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  1. @impulse9 You keep mentioning that, but you never really described that trip. Mind sharing?
  2. The one who is scared of that is the ego. But that ego will not experience all of that. It is God who goes through all of that. God is selfless and Love and has no problem experiencing all of that.
  3. Hallucinations on LSD are not more hallucinatory than your hands right now. You can wake up without psychedelics, but it is a lot harder, and you will never get as deep as you could if you did the psychedelic path (except if you master sleep yoga). I think the practices that led to my awakenings were Transmissions , self inquiry, low brainwave practices (like sleep yoga and trance work), and invoking angels. Kundalini yoga helped but wasn't a crucial part. I think the most basic practices for waking up without psychedelics are transmissions and self inquiry. Just with these two, I think it's possible to wake up to God/Love/... but you will never get as deep as you could with psychedelics. Invoking angels has a very similar effect as transmissions to me, so I don't think it's necessary, but it is more powerful than transmissions. Once you can easily feel the energy of transmissions, you can start invoking angels if you want. And a practice that lowers brainwaves is very helpful. And if you master sleep yoga, then that might be all you need. I believe sleep yoga is the only tool that is competitive with psychedelics. The disadvantage is that it is very difficult to master. But once mastered you made it. I believe, if you are a master at lucid dreaming (which you will quickly become if you mastered sleep yoga) you can induce any state of consciousness which you can reach with 5meo. that depends on you. Certainly not. Your state of consciousness changes all the time. Actually your state of consciousness is slightly different every second. If you get stabbed, there will be a lot of pain. But the pain is not felt by the body. In the same way as a chair is not seen by the body. These are all sensations floating around, beside each other, on the same level. The pain has nothing to do with the wound of your body, no correlation whatsoever. But it will certainly seem like the body feels the pain. That is an additional imagination just like the thought that says that the eyes see a chair. So in a sense you could say it doesn't matter whether the body actually feels pain or whether there is just the illusion that the body feels pain, for you it's the same. But I find being conscious of that can help when dealing with pain. that depends on you. From the relative perspective, you will probably lose consciousness similar as deep sleep. And then get to some kind of afterlife. And then reincarnate again.
  4. Haha yes kind of Yes. Is that question related to everything being your imagination? If so, I don't understand the question. There are many ways to raise your consciousness. From the absolute perspective, there is no raising consciousness. Is he trying to say that you can't change your state of consciousness? You obviously can. During a proper trip your are no longer human. The more gradually you do it the less scary. But no mather how gradual you do it, it will still be insanely mindfuckery, because it's just sooo radical and sooo different from how you think reality is. You basically need to give up everything. And this includes far more than you realize. But once you managed to fully surrender (which likely takes years, as you gradually surrender more and more illusions, and keep making sense and processing all that stuff), it becomes Infinitely Good, because God is Infinite Love It's not just about managing to reach these states of consciousness, but also about maturing up to them. If you could get to such a high state with one finger snap, 99.9% of spiritual people wouldn't do it, even if that state is already after ego death and is Infinite Love. Because it's just so crazy radical. And most people don't want that, even if it means to literally become Love. Just try to do it gradually, only go as far as you are comfortable, try to give up everything, more than merely your life, and know that Infinite Love is the Truth. And btw every suffering is imaginary. Your body mind never suffers. Suffering or pain is an imagination that floats around. It's an appearance beside the appearance of the body mind. The body doesn't have that experience, a body can't feel pain, nor emotions. There is just an additional imagination, the imagination that the body experiences the suffering. The only one who suffers, you could say is God, but God doesn't suffer because God is selfless and unbiased and Love. All illusions will die. And there are far more than one assumes lol. The illusions enable separation, therefore it will probably feel like dying. The more sudden the shift in consciousness, the more it will feel like dying. If it's gradual, it's a lot less scary.
  5. I've done 2 retreats, around 2 weeks each, with around 10 hours each day. But after finishing school 2 years ago, I've been doing that stuff more or less full time. Though I spent more time researching, contemplating and processing than actual practice. Overall I've spent around 5000 hours of practice (over the past 3 years), and a lot of it doing stupid practice like OBE visualisations My current practices are sleep yoga (including concentration practices), invoking spirits, receiving transmissions, and abiding in God Consciousness meditation. On good days I practice 6-8 hours, on bad days 1-3. And additionally sleep yoga.
  6. Depends on how you look at it but yeah I think you are right. I definitely agree that the best definition of enlightenment is: enlightenment=God. But while in God Consciousness it also kinda doesn't make sense to call it enlightenment. It just seems so beyond enlightenment. Maybe that's just because of the baggage the word enlightenment has, from how 99% of spiritual people define it. I prefer the term awakening a lot more. Although that term still has some sutble illusions implying, which are gone when in God Consciousness.
