 Basics Your REM core should ideally consist of only light sleep and REM. Consider: Getting enough SWS during your SWS core Having your REM core during or close after the REM peak Applying tricks for lighter sleep You will set MANY alarms which wake you up all the time, giving you plenty of opportunitues and optimal conditions to practice. - 5.2 Gamma brain waves I believe they are the key for being conscious during sleep. Monks have increased gamma acrivity during non-REM sleep: . The significance of 40 Hz for lucid dreaming: . I guess, the main difference of brainwaves during sleep, between a sleep yogi and a normal person, is gamma activity. The more gamma (and beta) you have, the more alert/aware you are. So if we want to be aware during sleep, we need more gamma during sleep. How to have more gamma during sleep: gamma brainwave entrainment audios during sleep. Applying the tools for having"Lighter Sleep" (more on that later) day-time meditation practices (more on that later) - 5.3 Schedule If you are concerned about your sleep, then do the practices only for 1-3h, and then turn off all alarms, go back to sleep and sleep as long as your body wants. Depending on how easily you tend to fall asleep on any given day, you spontaneuosly decide for the right amount of "lighter sleep" tools. - 6. Lighter Sleep - 6.1 Benefits You are closer to the awake/asleep threshold. That means a) it is easier to retain consciousness while falling asleep and b) it is easier to stay in that state. The deeper your sleep gets, the greater the risk of losing consciousness decreased risk of SWS creeping in increased likelihood for DILDs, WILDs and DEILDs better dream recall - 6.2 How to have lighter sleep: - 6.2.1 Body Position: Level1: Turn in bed 180 degrees. So your head is now where your feet used to be. Level 2: lie on the floor. Level 3: Be in an inclined position. for example of 60 degrees. Level 4: Sleep sitting upright with head support. Level 5: Upright with no head support. That is particularly good, because everytime you fall asleep, your head drops and wakes you up. Thus it is easier to get closer to the awake/asleep threshold. - 6.2.2 Noise Tv or music. listen to a hypnosis audios about falling asleep. - 6.2.3 Gamma brainwave entrainment: I listen to these binaural beats during my REM Core: . You can cutt off the beginning and end so that it's only in the relevant frequency of 25-45 Hz. I listen them during my whole REM core. Another option are these 40 Hz isochronic tones: . But I only listened to them once, I found the binaural beats more effective. But they have the advantage of not needing headphones. - 6.2.3 Discomfort. Level 1: wearing headphones Level 2: Add any discomfort you can think of Level 3: Hold your arm up vertically. Ellbow supported on the matress. - 6.2.4 Alarm clocks Level 1: Every 15-30 min. It turns itself off. So you have a lower likelihood of waking up if you are in a somewhat deeper sleep. Level 2: Every 8-12 min. Alarm needs to be manually turned off. (you press snooze. So it will ring in a few minutes again) Level 3: Every 3-8 min. Alarm needs to be manually turned off Some alarm clock apps are able to play the alarm through your headphones only. - 6.2.5 Light: Level 1: Leave on some red light Level 2: Remove your curtains from the windows just before your REM core Level 3: Turn on artificial light. Light will have a negative impact on your melatonin levels. In terms of melatonin, we are most concerned about it's effects on SWS sleep. So light after your SWS sleep is relatively fine. It is recommended that one spends 8-10 hours in darkness (or at least red light rather than blue light) each day. So if you turn off normal lighting 3 h before your SWS core, then have a 3 h SWS core, followed by a 3 h core gap, you have 9h. - 6.2.6 Others: Intention uncomfortable temperature Chapter 2: The Technique Our approach consists of: SWS Core Core Gap REM Core + Alarm Clocks and there you practice "Conscious Falling Asleep" - 1. Getting yourself closer to sleep Some tips: Reverse Blinking. Thats very effective to get tired very quickly. Close your eyes for 2-7 seconds, then open them briefly. Continue till you are very tired. Hypnotic suggestions/affirmations "sleepy" Concentrate on the "sleepiness" sensation and deepen it Pretend having fallen asleep - 2. Awake/Asleep Threshold Tools Everything I listed under "Lighter Sleep" can be helpful to remain conscious during the awake/asleep threshold. Particularly powerful is: Holding up your arm vertically, ellbow resting on the mattress. Sleeping sitting without head support. When you fall asleep, your arm or head will sink/fall down and wake you up. - 3. Deepen your Trance When trying to fall asleep, you are basically in trance. When you deepen your trance, you get your body closer to sleep. But apart from that it also alters your consciousness in a different way (than just using normal tips like those listed under "getting yourself closer to sleep") which can be helpful for conscious falling asleep. - Tips for deepening your trance: Falling sensation. Either visualize how you are somewhere else - in a visualized body - and experience a falling sensation there (literally falling, going down steps, elevator, etc...) or 'stay' with your consciousness in your physical body and visualize the falling sensation there (I personally prefer that). Try to visualize the sensation you have in your gut when being on a roller coster. Use Hypnosis. Here I wrote in detail about hypnosis (keep in mind, when I wrote older posts, I had less understanding): Use your Hypnotic Triggers. You can anchor every state of consciousness. so for example anchor being sleepy with the word "sleepy", or anchor going into a deep trance with visualizing going downstairs. Hypnotic Triggers are like key words for your subconscious that tell it what state of consciousness to produce. Visualize it into being. Visualize how you are in a very deep trance. Visualize having no more body sensations and being in the void. It's hard to expplain how exactly to do it, but it works. Visualize how you are expanding. Expand your consciousness to include your room, then house, etc. It is said that this produces more theta brainwaves Fractionation: A hypnotic induction technique. The idea is to get out of trance and then immediately go back down. If done skillfully, you will end up deeper than where you started. One way to do it is to count from 1 to 3 (feeling how you are getting more out of trance with