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  1. Thats definitely not normal, do you know the species of mushroom? Some psilocybes are way more potent at lower doses while on cubensis (most common in the US) 1.5g is a moderate to low dose.
  2. Its an advancement on a spectrum And that statement is not true for everyone, far from the case
  3. The whole reason you don’t feel deserving in the first place is this whole notion of believing she is “out of your league” you see the the problem here?
  4. Again, it doesnt matter if he is talking about attractiveness. One can still attract a girl that others find “out of his league” with the right qualities/attributes and have a great relationship
  5. You don’t know whether its true or not from OPs perspective, but it will just make him more self conscious and hyper aware of signs of nervousness when he may not be even externally showing much and needs to focus on flipping the coin and putting the pressure off of himself
  6. Often times we can delude ourselves to think our fear is showing more than it should when from an outside point of view we actually look completely normal. sometimes it can be detected yes, but for the sake of helping out this person wanting to improve himself with girls, the mindset I presented is way more helpful also the “in your league/out of your league” is just a self limiting ideology thats not healthy to take too seriously
  7. @Leo Gura Can you share your thoughts on the phenomena of some people wanting to get scared from something like a horror movie or haunted house? Any takeaways from that relating to the fears that we want no part of/want to avoid at all costs? I think this is something interesting to explore
  8. I'll tell you some secrets: She still has feelings for you if she is trying to rub it in your face. Its a possibility that she is still into you more than the other guys she is flaunting in front of you. So you are the one with the power here, pretty cool reframe huh? Let that wash away all your negativity about the situation and love yourself. I would either, A) stop caring B) pursue other girls C) break out of that social circle
  9. Its just a front, don't worry. I know the younger ones seem intimidating, but they know less of what they want than the older ones. You just have to look through the shell of outer appearance and genuinely show interest in them as a person, and conversation will flow. I doubt they can really "smell the fear" in you as much as you think they can. On the inside they still think like a girl, misinterpret things just like guys do, and deal with their own problems.
  10. This is because the mycelium under ground can detect where there is a lot of foot traffic, so it will intentionally fruit mushrooms near humans so that when they drop their spores humans will carry them and spread them far and wide to other areas. Pretty amazing, they are highly intelligent
  11. We need to calm theses nervous systems down, free spirulina and chlorella for all baby, maybe some watercress too CAN I GET A HEELLLOOOOO THEREEE
  12. Look into functional training. Its the best thing you can do to improve your health, improve your job performance/longevity, and feel good overall. As a personal trainer myself I would highly advise you get a few sessions from one who is experienced and well based in functional training. They will lay the foundation on how you can gradually improve over time and build your body up instead of breaking it down by diving in head first to heavy lifting without having the foundation to do it properly.
  13. Whenever I listen to Jordan Peterson its like he is always beating around the bush but never really saying anything profound or what I take away as meaningful. Just a bunch of words coming out of his mouth while he paces back and forth in the classroom or looks down at the desk on a podcast but nothing really resonates with me, never get any value out of it personally.
  14. You should talk about the plant spirits in her garden