  7. No. But there is always more work to do. Just saying it might be more fruitful than discussing the same stuff over again. I should do the work too. Need to do some concentration practices for sleep yoga but I keep trying to find excuses
  8. @WokeBloke The dream doesn't become more real by making more threads about it It's time to do the work my friend
  9. You can believe Leo's radical insights but can't believe that transmissions work? It doesn't matter much whether you believe in them. Important is your openness, receptivity and sensitivity. And also the advancement of your energetic system.
  10. Everything is Imagination. But don't forget: Imagination = Nothingness = Consciousness = Love = God = Oneness = Infinity
  11. Good idea. Been posting way too much today anyway lol. Yes, the mystery never ends. Awakening goes infinitely deep.
  12. I don't think I have any other recommendations apart from what is in the sleep yoga thread. Why don't they resonate? do you think they are woo woo and don't work?
  13. So true. Such a big mindfuck all of it How would you know that if you haven't tried other psychedelics? And whatever you consider " edge limit of what the mind is capapable of perceiving", that might not be the same as pure higher consciousness. Waking up is not about an insane other wordly experience, but about higher consciousness. Why don't you try other psychedelics?
  14. All is One from the absolute perspective, but not from the relative perspective. It's very unlikely to wake up using wisdom from the absolute perspective. To wake up you need to work with the relative perspective. " The little you is an illusion, everything is God" " Oh great, let's watch tv then, the tv is God" Good luck waking up.
  15. In order to wake up, you need to look at these things from the relative perspective. The difference between meditation and psychedelics is real and very significant.
  16. Amazing Concentration practices are very helpful for sleep yoga. I'm actually currently implementing them into my routine. For sleep yoga or enlightenment in general? My main recommendation for enlightenment is transmissions, as they have the best benefit/effort ratio (apart from psychedelics).
  17. @impulse9 Have you taken 5meo? And you are inventing/imagining meditation in the same way. But in this dream God is imagining that psychedelics have far more power than meditation.
  18. Yes, meditation is certainly a good preparatory tool. And strong concentration can lead to nondual consciousness. But I think you need to be talented to get deep that way. Like for example Frank Yang. He is very naturally talented. Otherwise it will take veeeeery long, and even then you will probably only discover a few of all the facets of awakening.
  19. Spirituality is about God waking up to Itself. That's what psychedelics do. What else would spirituality be?
  20. Yeah I don't know. Everybody will have their own opinion. I practiced around 500 hours of kundalini yoga and it did silence my mind a bit, but the real benefit IMO was the blissful and deep meditation that it led to. Which was not a result of a silent mind but of the energetic stuff. (You can certainly reach deep and blissful meditation through normal meditation, but IME it is far more difficult that way) Your state of consciousness depends 100% on your brain chemistry. Therfore changing brainchemistry should be the aim of spiritual practices. That's why psychedelics are so powerful. You can change brainchemistry with normal meditation but that will take very long. Because you are basically just using your own mindpower. With kriya yoga you have prana that energises chakras and brain centers. Here yoh have prana to change brain chemistry. As a metaphor, this is like electrifying your neurons. Divine energy has a similar effect but is more powerdul because it is divine. It is intelligent and you could say it has a higher frequency. Prana is dull and dry in comparison. Sure if you meditate for 10 000 hours you will see a change in brain chemistry. But other practices might show that after 1 000 hours, or sooner. And given how few buddhists talk about God Consciousness, you can tell how much of brain chemistry change that really is. I think I might actually gonna do that at some point, thanks.
  21. Yeah, the whole fun of the dream is to first forget that you are God, and then gradually wake up to your true nature again
  22. There is no "within". No such dualities exist. God can
  23. silencing the mind is just a side effect. The way I understand it, the main goal of kriya yoga is to reach deeply nondual blissfull Samadhi which comes as a result of mastering your energy body. IMO, kriya yoga is far more powerful than any mindfulness practice. Why are so many people still doing mindfulness practices? It will result in mind mastery, but how is that supposed to change your nuerochemistry? After psychedelics, I found that divine energy is the next most powerful way to change neurochemistry. That includes transmissions and invoking spirits. Significantly altering your brainwaves (trance work and attempting sleep yoga) is the next best, IME. Kriya yoga is also energetic, but has way less effect on Neurochemistry than divine energy, IME. But it's effect is still significantly larger than that of mindfulness meditation.
  24. sleep yoga invoking angels and mystics transmissions self inquiry / God Consciousness meditation
  25. The ego can come back stronger or weaker. Both possible. Depending on many factors.