every number), open your eyes, count down from 3 to 1 (feeling how you are getting deeper), and closing your eyes again. Dissociation from the body. Some possibilities: Pretend that you are lying in bed upside down. Your head where your feet used to be. Till you are actually convinced. The axis going from your feet to your head. Visualize turning around that axis. Like you are rolling in bed. Visualize how you are in a visualized body in your room. Turn around and look at your physical body Try to induce the sensations of your body: becoming heavy. quickly shrinking, expanding, shrinking, expanding, .... feeling strange becoming weightless having no sensations melting with the room fading out of existence Completely surrender. And use some of your non-dual hypnotic triggers Visualize how you are in a visualized body somewhere. For example in your kitchen. Try to immerse yourself in these visualizations as much as possible. This produces deep theta brainwaves. And the more often you change your environment (particularly using doors, floors, etc) the more theta brainwaves are produced. So they say at least. some say looking up with your eyes to the 3rd eye helps Amnesia: Try to forget your body. Forget the physical universe Pretend like you are moving your astral arm. And you could try any OBE exit technique All of these could also induce an OBE. If they do, great, but their actual purpose is to help in conscious falling asleep. - 4. Anchors In order to remain conscious while your body falls asleep, it's recommended to have an anchor to focus on. (In past posts I used the word "anchor" as being a trigger for a state of consciousness. To avoid confusion, I use in this post "hypnotic trigger" for that instead). - Anchors: any mantra works but for our purpose I would use sth like "mind awake, body asleep" so you also benefit from its affirmative effect. Awareness itself. just try to remain conscious Any trance deepeners The True Self Hypnagogic images or sounds counting your breath chakras any sensations visualizations - 5. FILD Finger induced Lucid Dreaming. It is usually used as a form of DEILD (or WILD) in order to induce a lucid dream. The technique is very effective at keeping you awake while your body falls asleep. Lucid dreamers use it to lucid dream, but we can just as well use it for general conscious falling asleep. I actually believe that this might be the key for conscious falling asleep (in combination with the other points I wrote). You alternate slightly moving your middle and index finger of one hand. As if playing piano. The movement must be extremely tiny. Just keep doing it and decrease the range of motion. Eventually your fingers shouldn't be moving any more at all (or only less than a millimeter). But the information to move is still delivered to your fingers. The tendons and muscles might be moving or tensing slightly. You find more detailed tutorials on the internet, like: And on reddit are countless FILD threads as well, including impressive success stories. You could say FILD, is just another anchor. But I believe it is more powerful than other anchors. Actually moving a body part seems to keep the mind more awake (perhaps by activating an additional/different brain region). And the movement is so tiny that it doesn't prevent your body from falling asleep. For the purpose of lucid dreaming, FILD is usually only done for 20-120 seconds (then you should just fall asleep and try later again). But we will just keep wiggling until we made the transition. - 6. Reviewing the keys The following points are the most significant. Most monks are not aware of them, that's why we can achieve sleep yoga quicker. REM core without SWS MANY alarm clocks Gamma brainwave training Reverse Blinking awake/asleep threshold tools (hand up, sitting + no head support) Trance deepeners FILD Our goal is that the body falls asleep, while retaining consciousness. For that to happen the body must be tired (which is achieved by the many alarm clocks, when they wake you up, your body is still in sleep mode and wants to return as quickly as possible. And by reverse blinking, trance deepeners and by sleep deprivation, in case you end up being sleep deprived) while your mind must be alert (which is achieved through the "lighter sleep" tools and anchors). To achieve that, some astral projectors, would go for one night without sleep (body tired) and then trink coffee (mind alert) before going to sleep the next day. - 7. Simplified Technique Overview Upon waking you do either of these (or a combination): Just try to remain conscious while your body falls asleep awake/asleep threshold tools Trance deepeners focus on anchors FILD - 8. Tips You can also experiment with using strong intention. Jus don't allow your mind to fall asleep. You need balance between concentrating too tightly and too loosely If you notice you are about to lose consciousness, open your eyes. Regain consciousness and then close them while using your hypnotic triggers. This sudden fractionation could be enough to send your body one step closer to sleep whlile retaining consciousness You can switch between sitting and lying during your REM core Reverse FILD: Suddenly stop the finger movements and pretend you fell asleep. When you can't fall asleep during your REM core, keep being conscious and see it as awareness practice, thus no time is wasted It's very easy to end up half-heartedly doing the technique upon waking up and then very quickly fall back asleep. When you wake up, strengthen your intention and determination first. Chapter 3: Daily Practices - 1. Conscious falling asleep (during your REM core) - 2. Perfect concentration When you are very alert and have perfect concentration you produce more gamma brainwaves. Spend every day 5-10 min of perfect forced concentration. Don't allow thoughts. Don't allow anything other than what you are focusing on. I usually focus on being extremely alert. Alert of whether there are thoughts. If a thought appears immediately cut it off. Don't even allow subtle thoughts. You can also listen to gamma brainwave entrainment at the same time. - 3. Relaxed awareness Spend every day 5-15 min doing relaxed awareness. The objective is to stay aware. And allow everything to happen. Allow all thoughts and passively observe them. That's alpha brainwaves (and some theta). But don't lose your awareness. Aim for zero lapse of awareness. That's the gamma (and beta) brainwaves. This is the sate of mind you need during conscious falling