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  1. Haven't tried it yet but I will soon. As for Troy Casey, he expresses repeatedly that he reaps the most benefit from drinking the first urination of the morning to get the sense of the state of his body from the previous day. After doing this for 15+ years like he has, I think he is a valuable source to listen to on this matter. He says it contains amino acids and other beneficial compounds. Whether its true or not, its important that this does work for people in their experience and he swears by it. This is something I think that if you use you should combine with intermittent fasting.
  2. I went a full year and then some around 2 years ago with no porn and hardly no masturbation, it does have benefits in looking to talk to girls and just going for it with them. But in a relationship I think its good to be careful with that extra horniness or at least be aware of unwanted effects it might have and then choose how much P or O is healthy for them.
  3. Cubensis? What toxins are you talking about specifically
  4. @John Doe Do you have a theory on the origin of the craft the tic tac UFO was?
  5. Biden is a senile sexual predator/pedophile that just lied about his involvement in the criminal activity under Obama. Should be enough.
  6. Can you describe your UFO encounter?
  7. Thank you.
  8. So you aren't on him for the usual criticisms against his credibility like "no evidence for college degrees" ect, but are saying there isn't enough evidence to back his story. What piece of evidence would you be looking for? Another person like him to come out?
  9. Share your thoughts. As for me, I've come to the conclusion If he is lying, he is an extraordinarily good liar, and that it would be a monumental feat for him to lie about all these things for 30 years with the confidence he shows, evidence and detail he presents, and body language he displays. But im not sure, there are some pretty abnormal people out there that may be capable of this kind of lying.
  10. The problem is 90% of the negative attention going to Trump (not that he doesn't deserve criticism) is the distraction the fake news media perpetuates to take your attention away from the deeper corruption and systemic issues, including what goes on in the pro corporate top-down control democratic party.
  11. Do you guys just monkey everything CNN/MSNBC says about Trump and think its true? Or even question the political bias of the people/fact-checking websites that claim him to be "lying" as often as he does. Brainwashing goes deep on here. Not even a fan of Trump or right winger myself.
  12. Speaking from experience, it just depends on how compatible you are lifestyle-wise. There will be challenges for sure, biggest part being both at home when having a disagreement, but you will get really comfortable with the other person and grow closer as time goes on. As far as alone time, If your schedules are slightly different you will probably have alone time at the house or out and about on your own. Or you both can chill at the house and be okay with doing your own thing. Such as being on the computer/reading/watching TV/ect while the other is doing something else. Its just unrealistic to do everything together constantly. You need to do your own thing at times. Big part is being respectful of having people over when the other person wants alone time/privacy. Maybe having them over when your SO is gone. Also letting them go to sleep without noise.
  13. Yes I do it with earthing/grounding. Really good for loosening up the body and moving your lymph. Sometimes I use it as a warm up before exercise or combine it with breathwork.
  14. Numbers of asymptomatic cases? Yes. Mortality Rate (aka, how serious it is), enormously less according to numerous more up to date research studies which youtube itself is censoring objective content covering (like press conferences with doctors) because it against WHO (as CEO Susan Wojcicji explicitly stated) an organization definitely not corrupt and without an agenda... Please do call me a conspiracy theorist. Better than a mainstream media sheep like you. Baa-baa!
  15. See definition: gaslighting