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  1. I mean it's such a big part of me that I feel people don't and can't really know me
  2. Is that even a realistic hope ? I always think that I won't find such a person but that if she's relatively smart etc I could at least teach her, I have almost no experience trying to do that with other people irl but I fear that won't be possible, seems so fucking easy but people are just completely blind, as I was
  3. About a dozen for me Leo has hundreds ! What about you ?
  4. Since Leo's post I introspected a lot upon whether or not I was actually AWAKE and what that even means, and the answer is no The best indicator of that is the level of fear I still hold, and I've been basically scared to trip for over a year now I must have a dozen trips under my belt, each one have been literally life shattering and integrated basically all day everyday, such that I reached infinity, total understanding, except it's not TOTAL because I have breadth but lack depth, to reach INFINITY I need to die. Again and again and again Starting Saturday
  5. @Leo Gura Isn't that a belief ? God told you ? How many times have you experienced alien awakening and is there a trajectory to it ?
  6. It's more like I'm allowing rather than doing it
  7. Is it though ? Not an offshoot ? Would you say you're God imagining to be an alien imagining to be a human ?
  8. Just kidding Life has been such a mind fuck I am now open minded on principle Alien consciousness .. trick or clue ? In any case : amazing
  9. You once said the end all be all is love What about alien love ?
  10. Again, what makes you think that ? Something I posted ? Because I'm telling you, I listen to every single one of your videos from the past 4/5 years over and over, I know you, I know you're awake, because I am too Most people don't understand infinity but I do. Infinity doesn't mean everything that can happen will. Everything you will, will As I posted in the past : Consciousness is absolute, it has no opposite or alternative, couldn't not be Ok can't have zero but why infinity ? Seems counter-intuitive. Why not something in between, darkness ? Firstly, that is infinite imagination/creation/creativity/divinity, it is infinity which is another facet of the absolute. Secondly, why would it "limit" itself to that ? Would you ? That would be counter-intuitive No limit, nothing to explain, zero, ontologically but also epistemologically. In this way infinity and zero are the same. Unbiased, symmetrical, total, whole . This is zero So reality, this uncreated creation, this inevitable miracle, actually does make perfect intuitive sense Still mysterious because intuition is a higher, implicit form of understanding, beyond not below