asleep. Relaxed and passive, yet uninterrupted awareness. - 4. ADA periods Doing all day awareness (ada) surely helps for conscious falling asleep but I don't think ada is worth the effort. Effort/Benefit ratio is poor. Instead, I recommend you do ada only for a short period - like 2 to 10 minutes - around 1-3 times a day. Perhaps while driving, cooking, exercising. Just do your normal activity while trying to stay conscious. - 5. Binaural beats during the day All the above practices develop your gamma brainwave skills. Additionally you can listen to gamma (and other frequencies) brainwave entrainment while doing daily activities like reading, cooking, etc. I wrote about that here: - 6. LOA Visualizations Visualize everyday for 1-3 min how you are successful at sleep yoga. Know that this is true. If your memories say otherwise, regard them as false memories. You can apply all LOA stuff for sleep yoga. Here i mentioned some more LOA stuff: - 7. Trance Trance practice is not required but can be helpful. - 7.1 Procedure Strengthen your intention and LOA visualize how your session will unfold Get to your awake/tired sweet spot: (Reverse Blinking, hypnotic trigger, suggestions) Body relaxation: body scan, progressive muscle relaxation, tensing/relaxing muscles, visualize a light relaxing your muscles. You could also stretch, move and massage some muscles beforehand) Mental Relaxation Hypnotic suggestions Trance Deepeners and using your Hypnotic Triggers Listening to Guided Hypnosis or freestyle. 0-60 min each day, as you believe necessary. - 7.2 Tips body and mind relaxation is crucial. it is the foundation for altered sates. Don't wave them aside, thinking they are not worth doing. I made that mistake and wasted a lot of time therefore. Once I realized the importance of body relaxation, I spent a few days - 2-4 hours each day - only trying to relax the body. The objective is to get alpha and theta brainwaves. So practice when you are tired, because then it is far easier to enter these brainwaves. Find your sweet spot, of tired enough but still able to resist falling asleep. Exhaustion. It has a similiar effect like being tired. Hypnotic suggestions are more easily absorbed and it is easier to surrender into trance. Here I wrote more about exhaustion, including it's value in terms of enlightenment: Use hypnosis (see my hypnosis thread) Use brainwave entrainment Chapter 4: Stages of Progress - Stage 1 Getting close to the awake/asleep threshold for brief moments, but then being immediately snapped back - Stage 2 Able to stay conscious while the body falls asleep. But after a few moments, you either lose consciousness or are snapped back. - Stage 3 Able to reliable stay conscious while the body falls asleep (during your REM core of course) and smoothly transition into a lucid dream. - Stage 4 Able to enter the void. No, or almost no sensations of your body left - Stage 5 Able to remain in this void during your whole REM core (both light sleep and REM) - Stage 6 You stopped your segmented sleep schedule. You can retain consciousness while sinking into deep sleep, but are not able to hold it there for long - Stage 7 Able to stay conscious during the whole night - Stage 8 Able to enter epsilon brainwaves during deep sleep without losing consciousness - Stage 9 Able to enter the exact same depth, in your meditation during the day, when you are not tired. - Stage 10 Able to do that in less than 5 minutes. - Stage 11 Able to do that while sitting - Stage 12 Able to do that while walking. You are able to split your consciousness. One part is astral projecting on Mars, while a small portion of your consciousness remains in your physical body, cleaning the kitchen. Chapter 5: Resources and Notes - 1. Resources There is not much information out there about Dream Yoga. - In this post I mentioned it a bit: - Books: Dream Yoga by Andrew Holecek The Tibetan yogas of dream and sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Dreaming Yourself Awake by B. Alan Wallace. - Forum posts: - A Website: - 2. Depth of Sleep Yoga Some reports of being conscious during sleep, don't appear as fantastic as one would expect. I guess it's the same as with psychedelics. The average person might take 700 ug of LSD without getting nondual, while a spiritual seeker might get completely blown away by 300 ug. How deep your mystical experiences are (for psychedelics and sleep yoga alike) depends on many factors but the biggest are: your baseline consciousness self-inquiry / contemplation skills surrender skills intention (for pyschedelics, there are some more, like personal tolerance etc). - 3. My progress so far I had tried WILD a few times a year ago with zero success. I have done quite a lot of meditation during the past 2 years. But I don't think this is required or provides a huge advantage compared to someone who hasn't done any meditation so far. A few months of the above-mentioned Sleep yoga practice, is more valuable in terms of sleep yoga progress than 3 years of meditation. I started my sleep yoga practice around 3 weeks ago. My attention has been mainly on figuring out the right technique/schedule rather than trying to actually achieve sleep yoga (but I did try, of course). Now I'm finally somewhat satisfied with the technique, so the real practice starts tomorrow. So far I'm roughly at progress stage 1. I'm gonna keep updating.
  5. @CuriousityIsKey I think Reality can completely cease to exist. And it can emerge again. And by the same logic, nothing prevents it from "not being".
  6. @Kalki Avatar John Kreiter says that dreams continue after we wake up.
  7. I had an insight into why presence could make transmissions stronger. I think being present and self-aware has an immediate effect on your aura. And it makes sense that transmissions are stronger when your aura is stronger.
  8. Why? Just because something is a state of mind doesn't mean it can't have a cause outside the mind. External things obviously have an effect on the state of mind. For example heroin leads to joy. Torture leads to suffering. And that's always the case (in our reality), unless the internal strength (your mind) is greater than the external strength (heroin or torture). There is truth to that. But likewise, there is also truth to this: "Inner things (acceptance, peacful mind...) do not make us happy; they only provide temporary distraction from our outer unhappiness " Just combine these 2 partial truths and you end up with a bigger picture of happiness.
