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  1. Certain sounds and patterns of it can take people into mystical states. Their is an entire branch of yoga called nada yoga. Or union through sound. Roughly.
  2. And everything is one.
  3. Plenty of people refer to it as Christ consciousness. Realizing that you are God and that God is love and that, that is all. Is the only thing that really matters. Plus it is possible to tap into Jesus mode or Sadhguru mode or even Leo mode. It is all our own mind.
  4. @SourceCodo You are making assumptions about what transmission is what I mean. And you have made little effort to understand it. But you still judge it. It does work regardless of how it is described. Not for everyone. It will attract the people who want to make use of it. My main concern was you scaring them away, but if it works out it does, and if not that's also fine. What do you mean by: "self embodied creative symbol of something"? Just curious.
  5. @SourceCodo All categories are imaginary. We are one mind. Everything is mind. Psychedelics are mind, psychedelics work. So does transmission. I dare you to actually try really hard and get it to work. Cause I bet you checked out the links only to judge these people.
  6. For me I contemplated meaning and realized that it literally doesn't matter. For me I see it as a game. It doesn’t matter how immersed I am. Its still a game and it doesn’t actually matter.
  7. @Carl-Richard I agree. Weed can be useful but also a crutch. Those studies talk about how it rewires the reward structure and actually does make weed a low key gateway drug because people are more likely to engage in the same behavior with other substances. And it does extend to behavior outside of substance as well. I recommend cosmic energy as a substitute. Very sustainable once fully immersed. Sometimes weed can give people just the right push they need so I still won't completely warn people away from it. Just to be responsible in its usage rather. And to know yourself if you already have an addictive personality.
  8. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/marijuana-may-not-lower-your-iq/#:~:text=Subsequent twin studies%2C including one,use and a falling IQ. https://www.cartyaddictioninternist.com/blog/does-marijuana-lower-iq https://nida.nih.gov/publications/research-reports/marijuana/what-are-marijuanas-long-term-effects-brain