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  1. Makes me contemplate the experience he and his daughter were having together before impact and the life to death transition. Makes me wonder about his souls journey, the mastery he achieved at the sport and the impact he had on culture, yet dying so young in a tragic way.
  2. All those questions are conceptual in nature, so they are at the level of belief if not directly experienced. Just because something is at the level of "belief", does not mean it isn't true, that is just the level it is at, factually, if you are honest and open. The book wants you to question the obvious.
  3. @Meetjoeblack LOL @AwakenedSoul444 You need to first and foremost start loving yourself more, strip yourself of all these negative labels. Take care of your body with fitness consistently, only eat the most nutritious foods, regard getting 8-9 hours of sleep as sacred. Thats the bottom of the pyramid, then comes learning, growth, skill development, spiritual practice, hobbies, ect. Once you start to value yourself more this one girl or any one girl will not have power over you like this, and you will be free to express your authentic self to different women and you will find the one you want. Law of Attraction. Look how you de-value yourself now, you are sending a message to the universe that this is who you are.
  4. He was probably off doing a plant medicine ceremony or some other trip/adventure since he is always doing those things, maybe had a transformative experience or dealing with a growth aspect of his polyamorous relationships. I know he is doing some darkness retreat right now, I think thats one of the most zen things hes done, maybe you could hit em up about that lol
  5. In a non dual perspective, there is no our vs their energy or our dreams vs their dreams in the ultimate sense. Dreams occur in the universal mind. You vs a character in your dream is the same dynamic as you vs character in your life, just goes by different metaphysical rules. Be loving to even the scariest characters in your dreams instead of succumbing to fear or anger and see if they turn into something you love. And then apply the same rule in waking life.
  6. Not knowing intellectually is more honest than knowing intellectually, but experientially they both are the same, you can not know something experientially with total honesty but also have a genuine, authentic insight into something experientially which is as honest as it gets.
  7. That would be epic
  8. @Chumbimba You don't remember the experience? Like you took way too much and your memory couldn't handle it? Or didn't really effect you much and you can't recall how it affected you? If youre doing LSD make sure you you test the substance to make sure it is real LSD and measure your dose so you know what it is. Also no need to pussy out of shrooms. Just be in a happy/calm/relaxed state of mind, and measure 1g of dried shrooms. Will not be overwhelming. Definitely don't pass it up. Just be conscious of set an setting, ideally do it by yourself and not with other people or in a loud busy environment.
  9. Kratom isn't really a consciousness enhancer its a mind/body primer or used to do certain tasks for me. Helped me so much with pain and makes low intensity workouts/movement play extremely enjoyable. Can feel the mechanics of my body better. But it does make me very empathetic and sociable so I can connect with people a lot deeper. Although I do use it before meditation or other consciousness practices at certain times. A clear focused mind does make a difference for consciousness work. Never heard or experienced kratom breath, seems like you just experienced your foul morning breath which is totally normal. Its also good to make sure you get it from a quality vendor, one that is certified not to contain any heavy metals or other toxins. Also fun fact tumeric/black pepper/grapefruit/citrus juice potentiates the effect. And the healthier your diet and more active you are the better your body handles it. Once I optimized my diet I never experienced any kratom headaches/nausea or withdrawals/strong urges to use it.
  10. Ben G my go to fasting guy
  11. Death totally rocks
  12. I think its because of taking rejection personally. You just have to know 100% that it doesn't matter if someone rejects you for being your true authentic self because others will love you for being just that. Nothing was inherently wrong with you, it just wasn't meant to be but beyond that rejection the options and opportunities are still endless.
  13. If we were in a simulation, our simulation would be just as real as the reality in which we are being simulated. So the chain would go on with infinite simulations. But reality itself no matter what level of the simulation would be pure consciousness.
  14. @cetus56 Those are some spiritual looking cacti!
  15. @Meetjoeblack @TDW1995 Its about doing all those practices you listed but embracing the mindset that there really is nothing to lose, being detached from the result and being content with yourself no matter what happens.