  9. Again, both matter. The object itself matters, and your perception of it. If it is guaranteed that your mental strength is higher then the environmental strength. Then yes, your happiness will primarily depend on your perception. But this is not realistic. In our local reality you need to take care of both the mental/internal/spiritual and the environmental/outside/wordly. Just because something is internal doesn't mean that the cause can't be external. But this is partially dependent on your environment. If you're tortured you won't spontaneously feel this kind of effortless happiness.
  10. You can look from that perspective and say that the internal is the key to happiness. When the internal is strong enough, the external doesn't matter. But in order to make the internal strong in the first place, and to maintain it strong, the external does matter. And as I've already said, you can also see it from the opposite perspective: That the external is key. When the external is strong enough, the internal doesn't matter. A strong enough external can cause bliss regardless of your bad internal state (judgements, perspectives, biases, neurosis). For example by taking heroin. Now you can say that the bliss from an enlightened mind is better than the bliss from heroin. But: that judgment is relative that difference in quality of bliss depends on the rules of the current reality/dream. In a different reality, it might be switched. In such a reality, people might get the enlightened bliss from taking heroin, and get the shallow bliss from being a Buddha. But even within our reality it can be considered relative. I guess most people would consider the bliss from relationships to be better and higher quality than the bliss from a still and accepting mind) (I use taking heroin as an example to better illustrate. But in the category of "external" also belong things most people consider valuable and fulfilling, like romantic relationships, sex, friends, traveling...) I'm not saying either internal or external is key. I'm saying both are key. And depending on one's specific situation one is more important to focus on.
  11. A hard-core spiritual seeker wants to become more and more awake. Eventually mahasamadhi happens, the physical body dies, the whole dream dissolves and you merge with Infinite Love/God. But most people like the human life too. So they naturally combine the enlightened state and human state. Relative to humans, enlightenment has benefits and downsides. And human consciousness too has its benefits and downsides. That means, the prefered state for most people is to leave out the downsides of both states and to take the benefits of both states and thus create a new state, the post awakening state. Pre awakening state: human consciousness Awakening state: enlightened/god consciousness Post awakening state: the best of both All enlightened people already live in a post awakening state, because it is impossible to survive in an awakened state without any human biases. This post is about achieving a great post awakening state. - Benefits of the Human State Relative to most people's opinions, these are the benefits of human consciousness: Identifying as a seperate self. Which is made of stuff like energy, personality, sense of self,... and has a body and mind control over body and thoughts Free will Preferences Enjoying duality (Relative to human consciousness all of that is real and true) - Benefits of the Enlightened State You are Consciousness and independent of appearances. Detachment Peace Oneness Love and Bliss Understanding of Reality and wisdom - Reconciling the Identity of both States Here I wrote about the seperate self vs non-dual self: The post awakening state is essentially a dual identity of both the seperate self (stage 2 in that post) and the enlightened self (stage 4) simultaneously. That means you are conscious that you are a seperate self and you can control and optimize that life. And you are also conscious that the seperate self is an illusion and what you actually are is Consciousness/Emptiness/Love/God (,what you are relative to a high state of consciousness). And that you are in Oneness with everything. There are 2 kinds of no-self: Being conscious how the seperate self is an illusion (that's the no-self awareness that is compatible with life post awakening) Actually dissolving the seperate self. The more you do it, the more difficult it will become to survive, and eventually that seperate self completely dissolves (at that point the physical body is dead). - How to attain a High Baseline Enlightened State I conceptualize the enlightened state to have 2 main components, the void dimension and pure consciousness dimension: Practices that are most powerful to increase your baseline pure consciousness dimension: Self inquiry RASA or light transmissions Psychedelics Intense energetic practices (transmissions, invocations , and to a lesser extend kriya yoga) Hard-core concentration A high pure consciousness dimension primarily results in wisdom, understanding, enlightened awareness,... Practices that are most powerful to increase your baseline void dimension: Practicing Sleep Yoga (=conscious during sleep) (and to a lesser extend trance practices too) SAT transmissions Intense energetic practices (transmissions, invocations, kriya yoga) A high void dimension primarily results in peace, surrender, flow state, intensifying the enlightened state,... And if you want to increase your baseline magnitude dimension then the only realistic practice is doing advanced invocations. - How to not lose identity with the seperate self: Realize that the identity of the seperate self is true relative to human consciousness Realize that it is necessary to keep that identity in order to survive and enjoy life. See it as a game and pretend being a human Having a strong will Having a strong intention to maintain the seperate self and its preferences no matter what In case you are very serious then you can do the energetic practices in John Kreiter's Magnum Opus book. The seperate self is partly made of energy. The more energy the stronger that self (stronger in a way that it doesn't neccesarily contradict non-dual awareness), and these energetic practices increase the energy of the seperate self. Practicing all day awareness/presence can also strengthen the seperate self - Bias vs no Bias In the enlightened state you have no biases. Relative to that state, this is good. But relative to the human state this is bad. Because having no biases/preferences means that you for example don't care whether you die and whether people are murdered. Pure enlightenment doesn't make humans more ethical, it actually makes them less ethical. In order to become more ethical you need to combine the enlightened state with the human state. To be ethical you need situational understanding and empathy, for that the human state is required. And the enlightened state can also contribute to making you a better person (awareness of Oneness, Love, no-self,...). Also, when