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  1. In others words it is it's own center, just like the zero circle But of course actual infinity is non-dual, one
  2. Nice I knew the quote from Leo but lacked the symbolism
  3. He sure went a long way since then
  4. I posted this and interestingly they can sense the truth of it but can't make sense of it, how could reality be zero The answer of course is consciousness but I didn't want to scare them
  5. If you lay absolutely still for an hour or two, you'll dissociate Works best in silent darkness after 5 or 6 hours of sleep Basis of lucid dreaming / astral projection
  6. Do you still have bad trips and if not do you feel you still could or that you're too conscious for that ?
  7. And how much it will cost, I remember Leo saying high price to weed people out
  8. This always happens during my trips, I begin to have conscious interaction with reality, then get selfish urges, then come to reason Love That's what it all ultimately is, comes from, points to
  9. If it's her you do know it's fake right
  10. I've noticed that with my workouts, runner's high type of thing, actually any type of high seems to highten my consciousness now Anyway after a good workout I always feel like I could drop some acid, I get that "I don't even really care if I die right now" type of vibe
  11. I try in person for hours but people are impossibly dense it almost doesn't make sense, like an NPC with no actual functioning mind