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  1. I have been doing research about nootropics and want to try them to enhance my overall mental performance. However I use lithium 300 mg, lustral 50 mg, risperdal 1/2mg, valproic acid 500 mg and want to know if the nootropics I want to try will interact with these medicines. I tried online interaction checkers, but they gave warning even to my psyc meds which has not caused me interaction symptoms for months. The image is from webmd. This gave me a suspicion about the reliability of the information from such sites. And also, aside from the suspicion, how trustable are these checkers? How should one use these checkers? What reliable sources can I use in order to decide with utmost certainty if there is an interaction or not between my nootropics and psyc meds. My aim here is to have more than one source to decide what is true so that my decisions are smarter, and there is less risk of interactions. Another thing is, if a nootropic is naturally found in the body(for ex. creatine) might that mean that nootropic has a lower chance to interact with psyc meds?
  2. I live in Turkey and Paypal is banned here. How can I purchase the book list? There is almost no way of opening a paypal account. I don't know why in the pruchase notes it says "A Paypal account is NOT required," because it looks like it really does. Am I missing a point?
  3. I was sitting and doing my breath meditation and it was going well. Suddenly a painless lower ab flexion arised that was out of my control. As I continued to breathe, it got stronger with every single breath. What can be a reason for this? It happened to me for the first time.
  4. I want to have a more organized and clear perception of spirituality and to do so, I think I need to see its subfields and do research about how different subfields have different benefits. Seeing subfields would also let me discover a lot that I dont know.
  5. Hello everybody, I want to talk about something new and exciting that I experienced, and want your creative opinions. Today I started my meditation by focusing on breath and maintaining peripheral awareness. Then I decided to try being one with the environment and focus on my body. I lessened the power of the focus on my breath. After I focused on my body as a whole with a big portion of my power of consciousness for 10 secs, I felt a powerful flow of energy to my brain(also can be called as feeling of rising, intensification). Then my state of consciousness changed(I think my overall power of consciousness increased.). When I gave attention to my body in a certain way(I dont know how exactly) I could achieve this. I experienced these set of sensations and intensifications in my brain twice in my last session. In addition, I had the need to breath more deeply and often. I did not gain insights from these. What do you think happened? Did my overall power of consciousness increase? How can this benefit my mind, because although this was not even close to awakening, it felt good, unfamiliar and exciting?
  6. I am trying to understand what consciousness is, how it can be expanded. Can someone recommend very high quality books about consciousness? High quality videos are also accepted, I already watched leos video about consciousness.
  7. Hello @GreenWoods, first of all thank you for your work. I have been thinking about lucid dreaming and sleep yoga. It looks like sleep yoga is a superset of lucid dreaming in the way that if you do sleep yoga you can also have lucid dreams, but I dont know which one is harder to do. Which one takes more time to do?
  8. I have been trying to succeed in lucid dreaming for months. I tried some techniques, reality check, and irregular journaling, but they did not work. I want to start reading a book. What would you reccomend?
  9. How does belly breathing really help? What do you mean by day to day awareness?
  10. @Javfly33 Thank you for the advice about psychedelics, I want to try them asap. I said that because I can't use any of them because of my medications.
  11. 1- Meditation 2- Lucid Dreaming 3- Hypnosis 4- Astral projection These are what I know. You can compare them if you want. A detailed explanation of any addition would be appreciated. Psychedelics alone does not count, however if there is a good combination of any exercise with psychedelics, you can talk about that.
  12. I just watched part 1 of leos self deception. Has Leo written a book about self deception? Can anyone give any recommendation for self deception books? I want to know about the subject more.
  13. @Consilience Thank you for your informative recommendation. I will look it up right now.
  14. I just saw shinzen young's "science of enlightenment." It looks like he is a good teacher. I have been meditating for 3 months now. Is there any other book you would recommend me instead of shinzen young's. There is plenty I found whose authors I don'y know about. You can also recommend me good teachers to attend seminars, retreats.