you are unbiased you also are no longer biased towards being unbiased, therefore you will eventually leave this unbiased state again. You are unbiased so you accept and love everything, all of Infinity, including hell realms. Nirvana can end suffering temporarily, but it is not a permanent solution because eventually you start that whole cycle again and again. The solution is to maintain your human biases/preferences. By maintaining your human preferences you are biased against the unbiased state and against bad things. That is foundational to ensure goodness for you and others. - Love and Bliss How to increase Love and Bliss Love awakenings SHAKTIPAT Transmissions Reaching a full kundalini awakening (most effective for that are shaktipat transmissions. Next is kriya supreme fire and advanced invocations) Heart chakra meditation: putting your attention on your heart chakra, maybe also repeating the name of an ascended master (like Jesus, Anandamayi Ma,...) and maybe letting this heart chakra shaktipat audio play too Invocations of Ascended Masters Bhakti Yoga Listening to energetically programmed audios like "Anahata" from the iawake website or "Vibration of Divine Love" from sapien medicine Listening to devotion music: To increase your baseline love and bliss, shaktipat transmissions are by far the most powerful imo. For some people it can take very long till these transmissions finally start working for real and their baseline bliss increases. Just expose yourself as much as possible to that shakti energy. Apart from joining live shaktipat transmissions (like from Gareth Duignam, Jan Esmann, Kai Shanti,..), I strongly recommend you let shaktipat audios play during as much of the day as possible as well as during sleep. Eventually it will start working. For that I recommend Gareth's transmissions like this: But you can listen to others too, like those from Kip Mazuy. - Happiness At post awakening you probably have some kind of detached attachment. Attachment because you still have the human state and very much care about things. But it's different from pre-awakening, because you have the awareness and maturity and detachment skills from the enlightened state. therefore it is detached attachment. You are attached to things, but if you fully integrate the enlightened state as well, then your happiness doesn't (fully) depend on your attachments being fulfilled. So you get both, the unconditional happiness from the enlightened state (being happy independ of your life situation) and at the same time the conditional happiness from the human state (having your desires fulfilled). - Combining Opposites The way I see it, there are 2 main principles or energies in existence: the masculine and feminine. This is how I conceptualize of masculine vs feminine (in the context of this post): active vs passive dominant vs submissive resisting vs accepting & allowing Projecting vs receiving power & force vs surrender attached vs detached in conflict vs in flow with "what is" external vs internal order vs chaos yang vs yin illusonary vs non-dual ego vs Infinity mind vs soul Generally when there is a duality of this vs that, then most people are either at the middle or at one extreme. This post awakening state is about combining these extremes. The masculine of the human state, and the feminine of the enlightened state. Having 2 extremes at the same time usually results in conflict, but here we try to have both extremes in harmony. I used to be a hard-core seeker and wanted to go deeper and deeper into the enlightened state, dissolve the human state and eventually do mahasamadhi. These are one of the reasons why I changed my attitude: God Realisation dissolved all my seeking energy The realisation that everything is equally real and true. The enlightened state is not more real than the human state. The enlightened identity is true relative to the enlightened state of consciousness. And the human identity is true relative to the human state. No state is inherently better. It all depends on your preferences. Whether you decide to keep biases or dissolve biases, both is a biased decision by the ego. You can't escape the paradox. The realisation that the human state is just as real as the enlightened state also means that life matters and things are important relative to the human state Contemplating the implications of Infinity, like Infinite hell realms. Which resulted in a strong rejection and aversion towards unbiased Infinity By being unbiased you accept and allow all of Infinity Suffering and evil are not love. Suffering is suffering, evil is evil and love is love. (Suffering and evil are love relative to the enlightened state but not relative to the human state). As a result the desire to reduce suffering for myself and others became strong again
  12. And likewise, you can have everything it takes to be happy from an internal spiritual perspective. But if the outside is bad enough, then that internal stuff won't make you happy. Happiness depends on both the within and without.
  13. Factors for external happiness are relative. But so are factors for internal happiness. Some aliens might be wired in a way to get depressed from equanimity and being accepting, and get blissed out from a chotic reactionary judgemental mind. Some people can get a panic attack if they get into no-mind or no-self or Infinite love consciousness. But that is impossible (at least within our local reality). Environmental circumstances always play a role. As long as your internal happiness (for example due to acceptance skills) is greater than external pain, you're happy. The monk sitting blissed out in a cave is not unconditionally happy. One of the conditions is to sit in a cave and not be tortured. Within a very narrow set of parameters yes. If you have spoiled westerners who have a comfortable life and still are depressed, then yes, the lense they see life through is significant. The lens always plays a role, but that lense doesn't do much for children starving in Africa, or people who have been tortured. Because the intensity of these external factors is just far higher as that the average person could compensate for that through mind skills. Even Buddha would break if you turn up the pain of torture high enough. Yes but this is only partial. The outside is important too. But yeah, for many westerners the outside is already relatively good. Relative to the outside, the inside is doing poorly. So if they want to increase happiness they need to primarily adress the inside and follow your advice.
  14. I made a post about different ways to increase spiritual bliss: The void dimension is kind of always involved to some extend. These are the ways how the void dimension increases bliss. By: increasing shakti awakening kundalini making transmissions and invocations more powerful making it easier to surrender and accept unconditionally making the enlightened state more profound I think the void dimension really is the component of enlightenment that causes the most practical benefits.
