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  1. Leo "you ain't awake" Gura is almost as funny as Joe "you ain't black" Biden. You really like to invert reality and pretend that you aren't the one that engages in gaslighting toward all these "fools" you view yourself as superior to.
  2. You are not the arbiter of truth and falsehood. You have your own views and if people simply disagree with you and you threaten to ban them from even participating here you are being blatantly dogmatic and your brand is reaching dangerous cult-like territory.
  3. The incoherence of the language in your average post is comedy, im sorry Im just being honest Your post has nothing to do with the discussion, which again, was side stepped by Leo when I rebutted his false and silly claim that I was spreading conspiracy theory that this was censored, when his copyright explanation was so partial and biased to fit his own partisan view, which he denies having. Long story short: Leo didn't have the balls to ban me (maybe he will after reading this) he just gave me a warning (oh no!) but there is clear hypocrisy here, and I am leaving the toxicity of this forum behind, regardless.
  4. Eh, wrong. He wasn't conveying a false equivalency. Both are nuanced issues and a highly complex, putting it into a rhetoric that you often propagate. Conspiracies happen. Its a fact. Your loaded use of the term "conspiracy theories" is a clear flaw in your ideology especially when you pretend like we live in a world where there haven't been many declassified government conspiracies in the past and the mainstream media does not lie, misrepresent, and bait for clicks because it is a dying industry. Obviously the inverse is also true, conspiracy theories out there are bogus and there is factual or at least semi decent reporting. Acknowledge your clear bias and you won't lose any more credibility with people who once thought you had a competent worldview.
  5. How sensitive can you be? I'll give you a little heads up: I could care less if you kick me out of your echo chamber for expressing a legitimate opinion on this topic.
  6. Watch my tone? Ha. I stand by everything I said. You sidestep with "you are trapped in ideology" when you are trapped in ideology yourself and are in denial about it. You just critiqued Krystal and Sagger without addressing the actual point of the video.
  8. Of course you aren't because you make no clear points as to actually what this thread is about other than misrepresenting an entire group as "white supremacists" and trying to push a race war narrative.
  9. Thread title: "Minneapolis protests: White supremacists mad @ lockdown vs Murder of George Floyd" ....
  10. So you're basically saying that white supremacists don't care about black people? Or conflating everyone criticizing the lockdown as a white supremacist? My god this is such a low quality, brainless thread. By the way, heres a couple of rednecks helping their fellow citizens during the riots, lol:
  11. @Space Coyote Yes Elon Musk naming his child something you personally think is strange/weird is a clear indicator that he must not be very wise. *Bias alert*