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  1. Talks a lot about holistic, integrative medicine, epigenetics, how our society needs to change health-wise. Other topics include psychedelic plant medicines, the power of the mind-body connection, power of laughter, how to fear/trauma of the animals we eat can be transferred to us through food, ect. Dr. Weil is one of the best recourses for health and nutrition without a doubt. I would also check out his podcast appearance on Joe Rogan.
  2. Your BS detector couldn't be more faulty my man. Hes doing an amazing service to humanity with all the developments hes contributing to with medicinal mushrooms and how they can fight disease, save the environment from waste pollution, save animal species, contribute to the progress of psychedelic medicines, ect. Yes he has to make money to support all these things. Hes probably one of the most valuable people to humanity right now. Hard to think of other people playing as crucial role of a role he is playing right now. What does story telling have to do with this? Its his first person experiences.
  3. This is a subject where normal doesnt equate to healthy. If you are below the normal amount of TV watching of the general public that usually means you have better habits that take up your time.
  4. Full Episode: Save the Bees: You can donate to help save the declining bee population, in the podcast it also explains they are giving out a few thousand free bee-feeders with the mushroom antidote to deformed-wing virus which will collect data around the world on the bee population. The podcast also talks about a new microdosing app, which collects data to study the effects of microdosing. Amazing.
  5. Right off the bat something that kind of baffles me about your thought process is that you cheating on your girlfriend by sleeping with her best friend and her being aware of that, will make it LESS likely that she cheats on you? That is for sure going to backfire on you. It will likely be the exact opposite of that, she will be more likely to cheat on you, if she doesnt leave you first or your relationship doesnt crumble into pieces because of that.
  6. They are still two different levels of reality. But the point is that perceived physicality in a dream is there. You are perceiving things as physical in a realm that you know is not physical once you've exited it. Get it?
  7. In a dream while your sleeping you don't walk through walls most of the time, and you definitely dont fall through the floor/ground/earth during your dreams (unless you were lucid and consciously wanted to) So in that dream you get that same physicality, but its all in the mind realm.
  8. I think this is a pretty minor roomate issue, out of the many other potential roomate issues that could exist. Just ignore it, this basically has nothing to do with you. Maybe this is your shadow, since you work out, that you want to show off your muscles secretly or something and get some recognition for it but suppress that, and you are angry that they are doing the same thing with their smaller muscles lol. Keep in mind they are gay, perhaps much more feminine. Would you be angry if a feminine woman you roomed with was taking beauty selfies and looking at herself in the mirror?
  9. Don't internalize it as something being wrong with you. Just sounds like some immature girls. You can find women who follow through in their 20s even though they are more rare. The better rapport you two have before the date the less chance she should do that to you. Although here and there there could be a genuine reason for a girl flaking on you, like some legit circumstance came up for her, but most of the time that is not the case. Just dont let it discourage you, keep charging forward and you will get success.
  10. Personally, from a male perspective, going up to a random woman and asking what her name is before anything else is a poor beginning. And I've never done pick up or anything like that. You have to lead it off with some other conversational point or reason to connect with the person before you ask for their information/identity with zero context. I can see why thats creepy. In years past when I was generally scared of approaching girls, I actually got an attractive girls number just by approaching her with my contact screen open on my phone, handing it to her where she proceeded to enter her name and number (she was with her friend in a store) and I walked away all without saying a single word or opening my mouth. I was with my own friends and we were just making eachother do dares. And back then I really didn't take care of myself much and had zero game. But goes to show you its counterintuitive and literally something like this can work and asking for a name out of the blue is creepy.
  11. More so than ever before, when I think about humanity on a larger scale, or people who I interact with like friends or family, on a smaller scale, I kind of conceptualize humans in the back of my mind more like animals than being a separate, higher, advanced species. And it intrigues me, its like looking at the exact same reality but everything is drastically recontextualized. This is hard to put into words, so I cant capture the essence of what Im fully saying here, but I get an intuitive gut feeling as to how primitive humans are now compared to how I used to think we were (advanced, the highest form of life on earth, extremely sophisticated relative to animals) Even though that is true in a sense, the magnitude of how powerfully our emotions, instincts, and desires control us, and even the physical features of the human, makes me think of us more like a bunch of apes nowadays. Not equating humans to apes per say, but I feel now like Im living in an ancient world (in a relative sense) compared to the higher potential of life forms in the future, where society has evolved into higher stages of consciousness. I am very grounded in my physical body, so this isnt me looking down on being human or trying to reduce the human form down or disown it, but I feel like this a valuable insight that goes on behind the scenes in my mind, and helps me realize that no matter who you are, how successful, powerful, ect, you are still dealing with the core issue of being a human, or at least identified with being human, and the caveats that come along with that. Anyone else adopt this sort of "monkey lens" that can relate? Or further insights on this topic
  12. You could probably say that 5meo has the ability to take you to the 10th dimensional perspective, and NN DMT can take you to other timelines/universes/infinities, so the 8th/9th dimensional perspective (if I remember the video correctly) but I'm sure theres tons of variability with all of this, probably any psychedelic could take you deep enough under the right circumstances.
  13. Something that trumps boredom for me while meditating is, focusing on the calming physical sensations of proper deep breathing. Connect your mind to take long inhales and equally long exhales, breathing in your stomach not chest. For me it becomes like exercise. If a day or two goes by where I dont meditate, my mind/body actually feels worse and actually physically craves the deep breathing to keep my nervous system at homeostasis. You probably wont get this at the beginning, takes some time to build up the point where you notice it.
  14. Thanks for posting. This is probably the best video hes made. Definitely he has had some growth. I used to watch him years ago but lost me because of the things you said, even though he was advocating harm reduction and responsible use, he would still use the "i was stupid for tripping like this, dont do what I did" spiel nearly every new video he would make on a substance. Gets to a point where you have to practice what you preach.
  15. 1st dimension is a single point, going full circle to the 10th dimension which is a single point. Interesting.