  15. This is an updated version of my "Dimensions of Consciousness" model. There are 5 dimensions. 1: Illumination Dimension I previously called it pure consciousness dimension. When people say "increase consciousness" they are basically saying "increase the illumination dimension of consciousness". The higher your illumination dimension the more awake you are. Illumination is about recognition and clarity of non-duality/awakening truths. It's not about mental clarity or conceptual recognition, but about actually becoming directly conscious of that awakening truth. It's about actual awakening. For an awakening It is not always enough to just increase the Illumination dimension. Sometimes it is also necessary to actively try to grasp/recognize something with your mind using contemplation. Low Illumination dimension + contemplation = conceptual awakening High illumination dimension + contemplation = actual awakening - Practices that target the illumination dimension: psychedelics advanced lucid dreaming/OBEs To a lesser extend: RASA or Light Transmissions (Ramaji, Gareth, Imogen,...) long dark room retreats advanced Invocations Intense concentration and jhanas self inquiry To an even lesser extend: all other spiritual practices. 2: Void Dimension The void dimension is about form vs formlessness. The higher the void dimension, the more formless and spacious your consciousness becomes. When you increase the void dimension high enough, you are in the Void, in complete formlessness: no body sensations and maybe not even thoughts. In order to be conscious of Love, God and Infinity plus having a formless consciousness (=being in the Void), you need to increase both Illumination and void dimension. Very profound Oneness experiences usually need a high void dimension. Because the void dimension is very good in dissolving seperation/boundaries. Lowering your brainwaves causes the void dimension to increase. - Practices that target the void dimension by decreasing your brainwaves: Sleep Yoga SAT transmissions trance, tiredness, sleep deprivation dark room retreat float tank And to a smaller extend: kriya/kundalini yoga meditation physical exhaustion being sick brainwave entrainment (binaural beats, Lumenate,...) - Practices that target the void dimension as well: Psychedelics OBEs Shamanic breathing SAT transmissions Long fasting And to a smaller extend: Invocations Weed and alcohol Shaktipat transmissions These practices might increase the void dimension also through decreasing your brainwaves, or they increase the void dimension through a different way. Idk. Anyways, it seems that these practices (for the most part) don't increase your tiredness. What I want to say with all that, an increase in the void dimension doesn't necessarily correlate with an increase in tirednes. That means it is possible to have a high void dimension (thus a very formless consciousness) while working out in the gym or even while taking a cold shower. 3: Intensity Dimension In the past I basically included the intensity dimension in the void dimension. The intensity dimension intensifies your recognition (of non-dual truths). But it doesn't increase your recognition (and state of consciousness) It for example intensifies your awareness of: Love, God, no-self, not knowing, ... - Example 1: not knowing High illumination and low intensity: You recognize that you actually know nothing (except for what is in your direct experience right now) High illumination and high intensity: actual not knowing (for anything beyond your direct experiences). The scenario of what your memory tells you what happened 1 minutes ago is just as likely as the scenario that you were a frog on a different planet 1 minute ago and then shifted here with fake memories. - Example 2: Different love awakenings High Illumination and low Intensity: you recognize that you are love in this moment. This love is not overwhelming. High Illumination and high Intensity: you recognize that you are love in this moment. This love is very intense and overwhelming. You might be crying. Extremely high Illumination and low Intensity: you recognize that you and everything else is love. You have always been love. Existence is love, there is nothing but love. (So that is the increase in Illumination dimension). This love is not overwhelming (because of low intensity). - Correlation between Illumination and intensity dimension: Sometimes the Illumination and intensity dimensions have a high correlation. For example, pyschedelics tend to increase both Illumination dimension and intensity dimension proportionally. But other practices, like for example light transmissions (and RASA), and self inquiry tend to increase the Illumination dimension and hardly affect the intensity dimension at all. - Correlation between void and intensity dimension: Increasing the void dimension seems to increase the intensity dimension too. For example if you are conscious of Love, and then increase the void dimension, then the intensity dimension usually also increases proportionally. That means, your state of consciousness becomes more formless (due to higher void) and the love recognition and immersion becomes more intense (higher intensity dimension). But increasing the intensity dimension doesn't cause the void dimension to increase too. So it's possible to have a high intensity dimension and low void dimension. - Practices that target the intensity dimension: Psychedelics Advanced OBEs And all Illumination and void practices which can indirectly increase the intensity dimension 4: Magnitude Dimension The magnitude of consciousness in a human is far higher than in a mouse. And it is far higher in a god (astral entity like Zeus) than in a human. - Practices that target the magnitude dimension: Psychedelics Advanced OBEs And to a lesser extend: Advanced invocations (I think that's the most realistic practice to increase your baseline magnitude dimension) 5: Alertness Dimension During deep sleep your alertness dimension is at cero. When you wake up and are conscious, you have a good degree of alertness. When you take a cold shower or drink coffee, your alertness dimension increases even more. Sometimes there is a correlation between these dimensions, but from a broader perspective they can be independent of each other and any combination is possible. Here are my posts of the older versions, they contain more details on some points:
  16. Spiritual Bliss I think spiritual bliss has these 3 main causes: 1. Shakti Bliss Shakti energy in your body causes bliss. It also makes your body sensations feel more and more like bliss. Ways to increase your baseline shakti: - (1) by having a high baseline void dimension In my experience, the higher my void dimension, the higher the shakti bliss. How to increase your baseline void dimension: Link - (2) by having an awakened kundalini How to awaken your kundalini: Shaktipat transmissions high void dimension advanced invocations, psychedelics, shamanic breathing, whole body orgasms, kriya supreme fire and least effective; kundalini yoga, kriya yoga, meditation - (3) by receiving Shaktipat transmissions in person intensives online live transmissions recorded video or audio transmissions during meditation and during as much of your daily activities (including sleep) as possible Jan Esmann and Gareth have the strongest shaktipat in my opinion. - (4) by doing Invocations of Ascended Masters The higher the shakti of an ascended master the better. The higher your energetic sensitivity, the stronger Invocations and transmissions become. How to: Link Keep in mind that shakti energy is different from just prana or chi, or the energy of most transmissions and invocations. Prana or chi is not blissful. In case your prana or chi ever turns blissful (for example through kriya yoga) then that's because of shakti, probably due to activating the kundalini. At least that's my current understanding. 2. Acceptance The higher your unconditional acceptance, the higher your spiritual bliss. I talked about that in the previous post. How to increase your acceptance skill: willingness to accept what you don't like ego surrender presence, mindfulness and self-awareness void dimension (a high void dimension makes surrender and acceptance a lot easier. Acceptance is actually a natural effect of a high void dimension) 3. Enlightenment Being conscious of non-dual nature increases bliss. The more profound your enlightened state, the higher the bliss. The level of profoundness depends on: illumination dimension void dimension magnitude dimension which facets of awakening you're conscious of surrender and deconstruction of the ego mind. - Summary So these are the main causes for spiritual bliss: shakti (energetic state) acceptance (mind state) enlightenment (consciousness state) - Other causes for spiritual bliss sense of purpose open heart chakra healed traumas being present ...
  17. @Benton Different practices can be considered blessings. some people would consider transmissions as described here as blessings wishing someone the best. So it's similar to praying (with or without using words) or doing manifestation practices, but for someone else. I think Mother Meera offers this kind of blessing on her website. It can also be a combination of invocation and transmission of an angel, ascended master or deity, with the intention to give someone a transmission or help them in any way they need. I guess that's what Gareth is doing in the Krishna video you posted.
  18. If someone takes heroin and tries to resist the bliss, he still feels bliss. If someone gets tortured brutally and tries to accept it he still suffers. Suffering and bliss are not merely a result of the mind. Both the mental and the environmental state are factors. If the environmental factor is too strong, you have no chance overcoming it with your mind. I disagree. The reason most people who seem to have everything aren't happy is because they DON'T have everything. They have a lot, but still are far from a perfect heavenly life. So of course they suffer. They could probably still list a 100 things every day that could be better, if they micro-analyse their day. Outside happiness doesn't replace inside happiness. Likewise, inside happiness doesn't replace outside happiness. Just take both. I wouldn't distinguish between true vs not true happiness. Instead between higher conscious and higher quality vs lower conscious and lower quality happiness. And that is relative. There could be aliens who are wired differently, and for them internal spiritual happiness and nondual states of consciousness are objectively low quality and bad. And video gaming gives them high quality, permanent, soul fulfilling happiness.
  19. That is an imperfect version of heaven. In a real heaven you don't suffer regardless of how messed up ur mind is when you get there. Some possibilities how that might be possible: The heaven might instantly magically purify your mind such that it creates no suffering the inherent nature of human psycholgy as well as laws of logic could be bent such that even a messed up mind creates no suffering but only bliss. Internal change is not required if the external change is strong enough.
  20. Acceptance vs Rejection Enlightened consciousness accepts everything unconditionally. The ego resists and rejects what it considers "not good". The more resistance you have to anything (like pain) the more you suffer. The more you accept unconditionally the greater your wellbeing on an internal spiritual level. And the greater your rejection of "not good", the greater your wellbeing on a wordly environmental level. Because rejecting what is considered "not good" makes you trying to environmentally maximize what is considered "good" and minimize what is considered "not good" (like pain). People pre-awakening tend to only pursue environmental wellbeing. People at awakening tend to prioritize spiritual wellbeing to greater and greater extends. If you are spiritually advanced you can exclusively focus on spiritual wellbeing and that can be enough to experience constant bliss. But: this is not holistic and ignores humanness this is ironically still dependent on environmental circumstances. Someone living an average life can have high wellbeing exclusively from focusing on spiritual wellbeing. But if environmental circumstances change enough (like getting kidnapped and tortured) then there is always a range of pain that exceeds your spiritual acceptance skill and thus unavoidably leads to suffering. In such a situation environmental bias and changes are necessary. Someone who is truly selfless and unconditional wouldn't resist being kidnapped in the first place. So the solution to holistic wellbeing is to include both spiritual and environmental wellbeing, without trying to bypass one. For environmental wellbeing it is necessary to have biases. The stronger your biases and notions of "good" vs "bad", the better, imo. The notion of "good" vs "bad" is deeply ingrained in humans and ensures the best chances for environmental wellbeing. If you dissolve that bias through a-human states of consciousness, you will probably pay for that sooner or later. And yet, it is necessary to include ruthless acceptance in order to maximize overall wellbeing (at least in this local reality). Because the more resistance you have to anything (like pain) the more you suffer. To decrease suffering on a spiritual level, acceptance is required. Even better than acceptance is to love it. And even more effective is if you love it so mindlessly that you want even more of the pain. The further you get away from resistance, and the closer you get to these senseless levels of love, the greater your spiritual wellbeing. And that actually works. If I experience pain, and adopt that attitude of trying to love the pain and even getting into the mindset of wanting more of it (even if that mindest is faked) then that reduces suffering, sometimes to the point where it makes no difference for me whether there is pain or not (if the pain is low enough). But this of course only works for pain up to a certain level. If the pain exceeds the acceptance skill threshold then suffering occurs. I suppose most people would probably prefer a fair balance between spiritual and environmental wellbeing. But I personally am more biased towards the ego, the environmental component. I love goodness and I hate suffering. And I want to hate suffering. Evil and suffering is unjustifiable and doesn't deserve love. It should be absolutely eradicated from existence for ever. (good and bad/evil are relative so how would it be possible (just in theory) to eradicate the bad/evil absolutely? Simply by creating for each being what it considers good relative to itself. This is goodness and love. Allowing suffering to exist is evilness.) So I do balance the spiritual and environmental wellbeing, but I pursue the spiritual component of wellbeing (unconditional acceptance) not genuinely but out of necessity because that's the only way to maximize overall wellbeing in this local reality that we're currently in. I fake loving suffering because I hate suffering, because I love goodness. Goodness is perhaps my highest value. Loving the "bad" is a calculated survival strategy for coping with the unjustifiable abusiveness of this local reality.
  21. @Seraphim Interesting! Thanks for posting!!
  22. How to increase Energetic Sensitivity - (1) Void Dimension The higher your void dimension, the higher your energetic sensitivity. In my experience, increasing the void dimension significantly increases the potency of transmissions. The difference (in potency of transmissions) between low vs high void dimension is a lot bigger than the difference between recorded YouTube transmissions vs live transmissions. There are 2 main ways how to temporarily increase the void dimension. - 1. exhaustion: tiredness physical exhaustion from running or working out Wim Hof breathing eating a large meal ejaculation breath hold Doing any of these makes transmissions more effective for me. For simplicity's sake, let's say these are all forms of exhaustion in one way or another. This kind of exhaustion increases the void dimension (and as a result transmissions become more effective). But this probably doesn't work equally well for everyone. Mainly due to my sleep yoga practice (but also due to all the other practices I've done) this kind of exhaustion increases my void dimension to a relatively large extend (compared to how it affects most people). Or maybe the reason I notice the effect stronger is due to my already higher baseline void dimension. - 2. Meditation/Trance skill: meditation and trance techniques kriya supreme fire transmissions and invocations binaural beats below 8 Hz You can temporarily increase your void dimension with such practices. But unless you're very advanced, the resultant changes in void dimension aren't huge. Particularly tiredness, but also exhaustion from working out and Wim Hof breathing, are usually far more effective at increasing the void dimension. If you are advanced you can increase your void dimension a lot just by having that intent and closing your eyes. - Higher baseline void dimension Ideally you have a high baseline void dimension, then transmissions are automatically stronger. How to: A high baseline void dimension is not accompanied by exhaustion. - (2) Energetic State The more energetic your state, the more effective (and energetic) any other energetic practices (transmissions, invocations) become. For example, for me, the longer an invocation session is, the more energetic and powerful it becomes. And if I receive a transmission right after, then its power is a lot stronger. The energy basically adds up. This applies for within one session, but also for the whole day. Some energy dissipates between sessions during one day, but there is still some adding up from session to session. This also applies to days and weeks, but more subtly. Usually sleep kinda resets most of it. Unless you sleep little. I noticed that sleeping around 2 hours has relatively little effect on the energetic state. 4 hours of sleep still preserves a lot of the energy. But once I sleep more than 6-7, then most of it gets resetted. How to increase your energetic state such that transmissions become more powerful: invoking ascended masters kriya supreme fire Adding more transmissions (for example by using more devices) masturbation without ejaculation. And directing the sexual energy into the upper body. having the chi audio from the iawake website play (effects probably not really noticeable for most). chanting mantras (if mantras work for you) These things can be done right before receiving a transmission or during the transmission itself (maybe except for masturbation lol). - (3) Positions In my experience, sitting up makes the transmission far stronger than lying down. The back doesn't need to be perfectly straight, the important thing is just that the head is somewhat around 90 degrees above your hip. Maybe that's different for others, but for me that makes a big difference palms open, facing upward, resting on your thighs. My palms are usually not perfectly open/straight because that costs effort lol. Moving your hands farther away from each other (such that they are beside your thighs), and moving them down a bit makes the transmission stronger for me too. sitting cross legged has a subtle positive effect too This might sound a bit silly but these things actually have very noticeable effects for me. A few years ago I would probably have felt no differences. So it probably requires to be energetically sensitive. But maybe for other people these positions are not as relevant as for me. If you don't notice a difference, then there's probably no point worrying about the right position. - (4) Presence In my experience, being present makes transmissions flow in a bit more strongly. - (5) Surrender Does anyone have any other tips for increasing energetic sensitivity and making transmissions stronger? And the things I mentioned, do they make a difference for you too, or do they only affect me in this way? Curious to know.
  23. How to increase your Baseline Void Dimension The more time you spend in a high void dimension (during spiritual practices) and the higher the void dimension during these times, the more your baseline void dimension is affected. This is usually a slow and gradual process. - Meditation Most people who have a high void dimension have it as a result of much meditation practices, usually easily over 10 000, 20 000 or 30 000+ hours. Meditation increases the void dimension, but it's not very effective at doing it, therefore it takes so much time. (kriya yoga is included in this category. But it's more potent at affecting the void dimension than meditation). - Trance Trance is a lot more effective at increasing the void dimension than meditation. - Tiredness Tirednes or sleep deprivation increases the void dimension even more. The more time you spend being tired (and ideally meditating at these times) the more your baseline void dimension is affected. It's not recommended to attempt raising your baseline void dimension through sleep deprivation because that's not good for your health. Better ways to use tiredness regarding the void dimension: spend the last 30 minutes before sleep in meditation in darkness with binaural beats below 8 hz waking up during sleep and meditating (again darkness + binaural beats) upon waking in the morning: meditate (darkness + binaural beats) More about that in this post. Tiredness affects the void dimension a lot more than normal meditation, but it still takes very long until the baseline is noticeably increased. Therefore trying to achieve a significant increase through tiredness or even sleep deprivation might not be a good idea. - Attempting Sleep Yoga So that's basically a combination of trance + tiredness. Even if you don't succeed at sleep yoga, just doing the practice (and thus entering deeper and deeper states) impacts your baseline void dimension. My baseline void dimension has significantly increased from doing sleep yoga practices for almost 2 years. - Next Level Here is the real deal. Spending time in these states has the biggest impact on baseline void dimension. conscious during sleep (how to: sleep yoga practices) Brahman Consciousness (how to: psychedelics, SAT transmissions, intense shamanic breathing, advanced energetic practices, jhanas) cessation (how to: jhanas) These states are very difficult to achieve. But if you manage to regularly spend time in them, then that will have a tremendous impact on your baseline consciousness. There are other practices too that increase the void dimension, but these are the most practical.